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Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching. Words of realism… and hope

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching. Perspective from this Enlightenment Coach may bring inspiration. As you “Shelter in Place”:

  • While helping to keep yourself safe.
  • And also keeping other people safe.
  • And, also, progressing faster than usual in your spiritual evolution. Provided that you play this game right.

Yes, I Aim to Help You as an Enlightenment Coach.

You see, I’m not a theorist. Instead I’m a fairly experienced Enlightenment Coach. Neither affiliated with any particular religion. Nor teaching a particular path. But using Age of Awakening skills to perceive what really causes positive improvement. Not only helpful but possibly unique skills in the world today.

Just yesterday, for instance, I facilitated a first session for Joe. His Healing Centerpiece involved identifying Spiritual Addiction. Then I explained in detail how to get out of that vicious cycle.

Joe: But how could I be in spiritual addiction? I was working so hard on being more down to earth.

Rose: Oops! Unless you have good skills of energetic literacy, with all respect, you’re just guessing.

Quick Learner Joe, near the end of his session: What will I do all day? Without knowing it, I’ve been doing Technique Time almost constantly.

Like Joe, Just Read with an Open Mind. Then Decide for Yourself What’s Useful.

Since I’m not pretending to know everything. But I do know some things. Therefore, I offer perspective that may bring you some comfort. Or even inspiration. And perhaps some protection against jumping off the deep end.

After all, “Stay at Home” is unusual. Circumstances are shocking. Thus, many of us are becoming exceptionally curious. What is your spiritual opportunity, living through this health-and-money crisis?

Today’s article gives a broad context. Regarding the arena where our spiritual awakening can take place.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #1. Earth School

To clarify, from a spiritual perspective, you live at Earth School. Not just a place where “people are in danger from the coronavirus.” Always, being human was a great opportunity for spiritual evolution.

Without doubt, that opportunity is much greater now. Since we live in the Age of Awakening

No longer the Age of Faith. Because that ended on 12/21/12. 

Unprecedented is your opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening. Mainly, the faster you start living the New Strong, the better. And not just to help you survive. But to help you to thrive.

Yes, even now. While you “Stay at Home.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #2. What If People You Know… Die?

Let’s get one thing straight. Regardless of your religious background or spiritual beliefs. Of course you’re an eternal soul, having a human incarnation. And so is every other human being.

Equally true, you will always be in some body, somewhere. And the same with your family members and friends. (By all means, let’s give credit where it’s due. I learned this from the most experienced expert ever at past-life regression. Coletta Long taught me her method of past-life regression. And I adapted that into Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®SEAH.)

Here’s a link to one of my favorite blog posts about a client’s past-life regression.

And here is another link about a completely different incarnation.

Indeed, one of the fascinating things I’ve learned is this: Incarnations change. But you’ll always feel like “me.” I’ve found this to be true, always. Every single past-life experience of every single client since 1986. Because it’s your eternal soul, that will always be in some kind of body, somewhere.

Naturally, you don’t have to believe in reincarnation. However, it sure can help you to adjust if people you know wind up “dying.”

Incidentally, what if you do “lose” a person you love? Probably the technique I offer you in this rare blog post can bring you comfort.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #3. What If YOU Die?

Realistically, there are two different reasons this might happen:

Despite taking reasonable precautions, you may fall sick and die from covid-19. In which case, why would this happen? Because it is your time to go. Probably you have a life contract which contains this specific kind of termination point. A meant to be.

What if you’re not taking precautions, grow up! You will receive consequences. Regardless of whatever stories you tell yourself.

Many people today are still partying as if there’s no tomorrow. Or depending upon faith… as if Age of Faith practices still worked now. (Which they don’t.)

One point often overlooked by fatalists. Such as “What will be, will be. No point in ‘Stay at Home.'”

Foolish use of free will can cut any human being’s life short.

Related to this, I’ve guided many an SEAH client through a Life Review. In a loving way, each of us has a meeting like that. Presided over by God. (Or the equivalent, given our level of consciousness.) After a lifetime, we learn what we did well. Also, we learned where we messed up. If we decide to incarnate again, we’ll carry that karma with us.

Blaming others. Proud decrees of “independence.” And other lame excuses… None of that is going to fool God. Or you, once you’re back Home, when reviewing a lifetime. Which is one reason why you might wish to share this article on Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #4. Why Can’t Some Folks Take Precautions?

Does it frustrate the heck out of you? How some people are endangering themselves and others! Selfishly and ignorantly preventing what we need, which is a flatlined curve of contagionMaybe my perspective as an Enlightenment Coach can help a bit:

First and foremost, stop making excuses for people who endanger themselves and others. What a waste of your time!

Please remember how Earth School works now, in the Age of Awakening. Each of us has the following:

  • Consciousness
  • The opportunity to learn. Such as personal growth. And also spiritual awakening.
  • Free will.

We have all three. However, it’s up to us whether we choose to use them. And to what degree.

Especially at Risk

Seems to me, people in the following groups are especially at risk for dying of the coronavirus:

  1. Young souls, living in the moment. And I don’t mean people who are youthful in years. I mean souls who haven’t incarnated often at Earth School. In terms of soul age, they’re like two-year-olds. (And there are many such people. At any chronological age.)
  2. Folks with the Consciousness Lifestyle problem of Spiritual Shutdown. Some of them, as a result, refuse to take reasonable precautions.
  3. Folks with the Consciousness Lifestyle problem of Spiritual Addiction. Consequently, some are weakening their response to coronavirus due to magical thinking. As if still living during the New Age Years.
  4. Others keep taking the Spiritual Bypass. As a result they forget to take reasonable precautions.
  5. Folks with the Consciousness Lifestyle problem of Psychological Overwork are at risk, too. Potentially fatiguing themselves, to the point where they stop taking reasonable precautions.
  6. Of course, folks who keep themselves busy taking the Psychological Bypass aren’t going to fare well. Since 2 seconds of hand-washing could seem like 20. But aren’t! Thus, well-meaning analyzers of life who keep getting lost in their internal adventures.
  7. People for whom death from this modern-day plague is a meant-to-be. Such as people with the karma to be living in severe poverty right now. And no matter what they do, they can’t get ahead.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #5. “Ripping Away Attachments”

Ancient teachings about Spiritual Enlightenment from the East emphasize this. Exactly what does it mean, though, ripping away attachments?

Perhaps I’ll go into more detail about this sort of thing in a future post. Here I’ll simply say that when we’re forced to surrender to what is… Long-term, we have a choice.

Either hunker down into bitterness. (In which case we halt our personal growth. Maybe even stop it for the rest of the lifetime.)

Or we insist on living the best we can. (In which case we greatly accelerate our personal growth.)

In the Age of Faith, Enlightenment teachings emphasized the “surrender” aspect. Due to being the Age of Faith!

By contrast, in the Age of Awakening, we’d be wise to upgrade our language. And choose something more human. As befits people learning how to live the New Strong. We can accept what is. Humanly accept it. Solving problems in objective reality, when we can. Otherwise, accepting what we can’t change.

Especially helpful now is accepting reality in a joy-finding human way! Rather than a fatalistic way.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #6. Age of Awakening Adjustment Problems

Quite surprising, but true.

When Divine Beings made plans for folks incarnating now… (Including the sample in this memoir of spiritual awakening.) 

And when individual souls like you and me agreed to incarnate during these early years of the Age of Awakening.

Everyone had some idea of the difficulties that might arise.

Interestingly, though, those difficulties were greatly under-estimated.

Consequently, millions of human beings alive now just can’t hack it.

  • They’re clinging to their old-time religion.
  • Or — ridiculously common (and perhaps the subject of another future blog post) — it’s like they’re awaiting orders.
  • Unable to acknowledge that we’re in this Age of Awakening. Saying no to invitation after invitation to understand what is true now. (Perhaps like some of your friends, Blog-Buddies.)

Some souls like this may perish during the coronavirus. Whether or not they act responsibly. Because their souls have renegotiated the death date. Like a “Let me outta here” revamp of their Life Contracts.

Oh yes, such things are allowed.

However, Let’s Be Clear

There are honorable, reliable resources for learning to thrive in the Age of Awakening. Such as this blog.

If you can, gently remind your friends to avoid living in the past. Acting like Christian martyrs. Or religious fatalists of whatever kinds.

Or clinging to their hopes and practices from the New Age years. These don’t work now. These can’t work now. And trying harder will not make it so.

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching #7. Divine Love Accompanies Us

At least, it’s possible for us to notice that. Provided that we consciously let it in. By which I definitely don’t mean… revert to Age of Faith practices.  Like begging and trying to surrender.

Or expecting God to just miraculously fix things. “Because I believe.”

How Insulting to God! Who Created Us Humans with Free Will and Brains

Some folks doing “Stay at Home”… somehow. They’re not bothering with 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. How smart is that?

Maybe I don’t sound like a conventional Enlightenment Coach when I say what’s next. But here goes, anyway:

God is not a rapist.

Meaning what? Unlike what you may have seen at Age of Faith revival meetings, God doesn’t violently take people over. Especially not in the Age of Awakening.

Living now, we met God halfway. By taking Technique Time.

What else helps? Innocence while doing Technique Time. Rather than outlining how God is supposed to show up. Forcing positivity, etc.

But How Can I Choose Interesting Forms of Technique Time that Really Help Me?

One resource for varied — and effective — forms of Technique Time: It’s “Let Today Be a Holiday.”

But choose what you like. Just choose something!

Particularly when you don’t cheat yourself out of each day’s Technique Time, guess what? You’re evolving faster than usual.

So trust yourself and, if you can, trust God.

You’re going to get through this time. And also fulfill your purpose when attending Earth School. Which is never just about having fun. (Although so much fun is to be had.)

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  1. 101

    Regarding your question in Comment #87 about entering Phase 2 of Shelter in Place. Are any of you finding the need for more… something? Have any of you found ways to improve your way of doing Shelter in Place?

    Either case, please COMMENT away.

  2. 102

    First of all, a SAFETY FIRST comment. Are any of you Blog-Buddies living alone?

    If so, do you have a Care-Giving Buddy right in your neighborhood, or in your apartment building? you know, that would be a person with who you can swap care-taking if one of you falls ill.

  3. 103

    Please, don’t be too proud to reach out. Or too much of a friendship perfectionist to reach out.

    Consider it like a practical business arrangement, only about “Both of us live alone. Can we commit to taking care of each other, if one of us falls ill with the coronavirus?”

  4. 104

    Please, please, make sure you have at least one somebody responsible nearby.

    And arrange this BEFORE you’re sick and scared. Call each other once daily to check up on each other, and hear a friendly voice.

  5. 105

    Also, here’s a related tip: Don’t pick a smoker. (Also don’t be a smoker.) Why this isn’t front page news everywhere? I can’t say. But read this article and learn: Smokers and vapers are FAR more likely to die from covid-19.

  6. 106

    Back at your Comment #87, YVONNE, of course, how you respond to Shelter in Place can be part of your spiritual growth, your personal growth, all your cherished ideals.

    Every day of your life, this depends upon you. Which goals will you set? Which choices will you make?

  7. 107

    During challenging times like now, the pressure ramps up, amps up.

    Will you give in to self-pity? Or laziness? Or will you move forward, gratefully, making the most of each day. Every day that we stay alive here at Earth School, we can be growing a lot. The choice is ours.

  8. 108

    Speaking of which, here’s a distinction that may be meaningful to you, YVONNE. And also to others.

    A meaningful distinction if you have some understanding that we’re now living in the Age of Awakening. So that old traditions we learned growing up, Age of Faith traditions, won’t help us much now. In fact, they can send us back.

  9. 109

    I’ll give the example of my friend Joe. Here’s Problem #1.

    Joe comes from a religious family and cares deeply about being a good Christian. Accordingly, he’s letting everybody know, “If you want somebody to help you, or go shopping for you, just say the word.” Basically, he’s knocking himself out, using the Age of Faith model of self-sacrifice. Volunteering when it’s not needed.

  10. 110

    Here’s Problem #2. Joe, who’s as sweet as he can be, has breathing problems. Anybody with chronic health problems, including these, should NOT be volunteering to run errands for others.

    * High blood pressure
    * Diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2.

  11. 111

    * Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
    * Asthma
    * Heart disease

  12. 112

    * Immunocompromised — including folks with lupus and arthritis, those who have had organ transplants, anyone who is taking steroids as treatment, and people undergoing chemotherapy.
    * Cancer, period.
    * Seniors, of course.

  13. 113

    * Smokers and vapers. Just to mention this again, for good measure.

    Read more about all these cautions in this practical article, Blog-Buddies.

  14. 114

    So there’s darling Joe, putting himself at risk. When he doesn’t have to.

    Have any of you Blog-Buddies been doing old-fashioned, Age of Faith, acts of volunteering like this?

  15. 115

    I sure wish he and others would cut that out.

    Let me put this plainly, as an Age of Awakening-type Enlightenment Coach. We do people no favors when volunteering to do unnecessary favors.

  16. 116

    Now, in the Age of Awakening, one thing hasn’t changed since the Age of Faith. Most people are takers. We can question the impulse and not give into it.

    Yet, for humans, isn’t taking like a kind of reflex? Maybe built into our animal bodies.

  17. 117

    For instance, have you ever been in a store that gives away free samples of food? Like Costco and (in America) Whole Foods.

    Many a time, I’ve stuffed my face with food I didn’t especially want. And definitely didn’t need. Only it was F * R * E * E… So, back in the day, I’d just take.

  18. 118

    More recently, Joe made the offer to help me however, and it was lovely. Especially the spirit intended.

    And I was tempted. Just because it feels so good to take. Only I have access to Instacart. And Costco has special senior hours twice a week.

  19. 119

    If necessary, I have some hale-and-hearty neighbors who could help me. And, far as I know, they DON’T have breathing problems.

    Knocking yourself out, and maybe even dying, when you don’t have to volunteer? That’s not smart. That’s not an Age of Awakening way to please God. (Personally, I doubt that optional martyrdom ever was.)

  20. 120

    So if Joe’s volunteering, I might never think, “Gee, I have X,Y,Z other ways of taking care of myself.”

    Get the point?

  21. 121

    Please don’t volunteer to do things that you don’t need to do. And before you convince yourself, “I’m their only hope,” think again.

    Many people you know have social resources that they won’t use, if you volunteer. Social resources who are healthier, nearer by, etc.

  22. 122

    Meanwhile, it’s sweet to reach out to others. But when possible, do it from the safety from where you are Staying at Home. Visit via webcam or phone, if possible. Both are in energetic real time. Both will enrich your consciousness and thrill your soul far more than texting or emailing.

    Choose wisely, Blog-Buddies, please. Live like somebody who does The New Strong.

  23. 123

    More to come later, YVONNE, CLAUDIA, ETHAN and other Blog-Buddies….

  24. 124

    Continuing, YVONNE, with my response to your Comments #88-89. Feeling sad about people, “Such as people with the karma to be living in severe poverty right now. And no matter what they do, they can’t get ahead.”

    Clearly, lives like that are terribly sad to witness. Or have!

  25. 125

    However, as my teacher Coletta Long used to say: “There are no innocent victims.”

    Dr. Long, a master of past-life regression, probably facilitated more of these sessions than anyone who ever lived. And her work was both impeccable, inspired, and super-helpful for clients.

  26. 126

    Due to her first-hand knowledge of reincarnation, working with many clients for multiple sessions, she knew it to be true.

    Really, there are no innocent victims.

  27. 127

    Karma often reaches us in future lifetimes. Seeming cruel and unfair.

    But it isn’t. As one of my wise clients for past-life regression told me, during a session: “God doesn’t give us karma to punish us but so that we can learn in the way that we learn when human on earth. We learn from human consequences.”

  28. 128

    But what else happens to Gladys, for instance, if she can’t seem to catch a break?

    All along she is creating new karma, of course. Without knowing it, even while suffering, people can set in motion good karma for the future. And sometimes that’s the best an incarnated person can do.

  29. 129

    As the facilitator of sessions using Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® — and also working as an Enlightenment Coach, of course, — I’ve learned something else that may comfort you, YVONNE.

    Sometimes souls will volunteer to take on terrible karma. For learning. Really, to fast-track their learning.

  30. 130

    Quite a few of my clients who are now in Age of Awakening Enlightenment… have done exactly that. Details have come out in some of their sessions with me.

  31. 131

    Here, for instance, is an inspiring blog post from 2014 about volunteering. If you can get through this without tearing up…

    It still can touch your heart in a big way.

  32. 132
    Yvonne says:

    Thank you very much. You have touched my heart in a big way, Rose.

  33. 133

    Awe! You’re welcome, YVONNE.

  34. 134

    CLAUDIA, responding now to your Comments #96 and 97. Since you asked my opinion, what do all these terms have in common?

    * Meant to be

  35. 135

    * Destiny
    * Will of God
    * Fate

  36. 136

    * Also, let’s not omit a popular version that has been celebrated in song:

    Que sera, sera. (This performance perfectly captures the cute-&-perky, mega-cheerful, demeanor of a beloved actress some 60 years before the start of the Age of Awakening, Doris Day.)

  37. 137

    CLAUDIA, beliefs like this consoled people during the Age of Faith. Since there was little social mobility.

    Aspirin wasn’t even invented until some 100 years before the Shift into the Age of Awakening, 12/21/12.

  38. 138

    Besides, the big thrust of human growth during the thousands of years in the Age of Faith was:

    Believe. Pray. Resign yourself. Be a good sport. Don’t disrespect God or you’ll be punished.

  39. 139

    Hey, I don’t need to remind you, CLAUDIA. Nor any other Blog-Buddies.

    We’re in that amazing transitional generation, first to live in the early years of the Age of Awakening.

  40. 140

    Since we do live now, I encourage all of you to let go of fatalistic beliefs. Avoid psychics and readers of the Akashic Records.

    That’s all so Age of Faith. It won’t help you to live The New Strong; won’t help you the least bit.

  41. 141

    Sure, we humans must still pay the price for what we receive.

    Following our dharma is still smart. Since we’re going to get karma, eventually, based on our actions.

  42. 142

    Taking personal responsibility, and aiming for spiritual growth: Both sweeten our lives in the Age of Awakening.

    While — according to this Enlightenment Coach, at least — fatalism weakens us; it slows our progress at personal growth and spiritual awakening.

  43. 143

    Also, CLAUDIA, I’m glad that you asked, “Do you think that people in Enlightenment are less likely to get covid-19?”

    Enlightenment never serves as a protection. With all respect, that’s another kind of magical thinking related to Age of Faith trusting, wishing, hoping, imagining; praying in old-fashioned ways that put God in the role of magical uncle.

  44. 144

    Like any other human beings living on earth right now, folks in Enlightenment are wise to practice social distancing. Wash our hands. Etc.

  45. 145

    CLAUDIA, thanks very much for making those comments, asking those questions. You may have spoken for many.

  46. 146
    Janice Hooper says:

    I have been learning so much since this all began!!

  47. 147
    Janice Hooper says:

    It’s really true that some people are terrible about taking precautions.

    And it makes me really mad. Especially at this point! UGH!!! (Thinking of some recent incidents…)

  48. 148
    Oscar says:

    Rose, I’ve heard you say this phrase, that “you’ll always be in some body, somewhere” many times. From what I understand, this is meant to bring comfort.

    But my reaction to that phrase is the same as it was when I first heard it… to feel freaked out! It gives me a sense of being trapped!

  49. 149
    Oscar says:

    That I would have that reaction to that phrase makes me laugh in self-acceptance.

  50. 150

    JANICE HOOPER, so good to hear from you. Warms my heart!

    Regarding Comment #147, this the main post give you a different perspective on folks who maybe… simply… aren’t capable of taking these precautions? (So different from you, being very awake inside.)

  51. 151

    OSCAR, regarding your important Comments #148-149? They demanded nothing less that a blog post.

    So I just published this one in your honor. About how reincarnation works! Please COMMENT there with your reactions, everyone, as we explore this important topic together.

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