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Sexual BALANCE Chakra Databanks + Romance

Sexual BALANCE Chakra Databank Array. Dogs don’t have much of a choice about their sexual interests. For us humans? Free will can make a huge difference.

Sexual BALANCE Chakra Databanks? + Romance? Sure. Why not?

Today I’m introducing you to a new set of chakra databanks. This one’s designed to help us to learn how different people emphasize sex. Strongly emphasize it. Ignore it. Make it part of a self-actualizing life. Or whatever.

Next week, I’m aiming to publish a couple of blog posts on this topic. Beyond that, there are so many research possibilities. Can you see how this set of chakra databanks might be useful?

Especially due to this central human question…

“What Am I Going to Do with My Sexuality?”

Here we are, incarnated at Earth School. Wearing animal bodies. Neither plants. Nor stones. But animals.

Beloved picture books for children star Peter Rabbit. Or Lowly Worm. Not Mr. Brick. (Ever notice, as an adult, all those thinly disguised people wearing non-human animal bodies?)

By the time we reach puberty, oh yes. We start getting the message: “Hello, you’re in the body of an animal. An animal who’s capable of sexual activity!”

Like it or not, sex is part of the Earth experience.

Yes, Since We’re Animals, Sex Is Bound to Matter

No escaping sex. It will matter, whatever we choose to do about it. For instance:

  • Will I emphasize sex over all human joys?
  • Or will I renounce it? Perhaps following an (old-fashioned) tradition for seeking God.
  • Some folks ping-pong back and forth: First, being “pure.” Second, acting horny. (And getting some satisfaction. At least, until the remorse sets in.)

Sexual choices for us humans? They’re intensely personal: Having which relationship. Having it when. And for how long.

Equally personal?  Living at Earth School, we have an amazing chance to evolve spiritually. That requires balancing sex with all our other human potentials. Using all our talents, not just ones that can lead to orgasms.

Being human, we’ve got free will. And limited time. How will we choose among life’s abundance of non-sexual opportunities to make life worthwhile?

Thank goodness, we’ve got innumerable ways to contribute to society… Ways that don’t involve getting naked.

How Did I Design this New Array of Chakra Databanks?

Selecting chakra databanks for aura research is quite some art form. Let me share with you why I’m selecting this array in particular.

#1. Sexual Balance Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

At this chakra databank, people communicate what they value. For instance:

  • Some show how warm and friendly they are. (Whether authentically or as a Personality Projection.)
  • While other folks emphasize their intelligence.
  • Could be social status and power.
  • Whereas some folks tell you, subliminally, right from the get-go: “I’m sooooooooooo sexy.”

#2. Sexual Balance Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy When with Other People

Do you find it fascinating, categorizing people as introvert or extrovert?

Then you’ll really love all the details you can find with today’s energetic literacy. Soooooooo much more informative. (This video can serve as an introduction.)

For instance, unlike strict categories of “introvert or extrovert,” so much can change. At any given time in your life, your interest in other people may vary. You know, like the “actual mileage” of your car. 😉

When a person’s interest in sex grows excessive, that’s going to show in this #2 chakra databank. Show in detail!

Fear not, at my blog, I only use Deeper Perception on public figures!

Ethics matter. Including ethics for aura reading!

So much info about a person’s social and sexual patterns… is yours for the asking. Since chakra databank readings provide insight into quality. Not only size of any given chakra databank.

#3. Sexual Balance Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Sexual Energy

Oh, if only Dr. Freud were living now. He’d find this chakra databank so fascinating… along with many others.

Of course, he might have to change his theories a bit.

Perhaps, in honor of Freud’s concept of “Infantile Sexuality” I might devote a blog post to this. You know, by researching all these 10 chakra databanks on a child.

Euwww, let’s not. Even the idea of doing this strikes me as really disgusting. Besides, certain chakra databanks aren’t installed until after puberty.

#4. Sexual Balance Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

Feeling good about yourself sexually?

Sure, the kind — and degree — of that sort of self-esteem shows clearly in chakra databanks.

In my experience, facilitating sessions of Energy Spirituality for clients, sexual self-esteem can be tricky. I love helping people to remove STUFF that limits their self-esteem. Including the sexual kind.

#5. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

Such mix-ups can arise between bullying and sex. Or from using sex to get power.

So many ways that, speaking of STUFF removal, that’s it could be really empowering for you… Empowering to gain energetic literacy and then research anybody you like from photographs. Regular photographs. Using this new array of chakra databanks.

You see, any person’s current patterns with power can show with great clarity through aura readings.

And, in case this worries you, people without energetic literacy can’t tell. At least not clearly.

BTW, now hear this, in case you’re worrying about any aspect of your sexual nature:

It’s so important to know that, regarding your own personal growth, STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

#6. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Intellectual Growth

And what if the only kind of learning that really interests a person concerns S*E*X?

Sometimes that happens.

Although there are so many possibilities that we can learn about. Variations in somebody’s human experience, showing through Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. (The equivalent of word literacy. Not fancy. And something you can definitely learn!)

#7. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving

Wonderfully human, emotional giving!

Except there can be definite mix-ups with this around sex.

#8. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving

Pretty much the same thing as with the GIVING aspect. Anything goes.

For example, excessive interest in sex can cause a person to believe that there’s only one way to feel emotionally good. Sex!

Only, if you think about it, that isn’t about emotions at all. More about you-know-what.

Speaking again of Freud, he developed such detailed and intense theories about complexes. Due to the massive influence of psychology in Collective Consciousness, some of my clients initially fear that they have some gigantic kind of problem about sex. (Or whatever.) A problem that will take decades to solve. (At best.)

Yet I disagree. I don’t believe it’s helpful to diagnose complexes of any kind. Instead I like to help people remove STUFF one session at a time. That’s an approach that works for my long-term Energy Spirituality clients.

Why haven’t some psychological experts moved beyond “complexes” yet? Perhaps because the entire field of psychotherapy, not just psychoanalysis…. Doesn’t include Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Moreover, to my knowledge, in current psycho-therapeutic practice, there’s no effective way to remove STUFF from auras. Let alone detailed Healing Centerpieces like those available to experts at Energy Spirituality.

#9. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth through sex?

Could that be over-rated?

Or is sex a supremely great, super-easy shortcut to Enlightenment? As advocated, for instance, by Yogi Aaron, who’s published “The Authobiography of a Naked Yogi.”

(Incidentally, I’ve commented about some of Aaron’s teachings at our blog’s DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE about Enlightenment. )

#10. High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

“Soul Thrill” means doing what makes you humanly happy.

Sometimes that chakra databank reveals a lot of human happiness. And that’s related to what, in Hinduism or Buddhism, is called “dharma.”

Dharma means doing your duty.

And can also mean doing what brings you happiness. (Like all the joyful hours I’ve spent today on this blog post.)

Furthermore, doing your dharma helps you to evolve spiritually.

At any stage in your adult life, you might ask yourself: Am I doing enough today of what makes me happy?”

Consider, does that necessarily mean more emphasis on sex? Or perhaps less emphasis? Or what!

Blog-Buddies, Are You Curious about OTHER Research Sets of Chakra Databanks?

Thus far, I’ve co-created several:

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Find some of those articles here.

And you can also check there for aura readings in the following categories:

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But today’s new array is different. Make sense?

Questions, Anyone?

Do you wonder about what isn’t on today’s new list of chakra databanks? Or are you offended by anything that made its way onto this list? Please COMMENT and let all of us know.

Maybe you’ll change my mind about something. Hey, this blog is meant to be educational.

Also, on that topic of commenting: Has balancing sex with the rest of your life — and your values — ever been a struggle for you?

Feel free to COMMENT anonymously. In the first line of your comment, write “Call me xyz.” No prob!

And for a lighthearted kind of COMMENT, please let us know name of your favorite picture book characters from childhood. Were they animal, vegetable, or mineral?

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    JAYME, it’s just lovely having you back at my blog. I hope you return often, comment often.

    I do aim to help people, encourage them when I can do that honestly, and bring more truth into this world. Since you liked that story, you might enjoy this little YouTube video about how I got started in my pretty unusual line of work.

  2. 302

    Incidentally, speaking of human stories, this year I stumbled upon one of the first YouTube videos I ever made.

    It was in Japan, working with my favorite interpreter, KAORI-SAN, asked to do the video for the big seminar company VOICE.

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    What’s notable about this video is how reaaaaallly uncomfortable I was being in a video.

    Watch the expressions on my shy little face as I’m there staring at the camera. Especially while the interpreter is talking and I can’t find anything to do with my mouth. Even I find it pretty, humanly, funny.

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    Incidentally, just to follow through with this useful array, the Sexual Balance Chakra Databanks, today I did my third and final article… using it to research the controversial O-Shot.

    Here come the three links.

  5. 305

    First, I did Orgasm Shot Consumer Research on BECKA.

    Why choose her? Because, like the other two women, she voluntarily made a YouTube video, singing praises of the O-Shot. Yet what I found seemed quite disturbing.

  6. 306

    Second, I did Orgasm Shot aura research on JEN. Another testimonial giver on YouTube!

    This research shocked me even more, particularly when I found out that JEN is a physician who now plans to become qualified to give the O-Shot.

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    Finally, today I published the most concerning aura research of all. Not unlike the previous blog posts in some respects, but it was unsettling to learn about somebody who…. Well, you can read all about it at this blog post with Orgasm Shot Research #3.

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    Jayme says:

    My favorite characters from childhood where animals usually fish.

    I drew a lot when I was a kid (I was good too!) and I would do a shark or make up new fish. It’s a little weird because I didn’t have fish stuffed animals or decor or anything.

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