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Celebrity Empaths. Easy Flash Contest

Celebrity Empaths. Satisfy your curiosity at our Easy Flash Contest. Starting now.

Celebrity Empaths. Easy Flash Contest.

  • Given that “Flash Contest” means entering during a very short time.
  • And “Easy” means ridiculously easy to nominate the public figures of your choice.

Yes, let’s have some lighthearted fun, answering one question about different public figures of interest to you. And that question would be…

Is that Celebrity an Empath? Yes or No

If you’re already familiar with my system of Empath Empowerment®, feel free to skip ahead. Namely, to: “Celebrity Empaths. ENTERING Our Easy Flash Contest.”

Otherwise, please join me for a quick intro. Because what you’re about to read here could make a huge difference for your quality of life.

Especially if you’ve been wondering:

  • Could I be an empath? (This quiz can help you to answer that question.)
  • To clarify, what are MY empath gifts? (This article gives you an answer… from America’s most experienced Empath Coach.)
  • Isn’t all advice for empaths interchangeable?

As a Matter of Fact, I Can Give You a Good Answer to that Last Question

Nooooo! I published the first book for empaths in English. (That was “Empowered by Empathy.” Long since replaced by a much more up-to-date book, “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days.”)

Surprisingly nor not, now sells 3,000 different books for empaths. Decidedly different.

Here’s a quick intro to my version of Empath Coaching.

Nonetheless, you sure don’t have to study with me. Or buy a thing! In order to enjoy our new Flash Contest about Celebrity Empaths.

Celebrity Empaths. Sure, Some of them Are Empaths

While many are not. And wouldn’t you like to know who is which?

Every day you may follow so many public figures on Twitter. Or get to know about them from Facebook.

Besides that, for politicians, you’ve always got newspapers of record. Recommended inasmuch as they don’t give us “fake news.”

Lately the political news hasn’t been so great in America. Or England. Or Australia (currently, still, Land of Fires, unfortunately). And I’ve got Blog-Buddies in all these places. As well as Asia and other countries in Europe. The Mideast. Africa. Not many lately in South America or Central America. Although plenty in “The Land of EH!” (AKA Canada)

Wherever you live now, you’ve got public figures. And you’re curious about your faves. So, if you’re into learning about having a better life as an empath, this contest could be fun.

This is a FLASH Contest about Celebrity Empaths

So be sure to enter asap. Definitely, enter as often as you like. But only until midnight this Sunday night. (Regardless of which time zone you’re in, midnight is midnight.)

And you won’t even need to send a photo to enter this super-easy contest. I’ll find a good photo for you. Since I’m not kidding about “easy.”

BTW, I hope you do know this already: Every photo is an aura photo. Regular photos are plenty for me to use, when awarding contest prizes. And haha! Everybody who enters will win.

Celebrity Empaths. ENTERING Our Easy Flash Contest.

Right away, let’s be clear. With this contest, if you enter, you’ll win.

I will research whether or not the person you nominate is an empath or not. There’s one other possibility, which I’ll mention on an as-needed basis. So this third option will become one of the comments below.

It’s a Flash Contest. Which means the faster you enter the better. On Sunday at midnight (in your time zone) this long weekend contest will end.

Okay, here come the rules.

  1. Enter as often as you like.
  2. Enter by creating a separate COMMENT below. One for each entry. (The style of this blog has been short comments. At least for the last five years or so. If your comment is too long, by our standards, I’ll chunk it up. But otherwise change nothing.)
  3. Choose one public figure for each of your entries.
  4. Add at least a sentence about whether you’d guess that person is an empath. Or not. And, especially, WHY you think so!

Hey, you might wish to let a bunch of friends know. The more, the merrier. Because who isn’t curious about which celebs are empaths? Versus not empaths at all!

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  1. 201

    Last in this impressive series of nominations from you, ENGINEER JESSE, comes your Comment #29, nominating James Garner, the actor who played Maverick and James Rockford.

    Wow, JESSE! You’re on a roll. James Garner is an empath, scoring 20 out of 20 on the Sensitivity Scale.

  2. 202

    JANICE, thank you for your magnificent nomination of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in your Comments #30-34. She’s one of my heroes, too.

    Roosevelt sure breezed through, scoring 20 out of 20 on my Sensitivity Scale. Definitely an empath!

  3. 203
    Janice says:

    Wow, I’m amazed! Why an extraordinary woman Eleanor Roosevelt was!

  4. 204
    Janice says:

    Thanks for this extraordinary research, Rose!

  5. 205
    Janice says:

    Rose, I was wondering… Do Empaths vary in their degree of sensitivity? Or is a 20 a 20? Thank you!

  6. 206
    Janice says:

    Not asking you start adding decimal points to your scale, of course. 😃 it’s just this thread has gotten me thinking!

  7. 207

    Starting all of us thinking, and then helping us all to learn (and grow as people) — that’s the point of this blog, JANICE.

    I was delighted to read these comments.

  8. 208

    Based on my research, this Sensitivity Scale works great and doesn’t need tinkering.

    However, I think you’re mixing in another important consideration…. How many empath gifts a person has.

  9. 209

    Let’s start thinking about empath GIFTS, not empathic sensitivity.

    To begin, here’s an article summarizing all 15 of them. Plus, you’ll receive increasingly developed understandings by reading, in succession, my Book 1 for empaths; Book 2 of the Empath Empowerment® series; Book 3 for even more comprehensive understanding and skills; and then Book 4, to help you become a Master Empath. In short, your understanding can grow with the degree of your empath skills.

  10. 210

    Suppose that Joe has just 1 of 15 possible empath gifts. While Gladys has 12.

    Both people are empaths. Both can gain Empath Empowerment. But Gladys’s explorations with Skilled Empath Merge will have more power.

  11. 211

    So, number of empath gifts is what I think you’re getting at, JANICE. That’s the something more.

    Not changing up the Sensitivity Scale that goes up to 20. Which, really, is plenty!

  12. 212

    Incidentally, some of you reading this blog post and comments may wonder why I definitely do NOT list “Heyoka empath” among the set of empath gifts that I recognize when teaching the system of Empath Empowerment.

    Here’s your answer!

  13. 213

    JANICE, thank you for your nomination of Bobby Kennedy in Comments #35-39.

    I’m going to research him as Robert F. Kennedy, and note that he served as Attorney General to President Kennedy.

  14. 214

    Yes, Bobby Kennedy was an empath, scoring 20 out of 20 possible points on my Sensitivity Scale.

    Excellent, JANICE!

  15. 215

    EVGENIA, thank you for your nomination of Meryl Streep in Comment #41. Streep is one of those people I grieve over a bit, because she was in Enlightenment for many years — as in this Aura Reading Movie Review I did of her a decade ago.

    Then she made a movie with Tom Hanks, “The Post.” By the time the movie was released, both stars had gone from Enlightenment into Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

  16. 216

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet in this contest; it’s a bit of a grim note.

    But here it is. Due to the distortions that happen to a person’s aura, once that person begins the dead-end experiment of Extreme Spiritual Addiction, I can no longer tell if that person is an empath or not. Essentially, there isn’t enough left of the person. Chakra databanks are dominated by the astral entities who run the person. (Ick, I know.)

  17. 217

    Of course, I can still research if Meryl Streep used to be an empath, simply by researching an older photo of her, like this one.

    Yes, Meryl Streep used to score 20 out of a possible 20 on the Sensitivity Scale. Definitely an empath.

  18. 218

    Next up, EVGENIA, is your nomination of John Malkovich. You’re exactly right, seems to me. He often plays a person who is sensitive (or very self-absorbed, or very psychologically troubled — hard to say which, except for reading his aura).

    Here’s the photo I’ll use for researching Malkovich.

  19. 219

    EVGENIA, I can’t really research if he’s an empath (or research his consciousness lifestyle) because he doesn’t have consciousness that falls within the range of normal mental functioning.

    Not being a mental health professional, I can’t tell you what his diagnosis would be. I can just tell you that he functions in life well enough — I mean, really, look at his career. However, he doesn’t have normal functioning in how his mind and consciousness work, so the sort of research I do doesn’t apply.

  20. 220

    Usually I don’t have to use the full definition for Energy Spirituality, but it goes like this:

    Energy Spirituality helps people with normal mental functioning
    To grow emotionally and evolve spiritually, using skills that work now (in the Age of Awakening).

  21. 221

    This point may have come up previously, but if so it won’t hurt to mention it again.

    When people are appear vulnerable or struggling, due to not having normal mental functioning, it can be tempting to call them sensitive but that’s not really applicable. It’s more accurate to state that the person appears vulnerable or struggling, due to not having normal mental functioning. Make sense?

  22. 222

    Incidentally, I know from past experience here at the blog, how people don’t necessarily like when I say this directly. So let’s be clear. Not all humans have normal mental functioning. It’s still a sacredly designed incarnation, according to my understanding.

    Including how that soul agrees to a Life Contract (which can include any sort of disability whatsoever). And the soul evolves during that lifetime.

  23. 223

    A person like John’s behavior may seem empathic. Or be empathic. I’m not calling this performer — or anyone with a disability — “a bad person.”

    Merely saying that not all human beings have normal mental functioning. If they don’t, helping them or researching what’s going on with them… lies outside the skills of Energy Spirituality.

  24. 224

    BRUCE in Comment #43 you nominated Billy Porter, famous for his tuxedo dresses.

    Porter also does not have normal mental functioning. He places out of being either an empath or having a consciousness lifestyle that I can research, since that lies outside the scope of any skills of Energy Spirituality.

  25. 225

    Over to Comment #44, where A CURIOUS LURKER nominated Elizabeth Gilbert.

    I’ll have to find an earlier photo of her to research whether she’s an empath. Sadly, after living in Enlightenment for some years, she moved into Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Like the situation of Meryl Streep, back at Comment here #217.

  26. 226

    Here’s the photo I’ll use of Elizabeth Gilbert, back in the day.

    Ms. Gilbert scores 2 out of a possible 20 on my Sensitivity Scale. Not a Highly Sensitive Person, and not an empath.

  27. 227
    Janice says:

    Absolutely fascinating that Bobby Kennedy was an Empath! What a complex man and life, with many seeming contradictions.

  28. 228
    Janice says:

    Goes to show there’s not a lot of point in me guessing who’s an Empath. 😃

  29. 229

    JANICE, considering that Bobby Kennedy was an empath — and at a time when Empath Empowerment skills weren’t available — does help make it more understandable how he waffled about whether or not to become a presidential candidate.

    (Something that JANICE and I and other history buffs at this blog may know abou8t.)

  30. 230

    As for that Comment #228, JANICE, that could be framed in gold.

    And helping you Blog-Buddies to understand this… is the main reason I volunteered for the extremely time-consuming prospect of doing research on all Flash Contest nominees. A price I’ll gladly pay for this educational experience.

  31. 231
    Tricia says:

    Rose, I’m finally coming back to read your research. Thank you.

  32. 232
    Tricia says:

    Regarding your response to Maria Bamford in comments #156-160 I am left with a few questions.

    Are you saying you 1) can’t assess whether Maria Bamford is an empath because she has a mental illness

  33. 233
    Tricia says:

    or 2) at the time of the photograph her mental illness appears to be untreated and therefore is outside the scope of your system of aura reading

  34. 234
    Tricia says:

    or 3) psychiatric meds, even when appropriately used, obscure the ability of one’s aura to be read,

  35. 235
    Tricia says:

    or 4) having a mental illness and being an empath are truly mutually exclusive?

  36. 236
    Tricia says:

    As a mental health professional this is a very intriguing question to me. People who struggle with depression and bipolar specifically tend to be some of the more empathetic people I know.

    I realize that doesn’t mean they are necessarily empaths.

  37. 237

    What a magnificent series of questions, TRICIA.

    I’m looking forward to answering them all, and if any of you Blog-Buddies have questions or COMMENTS in response, you know what to do.

  38. 238

    Before getting started with all that, TRICIA, I’m just delighted to learn that you’re a mental health professional. Among my clients and students are LCSWs, MSWs, clinical psychologists, and even psychiatrists.

    We have many interests in common, seems to me, and Energy Spirituality complements the work of mental health professionals, and vice versa. On occasion I’ve referred clients to mental health professionals.

  39. 239

    And, of course, many clients have used sessions of Soul Thrill Aura Research® to help them find a good therapist or a psychiatrist for prescribing medication.

    Just today, for instance, I facilitated a personal session for a client who reported on her progress with signing up with a new psychiatrist we researched together. I like helping clients fast-track finding mental health professionals who can be a really good fit.

  40. 240

    Back in the day I was in an MSW program at Catholic University to become a therapist, but wound up dropping out in 1985 in order to start doing sessions of what I now call Energy Spirituality.

    Last week, through Facebook, I connected up with my first Energy Spirituality client. We hadn’t talked in 30 years, as it happened. Bless her heart, she ran over to my Timeline on FB and wrote this:

  41. 241

    “Rose is the best counselor I’ve ever known. She helped me and my ex-husband come to an enduring peace for the rest of our lives. There are no words…”

  42. 242

    Okay, now that we’re more introduced, TRICIA, let’s start with your definitely intriguing Comment #236. This part:

    “People who struggle with depression and bipolar specifically tend to be some of the more empathetic people I know. I realize that doesn’t mean they are necessarily empaths.”

  43. 243

    I think all of us reading your words would agree, if we’ve known people who’ve struggled with mental illness (especially depression and bipolar); they can have enormous compassion.

    As do people we know who have a physical disability. Or a significant learning disability. Or are extraordinarily intelligent — folks for whom I’m giving a brand new workshop this year.

  44. 244

    Who else has paid the price for the Mega-Compassion Club?

    Folks with a childhood from Hell. Survivors of rape, incest, physical abuse. Ex-addicts and those who’ve loved them. Cult members who have exited. People who’ve lived in poverty. Or who just can’t get get out of debt now.

  45. 245

    As for racial or religious prejudice? Even a small experience on the receiving end of prejudice can deepen a person’s compassion.

  46. 246

    No wonder I like to think of this world as Earth School. Where the point is to grow emotionally and awaken spiritually.

  47. 247

    You’ll note, TRICIA, I’ve chosen to use the word “compassion” rather than “empathetic.”

    How come? Empathetic means the psychological identification with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of others:

  48. 248
  49. 249

    Of course, being a mental health professional, TRICIA, you would favor the word empathetic. 🙂

    By contrast, here’s why I favor compassion:

  50. 250

    When Joe identify with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of Gladys… that isn’t necessarily anything more than Joe identifying.

    He may be swapping out his own feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. (Not a crime, obviously.) But Joe could be completely off the mark.

  51. 251

    Also, Joe might be wallowing in his own feelings, thoughts and attitudes… or anything from his past… and then sanctifying it by telling Gladys, “I know just how you feel.”

    I’ll bet every reader of the blog has been on the receiving end of that one. 😉

  52. 252

    * Just about every day of my life, I’ll read a client’s aura.
    * Or the aura of somebody of interest to my client, thanks to a photo included in the session. (Today, for instance, I researched Shakira, photographed at her half-time show at the Superbowl. What a portrait of somebody inwardly living in hell!)
    * Or I’ll pull out an energetic hologram between my client and a person of importance to my client.

  53. 253

    Today, for instance, I did all of these. In my experience, chakra databanks reveal the truth a lot more clearly than self-reporting.

    And that’s why I’m convinced that much “empathetic” behavior is a performance of some kind, though well meaning. Often missing the mark. Also, not necessarily informed by a direct experience, as is compassion.

  54. 254

    Back to Comment #236, the more deeply people suffer, the more likely they are to develop what I call compassion and you call empathetic behavior, TRICIA, provided that…

    They also respond to their problems in life by choosing to learn personally and care about other people, etc.

  55. 255

    And yes, in my professional experience I’d count clients who’ve faced depression and bipolar terror-and-pain… among those with great compassion/empathy. I’d add a whole lotta other clients, though, related to my earlier Comments #243-245.

  56. 256

    All members of the Mega-Compassion Club are there because of life experiences… and how those evolving souls have chosen to learn and grow.

    By contrast, as you rightly noted in your Comment #236, members of that Club aren’t necessarily empaths.

  57. 257

    By now, I’ve begun doing the rather large amount of research that I volunteered for in creating this educational venture, the Celebrity Empaths Easy Flash Contrast.

    (Here’s how it pans out: 5 minutes for Blog-Buddies to COMMENT and name a nominee; 15 minutes or much more for me to respond to each nomination)… oboy.. you’d think I’m a pretty dedicated teacher or something!)

  58. 258

    My whole purpose is to help bring home the simple fact that, as JANICE wrote in Comment #228:

    “there’s not a lot of point in [people] guessing who’s an Empath. 😃”

  59. 259

    Since empath gifts do not show in behavior. They show in the empath’s aura.

    To recognize these gifts in others requires specialized training beyond Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, or even being an Energy Spirituality Practitioner. What’s involved is learning the skills of Empath Empowerment® Coaching. (Or the equivalent.)

  60. 260

    Fortunately, people can recognize for themselves whether or not they are empaths… when properly taught. I’ve worked diligently for decades to refine how I help people do that.

    The most recent example being “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days.”

  61. 261

    Just to sum up before responding to the rest of your questions, TRISH:

    An empath has at least one gift for directly experiencing (in consciousness) what it is like to be another person. Neither empathic behavior nor compassion, this is something that happens at the level of auras. It happens with consciousness.

  62. 262

    Now, responding to Comment #232, “Are you saying you 1) can’t assess whether Maria Bamford is an empath because she has a mental illness”?

    In general, a person can have mental illness of many kinds, whether DSM diagnoses that have been treated effectively… Or alternatively, through some other means, that person can somehow have found a good kind of aura-level balance. Either way, then I can totally research that person’s aura, including whether or not there are any lifelong empath gifts.

  63. 263

    Next, responding to Comment #233, Am I saying that, “at the time of the photograph her mental illness appears to be untreated and therefore is outside the scope of your system of aura reading.”

    Ha! I should be so sophisticated! Let’s remember, I’m not a mental health professional. Nor do I play one on TV. 😉

  64. 264

    Nor do I otherwise claim to have the specialized knowledge of mental health professionals. So I wouldn’t be in a position to:
    *Diagnose that a person has mental illness
    *And then ascertain if that mental illness appears to be untreated

  65. 265

    Any of this would be way too sophisticated for me.

    Energy Spirituality helps people — with normal mental functioning — with emotional growth and spiritual awakening. Using skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening. (BTW, all you mental health practitioners are invited to open up that controversial last link and share your thoughts here at this post.)

  66. 266

    To give a practical example, say that Gladys asks me to read her aura. It’s not my concern whether or not Gladys has been diagnosed with any specific psychiatric disorders, received treatment or not… What matters to me is, can she think straight?

    And I’m not talking about the quality of her behavior, or what would show up with sophisticated diagnostic criteria, no no!

  67. 267

    Most people can think straight, and think in a manner that falls within the extremely wide range of “normal, ordinary mental functioning.” As a lay person would understand it.

    In which case I can read Gladys’s aura in enough detail to assess the Sensitivity Scale, whether she is an empath or an HSP.

  68. 268

    The essence of the matter? Auras show patterns of consciousness. Those patterns of consciousness are related to how a person thinks.

  69. 269

    Next, related to Comment #234, am I saying that “3) psychiatric meds, even when appropriately used, obscure the ability of one’s aura to be read”?

    Absolutely not. In fact, several people I’ve helped move into Enlightenment were taking psychiatric medications when they moved into Enlightenment.

  70. 270

    Worth noting, in case any of you have connections with mental health journals, or people able to fund research, I am ready and eager to team up with mental health professionals because…

    Using very advanced aura reading techniques, I can research in minute detail the impact on specific people of specific psychiatric medications. Also I can train people to do this (provided they have certain specific empath gifts required to be able to do this extremely subtle kind of research).

  71. 271

    No project is dearer to my heart, because of the suffering this kind of research can prevent, and the help we could make available for people whose brain chemistry could respond well to appropriately prescribed psychiatric medications.

  72. 272

    Finally, phew! Regarding Comment #235, am I saying that “4) having a mental illness and being an empath are truly mutually exclusive?”

    Depends on the type of mental illness.

  73. 273

    Categorically, persons on the autism spectrum cannot be empaths. Although they’re certainly capable of empathic behavior/compassion.

    I’ve written about that in this article.

  74. 274

    Otherwise? It depends upon the person’s flow of consciousness (which a mental health professional like you would be able to peg in terms of a diagnosis, but that’s not what I do).

    Maria Bamford didn’t leave any impression upon me, TRICIA. I researched her, COMMENTED, and let it go.

  75. 275

    By contrast, aura reading John Malkovich was noteworthy to me. I’ve seen him perform and (since my “energy hygiene” is excellent by now), I always refrained from reading his aura.

    To my surfacey, Stage 1 Energetic Literacy-type, perception, he seemed like a quirky man, intelligent and sensitive to the point of finding it difficult to live, but finding his own internal complications truly fascinating.

  76. 276
    Tricia says:

    Rose, comments 262 onwards shed some light on your perception of mental illness and auras.

  77. 277

    By contrast, when applying Stage 3 Energetic Literacy I experienced his very non-standard kind of consciousness for a human being. Different from other unusual variations that I’ve researched, including various people along the autism spectrum, a client who is developmentally disabled, oh… it’s a long list.

    Never before had I experienced anything quite like John’s version of somehow managing to function and pass for a normal human being. Quite astounding to me? His extreme lack of neuro-physiological sensitivity. With Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, I noticed his struggle, his distress. But mistakenly equated it with sensitivity.

  78. 278

    But did that mean I was going to read his aura in detail? Definitely not. Past a certain point, it would have been disturbing to me to bend my awareness into John’s twisty, freaky, often-terrified, extremely non-standard, way of living as a human being. (Perhaps unique?)

    In my work, as for you in yours, TRICIA, we know when to stop following along twisty paths where we won’t be able to help someone, right?

  79. 279

    To conclude on a cheerful note, here’s one of my favorite applications of aura reading. (Just to be clear, I have no trouble researching in detail the auras of 999 out of 1,000 people.)

    Quite often, clients who are mental health professionals will ask me to research their patients or clients. Usually I do this without a photo (although it would be slightly more accurate with a photo), simply from pulling out energetic holograms from sessions with the psychiatrist + the patient, etc.

  80. 280

    So here’s my invitation to any of you mental health professionals who are curious about the scope and accuracy of this sort of research into chakra databanks.

    Simply book a session with me. On the day of our appointment, send a photo of the patient if it’s possible. Otherwise, I’ll just pull out energetic holograms for you.

  81. 281

    What can be especially interesting? Suppose that you’ve worked with Client Joe for five years.

    I can pull out energetic holograms from your first session together. Then, of your most recent one together. (Or, really, any session between you that you can describe with a bit of detail, such as where you were at the time and one detail of note about that particular session.)

  82. 282

    I’ve done this sort of research for other mental health experts and would be delighted to do it for you. Our modalities for helping clients are complementary, as you’ll come to appreciate.

  83. 283

    TRICIA, thank you for your Comment #276. It may seem that I’ve written rather extensively when you just sent a small number of comments.

    However, I was taking an opportunity to clarify points that will be of interest to many Blog-Buddies. And all of you are invited to share your thoughts about any of this. No mental health credentials required!

  84. 284
    Emily Turner says:

    Wow, Rose these comments have been so illuminating, thank you so much.

  85. 285
    Simon says:

    Hi Rose, thank you for this latest series of comments, and for all the time you put in answering our questions!

  86. 286
    Simon says:

    I recently had a session with yourself where you researched my new manager, who definitely has a particular type of functioning outside of what is normal.

    It has been so helpful to truly get that I am not dealing with someone who is capable of certain things and being able to adjust my expectations accordingly and not get twisted up about the very not-normal things this person is saying and doing.

  87. 287
    Simon says:

    I have had people in my extended family with different types of functioning going on, Aspergers being one, and I can see it is hard for people to truly understand that others are Not. The. Same. As. Them.

  88. 288
    Simon says:

    I believe understanding and knowing that certain people have chosen a certain type of functioning for this lifetime helps in having more compassion sure, but also in just being effective in helping others and in communicating effectively too.

    Less unrealistic expectations, less confusion, more truth!

  89. 289
    Simon says:

    I am really grateful that you are able to have this discernment and educate us on it too.

  90. 290
    Emily Turner says:

    Coming back to this post!!!

    As you know Rose I originally planned to be a clinical psychologist, and after 5 years of studying psychology and counselling and lots of volunteering opportunities I decided I couldn’t go in that direction knowing about how effective Energy Spirituality was for me! Nothing helped me as much as Energy Spirituality.

  91. 291
    Emily Turner says:

    And oh my am I glad for 269, a lot of people are on different types of psychiatric medication these days, including people in my life, and it is so helpful to still be able to research what is going on for them… can still have sessions where I can understand what is going on in the relationship and be a better friend etc etc!

  92. 292
    Emily Turner says:

    I really hope more mental health professionals take advantage of these skills, there is so much potential for helping people even more!!

  93. 293
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Rose, with this latest series of comments I think you’ve really outdone yourself. Thanks to Tricia for eliciting them.

  94. 294
    Oscar Manuel says:

    There has been this persistent misunderstanding, that people with *compassion* are also *empathetic* are also *empaths.*

  95. 295
    Oscar Manuel says:

    These comments do the best and clearest job I’ve ever seen of explaining the differences here.

  96. 296
    Janice says:

    Thank you for your response about degree of talent as an empath!

    So if one has more empath gifts, the power of experience when doing a Skilled Empath Merge will be greater. This is even if an empath gift is not directly relevant?

  97. 297
    Janice says:

    For instance, if we have two people

    Person #1 has two empath gifts, Emotional Oneness and Crystal Empath Ability.
    Person #2 has one empath gift: Emotional Oneness.

  98. 298
    Janice says:

    If they both do a Skilled Empath Merge with a person (not a crystal), Person #1 will generally have a more powerful experience? Even though the second empath gift is not directly relevant?

    Thank you in advance for helping me understand these points better!

  99. 299
    Janice says:

    Oh, also, in the past I have heard you refer to an individual’s “degree of talent” as an empath.

    Is this directly proportional to how many empath gifts the person has? I thought it meant something different.

  100. 300
    Janice says:

    Rose, thanks again for your responses here.

    The research you did into Eleanor Roosevelt and Bobby Kennedy has felt more meaningful to me than I expected.

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