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5th Dimension Nonsense. SERIOUS Warning

5th Dimension Nonsense. While the new year is young, it’s not too soon to sound a warning.

5th Dimension Nonsense hurts people. Even as it convinces them that they’re becoming a new, superior kind of human. As if “raising your vibrations” is spiritual goal of human life!

May today’s article serve as a warning. Instead of gaining superiority, what happens to these idealistic spiritual seekers? Quite the opposite. As you’ll soon read. But first, some background.

What Alerted Me to Today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense?

Yesterday I received a Christmas card from Gladys. How lovely to receive a card from this friend! She’s uniquely sweetened my life for the past 30 years.

Usually her Christmas cards arrive in December. Not January 3. And usually her cards don’t include a paradoxical heading. Such as what? Like a green letters she had added to the greeting card’s printed message.

  • Merry Christmas.
  • And also Happy New Year?
  • Hello, since when is December 25, 2019 the same thing as January 2020?
  • Maybe in a world where “trivial things” like human time… no longer matter.

Next, Gladys Gave Me a More Specific Clue about What Was Going on with Her

Filling me in on her 2019, first of all, Gladys explained why her card was late. Partly, she’d been in demand for her freelance business as an organizer. Not unusual news but good news, nonetheless. 🙂

Mostly, though, Gladys described something new and exciting:

I’ve been working late night and in sleep on shifting into the 5th Dimension.

YouTube daily videos by Aaron Doughty helped me begin the process.

Huh? Uh-oh!

Didn’t 5th Dimension Nonsense End with the New Age Years?

I thought so. Sometimes I’ve mentored students on “The New Strong.” That is, coaching them on how to adapt to humanity’s new vibrational freedom. New as of the Shift into the Age of Awakening on 12/21/12. Still pretty new, by now. Which helps explain why so many people are still living as if it’s the New Age years. (1980 until the Shift.)

During those New Age Years, many spiritual seekers thrilled to promises about the 5th Dimension. Promises that they could attain something akin to Enlightenment. Somehow take a radical shortcut, not available to lesser mortals.

Of course, it wasn’t couched that way.Rather, psychics provided inspirational messages or channeled teachings. Decreeing that people must “lift their vibrations.” In order to “help” Planet Earth move into the Aquarian New Age.

Let’s Get Clarity about What Really Occurred with the Shift into the Age of Awakening

In reality, as I understand things:

  1. The Mayan prophesy concerned “the end of life on earth as we know it.”
  2. Nothing was mentioned about important, super-special people lifting the planet.
  3. Or anybody “lifting their vibrations.”
  4. Or trying to move into any extra dimension whatsoever.
  5. Mayans were humans, talking to other humans. They didn’t puff up humans and tell them to make the Shift happen.

Continuing on the Theme of “Let’s Get Real” about the Age of Awakening

Most important, this new era on Earth was God’s idea. Accordingly, the buildup to the Age of Awakening was Divinely designed. Orchestrated over centuries.

To understand in detail what really happened, please, read The New Strong.” Otherwise, take the Energy Spirituality Online Workshops on The New Strong. (Starting with a Free Intro.)

If you’re only going to read one Energy Spirituality book in 2020. Or take one series of workshops…

In my view, you’ve got a clear choice: Take one or both of these options. Develop the New Strong so you can thrive as a human being. THRIVE in this Age of Awakening.

How Today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense Is Different from the New Age Kind

One side effect of the vanishing of the “veil” on Earth is this: Astral beings of various kinds can come to Earth more easily than previously. And so these early years of the Age of Awakening include plenty of astral hanky-panky.

In fact, Energy Spirituality has developed a variety of Energy HEALING Centerpieces to help clients shake off astral influences. However, people can reach a point of no return: Extreme spiritual addiction.

Sadly, for folks with this consciousness lifestyle, they’re not in charge of their lives any longer. Rather, they’re being run by opportunistic discarnate spirits.

Thus, here’s the big difference about today’s 5th Dimensional Nonsense. If you start “working on shifting into the 5th dimension,” you’ll get your wish, sort of.

What Happens If You Get Your Wish?

Let’s consider, why would somebody living in this amazing Age of Awakening try to leave it. Really, leave it by “lifting your vibrations.” In short, “upgrade” your awareness away from how humans are built to experience life:

  • If your wish is to not have to deal with everyday human problems.
  • Or should you desire to develop kinds of intelligence more like spirits than like humans.
  • Maybe even dream of becoming the ultimate human. So vastly superior to hairy, smelly, confused human beings!

Definitely, you can get your wish. Only beware. You’ll develop aura characteristics like those of Aaron Doughty. (Gladys’s 5th Dimension teacher.)

My Horrifying Aura Reading of a Spokesman for Today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense

Might I suggest, Blog-Buddies? Do NOT sample his teachings from YouTube videos. Such as “This Meditation Will SHIFT You into the 5th Dimension (WARNING NO GOING BACK).”

Searching for a still shot to use to read his aura, ick! I felt sick to my stomach. And revolted all the way down to my soul. In case you wonder, I’m not easily shockable. But something differently disgusting was going on here. That much was immediately clear to me.

Accordingly, I found a photographic image to use instead of a video. No, sparing you, I won’t give you a link. Instead I’ll just summarize. What did I find?

My Aura Research Summary of Aaron Doughty

(Enhanced by my perspective as an Enlightenment Coach)

Extra-terrestrial entities are running Aaron Doughty. And operating at a new-found level of intense takeover. Namely, a more advanced progression. The latest step in attempts by opportunistic entities to do what? To turn humans into puppets.

Unlike others who are living in extreme spiritual addiction, what’s different about Aaron Doughty? Something new from the entities who use him as a puppet: They’re taking over his mind-body-spirit system all the way through to the cellular level.

Thus, through this kind of extra-impactful version of auric modeling, oh ick! Opportunistic entities are broadcasting extreme human triumph. And triumphalism!

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll add some nominees to my Spiritual Enlightenment List. Listing other teachers of today’s 5th Dimension Nonsense. And then commenting below about whether my suspicion is correct.

Namely, here’s what I suspect. How all Age of Awakening teachers help folks “shift your vibrations.” Regardless of whether they’re sincere about doing this. What’s happening in truth? Seekers of Fifth Dimensional Experiences are opening up to a takeover by astral spirits. Including what has most likely happened to my former friend Gladys. Since she has been practicing diligently to not position her consciousness like an “ordinary” human being.

Yes, Sadly, My Former Friend Gladys

At first, all I could think of was contacting Gladys to warn her. Altogether I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a phone number for her.

  • To being, I searched in my file of friends. Then on Facebook. Next, Twitter. Not even finding a single photo online (at least, any that I could find).
  • Eventually I googled Gladys and got a phone number to match her address.
  • However, what happened when I called? Her phone was disconnected.
  • And that’s when it hit me. Gladys used to be a sensible person. But if she still had her feet on the ground, why would she leave no trace for calling her?
  • Especially since she’s a widow of moderate financial means. Entirely self-supporting. And an entrepreneur.

Very likely, by now she’s got her wish.

In Human Terms, What Does It Mean to Shift into the 5th Dimension?

Barely functioning as a human being: 2% Gladys and otherwise entities.

A human being who feels high, and superior. Yet, aurically, similar to everyone else in extreme spiritual addiction.

Only now, there’s the 2020 “upgrade” of extreme spiritual addiction. Cellular broadcasting, complete with triumphalism!

No, I haven’t yet read more current photos of people who teach 5th Dimensional Nonsense. Or those who study with them, like Gladys. Although, as noted previously, I plan to.

However, Blog-Buddies, here’s the deal. As the founder of Energy Spirituality, I’ve noticed a progression of changes just about every year since 2013. Progressive encroachment on vulnerable humans. Such as those who are both spiritually ambitious and gullible.

Meanwhile, with each passing year, opportunistic entities discover new ways to entice them. In short, I’ve been here before. And so I’m not waiting to do further research before dropping everything to publish this post. May the intensity of my grief and rage over Gladys… add a very human power to the warning I’m sounding today.

Thank God, for every new kind of STUFF related to astral spirits, I’ve received a new Healing Centerpiece. (Part of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.) In this case, no special Healing Centerpiece is necessary. Simply this:

Protecting yourself, in this case, is easy. Avoid 5th Dimension Teachers like poison

In Conclusion

Feel free to COMMENT, Blog-Buddies.

  • Share your reactions.
  • Ask your questions.

On the first week of a new year, I preferred to publish something historic in a positive sense. Clearly, this isn’t the article that I planned to publish today. Yet it is historic.

Sometimes solemnity is warranted. Especially since we live in historic times: The early years of the Age of Awakening. When each of us gets to be a pioneer. Helping to make our shared humanity successful. Even humanly glorious.

What else? Might I suggest? Discreetly, warn your friends. Share this article with anybody you know who tells you they’re studying how to lift their vibrations. Or move into the 5th dimension.

You just might help them. Especially helpful: Recommend they consider booking a personal session with me. And don’t delay. Since I’ve helped some clients turn things around while it’s still possible.

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  1. 101

    ETHAN, what excellent recommendations for Technique Time! Here are links to pages with loads of info on each of my books.

    Also, I’ve made a YouTube video intro about each one. So let’s have some fun here with introducing these resources.

  2. 102

    “The New Strong” includes techniques for energetic self-protection. Techniques expressly designed for living now, in the Age of Awakening.

    And ta da! Your video introduction to “The New Strong” is just one click away.

  3. 103

    Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” helps you with a complete system for setting goals.

    Also, it includes ways you can improve your “auric modeling.” In order to have an aura that’s more like a wealthy person.

  4. 104
  5. 105

    Best of all for offering you many forms of Technique Time is your final suggestion, ETHAN. “Let Today Be a Holiday” is brimming with lightly given ways that you can co-create with God.

    Here’s an overview of the range of technique possibilities. Even reading that list can inspire you.

  6. 106

    And I’ve also made a YouTube video to introduce this book, with many ways to co-create with God.

    Incidentally, if you ever watch one of my videos and like it, please do a THUMB’S UP. Help to spread the word about Energy Spirituality.

  7. 107
    Jayme says:

    I wanted to add that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with studying or working with the paranormal at all, I find it legitimate in its own right.

    But it’s a COMPLETELY different subject.

  8. 108
    Jayme says:

    The important thing is to have clear definitions and distinctions of what you’re dealing with (and WHY).

  9. 109
    Jayme says:

    I think that’s always been dangerous, but much more now.

  10. 110
    Jayme says:

    It feels like the “astral” is much more accessible, which is scary. In a “don’t play with a Ouija board” kind of way.

  11. 111
    Jayme says:

    And as I’m understanding it, those energies (or whatever you call them?) can cause real human being energy problems-that a skilled person can actually see!

  12. 112
    Jayme says:

    (Everything should have spiritual warning labels at this point.)

  13. 113
    Jayme says:

    I do know those practices don’t help your spiritual growth.

    I don’t want any contact with any floating around nasties. Or goodies for that matter.

  14. 114
    Jayme says:

    Thank you Ethan, we are all “just” human beings connected to the divine. That’s our pot of gold.

    We’ve belittled our human-ness for so long, and I think we still know precious little about it.

  15. 115

    JAYME, once again you’ve given us all a lot to think about. I’m going to share my reaction to things I agree with and some that I don’t.

    First of all, regarding your Comment #107. Many people would agree with you that psychic development is legitimate and there’s nothing wrong with it. However…

  16. 116

    People with that point of view, with all due respect:

    Problem #1. They don’t yet know that we’re living in the Age of Awakening. Naively, they assume that nothing has changed. But a great deal has changed, as any open-minded person can find out by reading “The New Strong.”

  17. 117

    Problem #2. People base their opinions about psychic work now… on the surface of life.

    Or what they’ve been told. Or with the confused perspective that results from doing astral work. (Something I call “The Romance of the Astral.”)

  18. 118

    Problem #3. Very few people who read auras today have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Consequently, they’re doing — to put it bluntly — undependable, unreliable, kindergarten-level “reading” that went out with the Age of Faith.

    Since the Shift into the Age of Awakening on 12/21/12, everybody gained the ability to learn the skills of true energetic literacy.

  19. 119

    And there’s something better than “an app for that.” There’s a state-of-the-art Energy Spirituality collection of online workshops for that! So you can gain up-to-date skills as an aura reader.

    Even taking the 5-lesson Free Intro can teach you more than today’s professional psychics and “intuitives” know about aura reading.

  20. 120

    Just to give you an idea about how limited aura reading skills are… among teachers of psychic development, intuitive development, channeling, mediumship, etc.

    Hey, check out this Google search on “CHAKRA DATABANKS.” Being able to accurately read chakra databanks is something every professional aura reader ought to be able to do.

  21. 121

    Only, hello! Not a single person on that first page of hits today is reading chakra databanks… except for the person who’s hanging out with you at the blog, virtually, now, JAYME.

    And if no psychics etc. are able to get at the truth of what’s going on with anyone’s auras, how can the help their human students and clients to stay safe energetically?

  22. 122

    Sadly, they can’t. And they don’t.

    Hence the Ascension Confusion that’s part of the 5th Dimensional Nonsense. This article can bring extra clarity.

  23. 123

    Back to your Comment #106, there’s so much wrong with practices like 5th Dimensional Nonsense that it is catapulting beautiful spiritual seekers into extreme spiritual addiction. Which means being run by spirits. For the rest of your life.

    Yes, according to my research so far, extreme spiritual addiction is irreversible. Of course, I’m sounding a warning. That’s why I wrote this article.

  24. 124

    Regarding your Comment #110, I completely agree with you JAYME. It’s now super-easy for most people to position their consciousness at an Astral Vibrational Frequency.

    This happens to correspond to what, in psychological terms, is your subconscious mind.

  25. 125

    I call this easiness, which clicked in with the Age of Awakening, our “New Vibrational Freedom.” And there’s no reason to be scared of it when it’s possible to learn the Program for Easy Vibrational Balance in “The New Strong.”

    Here are results that some students of mine have had with this approach. Also, here’s the Table of Contents for “The New Strong.”

  26. 126

    Also important to clarify, seems to me… Regarding your Comment #111, JAYME… and the idea that “a skilled person can actually see” energy problems.

    Look, I’m going to tell it to you straight.

  27. 127

    Back in the New Age Years (1980 – 12/21/12) there was tremendous interest in energy healing, energy sensitivity, etc. Assorted teachers and psychics made a lot of money telling anyone who would listen, “It’s easy. Take a 2-hour workshop and you’ll be an expert. Go out and heal. Get a website!” etc.

    Like, you’d take a quick Reiki workshop and set up your website. Or read the disgraceful book by Diane Stein that supposedly taught people how to become Reiki masters.

  28. 128

    As the founder of Energy Spirituality, I believe in telling the truth. That includes having standards.

    Some skills — like the aforementioned Aura Reading Collection of Workshops and the powerful self-healing skillsanybody can learn from my online workshops.

  29. 129

    Other skills I teach only to Energy Spirituality Apprentices. Through the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Still more advanced skills are taught to Energy Spirituality Practitioners, as they grow into their role, helping clients.

  30. 130

    Or consider this founder of Energy Spirituality. I’m pretty good at all of the skills in this field. 😉

    But I don’t walk around seeing people’s energy problems. That would drive me into spiritual addiction. God forbid!

  31. 131

    JAYME, Please don’t you try to do it either.

    (Not that you said you were. But some readers might start trying, and that would be a bad thing.)

  32. 132

    You concluded this round of comments, JAYME, with this thought-provoking statement, “We’ve belittled our human-ness for so long, and I think we still know precious little about it.”

    Here’s my perspective on that.

  33. 133

    Teaching advanced levels of “The New Strong Workshop,” not yet published online, I’ve had occasion to research the auras of people who lived about 100 years before the Shift into the Age of Awakening. What my students and I found was truly shocking.

    Basically, people were locked into experiencing themselves humanly.

  34. 134

    Seems to me, this was due to the psychic barrier. This thinned over thousands of years, culminating in the accelerated thinning during the New Age Years and then pop!

    That psychic barrier completely vanished on 12/21/12.

  35. 135

    You know, that Shift precipitated the Age of Awakening, with wonderful new possibilities for humanity.

    But some transitional difficulties that you, JAYME, and ETHAN and other Blog-Buddies have been writing about here. Hey, we humans will get past all that, fear not!

  36. 136

    For a long perspective, though, humans have lived on earth for at least 44,000 years. And until about 1912, the psychic barrier was so thick, it pretty much guaranteed that people were exclusively paying attention to Human Vibrational Frequencies.

    In my research, JAYME, it is exceedingly rare for people to have any direct personal experience of the Divine. Or astral anything.

  37. 137

    Now, of course, things are different. Everybody who’s open to being energy sensitive… is.

    Only vibing people out or sensing energies is just Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, a sweet beginning but distinctly unhelpful.

  38. 138

    Even worse, the majority of people living today, by my estimate, have consciousness lifestyles where they really are, as you put it, JAYME, unintentionally “belittling their humanity.”

    That’s a relatively new thing and, again, I believe that’s just part of the transition going on.

  39. 139

    I mean, really, how weird is this! Thus far in my career I’ve given 1,000+ media interviews, and for big-time outlets like “The View” and The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

  40. 140

    Yet how many interviews or articles have I done yet on the Age of Awakening?

    Only one. (So far.) Ironic, during our 24/7 news cycle, isn’t it?

  41. 141

    In conclusion for now, JAYME, I think you’re on the right track, not wishing to belittle your humanity.

    I hope all of you reading this article and our impassioned comments will heed the warning in this article, and share it with any friends who might be interested. Decide for yourself. And consider this blog a free resource for answering any respectful questions.

  42. 142
    Casey-Lewis says:

    The shift to 5D is a FORCED shift in which all beings despite their beliefs will ultimately have to endure or go thru. It had nothing to do with any teachers for me…it just happened as a result of a Kundalini awakening.

    I agree it is dangerous but sometimes it is unavoidable.

  43. 143

    First of all, CASEY-LEWIS, I would like to thank you for this addition to my blog. I think it takes a lot of courage to comment at a stranger’s blog for the first time, and then come only to disagree.

    Also, I appreciate the respectful tone. Clearly your intent is to add more knowledge to this important conversation.

  44. 144

    And whatever is going on with your consciousness appears to be a done deal.

    So what follows is not intended so much for you as for the rest of my readers here.

  45. 145

    First of all, I congratulate all of you who have an expert in your life who can facilitate effective healing if you feel energetically off-kilter — whether due to a Kundalini experience or for some other reason.

    Such an expert would need at least three skill sets, seems to me:

  46. 146

    Helping Skill #1 Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING. Or the equivalent.

    In order to tell what the heck is going on with you. As you Blog-Buddies and lurkers may know, experts at Energy Spirituality have attained significant Energetic Literacy.

  47. 147

    By contrast, there’s nothing in Comment #142 to suggest that you had the benefit, at any stage along this latest change to your consciousness, of a professional who had even Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

  48. 148

    Such a professional could tell you — responsibly and accurately — what was going on with your chakra databanks.

    And, Blog-Buddies, as this series of comments continues, you’ll appreciate how essential it is to not grope in the dark when it comes to feeling like something different is happening to your awareness, your consciousness, your aura.

  49. 149

    BTW, many people read auras. However, today, most have only Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. Or maybe Stage 2.

    And this holds true for psychics and intuitives, plus the vast majority of today’s spiritual teachers and energy healers. Most likely, anybody writing about becoming part of the 5th Dimension has zero accurate knowledge about auras… as you’ll soon read.

  50. 150

    Helping Skill #2. Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING. Or the equivalent.

    A prerequisite for using these skills at a professional level… is Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. That, plus knowledge of different kinds of STUFF in auras makes it possible to tell what is actually going on with a person’s aura if he feels as if he’s “having a Kundalini experience.”

  51. 151

    Here’s an introduction to the range of problems that could be going on; thanks to this very partial list of session centerpieces that an Energy Spirituality Practitioner chooses from.

  52. 152

    “Kundalini” is a hallowed word from Eastern traditions. Humanity wasn’t nearly as evolved as we are now. Most notably, there was scant sense of personhood, individuality.

    No wonder, it was a breakthrough in ancient days when expert energy healers learned how to read the “nadis” — with names about energies in a person’s aura as if we were merely energy machines to fix. (Likewise, read the meridians.)

  53. 153

    By contrast, any educated person living now has a sense of self with a lot of nuance.

    Likewise, any self-respecting, ethical energy healer had better be able to read today’s equivalent of the nadis and meridians when it comes to personal growth & spiritual awakening. That equivalent, of course, is chakra databanks.

  54. 154

    And the names of your 1,000+ chakra databanks are about you as a human person, living now. Names like:
    * Third Eye Chakra Databank for Compassionate Appreciation of Your Human Life
    * Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Psychic Guidance
    * Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

  55. 155

    Helping Skill #3. Clarity about the Age of Awakening

    When people use the term Kundalini, for instance, do they know they’re using a term of art from… deep in the Age of Faith. Whereas, on 12/21/12, humanity shifted into the Age of Awakening? (Notice distinctions between truth and nonsense in that link I’ve just given you!)

  56. 156

    If you’re going to give yourself (or your friends) one present this year, might I suggest? Make it the paperback edition of “The New Strong.” (And here’s a New Strong book preview too.)

    No other book prepares you so comprehensively for living safely in the Age of Awakening. And even helps you to self-actualize. In contrast to, with all respect, the dangerous 5th dimensional nonsense which is the topic of this particular blog post.

  57. 157

    Why dangerous? We get a hint of that in your Comment #142, CASEY-LEWIS

    “The shift to 5D is a FORCED shift in which all beings despite their beliefs will ultimately have to endure or go thru.”

  58. 158

    Who gives people a “forced shift” into a different consciousness lifestyle? Not God. Not authentic spiritual teachers or Enlightenment Coaches. Not those who facilitate ethical, skilled energy healing in the Age of Awakening?

    Nope. Sadly, CASEY-LEWIS, the assistance you got (if any) was inadequate to protect you from opportunistic discarnate entities. (Like those I warn about in “The New Strong,” and where I also give you assistance at protecting yourself from them.)

  59. 159

    Look, I’ve read auras of three leading experts on moving into the 5th Dimension. All were clearly living in extreme spiritual addiction.

    Here’s a bit of Age of Awakening perspective on that. Remember the rare need for exorcisms, during the Age of Faith? When that happened, the suffering person had one astral being (occasionally a few, but usually just one) inside his or her aura.

  60. 160

    Of course, that still happens to this day.

    But we have a much worse problem now, and it currently afflicts 5% of human beings, including you evidently, CASEY-LEWIS. And that problem is extreme spiritual addiction.

  61. 161

    This involves having an entire team of astral entities and Extra-Terrestrial entities take over a person, and run that human individual like a puppet.

    And, guess what, it doesn’t “just happen” as a forced change to a person. So please don’t be scared, Blog-Buddies. That’s just more nonsense. Fitting in nicely with the mythology of the rest of 5th dimensional nonsense, and other astral spirit-related belief systems circulating today.

  62. 162

    Side note: Please keep your wits about you during these wild-and-woolly early years of the Age of Awakening.

    See Comments #90-91 at a blog post concerning a fictitious kind of empath, “Heyoka” empaths.

  63. 163

    A one-time visitor to my blog, ANDILE, ranted about how “Heyoka Empaths” just have to be real. Because, according to his count, there are 60,000 hits on that name. To him, that meant that the term had to be valid. Golly, otherwise how could it have spread on the internet?

    I’m not sure he bothered to read my actual blog post on why there’s no such thing, today, in reality, as a Heyoka Empath.

  64. 164

    Blog-Buddies, check out Comments #90-91 at the previous link and you can receive a quick education into how lies and made-up ideas can spread on the internet faster than recent fires in Australia.

    (Still sorry about all you went through, my dear Australian clients and students. Four of whom I’ve validated as in Enlightenment!)

  65. 165

    In my experience, concerning the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction, this doesn’t just happen. There are times of feeling weird, and not getting appropriate help right away. (Which one reason why, for example, you might choose to book a session with this Founder of Energy Spirituality. Or anyone else you know who is really competent to help.)

  66. 166

    What else is part of the slippery slope of heading into extreme spiritual addiction. Lack of self-honesty. Lying to self and to others. Making choices to hurt other people, or manufacture grievances and then act upon them.

    Or moving into a cult. (Like, you know, the 5th dimensional believers.)

  67. 167

    Finally, for now, here is one last way I can help you to protect yourself. Speaking of cults.

    The next time you’re considering learning how to meditate. Or attending a nonduality retreat. Anything involving your consciousness with somebody who makes big promises…

  68. 168

    Why not take advantage of a service that I provide for free? Nominate the person you’d be studying with for my Spiritual Enlightenment List.

    Then you can learn about the consciousness lifestyle of that teacher or healer or psychic before you get involved.

  69. 169

    Better yet, first check on the Alphabetized List of Nominees. Thanks to the work of three amazing, generous volunteers, this list is now much better organized. With cross-references to people I’ve already researched.

    Yes, it takes a lot of work from my side, as well, giving away this research. But it’s volunteer work that I do because it’s important. And do you see anybody else stepping up to provide a service like that (free or otherwise)?

  70. 170

    Just like how I’ve just spent the first hour of my work day. Not doing what I planned to do at all, but gladly writing this series of blog comments here at this thread: Educating people like you Blog-Buddies to not believe in the 5th dimensional nonsense. And not be afraid, either.

    But simply move forward with a bit of knowledge and prudence as you move forward in the Age of Awakening. BTW, come to think of it, this final link can help you as well.

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