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Soul Expression Support – Meet Yours

Soul Expression Support. YOURS has an obsidan glow, like the stone I’m holding in this photo.

Soul Expression Support is a part of your aura that works for you 24/7.

Maybe it’s high time for you to understand what you’ve got there. Especially, how it helps you.

Soul Expression Support is new. Essential to have in the Age of Awakening. And way important for your personal growth and spiritual awakening!

Until today, I’ve never published a word about this important aspect of who you are. Instead, I’ve only explained about it during this Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING Centerpiece: Soul Retrieval and Validation.

But today’s the day. Let me inspire you with this leading-edge info. After all, it concerns you. Intimately.

First of All, Context for Your Soul Expression Support

Right now, Blog-Buddies, you’re in the midst of a human lifetime. Okay, that’s not the big news in today’s educational blog post. 😉

As an eternal soul, you’ll always be in some kind of body somewhere.

For this insight, btw, I give due credit to Dr. Coletta Long. (She was my mentor. Teaching me her system of past-life regression. I would go on to develop and use the system of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.)

Of course, you’re not mainly concerned with being an eternal soul. Rather, you’re doing your best to make this incarnation count.

Technically, you’re having a soul expression. Unique. Although kind of different from what folks usually mean when they say “YOLO.

In essence, your Soul Expression Support is one of the greatest assets for this lifetime here at Earth School.

Next, the Fascinating Context (Most Folks Don’t Know this Yet.)

But you can. And maybe you already know this much: You’re living in the early years of the Age of Awakening

So, what does this have to do with today’s Divine-glowey new info? Let’s get to that next.

Soul Expression Supports Are New for Human Incarnations

Each person gets one, for spiritual support.

Which is one of those new things about living in the Age of Awakening.

By Contrast, What Is the Traditional Form of Spiritual Support?

Built into every single human incarnation you’ve had. Not just this one!

Before the Shift into the Age of Awakening on 12/21/12, you definitely had something else for spiritual support. In fact, you’ve had it from birth:

  • Your guardian angel.
  • Some spirit guides.
  • Later, as you continued to use your free will to make good choices, your Celestial Team grew.
  • Incidentally, if you’d like to know more about this. You’ll find a great deal of reliable information in this how-to book about Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.

Hey, you’ve still got your Celestial Team. Fear not!

That’s all humans needed in the Age of Faith! As Earth School was set up.

However, Once the Age of Awakening Began…

You got something extra.

Every human on earth received a Soul Expression Support. Expect that to be standard-issue for human incarnations. Now and for the foreseeable future!

Because this form of support is essential for helping you to navigate this trickier time. Helping you and all other humans, starting on 12/21/12!

You see, the Age of Awakening is a new era on earth. Where all of us can evolve as fast as we wish. (Provided that we pay the price.)

Neither emotional growth nor spiritual awakening depends on:

  • Your family of origin. And what they expect of you.
  • Who your friends are.
  • Your social status
  • That childhood story of your early years. Your Life Contract years. (In the sense that the first 21 or 28 years of a human life today? Often front-loaded with paying back difficult karma. Getting it out of the way while we’re still young and flexible.

Being human, you’re free to evolve at top speed. Becoming truly self-actualized. Energy Spirituality aims to help you with that. However, whether or not you reach out is up to you. By contrast, what’s not? Two lifelong spiritual resources: Your Angel Team. And, as of 12/21/12, your Soul Expression Support.

Divine, Not Astral

Of course, your Celestial Team (aka Angel Team), is astral. Made of the vibrational frequency that psychics and intuitives read.

By contrast, your Soul Expression Support is Divine. Etheric-bodied, rather than astral-bodied.

Yes, simply due to living now, you’ve got one.

What Does Your Soul Expression Support Look Like?

If you like, picture an obsidian-glowing version of your body. Namely, black. Then covered by golden threads of light. And with a surface that sparkles with iridescent light.

Seemingly, this Divine-level body within you is two-dimensional. (Although my sense is, it operates in more dimensions than that. Just not what we humans know and love, three-dimensional.)

Within your aura, this Divine-level Support stands in back of your head. And the rest of your human body.

Stands there, looking at you. (Except that it doesn’t see through eyes, as you do. Or have other human senses. Rather, it learns through consciousness.)

And What’s the Purpose of This Soul Expression Support?

Consider it to be a Divine-level replica of your human self. Updated constantly and consistently.

Within this spiritual helper, the essence of your full potential in that moment shines out:

  1. All the gifts of your soul
  2. What’s most glorious about your consciousness lifestyle. And how you’re progressing spiritually.
  3. Intellectually, how you’re growing.
  4. Emotionally, personal growth at your very best right now.
  5. Strengths within you for using free will.
  6. And high points, living examples, so far. Revealing you at your best.
  7. In short, based on your life experience right now, the strengths that you’ve got.

All this in contrast to what?

Your human fears. And worries. Regrets and shames.

Rather than a Conclusion, Let’s Pause for Questions

I’ve got a follow-up post in mind. Specifically, I’d like to tell you more about a related skill for Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.

It’s called “Soul Retrieval and Validation.” One of many leading-edge ways that Energy Spirituality can help YOU.

Meanwhile, any questions or reactions? COMMENT away!

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  1. 101

    Second, in the Age of Awakening, it’s a mistake to ask astral beings for guidance. (That you probably know.)

    In addition, it’s a mistake to have zero effective skills and then ask Divine Beings for guidance. Or energy healing. Or anything else.

  2. 102

    Back in the Age of Faith, things were different. Collective Consciousness oozed approval. And who hasn’t heard uplifting stories of miracles, just because people had faith. And then asked.

    Sure, beautiful! Only very likely more often mythology, exaggeration, wishful thinking, fiction, and other ways that people have bragged spiritual throughout time immemorial.

  3. 103

    Whether obsolete faith, aiming to receive results as God’s supplicating children — an approach no longer appropriate in the Age of Awakening. (And not effective either. Sadly or not.)

    Or whether outright superstition. Where people say “Jesus” or “God” or “Shiva” or whoever. And then they think they can simply make wishes and the Divine Being will make it all come true?

  4. 104

    This is startlingly, heartbreaking inappropriate for us humans living now.

    Sure, the Age of Awakening is new. Even most of you folks reading this Basic Age of Awakening Quiz may need help with some of the answers. Still, we can’t return to the Age of Faith just because we’d prefer that. (Which btw I sure don’t.)

  5. 105

    For sure, in 2020 I’ll offer my first-ever workshop on prayer: Pray Like God’s Grownup.

    And it sure won’t be like what you’re used to, on the topic of prayer.

  6. 106

    Speaking of which, ETHAN and other Blog-Buddies, do you remember when it became a fad to ask spirit guides and angels for guidance?

    Hint: You’ve lived through that weird time in the world.

  7. 107

    Yes, it was the Oprah Years. The New Age Years. Whatever you wish to call the time from 1980 until the Shift into the Age of Awakening on 12/21/12.

    So many Hay House authors, and other psychics, telling us to treat angels as “God’s messengers.” Or, in effect, like God.

  8. 108

    Only angels are astral beings. Unless they happen to be called “Archangels” — in which case they are Divine Beings.

    (And provided that people calling them Archangels know what they’re talking about. Which you might consider obvious. Only, for now, here are just two cautionary words: Doreen Virtue.)

  9. 109

    During the New Age Years it became common for folks to beg astral beings for advice. And then take it, no matter how preposterous. Remember?

    Why has it taken so many people so long to realize that this “ask angels for guidance” approach is exactly the same thing, for practical purposes, as “worshiping angels”?

  10. 110

    ETHAN, here’s one example out of so many that I’ve gathered while helping clients with sessions of Energy Spirituality.

    My client Joe knew about Soul Thrill Aura Research®. This is a method of co-creating with God in order to gain perspective — not from God, because Divine Beings do not give us guidance!

  11. 111

    Ever notice? On earth we’ve got loads of human-type street signs.

    Not stone tablets giving us Divine commandments. (Probably you can think of one rather famous exception to this, an exception that proves the rule.)

  12. 112

    As Joe knew, Soul Thrill Aura Research is a process whereby a person with these skills will co-create aura research. Getting results when researching different choices proposed.

    Results that come from a variety of the client’s chakra databanks — revealing the client’s subconscious feelings about the choices, plus the energetic results. Research that is both reliable, insightful, and ethically clean. Giving someone like Joe more info, so that he can make his own choice.

  13. 113

    One we began the research process, here’s what Joe told me (I’m paraphrasing as best I can.)

    “My spirit guide told me to invest all my money and sell my possessions and move to a farm in northern Canada. I was told that further instructions would come, if I only believed.”

  14. 114

    Hmmm, Blog-Buddies, you might be wondering:

    Why do the Soul Thrill Aura Research AFTER moving to that farm in northern Canada?
    Why take orders from spirit guides?
    So many questions!

  15. 115

    Maybe you can guess what happened, as I followed through with honest research.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Joe’s chakra databanks sure had an opinion about that choice. Everything from:

  16. 116

    * Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality
    * Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using My Power
    * Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

  17. 117

    * Throat Chakra Databank for Communicate to Command Respect
    * Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth
    * High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

  18. 118

    Did Joe just love what I had to tell him? Even though I said it all as kindly as I could…

    Of course not. Like others who’ve asked me for a kind of pep talk, after they already took advice from spirits and then started to get the first awful consequences in reality… these folks, well, you can just imagine how much they luhhhved what I told them. 😉

  19. 119

    In case any of you Blog-Buddies are wondering, for sure, I strongly recommend that you never ask your Soul Expression Support for “guidance.”

    And also that you never ask your guardian angel, or spirit guide, or “Spirit” or “whoever is meant to be to help me” to give you guidance.

  20. 120

    Long story short (and you can find the longer story is in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection,” big-time corruption happened during the New Age Years. By now, it’s way worse.

    Don’t go there. I implore you.

  21. 121

    Next, ETHAN, responding to your Question #54: “Can I include my Soul Expression in my daily gratitude I give to God and my Guardian Angel and Angel Team?”

    Daily gratitude is a bit much. With all due respect, that’s like doing a lot of “Praise Jesus” whenever you notice that gravity makes things fall downward. We don’t need to gush or give big gratitude. Not in the Age of Awakening.

  22. 122

    I think it’s fine to say something like this out loud daily. Once:

    “Thank you, Guardian Angel and Team. And Soul Expression Support.”

  23. 123

    That simple.

    When it comes to co-creating with the Divine, seems to me, you can do better than gush and praise and, maybe, beg and grovel. Instead, you can use your Power of Command and co-create a bit with your favorite form(s) of the Divine.

  24. 124

    Again, practical instructions (and reasons for them) are right in the aforementioned self-help book.

    In addition, this year I published the “Spiritually Sparkling Collection of Workshops.” It’s the gold-standard version of that information, great expanded and interactively taught. Also, students have been telling me, fun! And highly effective.

  25. 125
    Vicky says:

    Rose, thank you very much for explaining. I’ve been carrying around a sort of fear about your motivation. Now I understand better. Suffice it to say, it comes as a relief.

  26. 126

    Good. VICKY, fwiw I think you’re wise to consider motivation and ethics.

  27. 127
    Ethan says:

    Thank you Rose for the suggestion in comment #123-I can certainly do that!

  28. 128
    Liane says:

    Am loving this post and comments. Such a new-to-us area to learn about!

    You have my attention…. ever since my own soul retrieval was done (by you) almost two years ago.

  29. 129

    LIANE, that’s right. Without sharing the personal details about what was going on during the VALIDATION, I wonder if you have anything to share about the quality of when I laughed that time.

    More importantly, anything you noticed in terms of result. Of course, I realized this session happened nearly two years ago. Just curious, on behalf of my self and also the rest of our readers.

  30. 130
    Liane says:

    Without listening to the audio of that session, my best guess is you may have laughed because so much of my soul ws not looking at me, but at the heavens.

    All the while I’m screaming, “I could use a little help down here!”

  31. 131
    Liane says:

    My take away is that my soul was only doing what I had asked it to do for so many of my Age of Faith years. Pray, beseech, look to God for answers.

    No answers? Pray harder, more beseeching, wring hands, beg on my knees… Years of this. And then I stopped, cold turkey. But my Soul Expression Support didn’t get the memo, not until Rose did the Soul Retrieval technique.

  32. 132
    Liane says:

    Since then it’s been like I’m on solid ground, no longer spinning my wheels.

    Each step is a gain that I get to keep. Steady and slow progress beats the heck out of steadily heading in the worst direction, spiritually speaking. (and speaking only for myself here)

  33. 133
    Liane says:

    There’s a wholeness about me, no more hollowness trying to get filled up on New Age mixed salad. So many words come to mind.

    Stout. Solid. For Real. Firm. Expanded …

  34. 134

    Magnificent description, LIANE.

    Descriptions like yours start to shift our understanding from abstract to human. Your contribution here may start doing that for many readers. LIANE, Thanks so much.

  35. 135
    Ethan says:

    Thanks for sharing Liane. I can share that I have had this healing centrepiece as well and my Soul Expression Support at that time was looking backwards with a poor me attitude.

  36. 136
    Liane says:

    You’re welcome!

  37. 137
    Ethan says:

    I had just been through a few upsetting days and this healing was so great to get my Soul Expression Support back to looking ahead, at me, loving me.

  38. 138
    Ethan says:

    And for me to look forward ,keep going, and giving myself some love.

    I can relate to what Liane said about progress being slow and steady, that is just right for me as well.

  39. 139

    ETHAN, thanks for sharing your story too.

    One of the beautiful things I’ve discovered about Soul Expression Supports: They’re quick (and appreciative) learners.

  40. 140
    Liane says:

    Isn’t it great, Ethan, that slow and steady progress?

    We make real gains that are exactly what we need. Thank you for sharing your story, as well.

  41. 141

    And thank you too, LIANE. I love when our COMMENTS include human-type stories.

    After all, Energy Spirituality is for humans. Not, for instance, angel wannabes. (Hey, we’ll get to be angels soon enough. Once an incarnation is over.)

  42. 142
    Leo Watts says:

    I quite enjoyed this blog post and the magnificent set of comments from you Rose.

  43. 143

    LEO WATTS, Energy Spirituality Practitioner, you’re making your first appearance at our blog so early in 2020. Excellent.

    And magnificent? Awe!

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