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Aura Reading Fears & Doubts

Aura Reading Fears & Doubts. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Likewise, knowledge can help dissolve fears.

Aura Reading Fears & Doubts. Have they been preventing you from gaining today’s new kind of literacy?

Important to realize, that’s not the word literacy you already find indispensable. But energetic literacy: Bringing you extremely useful insights about everybody of interest to you.

Do you have any fears or doubts about learning this skill? Don’t squelch them. Instead, ask about them here. Add your COMMENTS below, either under your name or anonymously.

Definitely, though, first read this article. Since I just might dispel a worry that’s listed below.

Today’s article can help you a lot. Because what do you stand to gain? Nothing less than learning Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

What Is Aura Reading TODAY?

Definitely not your grandma’s version. Traditionally, auras were “colours.” And all that mattered was “seeing the colours.”

But now is not 5,000 years ago. It’s not even 100 years ago. (Okay, today isn’t even yesterday. 😉 )

Look, here’s what matters. Aura reading is different in the Age of Awakening

Outside of the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® , others are reading auras with  what? Age of Faith methods, obsolete methods. Maybe predicting the future. Or else working with spirits.

  • Overall, until folks gain reliable know-how?
  • Until they have developed enough skill to read chakra databanks?
  • Sadly, they won’t do justice to their talent. Achieving nothing close to what they’re capable of learning from auras.

Still Unsure What Energetic Literacy Could Be for You?

No worries! This article can get you up to speed about energetic literacy. Please read it. Otherwise, I won’t be able to help you much with the rest of this article.

Mostly for this reason: Lacking context, you might confuse yesterday’s aura reading with today’s energetic literacy. (What aura reading really is. And can be. For you!)

Aura Reading Fears #1. What If I Learn Something Horrible about Other People?

You know, a lot of people today aren’t doing well, aura-wise. But those problems don’t make them monsters. And sometimes it’s pretty darned useful if you find out that a person:

Hey, what if you don’t like what you find? Don’t research any further. Stop after first chakra databank.

Personally, I read auras professionally for 20 years… Before I felt strong enough to research folks with serious wickedness, etc.

Besides, aura reading — as I teach it, anyway — isn’t switched on all the time. You choose when to use your energetic literacy skills. Besides, if you’re wise, you won’t do more than 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time. And that 20 would include time that you spend reading auras.

Aura Reading Fears #2. What If Other People Learn Something Horrible about Me?

Many of us have had some pretty dreadful experiences with “aura readers.” For example, I remember being told dismissively, “Your aura is nothing special.”

You know what? Anybody who studies with me — for instance takes my online course in Aura Reading 101… That person can always find gifts of your soul to tell you about. Pretty inspiring ones!

Sadly, most aura readers have developed only Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. It’s notoriously inaccurate. And, yes, often insulting to boot.

But why listen to folks with poor skills for aura reading? That’s like assuming that somebody who just burned your dinner… Has just revealed to you the glory of French haute cuisine. 😉

Aura Reading Fears #3. Is Aura Reading Ethical? Shouldn’t I Ask Permission?

Even if you’re not purposely reading auras yet, guess what?

Subconsciously you’re already getting a full download. (Click here to learn more about “auric modeling.”)

Of course, it’s ethical to use good skills of energetic literacy. For Stage 3 Energetic Literacy on up, what’s the only way to get quality info? If you:

  • Use a skill set that’s effective.
  • Co-create with God. (Or another Divine-Level Being of your choice.)

Incidentally, here’s where this Aura Reading Teacher stands on ethics.

While We’re Discussing Aura Reading Ethics

Here come a few practical points:

Aura Reading, as I teach it, is totally different from gossip.

Also, I only publish aura readings of public figures. Check out these fascinating aura readings. Choose your faves.

By contrast, during your personal (confidential) session, I can read the aura of anybody you choose. Provided that you supply an appropriate photo. Gain knowledge that can give you a big advantage at work. Also in your personal life!

Aura Reading Fears #4. What If I Doubt Myself While Learning?

So what’s new? Hasn’t that happened before? If doubts come up, take them in stride. And keep walking.

But, But, But. What If I’m Expecting a Magical, Dazzling Experience with Unicorns and Instant Expertise?

Go elsewhere.

Only first, maybe you’d like to pause and remember your common sense. Is that how you learned word literacy, instantly? There in the first grade classroom, did rainbow unicorns appear to guide you? To be clear, Energy Spirituality has a term for that kind of expectation: The Romance of the Astral

Seems to me, if you’re expecting that, you can do better. Might I suggest something more human and realistic? Take one of my online lessons at a time. Simply allow me to teach you.

  1. Suppose that, to begin with, you take the Free Intro to my energetic literacy workshops. Following that, you start Aura Reading 101. (Smart move!)
  2. Every lesson includes lectures, worksheets and handouts. Almost always, you’ll take a fun quiz. Often those quizzes include a considerable amount of humor, actually.
  3. Quite different from some old-fashioned aura workshop where you sit in a semi-dark room. Staring at other people. Doing “The Squint.”
  4. In short, you’ll always have something interesting to do. So just do it.
  5. And guess what? Never will I ask you to analyze your emotions. That’s a volunteer job. Obviously, you can always make up extra jobs for yourself. But please don’t.

Aura Reading Fears #5. Why Does Learning Your Way Take So Much Time?

Most “experts” publish aura books with tips and tricks. Not a quality system. And what do you get? Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. Sure, folks may feel way proud of that. But is that knowledge is worth much?

Honestly, name me a skill you can learn instantly that has any real value. And no, I don’t think, “Learning to use a fidget spinner” counts. 😉

Aura Reading Fears #6. Why Should I Believe You, Rose, When You Claim to Read Auras? And Nobody Else Is Publishing Samples of Reading Chakra Databanks.

True. So far, a google search shows nobody else reading chakra databanks yet.

  • Unless you count articles I’ve written, plagiarized without attribution at some sketchy websites.)
  • Other articles comment on my discoveries. But if you read these articles, you can tell the authors lack energetic literacy. No aura reading there, just empty theories.

Hey, maybe you will become the first person — not on my website — to publish research somebody’s chakra databanks.

What can motivate you? Results of today’s energetic literacy speak for themselves.

Sample any of the aura readings at this master link for aura reading MOVIE REVIEWS

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that kind of aura reading research?

Or would you prefer to be a follower? Perhaps settling for aura research like what you’ll find at random through links like this. Ask yourself, how helpful is that information? Especially when compared to the chakra databank readings you’ll find at this website.

Aura Reading Fears #7. Nobody Else I Know Is Reading Chakra Databanks. Won’t I Seem Weird?

Hey, you don’t have tell everybody, do you?

Evidently, some of the people you know… might not approve. Well then, it’s none of their business. Don’t tell them.

Aura Reading Fears #8. I Need to See Famous People Reading Auras Before I Believe I Can Do It

If that’s how you roll, you may be waiting for a very long time.

However, what if you do find the spunk to read auras anyway? Like, you don’t let celebrities and Collective Consciousness define you?

Then you can read the auras of those celebrities, among others.

If you find famous people fascinating, learning to read their auras… Could be, that’s reason enough to develop good skills of energetic literacy.

Aura Reading Fears #9. What If My Aura Reading Isn’t Absolutely Perfect?

Skills get better over time. Haven’t you noticed that with learning other things?

My advice is to let yourself learn. Keep reading auras and soon quality skills will turn fluent. And then you’ll gain all the benefits of energetic literacy.

Aura Reading Fears #10. What If I Get the Size of Chakra Databanks Wrong?

“When you’re researching chakra databanks, quality matters. So does the symbolic size. With this combo in mind, what if one part is just way off?”

Again, the quality of your aura readings will improve over time. But only if you keep at it, like 10 minutes a day.

Only you can decide if you’re going to make energetic literacy all about testing yourself. Then flunking yourself. And not giving yourself a chance to improve.

But that awful choice would be on you. As your teacher, I sure don’t do that. So how about doing what would actually help you? Begin by allowing yourself to learn the way human beings learn anything: Bit by bit.

Aura Reading Fears #11. What If I Simply Can’t Learn?

Yes, I can teach you if.. you have word literacy. (Like, you can read this article.)

Plus, you can learn provided that you have normal mental functioning. (Namely, I don’t teach people on the autism spectrum. But just about everyone else.)

Except, there’s this:

I can’t teach you if you’re too scared to learn.

Or — more commonly — you’re not exactly scared. More like, constantly worrying. Let’s vanquish those worries right now. If you don’t find them by the end of this article, remember! That’s what our COMMENT boxes are for.

Of course, if you’ve got serious mental health problems, etc. Like you’ve been prescribed psychiatric medication for anxiety. But you’re too scared to take it.

Please get help the help you need, if necessary. Then let me teach you.

Aura Reading Fears #12. Rose, You Research Consciousness Lifestyles. What If I Won’t Be Able to?

Hey, I encourage you to take a good, healthy consumer look at my online workshops. Including Aura Reading 101 “Aura Reading for You.” And also Aura Reading 102. “Read Auras from (Regular) Photos.”

Right up front you’ll find out exactly what I can teach you. Loads of juicy details!

Actually, nowhere, guess what? Nowhere, in any of my courses so far, do I claim to teach you how to research consciousness lifestyles.”

Frankly, the time to learn that is…  After you graduate from my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. And, as an Energy Spirituality PractitionerAfter you do your first hundred professional sessions.

Following that, if you really want to learn that skill, set up some sessions for me to mentor you personally.

However, there are plenty of other Energy Spirituality skills that you might prefer to learn first. Particularly because of a certain service at this blog. Click on this link and you’ll see where I research the consciousness lifestyles of who? Your choice of public figures. Telling you about each person’s consciousness lifestyle for free.

Aura Reading Fears #13. You Read (Or Claim to Read) Auras from Regular Photos. How Is that Possible?

It’s possible because of the nature of aura reading in the Age of Awakening.

And the nature of human consciousness in the Age of Awakening.

In particular, we have abilities to position our consciousness now. Therefore, we can learn skills for positioning our consciousness. (All four Energy Spirituality specialties exist due to this potential.)

Reading auras from regular photographs is totally effortless. Easy. Accurate. All you need do is learn how. And that’s from a 10- lesson online workshop. The aforementioned Aura Reading 102. Just consider this delicious truth:

Once you’ve got skills, every photo is an aura photo.

Aura Reading Doubt #14. Why Do You Say You “Read Auras” When You’re Doing Something Very Different from All the Psychics and New Age Energy Healers?

Why call what I do aura reading? Because it is!

It’s aura reading now, in the Age of Awakening.

Eventually, others will catch up. However, you don’t have to wait for them. 🙂 I sure won’t.

Simplest way to understand our potentials now, in my view, is to read The New Strong.”

Aura Reading Fears #15. What If I Want to Learn But I Don’t Feel Ready?

Ready-schmeady! Just learn.

Take my online workshops for aura reading. Lessons are on demand, so you’ll set your own schedule.

Spend just 10-15 minutes a day. Unless you’re having so much fun, you want to do more. 🙂

Regular habits don’t demand a particular mood, do they? For instance, must you be in a special state of readiness before you brush your teeth?

Nah! Probably you just do it. Learning to read auras can become part of your daily routine just that easily.

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  1. 101
    Edward Grant says:

    Reading this article has been very helpful and a reminder to take things in my stride and continue learning at my own pace.

  2. 102
    Edward Grant says:

    Earlier today, I started the 12 steps for cutting cords of attachments online workshop and I am now very excited about improving my aura reading skills.

    I do think sometime soon in the future it will be wise to have a mentoring session with you Rose, especially after graduating from the Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop.

  3. 103

    EDWARD GRANT, you’ve made some important points here.

    One is how Stage 3 Energetic Literacy (Aura Reading 101) is now a requirement for the powerful course for self-healing, “Cut Cords of Attachment Wisely” Online Workshop.

  4. 104
    Gabrielle Easton says:

    Hi Rose and blog-buddies! I can relate to fear #3.

    It’s been on my mind for a long time. I am happy to be reminded that it is ethical to read auras of other people.

  5. 105
    Gabrielle Easton says:

    And regarding your question in comment #18.

    My second biggest fear is about reading people that are not doing so well. I am super paranoid that it will effect me somehow.

  6. 106
    Gabrielle Easton says:

    At the same time I think since all the steps of aura reading are done with co-creating with God, it is pretty safe to read auras.

    Would like to move past that fear completely.

  7. 107

    GABRIELLE, it’s so important to move past all those fears and doubts.

    Between when you first sent me Comments #104 – 106, and when I was able to publish them, all of this has been answered for you, I’m quite sure. Regarding Comment #106, by now you’ve move past that fear completely right?

  8. 108

    So far, at this thread all the comments have come from Blog-Buddies who’ve studied with me and are safely-productively-confidently reading auras with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

    Pretty wonderful! If any others of you have fears or more fears, doubts or more doubts, don’t hesitate to comment here.

  9. 109

    Meanwhile I invite all of you Blog-Buddies and lurkers who haven’t learned aura reading from me yet… please feel free to voice your fears and doubts.

    Maybe you’ll cause me to stop reading auras for the rest of my life, because your fears and doubts are so IMPORTANT. 😉

  10. 110

    More likely, you’ll move one step closer to grabbing some Stage 3 Energetic Literacy for yourself.

    If I might ask, what’s stopping you?

  11. 111
    Living on Earth says:

    When I first started learning Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, I focused mainly reading my own aura.

    Which was full of surprises as I discovered my sense of self in a very intimate way.

  12. 112
    Living on Earth says:

    When I got more comfortable, then I started venturing to read others’ auras for more practice. So thank you for the tips starting comment #63.

  13. 113

    You’re welcome, LIVING ON EARTH.

    And yes, those subtle-and-meaningful surprises from Stage 3 Energetic Literacy continue fresh, regularly.

  14. 114
    Leo Watts says:

    Developing Stage Three Energetic Literacy with Aura Reading Through All Your Senses is not too difficult, because it’s a rigorous system.

    It’s not a vague, “just look at the colors,” but systemized and standardized.

  15. 115
    Leo Watts says:

    This makes it much easier to learn and to come back to again and again.

  16. 116

    Interesting comments here, LEO WATTS. Of course, I’m delighted that you’re pointing out the systematic nature of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

  17. 117

    But I’m not sure you’re correct that “look at the colors” is necessarily vague. Here are a few reasons why many people love what they’re doing and find it hard to believe they’d ever want to try the sort of aura reading I teach. (Although of course I hope they’ll read what follows, just like everyone else usually here at the blog).

  18. 118

    Appeal #1 of psychic-style aura reading.

    It’s an altered state of consciousness, with awareness positioned at the astral. It can feel high and even “superior,” much like smoking weed.

  19. 119


    We’re in the Age of Awakening now. Repeating that kind of high regularly can propel a person into spiritual addiction. Limiting life in a way that is not necessary. Among all the many drawbacks, spiritual evolution stops until the person gets out of spiritual addiction.

  20. 120

    Appeal #2 of psychic-style aura reading.

    With intuitive development, mostly people are learning how to receive messages from spirits. (Even if they’re promised they’re receiving messages from “Spirit” — meaning God — which is not true.) That can feel super-special.

  21. 121


    Getting messages from spirits, those messages can be lies. (As I’ve often found to be the case for some of my clients who were true believers.)

  22. 122

    Moreover, the process of working closely with astral beings is REALLY a problem for folks in the Age of Awakening. This can lead pretty quickly into the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction.

    And, in my experience of researching so far, people just don’t come back from that. Extreme spiritual addiction is a one-way street to a dead end.

  23. 123

    Appeal #3 of energy healing-style aura reading.

    The whole point is to help people, which sounds good and feels good… and may bring about some results.
    Before the Shift into the Age of Awakening, there were so many beautiful systems for energy medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki, etc. And they were sweet!

  24. 124


    After the Shift into the Age of Awakening, opportunistic astral beings got involved. Yet the teachers of the energy healing techniques didn’t have enough skill at energetic literacy to discern the problems from entities. A great deal of corruption has ensued.

  25. 125

    By now, despite the beautiful intent to help oneself or others… and the lovely people who developed many of these New Age energy healing techniques…

    The aura reading experience may continue to feel lofty and special. But that’s due to the romance of the astral. Not the presence of the Divine. Again, so many lovely energy healers are now in either spiritual addiction or extreme spiritual addiction.

  26. 126

    Appeal #4 of “see the colours” aura reading.

    It’s so gosh-darned pretty. Like if you google on “aura colors” , searching on IMAGES. For sure, you’ll find loads of pretty pictures. Sadly, folks can get lost in the trippy artwork. Or else assume that the pretty colors mean that they’re doing something more lofty than reading a child’s picture book.

  27. 127


    The level of sophistication and insight? Pretty comparable to child’s picture books. As a teacher of actual energetic literacy — comparable to fluent and precise word literacy — I wonder, when are those distracted kids going to realize they’re (with all respect) wasting their time?

  28. 128

    I’m assuming that with these comparisons I’m not wrecking anybody’s dream. Or gratuitously “being negative.”

    Of course, we’re all free to do what we like. But what a loss, setting for such limited versions of energetic literacy when we could have something that:

  29. 129

    * Brings us detailed insights into ourselves and others.
    * Has a high truth value.
    * Comes with no astral strings attached.

  30. 130

    * And, maybe best of all, the very process of using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses can help you to evolve spiritually, progressing along your unique and sacred path to Enlightenment.

  31. 131

    Today is Brexit Day. On this historic occasion I’m sending best wishes to all you British clients, students, and readers. Plus, to my fellow Anglophiles.

  32. 132
    Maggie says:

    My biggest fear about aura reading is being innacurate.

  33. 133

    MAGGIE, forgive me for being blunt here. I wonder if you saw the part in the main post Point #11. Please read it. Or re-read it.

    If you don’t have normal mental health, don’t try to read auras. Do Face Reading instead, which can tell you plenty.

  34. 134

    To be a bit more specific, with details that are kindly meant…

    Might I suggest? Don’t study aura reading with me (or anyone) if you are on the autism spectrum, or developmentally disabled.

  35. 135

    And what if you are taking psychiatric medication in order to function?

    That might bring up the working definition here of “not having normal mental functioning.” It’s true that many people function beautifully when their brain chemistry is supported by appropriately prescribed medication. In fact, that’s the case for some of the folks on the Energy Spirituality Enlightenment List. They can definitely learn to read auras.

  36. 136

    However, some folks who take psychiatric medication aren’t doing so well. They can have mental health problems which, for instance, would disqualify the person from being a client for Energy Spirituality sessions! Since the more appropriate person to help you would be a mental health professional.

    What’s the main way one would find this out? If I’ve ever started a session with you and then given you a refund, advising you to seek help from a mental health practitioner.

  37. 137

    MAGGIE, you know for a fact that you are one of these people. Besides being a good person. And a sweet person.

    What if you’re having the fear you mentioned, as well as other fears you implied in Comment #132 with your word “biggest”? And you also know you’re not eligible to have Energy Spirituality sessions.

  38. 138

    Don’t conveniently ignore that fact.

    If you’re not somebody who would benefit from sessions of Energy Spirituality, you’re also not going to benefit from studying the consciousness-related skill of aura reading. Let’s be clear about that.

  39. 139

    Look, MAGGIE, I’d recommend that you enjoy blog posts here. And that’s just about it.

    What’s the one exception? Face Reading Secrets is the only skill set I would recommend that you learn through this website. And that’s still a great resource, because this particular system could bring you a lot of enjoyment, plus better relationships. Wishing you well!

  40. 140
    Gabrielle Easton says:

    It’s been very educational over here. I feel way more confident about reading auras.

  41. 141

    GABRIELLE EASTON, very welcome news.

    I do think that education about aura-education is really important since so much has changed since the Age of Awakening. Many leftover ideas from the Age of Faith are hanging out in Collective Consciousness. It’s up to us — and our quest for learning — to vanquish them.

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