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Authentic Positivity Tips that Work. Part 5

Authentic Positivity Tips. What this Enlightenment Coach wishes that every idealist could know.

Authentic Positivity Tips that Work

Completing our series of five articles, this one is the most practical of all. Let me know if it helps you.

I developed these as an Enlightenment Coach. Namely, somebody who aims to help you with personal growth and spiritual awakening. To the max!

After four articles where we examined so many aspects of “being positive,” what’s still missing?

Secrets of Being Positive SUCCESSFULLY, Authentically

Blog-Buddies, I’ve given that a lot of thought. Below you’ll find some unusual tips. Quite different from common knowledge.

Plus I’ll share with you today… one heck of a Teaching Tale.

Authentic Positivity Tips #1. Your Personal Thoughts and Feelings Are Private

When did I first learn this concept? The Aha! came while I was reading a book by the great spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact source. Nor can I give you the exact quote. But the gist was this:

Even Almighty God doesn’t enter into a human mind without permission.

Sure seems right to this person who’s living Age of Awakening Enlightenment! How about you?

Besides a certain relief you may get from this idea, doesn’t it remove positivity pressure? For instance, it directly contradicts the title of a book written by a friend of mine, “You Can’t Avoid the Luxury of a Negative Thought.”

A Teaching Tale that May Shock You

Peter McWilliams died about 20 years ago, but I still remember our friendship. Not a close friendship, but sweet.

Funnily enough, the last time I saw him we were at an expo where he was promoting his latest self-help book. He’d penned that catchy title, “You Can’t Avoid the Luxury of a Negative Thought.”

As it happened, seconds before arriving at the front of the line at Peter’s booth, I learned something seriously annoying awful. Something recently done to me by the magazine editor of “Sources.” (A New Age magazine, where I proudly wrote during the “New Age Years.”)

Since I’d just picked up the latest issue, I thumbed through it while standing in line. Although she’d asked me to write a particular article, and I’d come through a good one, ouch! Editor Gladys had chosen not to publish it after all. With no warning to me.

What stung most? Gladys didn’t even bother to tell me. It felt like an act of betrayal. Often my articles for her became cover stories. Never before, “nothing stories.”

Of Course, I Felt Upset

For that reason, what happened when I got to the front of the line? Who was the first person I had a chance to talk to? Somebody who happened to be my old friend Peter, that’s who.

Consequently, how did I greet him? Like this:

Peter, it’s wonderful to see you. Congratulations on your new book.

Peter, I’m just so furious at my Editor Gladys. She just did the most horrible thing to me. She’s a snake.

Oh I didn’t mean to say that to you now, it just slipped out. But really, Gladys is just awful and shame on her! That [SWEARWORD, SWEARWORD]!

In retrospect, under the circumstances, isn’t the contrast here pretty stark? Saying nothing, Peter autographed my gift copy of “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought.” Then he handed it to me with a smile with all the oomph of a flat tire.

Somewhat Later, Peter Also Felt Upset

You see, Blog-Buddies, Peter wrote that book under the influence of a popular cult leader. Later he exited that cult.

Clearly Peter stopped believing in total positivity. Including inside your own head. Because he went on to publish a book about that former teacher: Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You.

I Didn’t Read It, Of Course. Too Negative!

Just kidding.

In truth, I didn’t read Peter’s exposé because, thank God, I had avoided joining that particular cult.

However, I’ve been in-and-out of a different one. Wherein I’d been taught something similar. In my former cult the version went something like this: “Only say the sweet truth. Never tell somebody negative words. These will damage a person’s fine level of feelings.”

Probably it’s quite common for cult leaders to get inside your head in that way. Among others.

Don’t fall for it, Blog-Buddies.

Authentic Positivity Tips #2. NEVER Attempt to Inwardly Feel “All Positive.”

Contrary to what you may have been told, humans have a constant range of emotions. During our waking hours (even in Enlightenment) we’ll cycle through happy * sad * scared * angry.

In case you’re wondering, we humans experience these emotions in random order.

So, whatever you do in pursuit of positivity, you can quit one thing right now: Please stop trying to give yourself a kind of positivity that’s absolutely impossible.

Accept that you’re human. Therefore, it’s wise to seek self-improvement in ways that can actually work for a human being. (One resource, of course, being the system of Energy Spirituality.)

Authentic Positivity Tips #3. NEVER “Turn that Frown Upside Down.”

Before you knew it was futile to inwardly feel “all positive, all the time,” could this be? Might you have tried the following cute-sounding technique to be positive?

Try saying the following out loud in a super-positive Valley girl voice:

Are you starting to feel negative? Giggle. Then, just turn that frown upside down.

Realistically speaking? That’s baloney.

Sure, a person can put on a happy smile. But it looks fake. Because it is.

Moreover, somebody who does a lot of fake smiling, like Joe at that party, isn’t improving his aura one bit. Quite the opposite.

Authentic Positivity Tips #4. Speak the Sweet Truth, When Possible

We don’t get karma for what we think and feel. (It’s private, remember?)

But we sure do get karma back for everything we say and do. Therefore, I’d recommend saying a relatively kind version of the truth. At least, whenever possible.

See, Truth Seeker, you have an advantage for living a positive life, and for having authentic relationships. It’s good that you care about the truth, good to share it by doing your reasonable, human best.

Pursuing the truth in your life and relationships? That’s nothing close to the so-called “Brutally honest” method that some people use to proudly inflict cruelty.

But don’t worry that everyday honesty will “damage” somebody’s “fine level of feeling.” People are more resilient that. After all, aren’t you?

Authentic Positivity Tips #5. Above All, Seek Truth and Live with Integrity

Exactly opposite to performances that aim to convey, “I’m so positive”!

Something else can be (or become) easy. Simply pursue your goals, and live your life, and keep the friends who are really friends. Not only is life simpler that way. Your aura will be in better shape too.

And you know what? On top of its other disadvantages, fake positivity also is a way to generate pretty bad karma. Joe, at that party, isn’t the only person on earth to have done some well-intended lying. Well, how much fun do you think it would be, having lying like that come back to you?

Funny thing about the “Fake It ‘Till You Make It” School of Positivity. That’s a way to mess up your aura for a while. And then get icky consequences.

By contrast, you can have a fine life. Without either lying or straining! And you’ll wind up with auric modeling that serves you well. Since it proclaims: “Here’s a person of honor and integrity. Beautiful.”

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  1. 1
    Oliver says:

    Thank you Rose for this excellent series.

    It is really reassuring to know about Tip#1-because I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about people that are not always “positive” but they are my own.

  2. 2
    Oliver says:

    Also Tip#2 is excellent for somebody in recovery like me.

    A concept you gave me during a person session once was asking why would I feel only positive emotions while I was changing my behaviour.

  3. 3
    Oliver says:

    I had this idea that since I had changed my life and behaviours that I would be “rewarded” with being HAPPY all the time and it would be “fun”- and it certainly wasn’t.

  4. 4
    Oliver says:

    But you reassured me that that was normal to feel all my emotions and it wouldn’t always be fun.

    The truth was exactly what I needed to hear so thank you.

  5. 5

    OLIVER, your Comment #3 is especially important, out of an excellent set. Movies and TV train us to expect happy outcomes, complete with lavish sets and ridiculously beautiful people. But these are manipulations, aka “entertainment.”

  6. 6

    Blog-Buddies, here come your links to the earlier parts of this series… now complete, except for more comments from YOU.

  7. 7
  8. 8

    Inspiration about Being Authentically Positive. From a VIP (as in “Currently Very Important Politician.”

    Yes, by all means take a pause at Part 3 of this series. Especially if you’re fascinated by auras of people in Enlightenment.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Claudia says:

    OMG, what a hilarious story, Rose.

    Unintentionally, you were giving Mr. McWilliams a clue that his negative thought manipulation couldn’t work. Shame he couldn’t find a lesson in that moment!

  11. 11

    CLAUDIA, I’m glad you appreciated that part of this article.

    You know, I’m not a believer in synchronicity, or looking for signs. However when something startling happens, a thoughtful person might choose to pay a bit of attention.

  12. 12

    Peter had known me for years from retreats that we took together, and I’m willing to bet he never heard a negative word issue from my lips.

    While here he was, promoting a book on “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought” and there I was, swearing and ranting. Instead, Peter went on to write more books like that one… in service of his scary cult leader John-Roger. Sigh!

  13. 13
    Olivia Swan says:

    Even though I’ve removed everyone from my life (thank goodness) who has this tendency to promote positivity, I still notice that in general, people are often uncomfortable with me when I’m not exhibiting a big happy smile.

    Or maybe it’s me who’s uncomfortable with it . . . Well, I do know it’s a growth area for me to be ok with not being happy all the time . . .

  14. 14
    Olivia Swan says:

    I grew up with a mother who would not accept anything from me but happiness. In reality she just didn’t want to DEAL with anything from me but happiness.

    Energy Spirituality is still helping me to adjust to knowing that it’s completely human and normal to feel this broad range of emotions all the time.

  15. 15

    OLIVIA, I’m so delighted to read these comments. So much strength and honesty show here.

    I do agree with that second paragraph in your Comment #13. Since we continue to have Energy Spirituality sessions from time to time…

  16. 16

    You might prepare for a session to help with this by homing in on three relationships you have right now where, how it feels to you, the other person appears uncomfortable with you when you’re not exhibiting a big happy smile.

    On the day of your appointment, please send me photo links for each of these three people. Using the standards here. Because there are certain photos that I can use to read auras; others I can’t use.

  17. 17

    Preparing to include a few different people, we won’t get to them all, but this is a really smart way to prepare.

    I gave these specific instructions here at the blog because they’re not intended just for you, OLIVIA SWAN. Here’s the even-bigger overview:

  18. 18

    Do you have a growth area for an Energy Spirituality session? Something about your emotional and/or spiritual growth!

    To prepare, don’t come as though I were a therapist, a life coach, or a theorist. Nono!

  19. 19

    Think of 1 (or preferably 3) people in your life now. People who matter.

    Send me their photos on the day of the session. Quite simple, really. Once you understand that an Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING Session is about particular relationships in your life now, not abstract patterns or theories.

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