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5th Dimension Nonsense. SERIOUS Warning

5th Dimension Nonsense. While the new year is young, it’s not too soon to sound a warning.

5th Dimension Nonsense hurts people. Even as it convinces them that they’re becoming a new, superior kind of human. As if “raising your vibrations” is spiritual goal of human life!

Note: Added by request on Independence Day 2020: What’s really happening in the world now spiritually? I wrote about it in “The New Strong.” Please read that book. You might also wish to take my online workshops in The New Strong Collection of Online Workshops.

May today’s article serve as a warning. The 5th Dimension Nonsense I discuss in this article is a drastic misinterpretation of what has happened since the Shift on 12-21-12. It’s a dangerous misunderstanding.

Instead of gaining superiority, what happens to these idealistic spiritual seekers? Quite the opposite. As you’ll soon read. But first, some background.

What Alerted Me to Today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense?

Yesterday I received a Christmas card from Gladys. How lovely to receive a card from this friend! She’s uniquely sweetened my life for the past 30 years.

Usually her Christmas cards arrive in December. Not January 3. And usually her cards don’t include a paradoxical heading. Such as what? Like a green letters she had added to the greeting card’s printed message.

  • Merry Christmas.
  • And also Happy New Year?
  • Hello, since when is December 25, 2019 the same thing as January 2020?
  • Maybe in a world where “trivial things” like human time… no longer matter.

Next, Gladys Gave Me a More Specific Clue about What Was Going on with Her

Filling me in on her 2019, first of all, Gladys explained why her card was late. Partly, she’d been in demand for her freelance business as an organizer. Not unusual news but good news, nonetheless. 🙂

Mostly, though, Gladys described something new and exciting:

I’ve been working late night and in sleep on shifting into the 5th Dimension.

YouTube daily videos by Aaron Doughty helped me begin the process.

Huh? Uh-oh!

Didn’t 5th Dimension Nonsense End with the New Age Years?

I thought so. Sometimes I’ve mentored students on “The New Strong.” That is, coaching them on how to adapt to humanity’s new vibrational freedom. New as of the Shift into the Age of Awakening on 12/21/12. Still pretty new, by now. Which helps explain why so many people are still living as if it’s the New Age years. (1980 until the Shift.)

During those New Age Years, many spiritual seekers thrilled to promises about the 5th Dimension. Promises that they could attain something akin to Enlightenment. Somehow take a radical shortcut, not available to lesser mortals.

Of course, it wasn’t couched that way.Rather, psychics provided inspirational messages or channeled teachings. Decreeing that people must “lift their vibrations.” In order to “help” Planet Earth move into the Aquarian New Age.

Let’s Get Clarity about What Really Occurred with the Shift into the Age of Awakening

In reality, as I understand things:

  1. The Mayan prophesy concerned “the end of life on earth as we know it.”
  2. Nothing was mentioned about important, super-special people lifting the planet.
  3. Or anybody “lifting their vibrations.”
  4. Or trying to move into any extra dimension whatsoever.
  5. Mayans were humans, talking to other humans. They didn’t puff up humans and tell them to make the Shift happen.

Continuing on the Theme of “Let’s Get Real” about the Age of Awakening

Most important, this new era on Earth was God’s idea. Accordingly, the buildup to the Age of Awakening was Divinely designed. Orchestrated over centuries.

To understand in detail what really happened, please, read The New Strong.” Otherwise, take the Energy Spirituality Online Workshops on The New Strong. (Starting with a Free Intro.)

If you’re only going to read one Energy Spirituality book in 2020. Or take one series of workshops…

In my view, you’ve got a clear choice: Take one or both of these options. Develop the New Strong so you can thrive as a human being. THRIVE in this Age of Awakening.

How Today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense Is Different from the New Age Kind

One side effect of the vanishing of the “veil” on Earth is this: Astral beings of various kinds can come to Earth more easily than previously. And so these early years of the Age of Awakening include plenty of astral hanky-panky.

In fact, Energy Spirituality has developed a variety of Energy HEALING Centerpieces to help clients shake off astral influences. However, people can reach a point of no return: Extreme spiritual addiction.

Sadly, for folks with this consciousness lifestyle, they’re not in charge of their lives any longer. Rather, they’re being run by opportunistic discarnate spirits.

Thus, here’s the big difference about today’s 5th Dimensional Nonsense. If you start “working on shifting into the 5th dimension,” you’ll get your wish, sort of.

What Happens If You Get Your Wish?

Let’s consider, why would somebody living in this amazing Age of Awakening try to leave it. Really, leave it by “lifting your vibrations.” In short, “upgrade” your awareness away from how humans are built to experience life:

  • If your wish is to not have to deal with everyday human problems.
  • Or should you desire to develop kinds of intelligence more like spirits than like humans.
  • Maybe even dream of becoming the ultimate human. So vastly superior to hairy, smelly, confused human beings!

Definitely, you can get your wish. Only beware. You’ll develop aura characteristics like those of Aaron Doughty. (Gladys’s 5th Dimension teacher.)

My Horrifying Aura Reading of a Spokesman for Today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense

Might I suggest, Blog-Buddies? Do NOT sample his teachings from YouTube videos. Such as “This Meditation Will SHIFT You into the 5th Dimension (WARNING NO GOING BACK).”

Searching for a still shot to use to read his aura, ick! I felt sick to my stomach. And revolted all the way down to my soul. In case you wonder, I’m not easily shockable. But something differently disgusting was going on here. That much was immediately clear to me.

Accordingly, I found a photographic image to use instead of a video. No, sparing you, I won’t give you a link. Instead I’ll just summarize. What did I find?

My Aura Research Summary of Aaron Doughty

(Enhanced by my perspective as an Enlightenment Teacher)

Extra-terrestrial entities are running Aaron Doughty. And operating at a new-found level of intense takeover. Namely, a more advanced progression. The latest step in attempts by opportunistic entities to do what? To turn humans into puppets.

Unlike others who are living in extreme spiritual addiction, what’s different about Aaron Doughty? Something new from the entities who use him as a puppet: They’re taking over his mind-body-spirit system all the way through to the cellular level.

Thus, through this kind of extra-impactful version of auric modeling, oh ick! Opportunistic entities are broadcasting extreme human triumph. And triumphalism!

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll add some nominees to my Spiritual Enlightenment List. Listing other teachers of today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense. And then commenting below about whether my suspicion is correct.

Namely, here’s what I suspect. How all Age of Awakening teachers help folks “shift your vibrations.” Regardless of whether they’re sincere about doing this. What’s happening in truth? Seekers of Fifth Dimensional Experiences are opening up to a takeover by astral spirits. Including what has most likely happened to my former friend Gladys. Since she has been practicing diligently to not position her consciousness like an “ordinary” human being.

Yes, Sadly, My Former Friend Gladys

At first, all I could think of was contacting Gladys to warn her. Altogether I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a phone number for her.

  • To being, I searched in my file of friends. Then on Facebook. Next, Twitter. Not even finding a single photo online (at least, any that I could find).
  • Eventually I googled Gladys and got a phone number to match her address.
  • However, what happened when I called? Her phone was disconnected.
  • And that’s when it hit me. Gladys used to be a sensible person. But if she still had her feet on the ground, why would she leave no trace for calling her?
  • Especially since she’s a widow of moderate financial means. Entirely self-supporting. And an entrepreneur.

Very likely, by now she’s got her wish.

In Human Terms, What Does It Mean to Shift into the 5th Dimension?

Barely functioning as a human being: 2% Gladys and otherwise entities.

A human being who feels high, and superior. Yet, aurically, similar to everyone else in extreme spiritual addiction.

Only now, there’s the 2020 “upgrade” of extreme spiritual addiction. Cellular broadcasting, complete with triumphalism!

No, I haven’t yet read more current photos of people who teach 5th Dimensional Nonsense. Or those who study with them, like Gladys. Although, as noted previously, I plan to.

However, Blog-Buddies, here’s the deal. As the founder of Energy Spirituality, I’ve noticed a progression of changes just about every year since 2013. Progressive encroachment on vulnerable humans. Such as those who are both spiritually ambitious and gullible.

Meanwhile, with each passing year, opportunistic entities discover new ways to entice them. In short, I’ve been here before. And so I’m not waiting to do further research before dropping everything to publish this post. May the intensity of my grief and rage over Gladys… add a very human power to the warning I’m sounding today.

Thank God, for every new kind of STUFF related to astral spirits, I’ve received a new Healing Centerpiece. (Part of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.) In this case, no special Healing Centerpiece is necessary. Simply this:

Protecting yourself, in this case, is easy. Avoid 5th Dimension Teachers like poison

In Conclusion

Feel free to COMMENT, Blog-Buddies.

  • Share your reactions.
  • Ask your questions.

On the first week of a new year, I preferred to publish something historic in a positive sense. Clearly, this isn’t the article that I planned to publish today. Yet it is historic.

Sometimes solemnity is warranted. Especially since we live in historic times: The early years of the Age of Awakening. When each of us gets to be a pioneer. Helping to make our shared humanity successful. Even humanly glorious.

What else? Might I suggest? Discreetly, warn your friends. Share this article with anybody you know who tells you they’re studying how to lift their vibrations. Or move into the 5th dimension.

You just might help them. Especially helpful: Recommend they consider booking a personal session with me. And don’t delay. Since I’ve helped some clients turn things around while it’s still possible.

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  1. 301

    In addition, you’ll learn discernment about so-called prophets and enthusiastic readers (whose work is inaccurate for now, since they’re lacking skill). Altogether you can gain a lot of clarity about what’s going on now, but no tinge of conspiracy theory is included, I promise. Here’s more info about “The New Strong.”

  2. 302
    Leannelee says:

    Can u please help me I’ve just started sleep shifting by accident and I don’t want to go crazy I have 2 young children to look after.

  3. 303

    LEANNE LEE, thanks for reaching out. You have value as a person, plus as a mother. I urge you to go to your nearest Urgent Care. Tell them what you have been doing and ask for help with what they would call “Psychological Problems.”

  4. 304

    Notice, I am urging you to seek care in reality, from mental health professionals. I don’t know if you were expecting me to give you some kind of mysterious, mystical Vibe Help over the ethers, but I work in reality as well.

  5. 305

    You see the field of Energy Spirituality is made to work in human reality, not be an alternative lifestyle or offer very big promises like the 5th Dimension group. Please keep in mind for the future, LEANNE LEE, human reality is your friend, not your enemy.

  6. 306

    Since you’re evidently involved in 5th Dimension activities, I would appreciate if you would answer this question for me. Have you encountered people who are also interested in QAnon?

  7. 307

    You see, LEANNE LEE, in my country (the US) we now have a problem with some elected politicians at the national level who are affiliated with QAnon. One of my Energy Spirituality clients told me that some members of this group are also into 5th Dimensional teachings, and vice versa. In your experience, is this true or not?

  8. 308
    Renee says:

    I’ve had a feeling for a while now that all the talk about ‘ascension’ is misleading.

  9. 309
    Renee says:

    Moving into a higher dimension requires leaving our physical body (killing it).

    I feel like this is what the heavens gate cultists tried to do. I feel like they cheated their corporeal bodies out of living out their lives.

  10. 310
    Renee says:

    I feel like they got greedy and I also feel like killing yourself to move into a higher state of being is a betrayal of God’s plan for our natural (?) ascension.

    Thank You for your logic.

  11. 311

    RENEE, welcome to my blog and thanks for speaking out, speaking up. When your comments came in I was in the midst of debunking another kind of high-sounding spiritual hooey. Come take a look. You might enjoy this.

  12. 312
    Liz says:

    No person knows the ultimate truth. Period.

  13. 313

    Exactly, LIZ. Welcome to my blog.

    That’s why I offer this post, aiming to present what’s true as best I know it, helping other people to decide how they can have the best life possible. Each person decides, even if none of us has the luxury of ultimate truth.

  14. 314
    Maria says:

    Thank you so much for this. Ive lost my boyfriend to this 5d movement. I can no longer connect with him because as you explain, he acts as he’s “above” all human problems, no to mention feelings.

  15. 315
    Maria says:

    It’s really hard and if I try to warn him it only seems to make it worse. I don’t know what to do anymore

  16. 316

    MARIA, that does sound heartbreakingly hard. Whatever you do, please do it for yourself.

    You’ve warned him and, judging from reactions of others I’ve encountered through this blog post, involvement can cross a point of no return… for the rest of this lifetime. At least you have clarity, which can help you to move forward.

  17. 317
    Jeremy says:

    Hell Rose, I found your article searching for information on 5d movement and I feel I’m losing my wife/partner (we have never married nor have had any children of 14 yrs) to ascension, arcturians blue aliens, 5d etc…

  18. 318
    Jeremy says:

    I’m a Christian and she was a catholic. I try to talk and warn her but just like Maria (comment 315) it only makes matters worse and she keeps telling me she can’t connect with anyone anymore because they are stuck in the 3D world.

  19. 319
    Jeremy says:

    She tells me she believes in God and in Jesus and she prays everyday but doesn’t believe some of the things in the bible and she keeps telling me that don’t believe in only one book (bible) and that I’m stuck in the 3D world.

  20. 320
    Jeremy says:

    I love her dearly but I don’t know what to do. Your thoughts.

  21. 321

    JEREMY, thanks for reaching out.

    As you can see, I “chunked up” your long comment into these shorter ones, because that’s the style of my blog.

  22. 322

    Although I spend a ridiculously large amount of time at my blog, I do have other obligations during this work day (and most other work days as well), so later today I’ll responding to what you’ve written here, blogging as time permits.

    Meanwhile, JEREMY, there is always hope. Definitely hope for you, for sure. Since you’re not involved in this dangerous cult.

  23. 323

    JEREMY, here we go. I’ll help you in general terms because this is a public blog, not a personal session of Energy Spirituality. Still, I can share my perspective FWIW.

  24. 324

    First of all, it’s time to stop “warning” your common law wife, whom I’ll call “Gladys” here for easy reference.

  25. 325

    Warning is fine to do once or twice.

    Sad to say, JEREMY, following that you’ve got yourself a lost cause. Particularly if the behavior you can’t change is Gladys’ participation in a cult.

  26. 326

    Look, JEREMY, if you’ve learned only one thing from this post + comments — and from what you wrote, it appears you’ve learned many things — what matters most is that Fifth Dimensional Teachings are a cult.

    And not merely a cult but a cult that causes so much damage to people’s auras that, unless they truly commit to exiting the cult, they’re not coming back for the rest of their lives.

  27. 327

    That’s the hard truth. I’ve put it bluntly because you may feel tempted to dance around the truth, but I don’t help people do that.

    If you want to help yourself, it might be a good first step to reread Comment #326 until you understand what I’ve written there, and you’ve accepted it.

  28. 328

    Only then can you make plans according.

    Plans for yourself, because this is your “partner,” not even your legal spouse. By mutual agreement, whatever the bonds between you and Gladys, this is a relationship without legal commitment… mostly.

  29. 329

    Please consider moving out and otherwise disentangling yourself from this relationship. Before doing this, however, get some sound legal advice about what common law marriage means in your state. Maybe at least one consultation with an attorney as well, to protect your financial assets.

  30. 330

    Regarding your Comment #20, “love her dearly” is beside the point. Ask yourself, what if:

    * Gladys became a drug addict.
    * Gladys began hitting you, causing injuries.

  31. 331

    * Gladys became an alcoholic, on her way to hitting bottom.
    * Gladys joined a particularly horrendous cult, that causes people to lose touch with reality for keeps, and she’s not inclined to question this allegiance.

  32. 332

    JEREMY, none of these four scenarios is pretty, but one ought to sound pretty darned familiar.

    Long-term you can’t protect Gladys from the consequences of her choices. That’s how human beings learn. Ultimately, if she won’t heed your warnings, her choices are no longer any of your business.

  33. 333

    So what’s your business, instead?

    Protecting yourself from the consequences of staying entangled with Gladys. Making a clean break. Moving forward with YOUR life.

  34. 334

    * Perhaps you might book an Energy Spirituality session with me, so I can start to help you get out some of the mess you’ve surely got, aura-wise. (Not because Gladys has become weirdly all-powerful but related to the heartbreak of having somebody you love… pretty much ruin her life.)

  35. 335

    * Alternatively you may believe in psychotherapy as your only hope. Well then, do that!

    Do consider getting good quality professional help. Because effective professionals can save you years of pain and false re-starts.

  36. 336

    Hey, JEREMY, just in case I haven’t sounded enough of a warning, I have one more thing to add here.

    I have had some Energy Spirituality clients, and also some personal friends, who ruined their lives…

  37. 337

    Ruined their lives because they wouldn’t get a separation or a divorce.

    Ruined their lives because they conflated “love” with obligation and/or rescuing. Or finding “religious” reasons for turning themselves into human sacrifices on the altar of LOVE.

  38. 338

    In these cases, my clients and friends were also learning… here at the place I call “Earth School, Energy Spirituality Perspective on Earth School, Learning Planet, personal growth, spiritual evolution at Earth School”. One way or another, every human being learns.

    Quite likely, though, their misery was optional. Few choices in life make me so furious.

  39. 339

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Even worse is wasting every important aspect of a person’s life. And for what?

    Let religious cult members destroy themselves, if they insist upon that. Use your free will, JEREMY, to move past your involvement with Gladys; evidently, she is choosing that cult over you. Figure that out yet?

  40. 340

    Overnight I’ve been thinking about the problem of what to do, when somebody you love has become involved in the Fifth Dimensional cult.

    So I’d like to expand upon what I advised in Comments #321 – 339. These applied to a relationship that was relatively optional.

  41. 341

    But what about a spouse, or the parent of one of your children?

    How about a child up to the age of 30? This, in today’s complex world, really means a vulnerable young person. From my perspective at least.

  42. 342

    Maybe your parent. Your grandparent.

    Also, for some of you Blog-Buddies, there could be a serious cult problem with your beloved grandchild. (A love like no other, I hear again and again from some seniors.)

  43. 343

    As my schedule for today’s commitments allows, I’ll return with some recommendations for you to consider. NEVER to tell you what to do but to add perspective that you can take into consideration for whatever choices you make.

  44. 344

    All that said, here are my recommendations.

    #1. Recognize that this is a serious cult. No point in discussing “beliefs” or “meditation” or any such thing. The Cultee (here I’ll call him Joe) is not going to change his mind. He’s hooked. He’s in a cult.

  45. 345

    #2. If Joe has only been involved for three months or less, you might invite him to have a session with me. No forcing. Joe can be skeptical but he must be willing. Otherwise, no session.

  46. 346

    If I believe I can help, I may be able to help. If, after doing a Skilled Empath Merge, I find that Joe is too far into the cult-produced problems, I will end the session and give a refund.

  47. 347

    #3. Over the years I HAVE helped several clients to exit cults they were in. But some cults are worse than others, in terms of possibilities of recovering a strong sense of self.

    As you can probably guess, I wrote this blog post because this Fifth Dimensional cult is one of the worst. Sorry!

  48. 348

    #4. If Cultee Joe has been involved for at least three months, it’s likely time for a psychiatric evaluation and care. Help Joe to get that sort of assistance.

  49. 349

    #5. Depending on the outcome of Joe’s willingness to get psychiatric help, you may need to back off, in terms of your degree of closeness with Joe. This is such a personal-and-heart-wrenching kind of choice.

    At least you can seek support in ways that work for you, possibly including some personal sessions of Energy Spirituality.

  50. 350

    #6. Finally, I warn you to refrain from trying to fix Joe, talk him out of the cult, “be patient,” or otherwise assist him.

    No insult intended about your intelligence and caring. But if you’re not a psychiatrist with experience at helping people get back into living in reality? You’re not qualified to help and may well wind up as collateral damage to Joe’s cult addiction.

  51. 351
    Jeremy says:

    Hello Rose, thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and your advice reconfirmed what I’ve been thinking all along. As hard as it is your advice is actually the only solution. I will ask her if she is willing to have a session with you in hopes she can break away from this cult as well as start taking the necessary steps you pointed out if she chooses the cult over me.

    Thanks again!

  52. 352

    Brave and smart, JEREMY. Thanks for sharing.

    If you wish, come back to this thread on occasion and let us know how you’re doing. (Also how your partner is doing, to the extent she is still in your life.)

  53. 353
    Emily says:

    I came across your blog post while researching 5th dimension ascension. I’m new to all of this and did not take it to mean I become a type of super human nor superior as I truly believe we are all here’s God’s divine creatures having a human experience. That being said, my understanding is that the 5th dimensional work is more in line with transcending lower vibrational experiences to become connected to our inner source. Like the Dali lama who is very much not trying to kill himself in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The love and connection he has to all earthly and spiritual beings helps move the collective forward. Being in a place on earth where you can feel complete oneness with yourself, others and with the universe is still an earthly experience and a high expression of one’s self isn’t it?

  54. 354

    EMILY, you’ve written so sweetly, but I’ve got to tell you — you’re dealing with a dangerous cult.

    Come back to reality, human reality. Your life will be the better for it.

  55. 355
    Cathy says:

    I have a 23 year old son who is obsessed with the fifth dimension. I’m honestly at a loss of what to do. We put him in a mental hospital for a year when he came home he went right back to studying it , thinking he has the ability to manipulate things here. He believes he causes certain events etc… He will not talk to any psychologist because they don’t understand . I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations.

  56. 356

    Oh CATHY, my heart goes out to you. But I’m not qualified to help. Or even advise you.

    Energy Spirituality aims to help people who are functioning okay (or well, or very well) who aim to self-actualize more.

  57. 357

    CATHY, it can be some small consolation to you, though, that others will read your cry of anguish.

    Please folks, heed these two cautions:

  58. 358

    If you’re the one who’s just experimenting a bit with Fifth Dimensional Teachings, just stop it. Cease and desist.

    And yes, I may be able help you to rebalance quickly… and keep your life on track… if you stop immediately and book a session with me asap.

  59. 359

    What if you’re the parent. Or lover. Or friend. And a person you care about is involved with Fifth Dimensional Teachings. Urge that person to book a session with a psychiatrist asap.

  60. 360

    Don’t put this off. Once folks get deeply involved, it may not be possible for them to come back to reality.

    No, I’m not joking. Did you see the aura readings I’ve done here at this blogpost, aura research on influencers of this extremely pernicious cult?

  61. 361

    And what if that first psychiatrist doesn’t work out? Consult another one.

    By now there may also be mental health professionals who are experienced at prescribing psychiatric medication and lending support to Fifth Dimensional CASUALTIES. Do what you can to find them.

  62. 362

    Personally I find the following to be somewhat consoling, when I’ve encountered this sort of thing.

    If you can, consider the truth of reincarnation.

  63. 363

    This is one lifetime. Even if that person you know is never going to be quite right again, after this lifetime that soul can still proceed to a heaven, and then to completely different incarnations.

    Having learned from this failed experiment.

  64. 364

    Again, CATHY, thanks for reaching out. Don’t blame yourself because of this choice your son has made.

    And it almost goes without saying, never-ever try to humor him by getting involved in this Fifth Dimensional Nonsense.

  65. 365
    Reanna says:

    When you’re judging people you’re holding a mirror up for yourself.

  66. 366

    REANNA, I don’t know how closely you read the actual blogpost so I’ll spell this out for you.

    I’m not judging people. I’m warning people.

  67. 367
    Bb says:

    I don’t understand your so as a cult do they not meet up at a certain location if we’re all gonna leave our bodies in means of dying how would they go about that seeing as there’s no meeting place ? Thirdly I don’t know why u can’t believe in the bible even if u ascend fourthly u don’t know any thing seems to me and I don’t see a problem w people being spiritual what r they doing to harm u besides meditating r people still working r people still taking care of their families and it seems that u believe the guy said he was sleep shifting u believe he’s doing but don’t believ that there could be an acsenionvand just to let u know u your kids ascend too there already apart of it if it’s true and I found this whole article lacking any sort of knowledge at all and just judgment maybe your jealous cause your part of the 3 d work ?

  68. 368
    Eleanor says:

    There is nothing evil or cultish about ascension. Since when is raising one’s vibration to feel more peaceful, loving and joyful a bad thing? This world needs more of this higher vibration – not that of fear or cynicism. No disrespect but you seem to be quite rooted in the lower vibrational frequencies of 3D (and a bit of a control freak if I may be frank) and not very well-versed with the higher vibrational teachings. These teachings by the way have been around for decades and they have been shared by thousands of sources. How can they ALL be wrong? I think it’s dangerous on your part (and inappropriate) to advise people to “get real” and drag them back down to 3D with your cynical beliefs. It might serve you better to let people decide for themselves what they want to believe and encourage them to listen to their intuitive voice for guidance rather than your one-sided preaching. Even the Higher Beings of Light, your Higher Self etc… teach you to listen to the voice within. They never ever teach “This is the RIGHT way to think or act!”. The greatest gift you can give humanity is the freedom of choice. Do not be so presumptuous as to think that you know what’s best for everybody. Each person’s life path is different yet perfect for them. You might want to do some inner work and ask yourself where all these fears and negative beliefs are coming from and why you fear losing people. You have control issues and these always stem from fear (unconscious or otherwise). I wish you all the best on your life’s journey.

  69. 369

    I say this with love, knowing that your journey brought you to this perspective, but you guidance is mistranslated and infiltrating with your own perspective based on your own fears.

    5th Dimensional living actually means Awakening, thus perceiving the world we live in from a perspective of love, no matter what happens to you or anybody else and consciously being aware of and being guided by your Higher Self and non-physical team.

    Ultimately remembering that we are magnificent non-physical beings having a physical life, which is actually just a blink in the eye of our Eternal Lives.

    By working with your Higher Self anybody can relabel Fear to Love in their subconscious and improve their ability to be guided by their Higher Self and it is through the relabel from Fear to Love that Awakening occurs. The Believe Book by Raf and Liv Ocana explain how to do this for yourself.

  70. 370

    Sure, every once in a while I consent to publish some of the unsolicited advice sent here by people who are not living in human reality because they prefer to follow the interesting experiment of Fifth Dimensional Nonsense.

    Decide for yourselves, Blog-Buddies, whether or not there is a cult-like sameness to these comments, like our latest one from this AMANDA.

  71. 371
    Virginia Pierson says:

    Your comments are the first I’ve ever seen going against the fact that the Earth has reached the end of an error! The Planets are lined up like NEVER BEFORE & the Metaverse is awaiting the shift of the Earth into the 5th Dimension. What’s Cultist about those facts?
    My husband died 3 months ago & if he’s in the 5th D, that’s where I want to go. There obviously is no death, just a change over to the next D. Or do you believe we’re the only Planet with life on it?
    Your comment about the Anon group is so out of it! Like saying all Scout groups are into the 5th D. Where did that idea come from?

  72. 372
    Michael G Santiago says:

    Rose, I am a loving farther of 2 boys and have had a wife for 20 years.

    She is a big believer in Q/anon and now shifting in the 5 dimension.

  73. 373
    Michael G Santiago says:

    We have a Beautiful home and I work a lot remotely to make sure she never has to go out to work and provide for the family.

  74. 374
    Michael G Santiago says:

    She decided to tell me that she won’t be with me together anymore because she found herself.

  75. 375
    Michael G Santiago says:

    This was four weeks before my major heart surgery.

    When I came home after four weeks I noticed she lost about 50 pounds and she was trying to explain me it is over.

  76. 376
    Michael G Santiago says:

    I could not understand what’s going on and was very suspicious I found out 2 days before my surgery that she meet a stranger and I caught them in the act having sex.

  77. 377
    Michael G Santiago says:

    She explained me that she is more happier living in the fifth dimension.

  78. 378
    Michael G Santiago says:

    I am now six days out of the surgery trying to recover from the heart and from my broken heart.

  79. 379
    Michael G Santiago says:

    I know for sure this is not gods way to separate a marriage. It was functioning and of course we had our ups and downs but there’s always a way to work it out.

  80. 380
    Michael G Santiago says:

    This experience I’ve been in to now there is no return she is still seeing him and did not show up in the hospital ones.

  81. 381
    Michael G Santiago says:

    This strange man has nothing to offer and I know they are still meeting in a abandon house with a dirty mattress on the floor.

  82. 382
    Michael G Santiago says:

    I’ve been trying to read a lot about the fifth dimension and it tells me that you are in your own world disconnected from your surrounding and live in the moment.

  83. 383
    Michael G Santiago says:

    I need help to move on but this hurts.

  84. 384

    MICHAEL G., you must be a very strong man deep down in order to have recovered from the major surgery plus all the awful behavior from the woman who was your wife for 20 years.

  85. 385

    I agree with what you wrote in your Comment #382: You do need help.

    And maybe more than help to “move on” but help to accept the reality of what your wife has become (as demonstrated by how she has treated you). Maybe most important, you can have a new start on life after the big surgery. But only you can make this Michael’s New Start.

  86. 386

    Please do not think you will get the help you need now from the internet, including my blog or anyone else’s.

    Since you’ve been in touch with the hospital, that might be a place to start to find a social worker. After major surgery, many people have a lot of changes to move through. Find out who’s respected at your hospital as a really good social worker who does therapy.

  87. 387

    Some regular sessions with a mental health professional, like a social worker who does therapy, can help you to give this new life of yours a strong, new foundation.

  88. 388

    Here’s a question you did not ask, but I will answer it — both for you and for others reading this blog.

    You might know that I offer personal sessions of Energy Spirituality™, and that this is not psychotherapy nor psychic readings nor Bible Study, etc. Definitely true!

  89. 389

    But some folks do not know this: I do not work with people in crisis. MICHAEL, through no fault of your own, you are in crisis now, major drama. Through no fault of your own, but still.

    Later, when you have come through this tough part and are doing better, then you might be able to have a session or two with me, but definitely not now.

  90. 390

    Differently put, my sessions help people to grow. Currently, you may find that some therapy can help you to survive; you know, put yourself back together, start to build a new life for yourself.

    I feel sure that you can, MICHAEL.

  91. 391

    Meanwhile, thank you for sharing your cautionary tale. What a warning to others not to believe in 5th Dimensional Nonsense.

    Folks, do not try to figure it out. Don’t waste your time (and maybe put yourself at risk) by “trying to read a lot about it” — as you wrote in your Comment #381, MICHAEL.

  92. 392

    In my professional opinion, as the founder of Energy Spirituality, many cults are dangerous.

    QAnon, for instance, is a dangerous cult that I’ve written about, with examples, here at this blog.

  93. 393

    In a different category is the Fifth Dimensional Nonsense, as I call it — and by whatever name the cult leaders call it.

    Not only is it a cult, with all the problems that go into addictive organizations that detach people from reality. Even worse, in my opinion, the 5th Dimensional cult puts people on a one way street.

  94. 394

    Past a certain point, the believers will not be able to get back to themselves until — as you might put it, MICHAEL, this life is over and they stand before God, learning from their life review.

    MICHAEL, you and I and other readers here? We’re not in charge of all that, it’s above our pay grade as humans, you know?

  95. 395

    What can we do if somebody we love starts falling under the spell of Fifth Dimensional cult craziness?

    Warn that person as best you can. Maybe give that person a copy of the best book for exiting cults, “Combatting Cult Mind Control.” Just in case that might help!

  96. 396

    Other than that? Protect yourself. As you wisely wrote, MICHAEL, move on!

    Sending you my very best wishes, Rose.

  97. 397
    Michael G Santiago says:

    Thank you Rose, the first think I will do is to get professional help with a therapist and to learn to let go.

  98. 398

    Wise choice, MICHAEL G. SANTIAGO!

    Many resources are available to help you find your balance as a standup human being.

  99. 399

    Those of you who are reading this blogpost and our follow-up Comment Conversations may care a lot about growing spiritually.

    So I invite you to read this blogpost about “Your Spiritual Awakening Upgrade.”

  100. 400

    Another option is to go straight to this YouTube video I’ve made, under the title “Spiritual Awakening Is Not Enlightenment” — I hope you find it helpful.

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