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Untying Family Ties. Prince Harry & Meghan

Untying Family Ties. Honestly now, how important to you are your family ties?

Untying Family Ties. Yesterday Prince Harry & Meghan Markle announced they will “step back.”

For you and me, guess what? Perhaps the most important thing about this story? Hint: Age of Awakening. Extra hint: New Rules.

It’s not about the prince. And his unlikely ascent to the throne of England. (Even Pop, Prince Charles, hasn’t made that yet. And he’s 71 years old.) While Prince Harry is 6th in line. Awfully long odds, right?

Instead, What Matters Here? New Rules in the Age of Awakening

First I’ll summarize what’s going on with Prince Harry and Meghan. Following that, we’ll get to the really juicy part. (Spiritually speaking, juicy.) (And directly relevant to your life.)

Yesterday, the royal couple made a splash with an Instagram statement. Specifically, the couple told their followers they wanted to “step back” as senior members of the royal family.

Rather than that, they’d work to become financially independent. Although they’d continue to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.

Most Notably? A Progressive New Role??? Or Something Else…

Sure, Harry and Meghan said they saw themselves carving out “a progressive new role within this institution.”

Even though in my view, what will change from their perspective? Probably not much. They’re already full-time, mega-famous celebrities. Doing good works.

So, Let’s Get to that Juicy Part. Untying Family Ties in the Age of Awakening

Even on a quiet news day, Harry and Meghan have received more media coverage. More media recognition than the Age of Awakening. (This being the only sample of media coverage I’ve found so far.)

Huge media silence, ever since 12/21/12. Despite the huge importance of that Shift into a new era.

Many of you know, I’ve written a how-to about The Age of Awakening:

The New Strong

Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

(Rules & Tools for Thriving in the “Age of Awakening”)

Among those rules is one huge change regarding you and your family.

Untying Family Ties During the Age of Faith?

Only for wicked people. Outcasts. Reprobates.

In Collective Consciousness, a certain rule was firmly established: Family First.

Ever hear of that one? Haha. Back in the day, good luck with escaping that.

Most Folks Haven’t Yet Understood that Humanity Has Some New Rules

Witness the fabulous movie “Coco.” Released in 2017.

Despite being released about 5 years after to the Age of Awakening… Such a throwback to the preceding Age of Faith. Most significantly, the seemingly sacred old rule of “Family First.”

Surprisingly or not, in the Age of Awakening, untying family ties isn’t bad. In fact, it can be a really good, smart thing to do. Depending on the family you’ve got.

Here’s my practical definition of the Age of Awakening:

Personal growth and spiritual awakening can accelerate in the Age of Awakening. Depending on how we use our free will.

Millions of people can even move into Enlightenment. And without having to live as monks or nuns.

Why can we evolve more rapidly? As adults, we can choose how close we’re going to be to our blood relatives.

Increasingly, Untying Family Ties Is a Trend

And a good trend, at that!

Witness what I described in this blog post about Empowering Relationship Choices.

What has your experience been, Blog-Buddies?

Please COMMENT and share.

  1. Regarding family ties, what has worked for you? Versus, what hasn’t?
  2. Do you think people are “bad” if they choose to untie family ties?
  3. Can you see a connection between “Family First” and getting bogged down with personal growth? Or do you believe, as do many therapists and religious followers… that you can’t progress unless you “resolve” and “forgive” everything aspect of family relationships.
  4. Of course, you know I’m a believer in New Rules in the Age of Awakening. How about you? Do you see your views about family as being relevant? Like, having any connection to the fact that now you’re living in the Age of Awakening?
  5. Finally, do you have any reaction to what’s happening with the royals?

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  1. 101
    David Goldstein says:

    How could anyone blame them for wanting their privacy and dignity not violated by the creatures in their media ???!!!!!

  2. 102
    David Goldstein says:

    Putting aside the queen’s heritage –not even being English , for starters ! — this inbred clan is arrogant / imperious beyond belief .

  3. 103
    David Goldstein says:

    Diana wanted to be a moderating influence , but look where that got her .

  4. 104
    David Goldstein says:

    They do not want any “People’s princesses” or princes .

  5. 105
    David Goldstein says:

    The real scandal is the spook network running the affairs of the palace , and empire . Nothing enlightened about them …

  6. 106

    DAVID GOLDSTEIN, welcome to my blog. I think you’ve made some good points.

    I’ve done some aura research on the current Queen, both when she was young and after 50 years on the throne. Quite horrifying, actually. I saved it for my aura reading students, as a weird sort of treat. Otherwise, you can take my word for this: She’s nothing like Claire Foy!

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