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Finding Life Again through Energy Spirituality

Finding Life Again through Energy Spirituality. A Guest Post by JENNIFER.

Finding Life Again through Energy Spirituality. Here’s a personal, and sometimes raw, account of one client’s personal saga.

To me, Rose Rosetree, this eloquent guest post from JENNIFER is unforgettable.

Finding Life Again. Because What Happened Earlier?

Today I was sworn in as an attorney. (Or barrister, as Blog-Buddies across the pond would call it) All of which means I am now legally able to practice law in Massachusetts.

I have done this before. Back in 2012. But that was a very different me, in an entirely different state.

Back then, I was in a terrible marriage. Back then, I was getting sicker. And back then, I was on a runaway train. Barreling toward the worst parts of my life. Resulting in a crash that I very nearly didn’t survive.

But Today Is Better.

Today, I will tell you the story of how Rosetree Energy Spirituality helped me:

Get from there. Stuck in a nightmare reality.

To here, a time of success. A time when I am happy.

Finding Life Again through Empath Empowerment

My relationship with Rose Rosetree began in 2011. Back then, I was a baby empath. Actively searching for why I felt so overwhelmed all the time, especially when I was in crowds.

I found Rose through a fellow forum user, who recommended Rose’s book on Empath Empowerment®. (Here’s a link to the current version.)

A book which I bought, like, immediately.

Step by step, I followed its instructions. That simply, I became a Skilled Empath—which, game changer, honestly.

This blog gained a dedicated follower. (Even if I was too intimidated to ever comment)

Finding Life Again Faster Through Energy Spirituality Sessions

Although I learned a lot from this blog, I didn’t start having sessions until 2015-ish.

My long-time RES Practitioner was ISABELLA CATES. (Fiercely perceptive, honest, and kind. Suffice it to say, someone I love very much.)

Amazingly, ISABELLA facilitated moving out a lot of STUFF impeding my growth. For example:

  • Regarding some of my cords of attachment? Well, nasty is a mild description.
  • Other topics for RES Energy HEALING Sessions caused me to be what I called “inside tired.” Like feeling as if my bones and organs were too exhausted to function
  • One deeply personal session involved moving out causational STUFF Technically this Healing Centerpiece is called “Causational Agreement Transformation.” (Curious about this Energy Spirituality specialty? Scroll down at that link until you reach the colorful box.)

Altogether, the RES combo of STUFF removal followed by PUT-IN? All that helped… a lot.

Would It Also Be Possible to Find JOY Again?

Thus far, Energy Spirituality sessions had helped me to remove huge chunks of pain.

But what about my lack of joy? By the time I was in my 30s, I had to stop working due to health problems.

  • Living with my parents, again!
  • Exhausted
  • In pain all the time

Although I don’t think I ever really lost hope (except for one terrible night), I had lost all my joy. And life without that is bleak indeed

Yes, Energy Spirituality Sessions Helped Me to Find Joy Again

At this point in my journey, I made use of RES Energy READING Sessions.

In particular, I think fondly of Soul Thrill Aura Research®. As a result, I found things to do that Thrilled My Soul. So I did them. And I got stronger

At that point I was like… Great! Maybe I’m all better! (haaaahahahaha)

So I took a break from personal sessions for awhile. By the time I was ready to start again, ISABELLA had gone on hiatus. Following up, I scheduled a session with Rose Rosetree.

My First Session with Rose Became… a Surprise!!

Since I wasn’t expecting Enlightenment Coaching. Yet, Enlightenment Validation turned out to be my Session Centerpiece. Both unexpected and awesome!

As excited as I was to be in Age of Awakening Enlightenment...  it was not quite what I expected.

I think I was kind of hoping all my human problems would disappear? Which, uh, did not happen.

  • Basically, I was still in pain. And still tired all the time.
  • Mostly I didn’t want to die anymore. So that was definitely an improvement.
  • However, my life was not all sunshine and rainbows

This is not to bash Enlightenment, of course. It’s an amazing state of consciousness, extremely valuable in and of itself!

Next, Finding Life Again… in Age of Awakening Enlightenment

By now, what I’ve learned about Enlightenment is this:

While spiritual Enlightenment doesn’t solve human-based problems, it does free us up, so that we can take initiative to solve our own issues.

Essentially, Enlightenment means being able to use our full potential in life, allowing us to do what best supports the full expression of our souls.

Due to living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment, here are some of the very human things I managed to do:

  • I kept up with Pilates
  • I stuck to a more regular training schedule with my horses
  • Consequently, I got physically stronger.

As a result, I could sign up to sit for the bar. (A Process, omg) I managed to study for months and take the two-day test. (While still suffering from physical pain and fatigue, mind) Then, finally, I was sworn in.

In Conclusion

Finding life again allowed me to start getting my life organized. This sounds really boring and anti-climactic, I know.

But listen, I love organizing.

Having lists and things to do (that I can actually accomplish)? So incredibly soothing.

Overall, I became able to finally do everyday things because… Thanks to removal of various kinds of STUFF and soul-awakening PUT-IN…  Nothing prevents me from, well, living

In any case, I can confidently say Energy Spirituality helps me live a life I’m proud of, with integrity and joy in my very human existence. And it can do the same for you.

So, RES: 5 stars. For sure, RECOMMEND.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Wow!!! Thank you for sharing your story, Jennifer. And congratulations!!!

    I especially loved this part: “While spiritual Enlightenment doesn’t solve human-based problems, it does free us up, so that we can take initiative to solve our own issues.” So true!

  2. 2

    KYLIE, thanks for all you wrote here, plus being the first to comment.

    I think it was so generous of JENNIFER to write this. Originally she just wrote it for me, but was open to my request to publish it here as a guest post.

  3. 3
    Ethan says:

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story.

    I like how you say that Energy Spirituality helps you live a life you are proud of. I think we all deserve to do that for ourselves.

  4. 4

    Eloquently said, ETHAN.

  5. 5
    Jennifer says:

    All of you are very sweet, I’m so glad you enjoyed!

    And much thanks goes to Rose for all her edits so it could be of publishable quality 😊❤️

  6. 6

    Much thanks are very mutual, JENNIFER!!!

  7. 7
    Brittany says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Jennifer.

    Congratulations on passing the bar and enjoying your life!! I concur. RES: 5 stars!!!

  8. 8
    Isabella Cates says:

    Congratulations on everything, Jennifer, including passing the bar and being sworn in. I’m so proud of how you’re doing!

    And thank you for the kind words. I really admire and love you, too.

  9. 9

    BRITTANY, thanks for that rating.

    And isn’t it lovely to read a success story, in addition to your own.

  10. 10

    Awe, ISABELLA.

    For JENNIFER, for you. And for all Energy Spirituality long-term clients! Smart, courageous people who really want to grow. Humanly! Spiritually! And, in rare cases, also aspire to pass the bar. 😉

  11. 11
    Living on Earth says:

    Loved reading your story Jennifer! Thank you for sharing it:)

    So much courage in your words. I realize it more and more how not everyone is willing to grow and learn. So I especially appreciate you never giving up and keep going. Doing your humanly best. RES: 5 Stars!

  12. 12

    LIVING ON EARTH, you’d know quite a lot about never giving up, keep going!

    Thanks for this acknowledgement of JENNIFER’S courage, and those tasty stars for Energy Spirituality.

  13. 13
    Julie says:

    Great to read how alive and lively you are, Jennifer!

    Thanks for your generosity in this post and comments; I follow always with interest.

  14. 14
    Emily Turner says:

    Wow Jennifer. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Such triumph and courage!!

  15. 15

    JULIE and EMILY TURNER, isn’t it delightful and inspiring to meet JENNIFER through this guest post!

    I love what each of you has written here.

  16. 16
    Jean says:

    This is a lovely post. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your experience.


  17. 17
    Jean says:

    Helps me to touch base once again on how grateful I am for RES – and for the the entire RES community.

    Many thanks to Isabella Cates, and of course thanks to dear Rose!

  18. 18

    Agreed, JEAN, that JENNIFER has given a wonderful gift to our Energy Spirituality community through this article.

    And, of course, thanks to Dear You, JEAN!

  19. 19
    Jennifer says:

    Y’all are so kind and supportive, your comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy 🥰

    Thank you for your lovely words, this community is really amazing ❤️

  20. 20

    See that, JENNIFER. (Also, thank you for that, JENNIFER.)

    All those years you were lurking here, intimidated about commenting. See what fun it is? And especially when you have created a Guest Post. 🙂 All you Blog-Buddies are invited to do that, in 2020 and beyond.

  21. 21
    Liane says:

    Jennifer, you’ve spoken for a lot of people here… myself included.

    My favorite Jennifer quote is, “While spiritual Enlightenment doesn’t solve human-based problems, it does free us up, so that we can take initiative to solve our own issues.”

  22. 22
    Liane says:

    You make a good point that the ball is still in our court, to do with as we will. It’s not some magic eraser that comes in and cleans up all our messes.

    Loved this post!

  23. 23

    Indeed, LIANE! Maybe you and some other Blog-Buddies are wondering, is that the same as how people live in Traditional Enlightenment?

    Definitely not.

  24. 24

    On the bright side, Traditional Enlightenment comes with an ongoing state of bliss. Like 24/7.

    So it’s pretty easy for folks in that form of Enlightenment to know that they’ve got something special.

  25. 25

    By contrast, those of us in Age of Awakening Enlightenment can get used to it pretty quickly. Following that, we may notice a constant, always available, Divine steadiness.

    Although this tends to be in the background most of the time, when we seek it we can always find it.

  26. 26

    Now, what about problem solving for a person in Enlightenment?

    Perhaps you’ve already seen — or would like to read now — a blog post that goes into quite a bit of detail: Concerning why people in Traditional Enlightenment don’t grow much humanly. While those of us in Age of Awakening Enlightenment can grow a lot.

  27. 27

    Akin to having your ball (for having a ball in life) in your court. As you put it, LIANE.

    We can grow in whichever directions we choose.

  28. 28

    By contrast, the people I’ve known well in Traditional Enlightenment (sometimes for decades) haven’t really grown much at all. Not humanly.

    Instead, they’ve felt a blissful detachment, witnessing their lives. Only rarely would things upset them much at all.

  29. 29

    So I heartily agree with you JENNIFER — provided that we’re talking about Age of Awakening Enlightenment, rather than Traditional Enlightenment.

    Enlightenment does free us up, so that we can take initiative to solve our own problems.

  30. 30
    Jennifer says:

    Yes, all this exactly!

    I’m so glad y’all understood my point. Earth School is so interesting because there is so much emphasis on free will, what we choose to do with our life.

  31. 31
    Jennifer says:

    And I think there’s a lot of power in that, knowing we have the ability to change our own lives.

    But it’s hard!

  32. 32
    Jennifer says:

    And there are many illusions!

    (One of which is that we don’t have control over various aspects of existence, which is definitely true for some things but not others, and that’s another lesson too—learning what we can and can’t influence).

  33. 33
    Jennifer says:

    Anyway, yes, Age if Awake ing Enlightenment is great, but what we choose to do next is up to us.

  34. 34
    Jennifer says:

    (As to your comment 20 Rose, I was 24 when I started reading, and hadn’t yet learned the very human skill of speaking up)

  35. 35

    JENNIFER, magnificent comments all! Thank you.

    Omigosh, about Comment #34. (Big exhale of compassion for ambitious you!)

  36. 36

    Funnily enough, when this comment first arrived at my monitor’s inbox for the blog…

    Just then, and for a chunk o’ time afterward, I was writing Comments #667 – 696 over at one of this blog’s DISCERNMENT JAMBOREES.

  37. 37

    Writing, JENNIFER, all about the free will emphasis in Energy Spirituality.

    Versus the determinism emphasis in psychic work. (And also in collective consciousness.)

  38. 38
    Jennifer says:

    Another thing (see what you’ve unleashed, Rose?), to expand on the issue of free will and choice, what I’ve found is that it matters SO much how we choose to react to a situation.

  39. 39
    Jennifer says:

    Like, to pull a random example, health issues.

    We can either succumb to the despair and hopelessness and belief that we’re useless (like society tells us) or we can choose to live a full life despite it all.

  40. 40
    Jennifer says:

    Obviously that’s specific to my own experience, but it applies to lots of challenges—we either stay stuck, or we move on.

    RES helps us move on.

  41. 41

    JENNIFER wisdom unleashed! Bring it on.

    I agree BIG with these three comments. BIG!!!

  42. 42
    Jennifer says:

    Thanks Rose! And what a funny quirk of timing, how you were writing on a similar topic!

  43. 43
    Jennifer says:

    I’m (obviously) a big believer in free will and choice, so I really appreciate how Energy Spirituality emphasizes these aspects of life and helps us remove STUFF/add PUT-IN that supports our soul’s expression, to make the follow through on healthy choices easier.

  44. 44

    Congratulations for so much, Jennifer!

    Passing the bar, achieving so much in spite of physical pain, and crossing the threshold into Enlightenment. A true inspiration!

  45. 45
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Firstly, thank you Jennifer for sharing so personally your beautifully summarized story of how Energy Spirituality has helped you in both your Spiritual Evolution and your Human Evolution.

  46. 46
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    I can relate to some parts of your story about physical pain and difficulties surrounding and causing it.

    It takes a lot of courage, determination, perseverance (and I imagine Divine support too) to get through the type of challenges you mentioned. It’s really helpful for me to share this. Thank you!

  47. 47
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    I wish you the most beautiful continued success all around!

  48. 48
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Also, I agree with you and Rose about Age of Awakening Enlightenment comment #29:

    “Age of Awakening Enlightenment, rather than Traditional Enlightenment. Enlightenment does free us up, so that we can take initiative to solve our own problems.”

  49. 49

    SANDRA HAERING, as always, your words are power-and-consciousness packed.

    I agree, JENNIFER’S article packs a wallop of true inspiration.

  50. 50

    LINDSEY LORANT, how I appreciate your appreciation! Beautiful. 🙂

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