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The Psychological Bypass. What Is It?

The Psychological Bypass. How can you stop taking the Psychological Bypass?

The Psychological Bypass. Ooh, let’s investigate, Seekers of Truth. What is the Psychological Bypass?

Why can it slow down your personal growth and spiritual awakening? Additionally, how can you avoid it?

And maybe most interesting (and ironic) of all:

Why is it that psychotherapists… Yes, psychotherapists, good professionals… Especially those who coined the phrase “The Spiritual Bypass”…

Why is it that psychotherapists have encouraged countless people to take “The Psychological Bypass”? And yet, been blind to this unintended consequence of psychotherapy? (And also pop psychology.)

Evidently it takes the founder of a different field — Energy Spirituality — to discover this problem. To name it. Also, to help people overcome it.

The Psychological Bypass. What Is It?

Simply put, people with this problem move in and out of paying attention to reality.

In particular, countless times a day, they fancy life up.

Particularly if they’re not feeling happy! Supposedly, now it’s time to analyze.

Ironically, self-actualizing people are the ones who suffer here. Due to taking this bypass away from reality. Instead of just plain living, they analyze life psychologically.

Ironically, this doesn’t help them live well psychologically. Or humanly. Since self-analysis can keep a person from making contact with human reality.

Yet this mistake is quite common. Given certain kinds of self-help with a psychological pin.

For Example, Meet Joe. He Often Takes the Psychological Bypass

In order to understand humanly what’s involved, let’s consider the plight of hypothetical Joe. He cares a great deal about personal growth.

For a while he was in therapy. Now he’s among the millions of people who believe they can Be my own therapist.” 

As a result, Joe no longer lives his life. Like a pitiful innocent. Like an ignorant time-waster. No-no.

Instead Joe uses Psychological Encouragements to Bypass Reality. (In a follow-up blog post, you’ll see a short list of typical practices. Any of which can result in this particular bypass problem.)

No longer does hardworking Joe do simple things:

  • Such as merely doing his job while he’s at work.
  • Or chit-chatting with a friend.
  • Or doing his best to get along with his housemates.

That’s for ordinary people. Joe aims to be extraordinary.

Yes, This Is as Unhelpful as Taking the Spiritual Bypass

Ironically, psychotherapists have flagged “The Spiritual Bypass” as a big waste of time. Only there, people manipulate their awareness to avoid ordinary human life….

By attempting to do something spiritual.

Meanwhile, so many therapists encourage folks to manipulate their awareness by doing something psychological. Even worse, pop psychology really encourages people like Joe to move into “The Pop Psych Trap, Human Life Bypass.” AKA you know what.

Too much of this shows in a person’s aura. Researchable with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy and other skills of Energy Spirituality. So common is the resulting problem, over-analyzing life psychologically! So common, I’ve coined a term for a “consciousness lifestyle” that results from too much riding on that bypass: Psychological Overwork.

Yep, Psychological Overwork results from too many consciousness exits off the highway of human life. And off-ramping into the Psychological Bypass.

And it leads to being spiritually stuck. As well as psychologically stuck. Working harder and harder. Receiving diminishing returns. Ouch!

How Can You Get of this Time-Wasting, Life-Wasting Bypass…

And Back to Living Productively?

Read this how-to book on “The New Strong.”

Or take the New Strong Online Workshops, starting with the Free Intro.

You can definitely learn how to “Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!” But don’t expect to learn from a short article at this blog.

Take a few hours and learn properly. Because what I’m teaching isn’t difficult. However, it is new. And, unlike all the easy cliches from pop psychology (thoroughly lodged in Collective Consciousness), Energy Spirituality discoveries are NEW.

New, and appropriate for helping you to thrive in the Age of Awakening.

In Conclusion, Score Another Pioneering Point for Energy Spirituality

Since, to my knowledge, this is the first article published online to define “The Psychological Bypass.” Although the topic did come up in related Comments #60-67 at a recent article on Taking the Spiritual Bypass. Follow that to see how I came up with today’s article. (Thanks, JNANA.)

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  1. 101

    Thank you, ANNA PATRICIA and YVONNE. At a time of historic health and economic challenge, maybe it’s not the easiest time to get attention for an innovation in understanding the Psychological Bypass, and how it has been with society for decades.

    Nonetheless, it’s time.

  2. 102

    One thing I really like about helping you Blog-Buddies to understand the Psychological Bypass?

    How you can recognize it from now on, simply by using common sense plus the discernment from this blog post and our comments here.

  3. 103

    By contrast, what about the consciousness lifestyle of Psychological Overwork?

    To discern that accurately, imo, it takes the advanced training of an Energy Spirituality practitioner.

  4. 104

    Although we can all take precautions against it, just by following the program laid out in “The New Strong.”

    Those precautions won’t hurt us, the least bit, even if we aren’t in Psychological Overwork or Spiritual Addiction. Rather, it’s a flexible-and-smart way to live. Probably not much different from what you’re doing now.

  5. 105
    Anna Patricia says:

    What an extraordinarily helpful article! It’s a real standout for me, and I’m already a fan of your blog.

    Thank you.

  6. 106

    You’re so welcome.

  7. 107
    A Big Skeptic says:

    This article made me very angry. Most of my life I’ve been working on myself psychologically. It has been fascinating. I’d even call it revelatory.

    Were you meaning to insult the millions of courageous people who are trying to face their fears?

  8. 108
    A Big Skeptic says:

    And what would your credentials be, exactly? Academically you’re a nobody.

  9. 109
    A Big Skeptic says:

    As for your precious little field of energy spirituality, if it’s so true, how come it’s not famous?

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why anybody would listen to a word you say.

  10. 110

    BIG SKEPTIC, the people who study with me choose to do so.

  11. 111
    Helen says:

    I’ve been taking your online workshop, The New Strong 101. Wow, I really didn’t realize how much technique time I’ve been doing.

  12. 112
    Helen says:

    This was quite an eye opener so to speak.

    I also read the New Strong a few times already but this format and extra details helped considerably.

  13. 113
    Helen says:

    My whole life I have had a bad habit psychologically analyzing myself and others.

    It seemed to be so necessary to protect myself emotionally from people.

  14. 114
    Helen says:

    It seemed like somehow I had the advantage if I understood them even better than they understood themselves.

  15. 115
    Helen says:

    I realize now what a waste of time it has been.

    Also, regrettably it was not a nice thing to be doing and didn’t help me in any real ways in my relationships… quite the opposite in fact.

  16. 116
    Helen says:

    Lately I have been actively looking for ways to entertain myself more in objective reality and realized how much I have been missing out on.

    There are so many more productive activities that I could be enjoying.

  17. 117

    HELEN, thanks for your words of experience, willingness to learn, and discovery.

    Blog-Buddies, HELEN is referring to one of my online workshops on The New Strong.

  18. 118

    Even just taking the Free Intro online workshop to The New Strong can wake you up a bit more. These workshops are excellent supplement to the how-to book, “The New Strong.”

  19. 119

    For the sake of my fellow consciousness nerds… there’s good reason for the sequence of study that you just summarized here, HELEN.

    Everything I teach is built up in layers, for sequential unfoldment of knowledge regarding consciousness. That’s why I have been developing — and plan to continue developing — a lot more of these online workshops.

  20. 120
    Helen88 says:

    I am so glad to hear that there will be more online workshops. I really like the format. Learning at your own pace and having the ability to re-listen to lessons is much easier for me.

    I tend to learn better on my own than with a group (although your in person workshops have been very helpful indeed.) There is always so much information about very new concepts in each workshop that being able to review as necessary is very helpful.

  21. 121
    Leo Watts says:

    It took me a while to understand the concept of the Psychological Bypass. As “working on oneself,” in a generic sense, is both lauded and widely accepted in society.

  22. 122
    Leo Watts says:

    Unfortunately, as a lifestyle, so to speak, or at least habit, it seems to me, at minimum, to not be particularly useful for sustained personal growth.

  23. 123
    Leo Watts says:

    The reasons are obvious on one hand, but also can difficult to spot without deeper perception on the other.

  24. 124
    Leo Watts says:

    For one, it’s relatively clear to me that personal growth does not stem from a constant self analysis and ensuing self chastisement.

  25. 125
    Leo Watts says:

    “Oh, why am I like this, what does it mean, oh I need to do this and not that” as a persistent way of manipulating one’s consciousness, a never-ending self-coercing internal dialogue…

  26. 126
    Leo Watts says:

    This often has the opposite result of leading to a better, happier life.

  27. 127
    Leo Watts says:

    What end is served in a radical over-complication of the mind?

  28. 128
    Leo Watts says:

    If one can read chakra databanks, this self-induced consciousness twisting shows up clearly.

  29. 129
    Leo Watts says:

    But, just thinking logically, is it not likely that a constant self contortion and self criticism in consciousness could be extremely counterproductive?

  30. 130

    Excellent points all, LEO. Thank you.

    BTW I just checked and currently this blog post is the ONLY article on the internet about the Psychological Bypass. Although there is a ton of articles about the Spiritual Bypass. (Thanks to psychologists, bless their hearts.)

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