Deeper Perception Made Practical

Confidence Quiz. How Will You Score?

Confidence Quiz. Assess how you’re doing… to start yourself improving.

Confidence Quiz. How will you score at answering this very practical set of questions?

Especially important because confidence ties in with your personal growth.

Good news is, you have the potential for superb confidence.

Please answer each question below either TRUE or FALSE. And feel free to share detailed answers in your responses below. My encouragement shows in asking you TRUE or FALSE and WHY?

Maybe even COMMENT on the questions themselves. Like propose variations. Or say why you think that comment isn’t really fair. Any comments at all are fair game.

Together let’s explore the mysterious topic of confidence.

Confidence Quiz Question 1. When Alone

Fact is, as long as I can stay in my own company? I feel confident.


Confidence Quiz Question 2. With a Friend I Trust

One of the best things about having a good friend is how that person helps me to feel confident.


Confidence Quiz’s Question 3. Physically Being around People, the More the Better

Together with other people, my confidence blossoms. Clearly that’s because their reactions to me can give me confidence.


Confidence Quiz Question 4. Sometimes I Need a Drink to Feel Confident

Basically, before I go out to socialize, I need a drink. Without doubt, alcohol is a great social lubricant. It gives me confidence. No downside!


Confidence Quiz’s Question 5. Positive People!

To be sure, when I can talk to somebody positive, that boosts my confidence.

Maybe that’s because their happiness is contagious. Or else it’s because positive people are superior to negative people.


Confidence Quiz’s Question 6. If I’m Having a Bad Hair Day…

Or my skin breaks out??? Of course, my confidence is going to be shot. At least until I can look better.

At work. With friends. Even bumping into a neighbor.


Confidence Quiz’s Question 7. Cosmetic Surgery, Botox, Facial Fillers

Although they’re expensive, they’re worth every dime. Namely, worth their weight in confidence that they give me.


Confidence Quiz Question 8. Humming, Singing. Even Dancing

All these ways of making life fun always bring me confidence. Like humming a little here and there? By far the easiest way to tune up my confidence!


Confidence Quiz Question 9. Having Sex Makes Me Confident at Dating

Significantly sexy, that’s me. No wonder, I’m likely to wind up having sex, right from the first date. And that always adds confidence when I have the little conversations beforehand: They don’t really matter, as long as the two of us wind up in the sack!

Knowing this always gives me confidence. Charm, too.


Confidence Quiz Question 10. Always Smiling

Balanced against the terrible lack of confidence I might feel otherwise… Of course I put a great big smile on my face whenever I’m in the presence of others.

Making this seem natural is really quite easy. Since I’ve practiced long enough in front of a mirror to have acquired a “wardrobe” of five different ways of smiling.

Nothing could be easier than switching up my smile every few minutes. Everybody knows, smiles make you seem confident. Like fake it ’till you make it.


Lucky Question 11. Your Turn

What is something you’ve figured out on your own for building confidence? Any little tricks up your sleeve? Like things you DO or else things you DON’T EVER DO!


By all means, Blog-Buddies, have some fun with this one.

Quiz Master’s Note

Of course, as an Energy Spirituality Practitioner, I help my clients gain more confidence. When you read the Confidence Quiz ANSWERS, you’ll understand better.

Meanwhile, your COMMENTS below will help me to speak your Confidence Language. So don’t hold back. Remember, you can even comment anonymously. In the first line, tell me what you’d like me to call you. Fun!

Incidentally, on the last weekend of this month (March 28-29), I’ll give a confidence workshop: 7 Ways to Build More Confidence

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  1. 201

    Nonetheless, my research into consciousness of people when tipsy (done via pulling out Energetic Holograms) shows something more significant.

    As you know, IVANA, you have a set of bodies outside your physical body. These are layered, each of these energies outside the previous one. (Akin to the layers of an onion.) And the full set of these bodies = your aura.

  2. 202

    Ordinarily, your consciousness (or awareness) when you’re awake is positioned where?

    Positioned in your physical body. You identify with it. Very human! As humans, consciousness positioning like that is our default, and a very good thing for many reasons.

  3. 203

    However, what happens to the positioning of consciousness once somebody — Gladys, for instance — is getting a pleasant alcoholic buzz along with her other friends?

    Her consciousness becomes positioned at one of her energy bodies (to use technical language from metaphysics, “one of her astral bodies.”)

  4. 204

    Which body? The energy body that corresponds to where that particular drink takes her.

    Beer might take Gladys’s awareness out to the next astral body. While whiskey takes her consciousness into the third body out. etc.

  5. 205

    Thus, the relief and lightness of feeling intoxicated… really isn’t about Gladys being more sociable and witty, as a human being, due to drinking alcoholic beverages.

    Instead, she feels lighter due to having her consciousness positioned in an astral body. By definition, that is at a higher vibrational frequency. (Technically, an Astral Vibrational Frequency, rather than a Human Vibrational Frequency.)

  6. 206

    Not only would Gladys feel more witty, IVANA and other Blog-Buddies. She might feel more clever, more beautiful, more graceful… all sorts of attributes leading to “drunk’s confidence.”

    Due to what I call “the Romance of the Astral,” this is totally predictable. And also an illusion.

  7. 207

    Every human on earth, including those seduced by alcohol, agreed to incarnate here. (Quite a privilege, really. And and opportunity to evolve faster. Not a guarantee, obviously, but a magnificent opportunity.)

    Yet while here, we often feel homesick for the heaven we lived in before signing that Life Contract. Of course, that heaven is at an Astral Vibrational Frequency.

  8. 208

    Of course, it feels more natural and wittier, etc., when a substance positions consciousness to an astral high. But later we’ll pay the price.

    Besides, all that “drunk’s confidence” or “stoner’s confidence” was an illusion. An addictive illusion, actually.

  9. 209

    Especially in the Age of Awakening, it’s really important that we avoid recreational drugs and alcohol.

    I’m very relieved, in reading Quiz Comments from you Blog-Buddies so far, that nobody has valued this kind of “confidence.” Seemingly easy, but really way too expensive and distracting.

  10. 210

    If any of you would like to learn more on this topic, that’s great. Currently, 1 in 8 Americans is an alcoholic.

    How many more slow down their personal growth by drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages? Or squander this chance to evolve humanly… on weed or CBD oil?

  11. 211

    One unforgettable way to learn more about this is to book a research session with me. Assuming you’re doing well enough for me to go straight to a research session, I can co-create Consciousness Positioning Consults® along with you.

    We can research, in detail, the impact of a substance on you one time… at a time. Impact in terms of Emotional Self-Honesty, ability to Making Money, true Sex Appeal, and plenty more.

  12. 212

    Another resource is to take my online workshops in the Spiritually Sparkling Collection. (Starting with a Free Intro.)

    I’d recommend this is THE online workshop to take first, unless you’re an empath. In which case, your best-&-first help would be the Empath Empowerment Online Workshops.

  13. 213

    Otherwise, go for this amazing set of lessons to help you to learn effective skills for self-healing energetically.

    Among other things, in one of the Spiritually Sparkling® lessons you’ll learn a great deal about drinking alcohol, a non-mainstream perspective on Alcoholics Anonymous, and much more… that can help your quality of life.

  14. 214

    Of course, I’m not saying you need help with living sober, IVANA. Clearly you don’t.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your illuminating, powerful comments here at this thread. I wonder, who else wants to play!

  15. 215

    Between you and me, IVANA, this blog has now moved past 60,000 comments. Thanks to all you Blog-Buddies!!!

  16. 216
    Yvonne says:

    To me, the meaning of confidence is very simple. It means, having fun all day long, like a child.

    Children don’t usually worry about whether they’re confident, yet that seem that way, because they keep busy having fun.

  17. 217

    YVONNE, I see your point. Thanks for contributing to this thread.

  18. 218
    Liane says:

    Confidence used to equate comfort. Comfort in a group, out of a group, alone, drinking with friends, looks, sex….

    As long as I was comfortable in any given situation – no matter the contorting I had to do to morph myself into that comfort – I felt confident.

  19. 219

    What a power-packed & witty comment, LIANE.

    On top of all that, you just may have spoken for many. Thank you.

  20. 220
    Holly says:

    Hi Rose, thank you for congratulating in front of everyone. I won’t share any more information about my name’s fanfare.

  21. 221

    Excellent, HOLLY. You know, my job as a teacher wouldn’t be nearly as much fun…

    If I never got to teach.

  22. 222
    Ethan says:

    I too had Name Alignment with you Rose. (I think that’s what HOLLY was talking about in Comment #130.)

    And I’ve also fortunately had the Façade Body Upgrade healing from you.

  23. 223
    Ethan says:

    Can you please explain to us how these two are different? Because it seems to me as though they are really very similar.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. 224

    What fun, ETHAN! Sure, let’s have at it.

    If it’s helpful, Blog-Buddies, here’s a link to that comment from HOLLY. It’s #130.

  25. 225

    Name Alignment does not remove any STUFF from your aura.

    Instead, it simply allows you to have the benefit of a name whose consequences work well. Namely, the sound-and-association characteristics are a better fit for your soul expression for this lifetime.

  26. 226

    If you’ve done Name Alignment®, this video can be fun to watch.

    If you haven’t, it can be differently fun to watch. Plus, here’s an article to explain more about this unique Energy Spirituality service. (Scroll down to the colorful tabbed box for juicy details.)

  27. 227

    Often there are practical social advantages as well.

    For instance, your new name fits you so much better than the old one, it just might be easier for other people to remember.

  28. 228

    Plus, as with HOLLY’S old name, the old name may be in a language of your family’s heritage. Hard to pronounce or remember, for the people you meet.

    Yet here you are, an American or a Canadian, etc. And you have no plans to go back to the “home country.” So why introduce yourself as coming from a very country, and one where you don’t live.

  29. 229

    By contrast, Facade Body Upgrade does remove STUFF. In the form of outdated, unhelpful, and sometimes failure-related Facade Bodies…. As described at length in this article.

    It’s part of a short series, to be published occasionally, on different Energy Spirituality Healing Centerpieces that can help us vanquish forever ways that STUFF from past failures and disappointments can limit us now. But doesn’t have to!

  30. 230

    Here’s what these two Energy Spirituality specialties do have in common, ETHAN, which makes me so delighted that you asked your questions.

    Both of them help you to have better relationships with people. Something we may think of with special longing, now that the coronavirus social distancing has begun for a while.

  31. 231
    Emily Turner says:

    To add to comment 228. I’ve changed my name after a Name Alignment session with you Rose.

    At work a colleague has serious problems with remembering names. Sometimes he remember surnames instead. Sometime he remembers their job titles. He’s said to me that he has always had this problem.

    He told me also that he never has a problem remembering my name!

  32. 232
    Emily Turner says:

    To add to Ethan’s comments 223-224 and your comment 231 Rose, I agree they both help you have better relationships with people.

  33. 233
    Emily Turner says:

    My Name Alignment helped me so much in my relationships. Both in my personal and professional lives.

    People respond differently to me as Emily compared to [old name]. Hearing people call me by Emily still gives me a little sprinkling of joy sometimes too. I love my name!

  34. 234
    Emily Turner says:

    It’s like people can just get a fuller picture of who I am very quickly. And it seems to me that people respect me more

  35. 235
    Emily Turner says:

    My old name also was related to the country I was born in and no longer live in (and never plan on living in).

    Now people can almost never tell what nationality I am… which is very interesting but as a side effect also lets me step away from a lot of the automatic categorising into social class that goes on in the UK.

  36. 236
    Emily Turner says:

    I know that I would not have grown as much, had I not changed my name. Different opportunities may not have been available, partly because I would not have felt myself capable of them. All my relationships would have been impacted by my old name and all the baggage that came with it.

    I’m so happy I changed my name.

  37. 237

    EMILY TURNER, thank you so much for describing these wonderful results from Name Alignment. All the details you noted seem absolutely true to me, and important.

    As you know, I believe that getting a true name of power for yourself — a name that doesn’t seem the least bit weird, either — is the single fastest way to move toward using your full potential in life (aka Enlightenment).

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