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Free Education. Energy Spirituality Tips

Free Education in Energy Spirituality. 10 Tips to help you.

Free Education about Energy Spirituality can be yours through links at this website.

How can you make best use of this valuable resource?

Today’s post may surprise you a bit. Equally surprising to me as how…

The Following Questions Set off Today’s Set of Tips

First of all, at this post, CHRISTINE wrote something important. Via Comments #1-3:

Loved this article, Rose. Only I have a problem that you may be able to help with.

I don’t understand why you put so many links in this article, or why this is a standard thing that you do. Are you trying to sell us? Why bother to give us this many links?

I don’t mean to criticize, really. I just don’t get why you stick in all those links.

If I try opening them up as I go, then I get totally bogged down and never finish the article. Help, please.

Thus, CHRISTINE inspired a set of comments. In turn, they’ve inspired the 10 Tips in this article.

Free Education Tip #1. Altogether, this Blog is Educational

Mostly it’s a teaching blog. Educating you about Energy Spirituality.

Overall, giving you a front-row seat to our latest developments in all our specialties. By all means, pursue the ones that most interest you:

  1. Energy Spirituality ENERGY READINGAura Reading. Chakra Databanks Reading. Face Reading Secrets®.
  2. Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING
  3. Empath Empowerment® Coaching
  4. Enlightenment Coaching

All these specialties are continually evolving. And you won’t find this info elsewhere.

Most important, the goal is always helping you. So you won’t have to look far, into any blog post or website page… Not far at all… To find out “What’s in it for me?”

Free Education Tip #2. Don’t Let the Abundance Overwhelm You

Supposing that you’re new to this website, it can seem like a four-ring circus. That is to say, at least four websites rolled into one.

Please don’t think you must avidly pursue all four specialties. Choose what interests you most, for now. Then pace yourself accordingly.

For example, will you read for one hour a week? Or one hour a day?

Will you set a goal for this month to pursue one specialty? Versus exploring another specialty next month? Can do!

Eventually, if you keep learning, you’ll have a pleasant Aha! All Energy Spirituality specialties fit together.

Hey, it took me years to figure that out. And I’m the person who co-created all those skill sets! (Starting in the 1980s.)

Energy Spirituality offers four leading-edge specialties for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Free Education Tip #3. To Engage More, Learn More: COMMENT

Besides choosing your own areas of interest, hooray! You can double your growth impact from this website. Simply by commenting here. Indeed, it’s that simple. No matter when a blog post was published, you’re free to comment today. (Only a very few exceptions to this policy.)

In short, it’s up to you. Will you take advantage of this teacher’s expertise by commenting anywhere at the blog?

As you may know, by now, I acknowledge just about every person’s comments. Also I do a lot of free teaching answering general questions.

Only, please, adjust your expectations. Definitely I am not an advice columnist. More like a teacher of Energy Spirituality, and how it can help you.

Free Education Tip #4. Alternatives to the Chronological Approach

Beyond a doubt, some of you prefer reading the latest:

  1. Breaking News: Our most recent blog posts. (Usually about three per week.) Obviously, they’re listed under RECENT POSTS at the column on the right of your screen.
  2. Our Lively Community Speaks: Check out our most recent comments. (Find a listing at the column, too.)

Certainly, these choices are the most popular ways folks use this website. Yet, for a website and blog this huge, you’ve got extra options.

Namely, what might you prefer? Scrolling down to the CATEGORIES menu. (Also located in a column at the right, near the bottom. Open up that menu and you’ll find loads of categories. Click on your fave. Instantly, you’ll bring up loads of articles.)

In addition, search away. Just click on the the magnifying glass near the top of your screen. (On my PC anyway. Does it display differently on your phone?

Finding that search icon on a PC: Start the menu toward the top of your screen. See “INTRO” on the left? Keep moving over. By contrast, your SEARCH magnifying glass is all the way at the right.

Search on any area of interest. Have fun! So many articles, such bold perspectives!

Free Education Tip #5. First Reading ANY Articles Here, Skip over the Links

Definitely recommended: Read any article all the way through. For that first time. Maybe that will be the only time you need. But maybe you’d like to learn more.

Regardless, might I suggest? First time through, don’t click on any links. Even if you’re not terribly familiar with my work, you’ll get the gist well enough.

Please, avoid all the links. Because CHRISTINE is right. Pausing to read them will break your flow.

Free Education Tip #6. When You’re Ready to Learn More, Open up the Links

From a learning perspective, the blog links are an amazing resource. Providing quality learning. Tons of it!

By way of analogy, one of my hobbies is studying the French language. Sometimes I’ll read pages of a novel. And I’ll underline in pencil the words I don’t know.

Even without looking up any of them, I get the gist well enough. However — depending on my level of ambition for learning at the time — I may look up 3 vocabulary words. Or 5 words. Or 10 words.

However many I learn, ta da! I’ll become that much better at understanding French.

Likewise, you can delve into Energy Spirituality. And get really good at understanding it. Just having fun, you know?

Free Education Tip #7. Answer Most of Your Energy Spirituality Questions…

Right Here

Of course, it takes a while to understand any of the leading-edge specialties at this website.

You do realize? Nobody else is teaching anything like them. Not yet.

Witness the 10 trademarks I’ve bothered to get. (At a certain point, I stopped getting them. Quite a lot of work and expense to maintain, actually!)

Back to you, sure! You can answer most of your questions through the following combo of resources. So much is available for you here at THE Energy Spirituality website:

  1. Everything mentioned in the previous tips!!!!!!
  2. Read related Rose Rosetree books. Of course, they’ll fast-track you to more clarity.
  3. Check out Energy Spirituality Online Workshops. Discover an even more powerful resource for learning! (Best of all, most begin with a FREE INTRO.)
  4. Make an appointment with me for personal mentoring. Bring your list of questions, and we’ll get through as many as we can.

Free Education Tip #8. This Website Is Your Best Resource for Everything Energy Spirituality

Granted, some Energy Spirituality experts have created delightful websites. These exist to help their clients find them.

Today I allowed a final comment from a person who evidently was trolling at my blog. She asked to know about “other people who have been trained to the same level.”

Hello, I’m the Founder of Energy Spirituality. For years I’ve been training Apprentices and professional-level Practitioners. We meet monthly (even while safely sheltering in place) for extra mentoring. However, even the super-talented, skilled Energy Spirituality Practitioners don’t know the full array of skills that I offer.

Recently there have been reminders of a certain casual disrespect from what I offer. Which brings up the next tip. Something that wouldn’t have occurred to me. Like a “Huh, does not compute.” But it happened….

Free Education Tip #9. Don’t Ask Others to Explain Energy Spirituality

You’ve got this website and blog, right? And yet…

And yet you can read an example of seeking elsewhere in Comment #71 at this blog post.

Gladys did a brief run-through “The New Strong.” Rather than reading it over, or using the aforementioned tips (and resources), guess what?

Strangely inspired, she asked her friend to explain my work. And then tried to square it with some teaching by Eckhart Tolle. As if he knew anything about Energy Spirituality! (Also, some of you know the interesting fact that for years now he has been in Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Not Enlightenment at all.)

If you want to crowd-source knowledge, don’t think you’re learning about Energy Spirituality. I attract students and client with independence and intelligence. Namely, people who are ready to move beyond:

  • Pop psychology. Such as taught at the School of Oprah, during the New Age Years.
  • And Fundamentalist teachings that, sadly, didn’t deliver as promised.
  • Or New Age energy healing modalities. With their grand, impossible promises about body-mind-spirit.
  • Or other mainstream favorites, that aren’t what they seem. Like Mindfulness Meditation.

Likewise, for Heaven’s Sake, Don’t Believe the Imitators

Probably you already know how many people pretend to teach Energy Spirituality skills. Such as claiming to offer Empath Empowerment. Like Judith Orloff’s knockoff: “Empath’s Empowerment.” (As if the Hay House bestselling author really had to try stealing from this indie publisher?)

Of course, the imitators totally miss the mark. Hint: My system is distinctive, designed by a consciousness engineer. As in Empath Empowerment®.

In addition, some former clients who’ve had a few sessions with me? Sometimes they claim to offer Energy Spirituality sessions. (If so, they’re frauds.)

Most outrageous story yet, one Energy Spirituality Practitioner had some of her notes stolen by a friend, Joe. Afterward Joe went around “giving sessions.”

You get the idea: If you want Energy Spirituality, the real deal, come here.

Free Education Tip #10. Enjoy Studying with a Consciousness Engineer

As some of you already know, I’m a consciousness engineer. Consequently, I teach in layers.

Mostly, I do this because of the subject matter of all Energy Spirituality Specialties.

All of them present leading-edge knowledge about consciousness. Appropriate learning for the Age of Awakening!

In my experience, quality learning about consciousness-based skills? Sure ain’t like reading a fortune cookie?

Instead, this learning invites you to open up one layer at a time. Giving it time.

“Like to be a friend takes time.” Georgia O’Keeffe wrote about the benefit of slow-learning about her art. And the same is true about mine.

Questions, Anyone?

Reactions? Any COMMENTS at all. (Except from trolls, haha.)

Incidentally, I cherish EMILY TURNER’S comments yesterday. Responding to the troll I let sneak through. To see them, click onto this blog post.

Then go to Comments #32 – 74. Wow!

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    Oscar Manuel says:

    I’m grateful for this post, Rose. It reminds me of how I’m grateful for Energy Spirituality, which has helped me so much.

    In addition, indirectly, this blog post reminds me of your generosity in making so much knowledge available. Thank you.

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