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Twitter. Let’s Play the Follow Game

Twitter R Me. Starting (somewhat seriously) now.

Finally Rose Rosetree has decided to do some regular tweeting.

You’re invited to join me, Blog-Buddies. Please share your Twitter experiences here, by COMMENTING below.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a few Teaching Tales to tell. Just to get you started.

Plus, to formally announce that you’re welcome to follow me. And ask me to follow you.

Also, some of you might follow me on Twitter for a while. If for no other reason… Just to see if I’m making some embarrassing goof. In which case, please tell me.

Frankly, SUAVE has not characterized my first attempts at anything internet.

Twitter-Related Tale #1. Internet? Noooooo

Blog-Buddies, I’ve got a hunch that you can surf the Web.

Was it easy for you, learning how?

Quite the opposite around here.

Mitch, my husband, is brilliant at all things tech. He learned how to use the internet by snapping his fingers. Or something.

Eventually, I thought I’d join the silly fuss. And thus, for one extremely long hour, he tried teaching me. Only one outstanding success, really: How extremely hard I cried.

Eventually I took a three-lesson class. Each time I that left for the adult education extravaganza, euwwww! I felt so ashamed. Really, it’s the only time I considered cutting a pair of eyes in a paper bag. Obviously, in order to wear that paper bag over my head! All the better to drive through town incognito.

Heaven forbid that anybody under 30 would find out… that I needed to… Take a class. Three of them.

And a lot more time than that… before I could go online without kinda-trembling.

Twitter-Related Tale #2. Website? Scary!

Sure, I’d seen a few websites by the early zeroes. (Or whatever experts call the years after Y2K. When that didn’t make our entire world explode.)

Looking at websites, for pleasure? You kidding. That would be like taking medicine. Only without any particular promise of making me better. Not in any way!

However, I had a cool friend, Joanna. Ridiculously brilliant Joanna! Just like a snap of the fingers, she built me a website.

Maybe some of you remember that pink version. Since I didn’t manage to get an upgrade until a few years ago.

Luckily, for decades, tech-smart Mitch kept that website running. Expanding it. Making it pretty darned easy to navigate, too. If still a little funky looking.

Eventually I did get this website redesign.

Fun Fact about this Redesigned Website, Incidentally

When finally I hired website designer Joe, we worked hard to re-conceptualize. And then redesign what’s here. Logo and all.

I love the logo that Joe created.

The Energy Spirituality Logo is like a lucky four-leaf clover. One leaf for each of our specialties.

And guess what?

  • Depending on how often you go to this website
  • Depending on what you use it for
  • You may have no inkling about how much is here at this website.

Consequently, even Joe was shocked. When he finally, gingerly, migrated this website to the new design… Afterward he told me:

For 15 years I’ve worked in this field. Of course, I’ve designed and updated loads of websites. Even for the Pentagon.

But none of these websites ever came close to the size of yours.

Twitter-Related Tale #3. Blog – Only Thanks to a Friend

Sure, I heard about blogs. Did I listen? Not really.

Partly snobbery. Partly, I still was pretty darned scared of technology anything.

However, I had this student, Gladys. Very smart. A definite techno hep cat! (If you’d like to refer to her by slang flavored by the 1950s. Source of much of my favorite slang.)

Darling Gladys encouraged me to blog. She even bought me a how-to book.

  • From her, sweet generosity.
  • To me, for about a year, an object of terror.
  • In reality, her gift was called, “WordPress for DUMMIES.”

Might you be curious to see those first awkward, trembly blog posts? Our navigation area here, on the right column, can show you those early attempts. Just in case you’d like to browse archives dating from September 2007. Until now, thousands of blog posts later.

Twitter-Related Tale #4. Facebook Snobbery Was Lonely

Facebook? Sure, eventually, I heard of that.

Sneered about that. All the way from a certain person’s reluctant feet… All the way to her haughty nose in the air.

Eventually I got started with Facebook anyway. It turns out to be fun.

Granted, it takes some push for me to like social media. But people? Them I like. Always have.

What has FB been like for you, Blog-Buddies?

Probably you know, I’d be glad to friend you at my personal Facebook.

Also I have an official Facebook page, too. Created by volunteer Gowri. Maintained by… another volunteer, Edward Williams.

Like Ringo Starr, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Twitter-Related Tale #5. SEO Baby Steps in 2019

If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you’ve seen this article: About a change. Where now I’m referring to Energy Spirituality rather than RES.

In a comment at that blog post, ANGIE reminded me (politely): I’d be a fool to ignore Twitter.

Well, here’s the deal. Of course, I’ve been ignoring Twitter. Does this come as any kind of surprise?

Yet I Can’t Run Away from This Simple Fact

Every important aspect and skill of Energy Spirituality? Co-created with the Divine.

Personally, I have no prob with running away from the weird, cartooney blue bird. That Twitter bird!

But honoring the inspiration behind Energy Spirituality? That I feel totally called to do.

And so, once again, I’m getting over (that timid aspect of) myself.

And Now Here I Am, Doing Twitter. Tweeting. Learning the Hows

Attempting to be suave. And snap my fingers like Mitch. Or learn what my equivalent is.,. Beyond humble plodding.

Back in April 2015, I did a little bit of tweeting. At the advice of — guess what? — a friend.

Not taking it the least bit seriously, though. And for years, I’ve hardly tweeted a thing. Well, that’s changing now.

Because I can change and learn. Otherwise, what kind of a teacher would I be anyway?

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    Rose I’m laughing at the thought of you wearing a paper bag on your head lol. You have a wonderful sense of humour.

    I am not on Twitter myself, hasn’t appealed to me-mind you I’ll be missing out on Tweets from you and others that would be worth following. Facebook is my only social media and I do enjoy posting and commenting there, Instagram I stay away from.

  2. 2

    ETHAN, I think it’s so fascinating that you wrote about sense of humor. (And thanks, btw.)

    Seems to me, this is best understood as part of a range, the person’s Continuum of Seriousness. At one end, there’s a super-intense sense of humor. While at the other extreme, there’s super-intense seriousness.

  3. 3

    And imagine, in between, many degrees of funny. Shading to simple acceptance of reality. And then darkening down to a Henry Kissinger-type seriousness.

    A continuum from light and bright… all the way over to dark and heavy.

  4. 4

    What’s your Continuum of Seriousness like, Blog-Buddies? A big range or small.

    I think that’s mostly innate, like having a large vocal range or medium or small. What matter is that we make a beautiful sound with our voices. Likewise that, with our take on life, we acknowledge the full range within ourselves… and enjoy how others are different.

  5. 5

    For me, ETHAN, I’d describe my Continuum of Seriousness like this:

    Medium funny all the way down to very intense seriousness.

  6. 6
    Emily Turner says:

    So happy that Joanna and Gladys helped you start off blogging!

  7. 7
    Emily Turner says:

    I’ve been back and forth on twitter. Had an account for a long time and found myself spending inordinate amounts reading on there.

    Deleted it… then wanted to still see certain folks and reinstated my [suspended] account so I couldn’t post tweets myself!

  8. 8
    Emily Turner says:

    Have now created a twitter profile to follow you Rose.

  9. 9

    EMILY TURNER, thanks for all these comments and also your action noted in Comment #8.

  10. 10

    And, EMILY, it wasn’t just JOANNA and GLADYS. Every step I’ve taken to learn new technology has come to me through friends.

    That matters, since many people who work in the specialties of Energy Spirituality (like Empath Coaching), seem to be more sales-oriented. Clickbait writing. Maybe, sometimes more eager to stake out a claim than to be of service.

  11. 11

    I’m glad to be the opposite kind of person. Yet, that doesn’t mean I’ll sit by passively. And when I’ve needed courage, generous volunteers like you, and personal friends? You’ve carried me forward.

  12. 12

    Thanks to some of you Blog-Buddies, and others, I’ve now got my first 100 followers on Twitter.

    Please let me know the names of your favorite hashtags. I’ve still got so much to learn, including which hashtags to use when I tweet.

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