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Orgasm Shots Can Cost You

Orgasm Shots Can Cost You: Aura Reading Research #2 in Our 3-Part Series on O-Shots

Orgasm Shots Can Cost You. Before you treat yourself like a guinea pig in a lab experiment, please! Read today’s second orgasm shot aura reading. Again, I’m choosing to research on a woman who has made a YouTube video with her O-Shot testimonial.

And maybe also read our first Orgasm Shot aura reading. Of Becka.

Orgasm Shots Can Cost You

And I don’t just mean paying the fee to get injected with the O-Shot. Upwards of $1,000.

5 O-Shot Questions Worth Considering

  1. Do you currently relate to life mostly as an animal?
  2. For instance, do you believe that you are more than your physical body?
  3. Might you care more about sex than, really, anything else?
  4. Or do you aspire to use this animal body of yours as a basis for personal growth?
  5. Maybe even spiritual awakening?
  6. What if you could enjoy sex more, but the process would also debase your consciousness: Would that trade-off matter to you?
  7. How much is an orgasm worth to you?

Social Pressure May Just Be Starting. So Please, Start Evaluating NOW.

Think about how much Orgasm Shots can cost you.

 Just in case your doctor’s office, like mine, prominently displays an ad for O-Shots. (A first for me. Spotting this ad after 35 years of going to this doctor’s office. First ad for any specific medical procedure!)

Some of the marketing efforts targeting older women. (Although if we think it’s going to help us compete with 20-year-olds, we might think again.)

Media coverage so far emphasizes, “Does it really improve your sex life?” Not, what’s the impact on the rest of your life?
Orgasm Shot Consumer Research #2. is the topic for today’s post.

Before you read it… “Why not go to the nearest doctor who’d like to shoot you up with this sexy new injection? Why not find out how you like it? Decide after you start getting the consequences!”

Joke, sorta. I’ll tell you why not. Just keep reading today’s article.

Because Orgasm Shots Can Cost You

Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad to offer a self-actualizing person’s alternative.

Before you read what follows, please treat yourself to our blog post with Orgasm Shot Consumer Research #1. Since it’s loaded with background information. That way, you’ll get more from this article.

What if after reading all this, you’re still considering the O-Shot? Give yourself the benefit of a session of Soul Thrill Aura Research®. Please!

Meet Today’s O-Shot Fan

Quite different from Becca! Today you’ll meet the vlogger who brings the world From Jen with Hope.

Definitely a sweet-faced young woman.

What will you notice, however, if you click onto today’s  O-Shot Testimonial YouTube video?  Which I’ll use for researching Jen. (I’ve paused it at 4:36 min.) And, as usual for my aura reading adventures, I haven’t listened to a word. Reading her aura from a video still is plenty!

I’m kind of stunned at her completely wrinkle-free face. Like, by age 15 my face had quite a few bags and wrinkles. Didn’t yours? Perhaps Jen’s enthusiasms also include a considerable liking for cosmetic surgery. Anyway, on to today’s aura reading.

Before starting the research, I’ve gone onto Jen’s blog. Here’s her branding statement:

“Every day is a miracle. Every life is a miracle. Looking at life with this perspective let’s us see tiny twinkly lights everywhere. It doesn’t require a lot.  Just a sense of humor and a heavenly perspective.  So snuggle up to something furry and check in with me every week and let’s share with each other where we chose to see Hope in Life.”

#1. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

59 feet. Somewhat over-functioning


Buffered from the harshness of life by living a glamorous fantasy.

#2. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy When with Other People

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Quite over-functioning


What happens energetically when she’s with other people? Flow of energy, for Jen, is about sex. Specifically, being sexually desireable.

At this chakra databank — and maybe more to come — sex is a way to gain social status.

Already, though, Orgasm Shots can cost you, Jen. Because we can learn so much from other people. Provided that we’re willing.

You know how often folks say things like, “Travel will broaden your mind.”

Simple human conversations can do the same thing. At least, if we’re willing.

#3. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Sexual Energy

Symbolic Size

89 feet. Also over-functioning


How does sexual energy flow for Jen at the time of this photo? Giggly. Like a teenager’s first hormonal rush, and overwhelming fascination with sexual excitement.

#4. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

Symbolic Size

Approximately the length of 50 football fields. Definitely over-functioning


Jen has high hopes for her sexiness. Also, high expectations for how she can become a famous celebrity. Due to her sexiness.

Noteworthy: Seems to me that Jen’s got a lot of astral-level (and subconscious-level) confusions. Whereby carrying high-status items, like high-end designer purses, is mixed in with her sexual allure and specialness. In my role facilitating sessions of RES Energy HEALING, for instance, what do I suspect is going on with her? Both:

#5. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

Symbolic Size

4 inches. Significantly under-functioning


Seems to me, for Jen, sexiness is her personal power. Like her secret weapon. Although she’s not using her personal power much, in the way that empowerment works for my Energy Spirituality Clients…

At that chakra databank, Jen has got a workaround. Imagine, being so sexually gorgeous that people will give you whatever you want.

To be clear, I’m not talking about a random sexual fantasy. Sadly, at the time of this photograph, the idea of getting what she wants through sheer sexiness? This seems to be a way of life for Jen.

#6. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Intellectual Growth

Symbolic Size

60 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.


Evidently, Jen is getting really excited about learning more. Specifically, learning more about sex!

To give you an idea of the previous direction of Jen’s quest for learning… Here’s how she introduces her YouTube Channel:

“My favorite hobby is collecting luxury designer handbags and talking about them!” Let’s face it. Eventually that specialty could become a bit limited, intellectually.

#7. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Currently flat-lining.


Seems like Jen’s usual way of giving to people emotionally is by showing them her excellent appearance. Which is now, of course, extra-sexy.

#8. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Also currently flat-lining.


How does Jen want people to give to her, emotionally?

By finding her appearance really special. And, now, by appreciating her demure-but-so-powerful sexiness.

#9. O-Shot Fan Jen’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Long-term shut down.


Learning to love — and display — her body: To Jen, at the time of this photo, that’s like a religion.

And as for the importance of sexiness in her Religion of Classy Fashion? Now that’s new. Her passion! So exciting!

#10. O-Shot Fan Jen’s High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Also long-term shut down. (Although chakra databanks can always improve. Depends on our use of free will, etc.)


Given up. For now, Jen has given up on pursuing what, personally, brings her happiness. Instead, she gets a sense of self from how others view her. Or, especially, praise her.

Evidently, that’s got to be good enough. Like a biggest thrill in life.

Recommended reading on this topic for all you self-actualizing Blog-Buddies:

  • The Energy Spirituality Perspective on EXTERNAL Validation.
  • Contrasting with the Energy Spirituality Perspective on INTERNAL Validation.
  • Last but not least, a non-religious article on Dharma. Because honoring that can really increase our soul thrill.

In Conclusion

What if after reading all this, you’re still considering the O-Shot? Give yourself the benefit of a session of Soul Thrill Aura Research®. Please!

Because this blog aims to help you to protect yourself energetically. And that includes scrambling up your sexual energy.

My suggestion? Avoid stalling your personal growth and spiritual awakening. Because they might go off=kilter as a result of an O-Shot.

Although feel free to COMMENT in disagreement. As well as COMMENTING to share your agreement. Overall, What. Do. You. Think. About. How Orgasm Shots Can Cost You?


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  1. 1
    Claudia says:

    Rose, I’d like to thank you for this second article in the series. Probably you would like to only write uplifting aura readings, but this is one of those helpful article that isn’t pretty.

    Yet it could help a lot of us.

  2. 2
    Jnana says:

    I did click on the video. Imagine! She’s a physician! Getting qualified to offer this to her patients.

  3. 3
    Claudia says:

    I wonder how many readers of this blog appreciate the tremendous courage it must take for you to pioneer Energy Spirituality.

    Not to mention, daring to apply energetic literacy to a very personal kind of consumer decision like whether or not to get the O-Shot.

  4. 4

    CLAUDIA, you’re welcome.

    I do wonder how some of you other Blog-Buddies are reacting to this article, and also Part 1 in this 3-part series. Are you horrified? Do you think that no self-respecting aura reader would really want to investigate sexual balance and O-Shots?

  5. 5

    Have some of you been considering the Orgasm shot? Or even done it?

    Is it helpful to any of you to hear a contrasting opinion, given the stamp of approval from the medical establishment? And also the media articles that, of course, are always going to be published on a topic like this. Since, sex sells.

  6. 6

    Please remember that you can always comment anonymously here. Simply write in the first line of your comment, you’re requesting a pen name. Then tell me what you’d like me to call you.

    I’ll take care of the rest. And I’d like you to feel free to comment.

  7. 7

    JNANA, thank you for that Comment #2. I’m absolutely gobsmacked that this woman is a physician.

  8. 8

    However, I’m not the least bit surprised that she’s eager to start giving these shots. And making all that nice money.

    Again, sex sells. While dharma? Not necessarily something that people consider while making everyday decisions.

  9. 9
    Betty says:

    Wow Rose I have never got one of these shots, nor will even consider one with what I am learning from your blog. And I like sex!

    As someone getting over a love addiction and learning to love herself you might think this is a tempting thing to buy into but no thank you.

  10. 10
  11. 11
    Holly says:

    I didn’t understand why anyone would stick a needle into such a sensitive area. But, of course, the inventor is a man.

  12. 12

    BETTY, thank you so much for speaking up.

    No, I don’t think such a thing would be tempting for you. Due to how you’ve described yourself, as “someone getting over a love addiction.”

  13. 13

    As such, you’re not just “learning to love yourself.”

    Seems to me, you’re learning to love your life beyond merely living as a human animal, with everything else in a “less that, who cares?” kind of category.

  14. 14

    As a point of info, I’m not writing this series of three articles — plus the one to come afterward on the P-Shot — especially for folks like you. How can I put this?

    My main concern is not with Energy Spirituality clients like you, with the courage and clarity to go past old patterns that involve over-emphasizing sex. I’m relieved that you’re doing well.

  15. 15

    (Although I do wish for all of you to comment here.) (Note: In reality, clients with a sex addiction or love addiction are a very, very small proportion of my Energy Spirituality clients.)

    No, instead, I’m mainly hoping to spread the word about the inner consequences of the O-Shot…. In order to help people whose lives are already in a good balance around sex. To help them stay that way!

  16. 16

    HOLLY, thanks.

    “An untested and dubious procedure” is my favorite line from that article.”

  17. 17

    And many of us female Blog-Buddies will cs (chuckle silently) — if not openly lol — over this part of your Comment #11, HOLLY:

    “But, of course, the inventor is a man.” Definitely, cs!

  18. 18
    Holly says:

    To balance things out, here is a cool invention from a male doctor:

    Something to prevent children who don’t like math from daydreaming when it gets hard.

  19. 19
    Betty says:

    Thank you Rose-That is exactly what I’m doing-“learning to love (my) life beyond merely living as a human animal”-I’m so inspired to continue to grow and have a good balance around sex.

  20. 20

    HOLLY and BETTY, two very cool comments. Although they couldn’t be much more different from each other.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  21. 21
    Angie says:

    Being an “observer” (I draw for a living and as a hobby, therefore very sensitive to details and facial expressions) it always felt and still feels “unnatural” when I see a person with facial cosmetic surgery.

    You lose the textures and the natural feel often…

  22. 22
    Angie says:

    It gives me this “yikes” reaction, I could never even in dreams want to change my body with it.

    Even though I have had an asymmetric face problem, I found an alternative method doing face exercise (“face yoga” and it has actually nicely helped 🙂 and it lifted my self-esteem in a positive way which I am glad for.

  23. 23
    Angie says:

    Thanks for the article Rose, very interesting !

  24. 24

    ANGIE, thank you for sharing your artist’s perspective.

  25. 25
    Janice says:

    Hello Rose. I’ve wanted to comment here and at the other article about the O-shot, but I am at a loss for words.

    Truly, I think I find it so disturbing I’m gobsmacked and don’t want to say anything else or really even think about it further.

  26. 26
    Janice says:

    I thought I would at least comment *that*, so that you know this research is having an impact on this reader.


  27. 27

    JANICE, hard-to-write comments like these are among the most important ones here at this blog.

    Sometimes it seems as though society (worldwide) has lost any real moral standards, or even capacity for shame.

  28. 28

    I don’t relish publishing blog posts like these two on the O-Shot so far (with one more to come). Yet I think it’s so important.

    In the case of the Orgasm Shot, this isn’t the sort of thing a woman would probably discuss with her pals. Or even her lover. The promises seem so terrific, why not just “set yourself free” to do it?

  29. 29

    Even if this medical procedure were adequately researched — which it’s evidently not — who is really competent for researching the impact on a person?

    Lab tests, to see if the shot recipient’s body’s okay? (And having lotsa orgasms.)

  30. 30

    Psychological tests?

    As if they’re going to send questionnaires to women like Jen and Becka? Honestly, how self-aware were they even before experimenting with their sex drive?

  31. 31

    What’s left? Namely, what remains for alerting people to danger from O-Shots before it plays out in heartbreaking detail?

    Energy Spirituality, that’s what. Including good old Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, such as any of you can get by completing the Free Intro to Aura Reading Online Workshop, then Aura Reading 101, and then Aura Reading 102. That simple!

  32. 32

    Female Blog-Buddies, If you get together and talk with friends about how your lives are going, please send them links to the O-Shot research articles that I’m publishing here.

    Maybe some will be repulsed — as you rightly were, JANICE. And in the process, some readers may prevent one of the biggest mistakes they could make in their lives.

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