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Valentine’s Day Face Reading Gifts

Valentine’s Day Face Reading Gifts. Wonderfully memorable!

Valentine’s Day Face Reading Gifts.

Hey, have you made plans yet? Because have I ever got some great-and-memorable gift ideas for you! In plenty of time for the big day.

  • Whether you’re having a date with your honey.
  • Or you’re on your own.
  • Either way this article can show you some ways to love your life more. (Also, physically, love your face more.)

Valentine’s Day Face Reading. Such a Super-Impressive Gift!

Surprisingly, you can give — or give yourself — a session with me. Did you know? I’m the Mother of Modern Face Reading. (As distinct from the fatalistic-though-interesting versions from 5,000 years ago.) The system’s called Face Reading Secrets®.

This version is deeply spiritual. One of my students, professional physiognomist Elaine Gardner, put it this way:

I’ve read and studied so many different systems and it’s clear that you are THE curator of divine knowledge about the face.

Seems to me, you’ve arrived at the same level of divine insight about faces that thousands of years and hundreds of ancient Chinese masters toiled away at.

Yes, Face Reading Secrets is a perfect gift if you’re spiritual but not religious.

What Will You and/or Your Date Learn from a Personal Face Reading?

Where I read the secrets of your face… in terms of talents you’ve got for such aspects of living as:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Career
  • Sex
  • And a whole lot more

Of course, you can learn to love quirky things about your face, too. I’ve rehabilitated many a person’s view of “that nose” or “those eyebrows.

Expect both compassion and accuracy. As evidenced by some of my 1,000+ media interviews.

Which Type of Face Reading Session?

If you’re a couple, I’d recommend a Relationship Face Reading. (When you open up that link, scroll down to the colorful, tabbed box. Thus, you’ll find loads of juicy details.)

Celebrating on your own… a day devoted to love? I can help. Choose a Life Potential Face Reading. (Again, for details, scroll down to the colorful, tabbed box.) Or you might even choose Your Transformation Face Reading.

No worries about traveling out here to Sterling, Virginia for the gift. You can do it via Skype webcam, by appointment.

Then There’s Always Your Bargain Version of a Face Reading Gift

No consolation prize, either! Simply one of the best cheap dates ever.

There you sit — with your date… or on your own. Everybody gets a hand mirror, for checking out your face data.

And your how-to book, brimming with fun and truth. (Also some cleverly used illustrations.) That’s The NEW Power of Face Reading.” 

Once you get through the basics, near the start, play. Play. PLAY!

One chapter at a time, learn about face data in different chapters with titles like “Eyes” and “Cheeks.” One chapter per date night. Expect ooh!s and aah!s. Learning about talents and challenges. Discovering a super-accurate system based on the premise that:

God don’t make no junk.

Of Course, You Could Always Choose Both

Book your personal face reading session. And also get a copy of The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Sure you can!

COMMENT Away, Blog-Buddies and Lurkers

For instance:

  1. Any questions about face reading in general?
  2. Or the unique kind I do in particular? (Apparently I went to the trouble of trademarking Face Reading Secrets®. But why bother?)
  3. How about your experiences with a personal personal face reading from me? Was it helpful, meaningful?
  4. And how about using that how-to book to develop The Power of Face Reading?
  5. At this point in your life, on a scale from 1-10, how do you feel about that physical face of yours? (10 means LOVE.)

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  1. 1
    Will says:

    I’ve had a Life Potential Face Reading with Rose and I really recommend it. I’d call it life changing, regarding my own relationship with my face.

  2. 2

    WILL, thank you for being the first to step up here.

    It’s nice to think that, instead of being at the mercy of cosmetics companies, cosmetic surgeons, and collective consciousness ideas like “Beauty Work,” my Face Reading sessions and books can give you a true alternative. A soul-celebrating alternative.

  3. 3
    Valerie says:

    I also learned a lot in my Face Reading with Rose.

    I learned about my own leadership style, how I listen, gifts for communication, and of course what my face is telling others about me every single day!

  4. 4
    Valerie says:

    I plan to have a Face Ready session every few years so I can see how I’ve grown and changed since the last face reading 🙂

  5. 5
    Rose says:

    VALERIE, isn’t it amazing how our faces are full of detailed information about our personal ways of excelling in life!

    I like that plan you mentioned in Comment #4. Of course, even when getting face readings every couple of years… you can mix it up. Look here at the variety of face reading sessions I offer. There’s so much to admire in that face of yours!

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