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Cut Cords of Attachment to PLACES

Cut Cords of Attachment to Places. Could this kind of cord be holding you back?

Have you ever wondered whether you might have some of these cords to remove?

What’s your gut feeling?

A New Teaching Tale about Energy Spirituality

In the November issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” you’ll learn about my developing understanding on a certain topic.

Yes, I’m the founder of Energy Spirituality in general and Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) in particular.

Yes, I’ve got a commitment to truth that won’t quit. (Nor do I ever want that to quit.)

However, I’m mortal. Not omniscient. Therefore, I do not know everything.

Look, in my upcoming newsletter you’ll glimpse a very personal side of my developing knowledge. Quite some story regarding…

Cut Cords of Attachment to Places. Could That Help You?

Here the idea involves possibly having a cord of attachment to places. Could you have an energetic cord to a particular location, such as the site of a crime?

It’s worth thinking about.

And imho it’s also worth reading about. Which is why I made this the lead story in this month’s newsletter!

But what about this new idea! Might it help you to cut some cords of attachment to specific places?

Again, what’s your gut feeling?

A Funny Thing about those Gut Feelings

Another name for them is intuition. So prized at a time when “Intuitive” is the trendy new word for “Psychic.” (Although it’s basically the same kind of work, getting info from discarnate spirits.)

Another name for gut feelings, of course, is “Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

And you’ll read in this article an altogether different reason to believe in location cords. My personal reason that had nothing to do with gut feelings.

Here you’ll learn why — unlike the cord-cutting self-help book that you can get yourself today, oops! My first book on cutting cords of attachment did include a certain idea. Yeah, the idea of cutting cords of attachment to places.

Also you’ll learn… what else I learned.

So Many Wacky Ideas Circulate Now about Cords of Attachment

Have you noticed? Does it bother you?

Might you kinda disagree with some of those articles. Yet you feel drawn to them anyway?

I might be able to help you with that. Please know that we have an ongoing Discernment Jamboree about cutting cords of attachment.

Yes, I’ve Settled on the Name “Discernment Jamboree”

Like a really fun party — that’s a jamboree. Only instead of a regular party, everyone at a Discernment Jamboree seeks knowledge. Especially discernment about what’s really true. Versus partly true. Versus (sometimes) a misunderstanding that brings unintended negative consequences.

What will happen if you click onto that aforementioned article? You’ll find hundreds of discernment comments. And you’re welcome to add to them.

An easy way is to click on one of these links:

Click on one of the hits. Quoting it, COMMENT at the Discernment Jamboree.

As someone who aims to bring truth into this world… I’d appreciate your help with this.

Because so much information about “etheric cords” etc. is incorrect. Yet it spreads like fires in Australia right now. Only the conflagration of credulity happens over the internet. (So sorry about that, my friends downunder!)

Joining that DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE, you can help me bring clarity. Loads of clarity, concerning to every aspect of cutting cords of attachment.

What’s at stake? Not just some abstract kind of truth, but your personal growth!

Meanwhile, Here at THIS Blog Post…

Are You Curious about Other Exotic Cords of Attachment?

Not just ones to places, no no!

For instance, I’ve been asked about “Trans-Generational Cords of Attachment.” (That means cords of attachment to dead relatives.)

And how about the idea of Cords of Attachment to Past Lives? I’ve blogged about that one too.

Getting any fun ideas around now, Blog Buddies?

Another way to COMMENT below is to share any other wild cord-related ideas.

Have you ever wondered about other kinds of energetic cords. Have you heard of anything exotic?

You may have encountered ideas akin to this one: A new kind of empath I’ve heard about, a “Heyoka” empath. Something I plan to blog about soon.

Meanwhile here, at this post, in advance of the upcoming newsletter.

  • What’s you’re opinion about having — or cutting — cords of attachment to a particular place?
  • How appealing, to cut your cord of attachment to the scene of a car accident?
  • Or, perhaps, to a laundromat where somebody stole your wallet.

Location cords of attachment. Sound dreamy? But is that a real thing?

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And so it shall be!

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  1. 1

    Rose, I’m intrigued with the idea of cords of attachment to places.

    For example, might cutting the cord of attachment to a school where a mass shooting occurred help a student who was there at the time but didn’t know the shooter?

  2. 2

    Appealing, yes. But I am curious about what kinds of cord items are supplied by the location.

    Looking forward to the newsletter!

  3. 3

    SANDRA, thank you for being the first Blog-Buddy (and RES Expert) here to start thinking about this idea of a cord of attachment to places.

    Will it be a real thing? If not, why not?

  4. 4

    Especially relevant to the concept of whether a person might have that kind of cord of attachment, in your excellent example, this is prime: ” But I am curious about what kinds of cord items are supplied by the location.”

    Hmmm, useful pondering material…. until Thursday, when the newsletter is published.

  5. 5
    Brittany says:

    I don’t see how a cord of attachment to a home, crime scene, etc. would be possible. STUFF associated with the home, crime scene, etc….definitely!

    I’m really looking forward to this article. 🙂

  6. 6
    Brittany says:

    What sticks out to me is the verbiage used during cord of attachment cutting: “so there’s no more pushing or pulling of energy between us…” (Sorry, if my memory is wrong, please correct the verbiage. I haven’t studied this yet!)

    I don’t see how a house or crime scene can have the energetic structure (i.e. an aura) to cause pushing or pulling of energies.

  7. 7

    FYI, Blog-Buddies, I just came across another archived article about something wacky that other people sometimes believe:

    Can You Cut a Cord of Attachment Belonging to Someone Else

  8. 8

    BRITTANY, I think your Comments #5 and 6 are very astute.

    For anyone wondering about that quote, it’s a pretty accurate portion of the official language in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.

  9. 9

    And, if you think about that without energy fear or woo-woo panic, you might well wonder: How could there be pulling and pushing of energy between you and a big yellow house… or wherever.

  10. 10
    Lindsey says:

    I agree with Brittany.

    Not only for her specific reasons she astutely pointed out as Rose said, but it is also my understanding from what you, Rose, taught me about cords of attachments is that they are formed at the level of human vibrational frequencies, human to human.

  11. 11
    Lindsey says:

    Disincarnate dead relatives would be astral level, so that would be an astral tie.

  12. 12
    Lindsey says:

    Houses and places like crime scenes are not humans, although they may have a whole bunch of astral level beings, such as stuck spirits (ghosts, other types of astral beings and extraterrestrial entities) stuck or hanging out there or attached to different objects.

  13. 13
    Lindsey says:

    It doesn’t match the complexity of cord of attachments according to RES.

    There is so much more information and knowledge about what other kinds of “stuff” that could perhaps be mistaken by anyone who hasn’t come across RES or the likes of it.

  14. 14
    Lindsey says:

    I am entertaining the possibility however, but so far it’s not making sense to me.

  15. 15
    Lindsey says:

    I’m sure you will explain in detail the complexity of how one gets formed and although it contains both astral level and divine level vibrational energies, it’s origination begins with human level interactions.

    That’s my simplified summary of how I think of them. Please correct me if I am off base. Thank you so much Rose!

  16. 16

    LINDSEY, what a thoughtful response to my question. The suspense will end on Thursday, when “Reading Life Deeper” lands in your mailbox.

    Before then, I’m looking forward to ideas from more of you Blog-Buddies as well.

  17. 17
    Ethan says:

    I’m looking forward to Thursday Rose.

    I am agreeing with blog buddies about why a cord to a place may not be possible.

  18. 18
    Ethan says:

    I will add that from my understanding we get to keep our spiritual tie to the cordee after the cord is gone..does it make sense to keep a spiritual tie to a place?

  19. 19
    Ethan says:

    I’m so curious to see your newsletter.

    If this is a possibility it does open up many doors to moving on from places that have had significant impact on my life.

  20. 20

    ETHAN, thanks for adding to this conversation. It’s not often that I offer up a topic involving RES Energy HEALING… And make it a topic for conjecture.

    And, of course, ultimately this is a yes-or-no question. Do human beings have cords of attachment to places or not?

  21. 21

    Your Comment #18 adds an interesting nuance. You wrote about whether a person would “keep” a spiritual tie to a place.

    Let’s not skip over whether a person would have a spiritual tie to any place on earth in the first place.

  22. 22

    Is a spiritual tie just a sentimental feeling. Like “I really like that red telephone booth I used to use in London, back in the day.”

  23. 23

    General question which might help us later to think clearly about the idea of cords of attachment to places:

    Do any of you Blog-Buddies know how, according to the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, a person gets a spiritual tie in the first place? And how we get cords of attachment, originally?

  24. 24

    For instance, do we get a cord of attachment based on our emotions? Like “Once I felt really annoyed at my third grade teacher, so that’s why I got a cord of attachment.”

    Because if that’s the case, surely many of us have gone to public restrooms and found them not as fastidiously maintained as we might like. Do we have cords of attachment — and spiritual ties — to disappointing Port-a-Johns?

  25. 25
    Lindsey says:

    To answer your question in comment #24.

    You get a cord of attachment with another person after just 8 seconds (if I recall correctly) of noticing and being interested in that living person.

  26. 26
    Lindsey says:

    They have to be a living human and they don’t have to be interested in you or in the same room.

  27. 27
    Lindsey says:

    Also, a spiritual tie is formed at the same time and is separate from the cord of attachment.

  28. 28
    Lindsey says:

    It’s not because of an emotion we have about some one, it’s about who we put our attention on long enough.

  29. 29
    Lindsey says:

    So the answer to the last question about cords of attachments and spiritual ties to port-o-potties would be a big NO!

    Although, quite funny to say! 😝

  30. 30

    LINDSEY, I couldn’t agree with you more… unless you let me add two seconds. And then I’ll agree 100%

    Because I estimate it takes that long — being interested in another human being for 10 full seconds in a row. And then, zap!

    You get your cord of attachment to the cordee. And you also get your spiritual tie to that person. Well noted, all those important ideas, LINDSEY!

  31. 31
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Thank you Rose! Ten seconds, got it!

    You’re a really great teacher, thank you for the correction of additional 2secs. 😃

  32. 32

    Haha, we can do a lot with those additional two seconds, LINDSEY.

    And thanks for letting me be your teacher, and appreciating me like that. I appreciate you as my student, for sure.

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