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HEALING Past Failures. Help from Energy Spirituality

HEALING Past Failures. One Energy Spirituality Skill that Can Help? Updating FACADE BODIES.

HEALING Past Failures. Help from Energy Spirituality.

Say that you’ve learned how to prevent failure. Nevertheless, sometimes life just happens. Delivering an unpleasant experience that you never expected. Uh-oh!

How can you recover faster? Let this article familiarize you with some power-packed resources.

  1. Supplementing this guest post introducing the topic of overcoming failures.
  2. And also the approach of using some Energy Spirituality skill to prevent failure.
  3. Today we’re getting to shorter, practical articles in this series. Always aiming to help you recover from failures!!!

Bring it on: The recovering. Not more failures. 😉

HEALING Past Failures, Whether Recent or from Years Ago

Failures hurt. Important to realize, hurtful failures happen to us all:

  • Whether they’re “official failures” like “You’re fired.”
  • Or it’s the loss of a friendship.
  • A romantic breakup.
  • Or ugh, disappointing results in an election.

Regardless of the circumstances… Or the words you use. Without a doubt, each of us has a “Failure Sensation.” And we recognize it.

Important to note: Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING can’t rewrite your history. But it can help you to stop replaying that failure again and again.

But What IS Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING?

Overall, Energy Spirituality helps people like you to grow emotionally. Also, to evolve spiritually.

Within the four specialties of Energy Spirituality…

Like our Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Logo

Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING brings unique effectiveness to personal growth.

Just look at this sample of effective, tested skills available to help you. Let me tell you about five of them. All especially helpful for moving out STUFF in your aura that can cause random icky feelings.

As you know: Old, familiar “Failure Sensations” will come back to haunt you like a ghost… until that STUFF IS REMOVED.

By all means, let’s explore. One type of Failure-Related STUFF at a time. One blog post at a time.

HEALING Past Failures. Energy Spirituality Option #1. Facade Bodies Upgrade

Facade Bodies (and Belief Bodies) are astral-level structures. Quite inevitably, you’ve got a full set. Without going into too much technical detail, Facade Bodies impact every conversation you have today… and tomorrow. Every conversation or email or Tweet or post… with any human being whatsoever.

And icky ones can subconsciously drag you down in the dumps. Particularly vexing to those of us who aim for personal growth and spiritual awakening! Since, as a result of outdated Facade Bodies, we can get stuck inwardly.

Seemingly there’s a mysterious “obstacle” but we can’t see it with our eyes or hear it with our ears.

Definitely not, since Facade Bodies operate as subconscious and astral structures. As a result, humanly, it can appear that “I can’t get a break.” When that cause isn’t anything in objective reality that we can change.

HEALING Past Failures. Don’t Underestimate How They Can Live on

For Instance, in Your Facade Bodies

Most important to note: Facade Bodies and Belief Bodies are about as optional as skin.

  • Not writing this to be fatalistic.
  • Instead, to be realistic.

Fortunately, your Facade Bodies don’t have to keep on reminding you subconsciously of past failures. However, Outdated Facade Bodies count as STUFF when failures dominate.

Of course, failure times in your life can mess with your Facade Bodies! Apart from types of Failure Sensations discussed in our Parts 1 and 2 of this series, hello! Together with the social, emotional, and spiritual passages in your life, guess what?

Healing Past Failures, Let’s Admit This STUFF-Related Fact of Life

Physical changes to your life can seep into your Facade Bodies and Belief Bodies.

Ever get clobbered by one of these physical life passages?

  1. Serious illness or disability during early childhood?
  2. Difficult puberty, due to being a slow bloomer. (Like, not seeming sexy enough to other kids.)
  3. Difficult puberty, due to being a fast-and-lush bloomer. (Like, handling all the sexual attention from other kids. Maybe some grownups, too.)
  4. Upsetting unwanted pregnancy. A miscarriage. Or an abortion, that was your right choice yet clashed with beliefs of others.
  5. Going through the uniquely weird thing called female menopause.
  6. Surviving the sexual shakeup known as male menopause.
  7. Developing chronic illnesses like diabetes. Illnesses that don’t have to kill you, but they sure can limit your life to some degree. And freak out your sense of self.
  8. Living with a hidden disability.
  9. Also, chronic pain. Where nothing you do can move it out. Like, what are you going to do now to maintain a healthy sense of self?
  10. And there are so many more.

So. Many. More. Physical aspects of your life that can create really distorted Facade Bodies.

Usually What Happens with Your Facade Bodies?

Whatever the latest awful life experience you go through, your Facade Bodies take all of that in.

Years later. Even decades later. The awfullest versions live on, when you’re with other people. Including new people you meet.

For example, feeling like a social outcast. Or, “What’s the point in making new friends. They will turn on me eventually.”

As for your Energy Spirituality sophisticates who know about auric modeling…. Do you think that your current Facade Bodies just might have a leetle impact there?


Fortunately, we’ve got an Energy Spirituality context here, right.

For Sure, You Can Update Your Facade Bodies

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and have bit of patience, excellent! I can teach you to facilitate this Spiritually Sparkling skill.

Own the skill and you’re set for life.

Either of these resources can teach you how to upgrade your Facade Bodies and Belief Bodies:

Another possibility is to receive this healing in a session with an Energy Spirituality Expert. (Note: Choice of Healing Centerpiece is always at the Expert’s discretion; as a client you can’t order up any particular Healing Centerpiece.)

When I facilitate this form of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING, I always like to throw in a sound recording, made in “energetic real time.” Following the in-person energy healing, I explain how to use this resource. It can last for the rest of your life. Using that custom-made resource just a couple times a year. Keeping your Facade Bodies current… and the opposite of failure.

COMMENTS or Questions, Anyone?

There’s a time and place for that.

Now and here. 🙂

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    I know this is true from my own experience. For something you can’t see with your own eyes, Façade Bodies sure can drag down quality of life.

    I have noticed very good results from this healing centerpiece, mostly more of a sense of freedom as I create my own relationships, one at a time.

  2. 2
    Justine says:

    Upgrading Façade Bodies is one of the reasons I’m so glad to have bought (and read) your book on Use Your Power of Command.

  3. 3
    Justine says:

    I really got clobbered by that second point on your list. Nonetheless, puberty did happen quite a while ago. I feel very glad to no longer be living in the past, aura-wise.

  4. 4

    JUSTINE, thank you for this contribution, and welcome to my blog.

    Yes, learning how to upgrade Facade Bodies is definitely included in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

  5. 5
    Marvin says:

    I’m really happy that you are doing this series on failures Rose.

    I really appreciate the reminder about different healing centrepieces that are available and the new understanding I’m getting.

  6. 6
    Marvin says:

    I remember when I first got this healing centrepiece in a session (many years ago now in my old name).

    It definitely helped me move past some difficult failures and also difficult life experiences up to that point. I noticed that certain things were way easier, and people responded to me far better.

  7. 7

    MARVIN, thank you for speaking up. It’s a funny thing about this series about overcoming — and healing — failure, which I plan to sprinkle at our blog from time to time until all the planned blog posts are done.

    Learning about how Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING can remove the dregs of failure from our auras… It’s not initially the most pleasant of topics.

  8. 8

    Personally, I have been influenced by the “positivity” culture to kind-of cringe whenever I read the word failure.

    Either cringe or tune out. Want to click away immediately, lest I be “sullied.”

  9. 9

    But, hey, that’s not worthy of me. Or worthy of any of you Blog-Buddies who seek authentic personal growth, rather than a mood. Despite the blandishments in Collective Consciousness about how “negative” words like FAILURE could be “toxic.”

    (Personal growth whether pre-Enlightenment or while you’re living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment!)

  10. 10

    “Failure STUFF” Removal articles, like this one, are important blog posts. As you appreciate MARVIN.

    And all the more important because many newbies to Energy Spirituality may think, “I’ve had New Age Energy Healing. Like clearings! So I already know all about it.”

  11. 11

    With all due respect, that’s not true. Energy Spirituality helps people with personal growth and spiritual awakening using skills that work NOW.

    NOW means in the Age of Awakening. Not using leftover skills, now obsolete, from pre-Shift, on 12/21/12. (That link I’ve just supplied is important. Please read it.)

  12. 12

    Here, for example, is your chance to preview a sample of the many Healing Centerpieces available to Energy Spirituality Practitioners. How many of them have you ever experienced?

    And did you know about the 10 distinctive (heck, trademarked) systems at the core of Energy Spirituality?

  13. 13

    Here, of course, I’m addressing all you lurkers, and also Blog-Buddies, who have maybe never even had one personal session of Energy Spirituality. Nor read “The New Strong.” Nor taken advantage of any of the ways Energy Spirituality can significantly help you.

  14. 14

    You’re always welcome to read articles at my blog, and encouraged to share them.

    But if you think you’re finding out what this leading-edge field can really do to help you, and all you do is read the occasional article? You’re fooling yourself. Or, to put it more plainly, you’re depriving yourself of a resource that could make a huge difference in your everyday life.

  15. 15

    At the opposite extreme, here you are, MARVIN… Having made use of every resource that Energy Spirituality has to offer. Continuing to grow as this field grows. And quite the opposite of a failure in life!

  16. 16
    Oscar Manuel says:

    I strongly agree with what you just wrote here, Rose.

    I know quite a few people who lurk at this blog, never bother to comment, think they’re getting it all. Whereas they haven’t done sessions with you. And they haven’t taken a single online workshop, not even the free ones.

  17. 17
    Oscar Manuel says:

    They remind me of some of the drivers I see on the road these days. Because they’re in such a big rush. Tailgating without even know what they’re doing, probably.

    Some people race like crazy on the roads. Others race like crazy on the internet. I don’t think either group of people is going to learn much from their rushed journey.

  18. 18
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Okay, that isn’t what I meant to comment about originally. Let’s just say you inspired me Rose, with some of those comments.

    For sure, I know that actually DOING Energy Spirituality, not just READING about it as an outsider, has made all the difference in the world to me.

  19. 19
    Oscar Manuel says:

    I want to comment on RECEIVING the Facade Body Upgrade. It really did all you wrote here and more. Especially relevant to the idea of not living as though old failures defined me, nibbling away in the back of my mind. As if I’d never get past some of the items on your list of 10 ways we get stuck and feel we fail.

    Yes, I wrote “some of the items” on that list. Meaning, more than one. For sure.

  20. 20
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Here’s what the difference reminds me of. Sometimes while growing up I got some bad sunburns. After it stopped hurting, I went through the peeling stage.

    In a weird way, it felt so good, peeling off all that dead, shriveled up skin. The skin beneath felt fresh and good, like a new beginning.

  21. 21
    Oscar Manuel says:

    That’s what the difference reminds me of, between subconsciously and energetically carrying around who I thought I was, when that old version was marked by pain. And by confusion. Yes, by failures that new people in my life never had to know about.

    Only I wouldn’t be surprised if I was putting them, front and center, in my Facade Bodies. Definitely in my Belief Bodies as well.

  22. 22
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Personally, I think personal sessions of Energy Spirituality can move out a lot of old belief in past failures and pain. As if that is who we really are.

    You call it “STUFF” Rose, but you might just as well as call it carrying around old souvenirs of failure right in our auras.

  23. 23

    OSCAR MANUEL, thank you for these wonderful comments. Hey, I remember peeling.

    And when I grew up, I got to do something similar whenever I wanted to. I don’t know if most of you Blog-Buddies ever heard of a product called “Rubber Cement.” This came out long before Glue Sticks.

  24. 24

    Back in the day, countless kids like me probably figured out the same “clever” game. We’d paint a bunch of Rubber Cement on our hands. Then let it dry.

    Afterward we’d have lovely satisfaction of peeling it off and throwing it away. Really, I would feel such a sense of accomplishment, every time. As if I’d purified myself in some meaningful way. 😉

  25. 25

    By contrast, Facade Bodies and Belief Bodies aren’t visible or tactile. And, since Energy Spirituality doesn’t emphasize The Romance of the Astral, it’s not as though you learn specific ideas of what the heck was stuck in your aura, distorting all your relationships. No no!

    You just gain the benefit of that healing every six months.

  26. 26

    How does that feel?

    Not as dramatic as a new beginning. But, to me, it’s as though my soul expression for this incarnation has gone to a very gentle carwash. A whole lot of dirt lifts off, and you can see the shine.

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