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Celebrity Empaths. Easy Flash Contest

Celebrity Empaths. Satisfy your curiosity at our Easy Flash Contest. Starting now.

Celebrity Empaths. Easy Flash Contest.

  • Given that “Flash Contest” means entering during a very short time.
  • And “Easy” means ridiculously easy to nominate the public figures of your choice.

Yes, let’s have some lighthearted fun, answering one question about different public figures of interest to you. And that question would be…

Is that Celebrity an Empath? Yes or No

If you’re already familiar with my system of Empath Empowerment®, feel free to skip ahead. Namely, to: “Celebrity Empaths. ENTERING Our Easy Flash Contest.”

Otherwise, please join me for a quick intro. Because what you’re about to read here could make a huge difference for your quality of life.

Especially if you’ve been wondering:

  • Could I be an empath? (This quiz can help you to answer that question.)
  • To clarify, what are MY empath gifts? (This article gives you an answer… from America’s most experienced Empath Coach.)
  • Isn’t all advice for empaths interchangeable?

As a Matter of Fact, I Can Give You a Good Answer to that Last Question

Nooooo! I published the first book for empaths in English. (That was “Empowered by Empathy.” Long since replaced by a much more up-to-date book, “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days.”)

Surprisingly nor not, now sells 3,000 different books for empaths. Decidedly different.

Here’s a quick intro to my version of Empath Coaching.

Nonetheless, you sure don’t have to study with me. Or buy a thing! In order to enjoy our new Flash Contest about Celebrity Empaths.

Celebrity Empaths. Sure, Some of them Are Empaths

While many are not. And wouldn’t you like to know who is which?

Every day you may follow so many public figures on Twitter. Or get to know about them from Facebook.

Besides that, for politicians, you’ve always got newspapers of record. Recommended inasmuch as they don’t give us “fake news.”

Lately the political news hasn’t been so great in America. Or England. Or Australia (currently, still, Land of Fires, unfortunately). And I’ve got Blog-Buddies in all these places. As well as Asia and other countries in Europe. The Mideast. Africa. Not many lately in South America or Central America. Although plenty in “The Land of EH!” (AKA Canada)

Wherever you live now, you’ve got public figures. And you’re curious about your faves. So, if you’re into learning about having a better life as an empath, this contest could be fun.

This is a FLASH Contest about Celebrity Empaths

So be sure to enter asap. Definitely, enter as often as you like. But only until midnight this Sunday night. (Regardless of which time zone you’re in, midnight is midnight.)

And you won’t even need to send a photo to enter this super-easy contest. I’ll find a good photo for you. Since I’m not kidding about “easy.”

BTW, I hope you do know this already: Every photo is an aura photo. Regular photos are plenty for me to use, when awarding contest prizes. And haha! Everybody who enters will win.

Celebrity Empaths. ENTERING Our Easy Flash Contest.

Right away, let’s be clear. With this contest, if you enter, you’ll win.

I will research whether or not the person you nominate is an empath or not. There’s one other possibility, which I’ll mention on an as-needed basis. So this third option will become one of the comments below.

It’s a Flash Contest. Which means the faster you enter the better. On Sunday at midnight (in your time zone) this long weekend contest will end.

Okay, here come the rules.

  1. Enter as often as you like.
  2. Enter by creating a separate COMMENT below. One for each entry. (The style of this blog has been short comments. At least for the last five years or so. If your comment is too long, by our standards, I’ll chunk it up. But otherwise change nothing.)
  3. Choose one public figure for each of your entries.
  4. Add at least a sentence about whether you’d guess that person is an empath. Or not. And, especially, WHY you think so!

Hey, you might wish to let a bunch of friends know. The more, the merrier. Because who isn’t curious about which celebs are empaths? Versus not empaths at all!

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  1. 301
    Janice says:

    They both lived such difficult and courageous lives. They were both tremendous leaders. Not only in public life, but in consciousness.

  2. 302
    Janice says:

    To me they both created legends about how to grow.

  3. 303
    Janice says:

    Rose, in comment 229 you write about Bobby Kennedy: “JANICE, considering that Bobby Kennedy was an empath — and at a time when Empath Empowerment skills weren’t available — does help make it more understandable how he waffled about whether or not to become a presidential candidate.”

  4. 304
    Janice says:

    Could you explain why being an empath helps to explain the waffling?

  5. 305

    JANICE, I sure will… later, after fulfilling more of my Energy Spirituality obligations (and joys) for today.

    Meanwhile, big thanks for your comments here. Also big thanks to you, EMILY TURNER! SIMON! And OSCAR MANUEL! You’re understanding that Energy Spirituality is unique in the world today, and a very Age of Awakening way for people to use their full potential.

  6. 306

    You could also tell that I have a lot of respect for today’s mental health professionals. I’m not in competition with them, nor am I pretending to be one of them.

    There’s ample room for us all. Clients decide for themselves what helps them most.

  7. 307

    JANICE, thanks so much for all your recent comments.

    Now, to answer the excellent question in your Comments #303-304: Bobby Kennedy was an UNSKILLED empath. All unskilled empaths are less effective than non-empaths. (Although, as I’ve noted before, SKILLED empaths are more effective than non-empaths.)

  8. 308

    Now, it’s very individual how an unskilled empath shows the inner wear-and-tear. Bobby Kennedy was well known to go back and forth over when to run for president. So this is the connection I’m making.

    Most presidential candidates haven’t been empaths. (Exceptions who come to mind are Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.)

  9. 309

    Could be, since Kennedy was unskilled as an empath, sometimes his sense of self wasn’t very strong. (Which is one among many ways that unskilled empaths can suffer.)

    It’s not hard to hypothesize that certain people would tell him to run, and influence him strongly. While others would tell him not to run, and they also would influence him strongly. You get the idea.

  10. 310
    Holly says:

    Thank you, Rose and everyone, for this blog post and comments.

  11. 311
    Holly says:

    This is the first time I have seen empathetic and compassionate defined so clearly.

    I haven’t seen anyone make that distinction.

  12. 312
    Holly says:

    Have we researched anyone who is between 6-19 on the Sensitivity Scale? Or is the difference between 5 and 20 a numerical illustration of the difference in degree of sensitivity?

  13. 313
    Holly says:

    Do people in Extreme Spiritual Addiction count as having normal mental capacity?

    Extreme Spiritual Addiction is a consciousness lifestyle. However, Energy Spirituality cannot help them.

  14. 314

    HOLLY, thanks for all you’ve pointed out. I guess you’re right.

    I can’t recall reading elsewhere about the differences between compassion and empathizing. Glad that comments here have continued to pull knowledge out of this teacher.

  15. 315

    Regarding your question in Comments #312, there are no scores for 6-19. And the reason you gave, HOLLY, strikes me as just the thing.

    Thank you.

  16. 316

    Regarding your Comment #313, I agree with a point you made. Energy Spirituality cannot any longer help people in Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

    And their consciousness is so distortedly different from normal human functioning, I cannot research them for the Sensitivity Scale.

  17. 317

    About this, “Extreme Spiritual Addiction is a consciousness lifestyle. However, Energy Spirituality cannot help [people with the consciousness lifestyle of Extreme Spiritual Addiction].” Well, true.

    We could say, this particular consciousness lifestyle is the exception that proves the rule.

  18. 318

    All other consciousness lifestyles — like those you can read about in this article — are negotiable.

    Unfortunately, once somebody arrives at Extreme Spiritual Addiction, it is a point of no return.

  19. 319

    Back to researching nominees, Аna Kraš was proposed by AmandaR because, “She seems to have something very very sensitive about her.” I love the humanity in that reason for thinking that someone might be an empath.

    Thank you for that, AmandaR.

  20. 320

    In case you other Blog-Buddies are wondering also (as I was), Ms. Kras’s claim to fame is work in photography.

    Actually, Kras scores 1 out of a possible 20 on my Sensitivity Scale. However, she’s got a lot of rage, independence, spunk and bitterness in her chakra databanks. I can see how, with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, some people might equate that with sensitivity!

  21. 321

    KATHLEEN, in Comment #46, nominates Hozier, a musician. And I think this is another great reason to nominate somebody for this contest: ” I really enjoy his music, and would like to know more about him.”

    If you’re an empath, it’s natural to think or hope that other people you like are also empaths!

  22. 322

    According to my research, Hozier scores 20 out of a possible 20 on my Sensitivity Scale. Yes, he’s an empath, KATHLEEN.

    Another reason for feeling drawn to him. Beneath his beard an experienced face reader can see a philtrum at maximum definition, plus the entire philtrum area is strongly protruding away from his face… All suggesting rather exceptional sex appeal and interest in sex. This sort of thing can add greatly to a performer’s allure.

  23. 323

    Next up is CURIOUS LURKER’S nomination Comment #47 of Jiddu Krishnamurti, described as a “New Age celebrity.”

    As a point of information, long before the New Age Years (1080- 12/21/12), Krishnamurti was revered as an Enlightenment teacher.

  24. 324

    He scores a 2 out of a possible 20 on my Sensitivity Scale. Not very sensitive at all.

    The confusion is understandable, since may people feel something with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy when they encounter somebody in Enlightenment. And it’s easy to equate that special “something” with other things the person likes. In your case, CURIOUS LURKER, that evidently includes being an empath. 😉

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