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5 Failure PREVENTIONS. Energy Spirituality

5 Failure PREVENTIONS can make your life so much simpler.

5 Failure PREVENTIONS. Aiming to help you cut way down on the number of failures in your life. Energy Spirituality to the rescue!

Today’s article was inspired by this guest post by Sandra Haering.

That said…

First of All, What Is Energy Spirituality?

Energy Spirituality is unique in the world today. Chiefly, the goal is:

Helping people like you with emotional growth. And spiritual awakening.

Using energy-based skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Altogether, Energy Spirituality includes 10 trademarked skill sets. All of these can help you enormously. While some are super-effective for helping you to prevent failure.

Despite the complications, conflicts and gack! And even Coronavirus… keeping the media busy… How about this? Let’s joyfully go into some specifics about using Energy Spirituality specialties to help you prevent failure.

5 Failure PREVENTIONS #1. Energetic Literacy Applied to Dating and Love

Ever meet somebody who seemed sooooo perfect? But then came the icky letdown….

This can feel like a double failure: Disappointment in the one you trusted. But also disgust with yourself: “Why couldn’t I see that deal-breaker right from the beginning?”

Potentially, love relationships are part risk, part reward. However, Energy Spirituality skills can decrease that risk aspect considerably. Due to these different-and-complimentary skills.

And What Else?

I can teach you how to read those aura photos online.  Regular pix, whether from a dating service or our pal Google Images. Otherwise, you can relax and let me bring considerable experience to a research session. All you need do is email me with photos of a bunch of prospects. I’ll do the rest.

  • Photographic Intelligence is a skill set that I’ve developed over decades.

Let me use it on your behalf during a personal session. So often clients are shocked at meaningful details that I point out in regular photographs. And this July 18-19 I’ll even be offering a one-time, in-person workshop to Awaken Your Photographic Intelligence. Such useful skills for preventing failure!

  • And the power of Face Reading can tell you so much about character.

“The Power of Face Reading” is an entertaining, informative book to fast-track you to failure prevention. Also helping you to avoid overlooking someone who could become the love of your life!

5 Failure PREVENTIONS #2. Learn Essential Empath Empowerment® Skills

Yowza! If you surf the net you might get the idea that Empath Coaching is all about whining. Victim talk for those hopeless, helpless empaths.

Actually not. To be sure, there’s an alternative. Learn the system of Empath Empowerment and you’ll find it much easier to be yourself.

Whether in business or in personal relationships, skilled empaths have far fewer failures. And a ton less confusion.

This book can turn you into a skilled empath. Just minutes a day. And after a month, you can be so much stronger (and discerning) in all your relationships.

COMMENTS here, Blog-Buddies? I know that many of you have some inspiring tales to tell about this.

5 Failure PREVENTIONS #3. Build Authentic Confidence

Many failures happen inside our own heads, you know? Avoid that mess by joining me and a great group of people in our first Energy Spirituality workshop this year.

Namely, our first in-person workshop. Only one chance to attend: 7 Ways to Build More Confidence. The life-enhancing workshop is coming March 28-29.

Yes, you really can attend. Although, to be sure, I would recommend you sign up SOON.

5 Failure PREVENTIONS #4. Get up to Speed on the Age of Awakening

Do you know about today’s new rules for success in life?

Did you even know that yesterday’s (old) rules — the ones you were raised to follow — can set you up for failure?

So true! Might I recommend you start to live The New Strong?

Resources that you won’t find elsewhere… And they can make such a difference for preventing failures, omg!

5 Failure PREVENTIONS #5. For Your Career, Soul Thrill Aura Research®

Quite simply, it’s indispensable. Given all the other failure preventions described in today’s post, I know you’ve had a lot to read.

So how about this? Click onto this link to learn more about this advanced form of aura reading. Never a psychic reading, of course. But an outgrowth of energetic literacy… refined and tested to bring you true discernment.

  1. I’ve helped so many clients find great careers.
  2. And helped so many clients avoid horrible, horrible career choices.
  3. Sometimes the same clients, actually. 😉

In Conclusion

Preventing failure sure is more fun than learning from it.

Anybody here have stories about how you have avoided disappointment?

Whether from Energy Spirituality resources or anything else! Please COMMENT away.

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  1. 1
    Leo Watts says:

    Number 5 has been a great resource for me in my career.

  2. 2
    Art says:

    Number 5 has helped me, too. I was hating my job but it researched really well.

    We got to that after researching a load of different careers I had been thinking were my true calling. With Soul Thrill Aura Research, I didn’t just learn how they were bad. I learned about how they were bad.

  3. 3
    Art says:

    Following that, I did some Energy Spirituality sessions for ENERGY HEALING, and they helped me not just stay in my job but enjoy it a whole lot more.

    I’m definitely a fan of preventing failure. Also, a fan of Energy Spirituality.

  4. 4

    ART, the details are the super-surprising part of those sessions with Soul Thrill Aura Research.

    Thank you for sharing here with just enough info!

  5. 5

    LEO (and other Blog-Buddies), might you have more details to share about this unique kind of aura reading research?

  6. 6

    Happy Leap Year Day, a rare treat.

    Blog-Buddies, may you move forward extra-beautifully today in your personal growth and spiritual awakening.

  7. 7
    Nan says:

    That #2 is the most important one for me, although I’ve gained benefit from other approaches listed here as well.

    Empath Empowerment, the version you teach, Rose (far as I’m concerned, the only version of empath coaching I’ve seen that works at all) makes such a difference.

  8. 8
    Nan says:

    Many failures from my past came from sheer confusion about who I was, due to being an unskilled empath.

    Also, the “Imported STUFF” that stops getting into your aura once you have decent skills, well, that Imported STUFF really clobbered me. Used to clobber me, I mean. Thank you, Rose.

  9. 9
    Nan says:

    If any of you reading here now suspect that maybe you might be an empath, I urge you to get Rose’s book for empath empowerment in minutes a day for a month.

  10. 10

    NAN, thank you so much.

    Blog-Buddies, here’s your access to some free tastes of “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days,” the how-to book NAN was talking about.

  11. 11
    Gwennie says:

    I’d like to give a shout-out to your #5 on this list. Soul Thrill Aura Research is good for career. (It has helped me, in this way, to be sure.)

    Yet I think the really big deal failure prevention has involved me and my living situation.

  12. 12
    Gwennie says:

    Where I live, housing is tight. If you’re not living with parents, then you’re sharing an apartment or group house.

    Rose’s research has prevented me from choosing some housing options that would have been a nightmare. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m not exaggerating.

  13. 13
    Gwennie says:

    Eventually I got everything set. After some research sessions with Rose, proud to say, I’m in a stable living situation, with good roommates, and they aren’t even weird. 😉

    If you’re in an apartment or house sharing situation, you might want to look into doing this kind of research. Personally, I think problems with living situations, especially surprises that you find out after you sign the lease, are THE WORST.

  14. 14

    GWENNIE, good to hear from you at the blog. And thanks for this contribution in particular.

    Although Soul Thrill Aura Research can’t guarantee perfect happiness with your roommates, it sure can give you better odds against misery. I’ve helped a LOT of Energy Spirituality clients find affordable, safe, reasonably pleasant housing with roommates or housemates.

  15. 15
    Olivia Swan says:

    Number 1 saved me from believing a married man who said he was divorcing his wife! I’d heard the tale from others but didn’t think it could happen to me!

    Rose you really helped me dodge a bullet with that one 🙂

  16. 16

    Ooh, OLIVIA, I remember that scoundrel. Whew!

  17. 17
    Leo Watts says:

    I found Soul Thrill Aura Research to be illuminating and true before starting a business that turned out to be profitable and fun.

  18. 18
    Leo Watts says:

    I also used Soul Thrill Aura Research when considering a financial investment, that panned out to be a good one, very much in line with the research.

  19. 19
    Leo Watts says:

    I’ve also used Soul Thrill Aura Research for clients to see which careers they would be poorly suited for, to avoid taking out tens of thousands in education for a career they wouldn’t enjoy or would get bored of.

    An ounce of prevention, as they say.

  20. 20

    Excellent examples, LEO!

    And all the more impressive to me because they are typical of many, many sessions with this Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING centerpiece.

  21. 21

    BTW, this YouTube video shows a demonstration of Soul Thrill Aura Research.

    Please remember to give a THUMBS UP if you’d like to help spread the word.

  22. 22
    Simon says:

    One failure prevention for me was around different diets and finding in advance which ones weren’t a good fit for my body and my lifestyle.

    Preventing me from having to deal with the consequences of a sub-standard diet for several weeks if I had instead experimented with them, trial and error style.

  23. 23
    Simon says:

    Using Soul Thrill Aura research for this meant I didn’t have to treat myself and my body like a guinea pig and just wait and see.

  24. 24
    Simon says:

    I would also say for 1, that also using energetic literacy for colleagues and supervisors has been a major help in failure prevention.

    Understanding people I work with using energetic literacy has meant I have avoided unproductive or unwise approaches that might have worked in previous workplaces but was not going to win me any favours in my current one.

  25. 25

    Masterful summaries, here, SIMON. You’ve compressed vivid tales (which I vividly remember) into snappy, easy, paragraphs

  26. 26

    About the final statement in your Comment #24, all I can say is:

    Gaaaaa! So true!!!

  27. 27
    Todd says:

    Work, work, work. I’m with Leo about being especially appreciative about that #5.

    Some of us really care about making money. I’m one of those people. I like to think of myself as ambitious but not materialistic.

  28. 28
    Todd says:

    Whatever your motivation, Energy Spirituality skills can give you an amazing shortcut to better business decisions.

    In the past, I had a few psychic readings. And I did like the psychics personally. But having psychic readings creeped me out a little bit. Also, those readings weren’t terribly accurate.

  29. 29
    Todd says:

    By contrast, Energy Spirituality aura readings are consistently accurate, imo.

    It’s a plus that those sessions feel good to me. Rose, I think you must know what you’re talking about when you say it makes a difference co-creating with Divine Beings, not making predictions, no working with spirits, etc. Thank you.

  30. 30

    TODD, thank you for contributing here, and thanks for the recognition.

    So many people assume that I’m a psychic who lies about being a psychic. In truth, I really am not a psychic.

  31. 31

    Here’s one of my proudest moments, in a way. During the New Age Years I was giving a talk for a woo-woo organization that met monthly and had a speaker.

    What was the topic I talked about? I don’t remember.

  32. 32

    But here’s what I do remember. After giving the main lecture, I opened up the floor for questions.

    Joe, in the audience, raised his hand. He had a puzzled expression. He told me:

  33. 33

    “I don’t understand how you can do the work you do. I read auras. I was looking at your aura the whole time. And the part of your aura about receiving psychic input is completely shut down.

    “I don’t get it.”

  34. 34

    If any of you Blog-Buddies would like to comment on this aura observation from Joe:
    *Whether to ask what he meant
    *Or to clarify why this was true and made total sense
    By all means, COMMENT away, por favor.

  35. 35
    Emily Turner says:

    Rose that comment 33 made me laugh out loud.

  36. 36

    Come to think of it, EMILY TURNER, it is kind of funny.

    Why was Joe incredulous? My idea goes like this. He believed that only psychics could read auras.

  37. 37

    As in, who could read auras?

    Either persons trained in psychic development…

  38. 38

    Or else New Age energy healers. With all respect, systems like Reiki involve sketchy ideas about how all the healing is supposed to come from “Spirit.”

    Which amounts to astral beings partnering up with people, also.

  39. 39

    Therefore, to Joe in my audience at that lecture, it was incomprehensible how I could be reading auras without working with the spirits he was used to watching, when psychics read auras.

  40. 40

    Also, little-known fact: Folks trained in psychic development can only research at the highest level of awareness of the spirit(s) giving them information.

    Therefore, no matter how clairvoyant they are — clairvoyance being the obsolete gold standard for quality of aura reading during the New Age Years…

  41. 41

    The psychics aren’t able to get information that comes from co-creating with the Divine.

    Here’s a story to illustrate:

  42. 42

    During the New Age Years, I facilitated a few sessions for Gladys.

    She told me upfront that she had a standing weekly appointment with “her psychic.” However, Gladys was curious about whether I might be able to help her as well.

  43. 43

    For her Sessions #2 and 3 with me, Gladys reported this:

    “It was so weird. My psychic couldn’t read my aura. So we’d reschedule until it had been 4 days after my session with you, and then my aura would settle down enough — or something — for her to be able to find it and read it.”

  44. 44
    Jenny says:

    To me, the biggest failure prevention of all is Empath Empowerment.

    So much background noise went away after I became a skilled empath, and it wasn’t very hard to learn either. I used the 30 Days book, that’s all.

  45. 45
    Emily Turner says:

    Interesting Rose!

    I would also think that it was true that while reading auras, and also generally, your Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Psychic Guidance WAS small (or even shut down), because it wasn’t something you were using or interested in!

  46. 46

    JENNY, sweet! Thank you for recommending “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days.”

  47. 47

    Exactly right, EMILY TURNER.

    You know, some of my aura reading students have habits from psychic development, etc. So they come to the online workshops as people where the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Psychic Guidance starts out really big. With practice, and following the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, this chakra databank becomes less and less active.

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