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Energy Healing Consumer: Teslar Watches Warning

Energy Healing Consumer. Have you ever bought product to protect you against EMFs?

Energy Healing Consumer. Let’s turn our attention to a pricey new fad, Teslar Watches.

Surprisingly these may not help you exactly as advertised. In fact, what inspired today’s post?

Quite Some Cautionary Tale, that’s What!

Yesterday I facilitated an Energy Spirituality™ ENERGY HEALING session for my client Joe.

On the bright side, he received dramatic improvement to his aura. And received it in record time. But why did he need that aura healing in the first place?

Oh, Blog-Buddies, I’ve got a wild tale to tell. By all means, let’s do it justice. Broadening the context, we can make this an extra-useful article for you as a consumer of energy healing.

Noteworthy: This article runs longer than most of my blog posts. So read it in installments, if that helps. As a consumer of energy healing, what you’ll learn here could protect you a lot.

Energy Healing Consumer, Part 1

Starting Here, with the Scientific Hype Regarding Auras 

In the First Place, What Is a Teslar Watch?

It’s a product you can wear on your body. For example, you can click here to read the slick marketing claims. Accompanied by pricey images. Resulting in some allure, some persuasiveness. (Heck, all this sure convinced my client Joe.)

Personally, I’d call it a shiny new toy. Scientific seeming. Crazy expensive. (More on that part later.)

Most icky, in my opinion, using “science” to “protect people’s auras.” (More on that later, too.)

Teslar Marketing Claim #1

Supposedly we’re all suffering from “electromagnetic pollution.”

“Computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, televisions, tablets – all these devices disrupt our brain and nervous system functionality, destabilizing our body’s natural electromagnetic field. As a result we are exposed to a level of electromagnetic frequency millions of times higher than ever before.”

Supposedly, that should make us all desperate to buy a solution to rescue our auras.

Teslar Marketing Claim #2

Their “technology” contains a magical chip. Of course, they put this claim in a fancier way:

“TESLAR watches, contain a non-HERTZIAN Signal-Producing CHIP.

“The non-HERTZIAN, scalar CHIP functions as Quantum Piezoelectric Force (QPF) stated that the “rhythmic percussion generates non-HERTZIAN PE-Charge that systematically ignites every cell.”

Systematically “igniting every cell” in a person’s body? See any problem yet, Blog-Buddies?

Teslar Marketing Claim #3

Let’s tinker with your aura by making it more like the planet’s “natural frequency.” (Seriously?)

“Teslar technology utilizes the measurable electric field in the watch’s battery combined with the magnetic field of the coil in order to create a zero-point waveform with a scalar pulse of 7 to 9 times per second (7-9Hz). This frequency range mimics Earth’s natural frequency which may reduce the negative effects of stress.”

And this is okay to do this to people??? Just because it’s possible to do it?

Energy Healing Consumer, Part 2

As a Smart Consumer, Do You Notice Any Problems Yet?

First of all, the branding publicity never refers to this product as what it is. It’s a watch. Just a certain kind of wristwatch.

However, it’s referred to as a “technology.” Really! So much fancy-talk!  Take a closer look at this website and you’ll see that underlying scientific fancy-talk. As if that’s supposed to confer prestige for the product’s alleged appeal for energy healing.

Next, let’s question that website’s three big product claims:

Basically, What’s Wrong with Teslar Marketing Claim #1

Undoubtedly there are many devices today that emit electromagnetic frequencies. Most notably, including this very product!

But these didn’t just happen suddenly. Like with no warning, human beings have electric lights. Televisions. Computers. Mobile phones.

In fact, these technologies developed over a couple hundreds of years. All along, we human beings have been adapting.

Makers of this product are trying to panic us about all this. However, we can calm down and think about reality.

For instance, do you know that electric lights have become popular?

Happened just yesterday… If you’re living in 1882. 😉

Furthermore, What’s Wrong with Teslar Marketing Claim #2

This product “systematically ignites every cell.” And that’s supposed to be a good thing?

Why? Because of somebody’s theory?

Wouldn’t it be wise to first test this on lab rats for 50 years? Oh no, why bother. Besides, that might be cruel.

Instead, let’s just use human volunteers.

Finally, What’s Wrong with Teslar Marketing Claim #3

This claim could be laughable. At least, it might be laughable… If people weren’t messing up their auras by using this product.

The watches are supposed to make people’s electromagnetic fields — their auras — “mimic Earth’s natural frequency”? And that’s supposed to calm us down?

Hey, last time I checked with Mother Earth:

  1. Mother Earth isn’t a human being.
  2. No problem with paying the rent. Keeping a job. Avoiding the Covid-10 Pandemic.
  3. Being a planet is definitely different from being human.
  4. But if you’re intelligent enough to believe in Climate Change, hello! Would you really call the current state of our planet blissfully calm?

Why would an intelligent person ever believe in something so preposterous??????

Minus the slick graphics, the claim to being “scientific,” and — let’s face it — the high price tag? Who would believe in something this preposterous?

Energy Healing Consumer, Part 3

Please, Please, Pay Attention to this Underlying Problem as Well

Actually, the T. Technology website describes a big problem right up-front. Kinda describes it, anyway.

  • “30% of population [sic]
  • “Suffers from hypersensitivity
  • “as a result of the potentially harmful frequencies emitted by our everyday devices.”

Alternatively, people today are struggling because they don’t know how to handle what?

Not the lack of PRODUCT that promises the moon. Or the “calmness” of Earth.

Instead, most people don’t yet know how to handle living in the Age of Awakening.

One way or another, most people today are having trouble with their energy sensitivity. Widespread sensitivity to energy IS new for the planet. Ever since a few decades pre-Shift on 12/21/12. But do we really need to medicalize it with a psychological label like “hypersensitivity”?

Wow, those Teslar Technology Experts Must Be Geniuses

At least in their own opinions of self. After all:

  1. They lead off with a term used by mental health professionals: hypersensitivity. (Guess that expertise is included in their job description as geniuses.)
  2. Impressively, also they know all about “Earth’s natural frequency.”
  3. Down to creating a chip to install this into people’s auras.
  4. Somehow they know this is good for their customers.
  5. Also impressive, they know how to make a wristwatch that tells time.

So what’s the price tag? Anywhere between $400.00 and $2,695.00

But What CAN’T these Brilliant Watchmakers Do?

Read auras. Research even a single chakra databank.

Energy-wise, these aura-tinkerers are totally illiterate.

Clearly. Because if they had decent energetic literacy, hello: They could read the auras of people who wear their product. And then they’d likely take these watches off the market as fast as I can say, “Ouch.”

Yesterday I read Joe’s aura, and what I found was absolutely horrifying.

Of course, at the time, I didn’t know the problem was his watch.

Energy Healing Consumer, Part 4

What Happened to Joe, a Too-Trusting Energy Healing Consumer?

Life wasn’t going great for Joe. As a long-term Energy Spirituality™ client, he felt like something was wrong. Yet he didn’t know what.

Wisely, he booked a session with me. Because we Energy Spirituality Practitioners know about many different ways that an aura can get messed up. And we’ve got skills to help.

As a client, you just show up and bring your aura. Plus, you can ask about a problem related to personal growth or your spiritual awakening. Or you can just say, as Joe did, “Something feels off. I’m having so many problems. Where to start?”

Early on, I did a Skilled Empath Merge to assess what was going on. (Basically, Skilled Empath Merge is an extra-oomphy way to learn about a person’s aura.)

And Joe’s Aura Was Such a Mess

Only two months before I’d facilitated a session for him. And Joe was doing fine. For years he’d been living with the consciousness lifestyle of The New Strong.

Now his aura was like that of somebody with Spiritual Addiction. And an unusually spaced-out version, actually. Like the consciousness lifestyle of folks who’ve lived for five years or more with Spiritual Addiction.

In COMMENTS below, let me know if you’d like a couple of examples.

BTW Joe has given me permission to write about some of these details. Since the story of our session had a happy ending. Besides, he wanted to help me warn others.

Energy Healing Consumer, Part 5

Protect Yourself, Sure. But Don’t Give Yourself New Energy Problems.

Very likely, the cure was worse than the disease. Quite likely, the disease was really imaginary. More accurately, the big picture need for this Energy Healing Technology was a sloppy mislabeling. Easy to do if a money-making business happens to be energy-illiterate.

After a few minutes, Joe thought to mention his Teslar Technology. And he summarized what it was supposed to do.

“Take it off. Immediately,” I said.

He did. Thank God, within five minutes his aura was far more normal.

After 20 minutes, I used the system of Soul Thrill® Aura Research to pinpoint the consequences of wearing that watch.

Again, COMMENT below if you’d like some details. Otherwise here’s a summary: Ugly-ugly-icky-and-ugly.

In Conclusion

Do you really need to subject your personal aura…  to this “energy chip”? Or other products to protect against EMFs?

Because this messed-up thinking doesn’t just happen with Teslar watches.

Thanks for reading this unusually long article. Now it’s your turn, Blog-Buddies. What think you?

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  1. 201
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill… Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  2. 202
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size
    1/8 inch. Flatlines, signifying a chakra databank that is not working.

  3. 203
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    “Doing what makes me happy doesn’t matter.” What matters is “being safe in all the energies.”

  4. 204

    Depending on how much you read, Blog-Buddies, and also how fast you read… That Comment #203 may not have made much of an impression.

    In that case, read it again. For a human being? This is really-really scary. Frankly, it’s horrifying.

  5. 205

    You can be quite sure that those who sell Teslar watches have no idea — or interest? — about what their little chip does to vibrant, evolving human beings. Like Joe Back to Normal, actually.

    Okay, let’s continue with results of this research on consequences on Joe’s aura, considering the variable called “Wearing my Teslar watch.”

  6. 206
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality … Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  7. 207
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size of this Root Chakra Databank
    18 inch.
    Flatlines. Totally shut down at the time of this research.

  8. 208

    “It’s important to be safe with the energies.”

  9. 209

    Ouchee! Blog-Buddies, you may not have a whole lot of experience with Soul Thrill Aura Research. So let me call to your attention what is sooooooo disturbing about this part of the research.

  10. 210

    As you might remember from our first go-around with the baseline aura reading of these chakra databanks, what’s this one about ? Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality is about how, as a human being, it’s very important for us to take an interest in life outside our heads, human life, objective reality.

  11. 211

    So it is not okay for this chakra databank not be be working and, instead, to have one’s sense of human existence reduced to thinking in terms of being an energy and having one’s energies be “safe.”

  12. 212

    In earlier comments at this thread I shared with you’all, for the first time anywhere, the progression within the consciousness lifestyle of Spiritual Addiction: Mild, Moderate, and Severe.

  13. 213

    This research finding is very typical of what life is like for people with Severe Spiritual Addiction. It is NOT advanced. It is nothing like Spiritual Enlightenment, nor is it even like spiritual awakening. It’s a terrible mess.

  14. 214
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Physical Health … Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  15. 215
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size
    Extremely Large – definitely over-functioning, by a significant degree.

  16. 216
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    “The body will take care of itself. I need to be safe with the energies.”

  17. 217

    Again, Blog-Buddies, I hope you will appreciate — this result is horribly wrong, a nightmare of a way for a human being to live in the present. Both the detachment about Joe’s human life and also his surrendering to astral “energies” as a substitute for his human experience? Really horrendous in its implications.

  18. 218
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Living in the Present – … Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  19. 219
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size
    Extremely Large. Way over-functioning.

  20. 220
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    “Living in the energies.” Not in human vibrational frequencies.
    Human present time doesn’t matter.

  21. 221

    Those of you who have read “The New Strong” may be nodding your heads in recognition.

    As for those of you who haven’t yet read “The New Strong,” you really might want to read it. This book will explain a lot of the dangers of consciousness lifestyles that can, basically, keep a person from evolving spiritually. As in stuck-stuck-stuck.

  22. 222
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self Honesty … Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  23. 223
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size
    1/8 inch. Flatlining once again. As in, not working.

  24. 224
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    “Living in the energies.” Not interested in human vibrational frequencies. Personal, human-type honesty isn’t even relevant, neither is anybody else’s human integrity or honesty.

  25. 225

    Like science fiction, only real! And I have to tell you, Blog-Buddies, I have researched people in Severe Spiritual Addiction and also some in Extreme Spiritual Addiction, and this kind of confusion is going on.

  26. 226

    Actually, today was my “day off.” I spent part of the time doing consciousness lifestyle research on 10 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, some of the 199 who voted for a notorious conspiracy theorist to keep her committee appointments. (Fortunately, they lost that particular vote, but still.)

  27. 227
  28. 228

    To you, understandably, all that shows is a list of names of people and their corresponding consciousness lifestyles. But I can tell you, what I read in many of them was a lot like what was happening to Joe… under the influence of the Teslar fancy-watch. Ugh!

  29. 229

    How we choose to live is really, really important. That’s all. I take seriously my role as an Enlightenment Teacher. I’m here to help each and every one of you readers, as best I can; educating you about the choices you have.

  30. 230

    Joe Back to Normal, and I, still have a bit more to share with you. Time has flown in this day off, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, as always, send in your COMMENTS.

    If they don’t appear fast, that’s just because of being in the Blog Monitor’s Queue. They’ll have their day in the sun!

  31. 231
    Melissa says:

    I had no idea that a watch could do things like this to a person. Creepy.

  32. 232

    Not just any watch, MELISSA. At the Teslar website, they tell you about their big plans for their little chip. All this was a terrible learning experience for Joe Back to Normal.

  33. 233

    For the rest of us, reading the post and comments here, the learning can come easy. This is, after all, an educational blog about “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Something we all can do… yet most folks aren’t using those skills yet. By reading posts like this one, you get much of the benefit.

  34. 234
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity … Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  35. 235
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size
    Extremely large.
    Way over-functioning.

  36. 236
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Most important, nothing in this chakra databank is about verbal integrity at all. Instead?
    “All that matters is living in the energies.”

  37. 237

    Blog-Buddies, for a watch maybe that’s not so bad. A watch is not a human being. IMO, engineers who design watches have no business designing them to impact the consciousness of human beings.

  38. 238

    For sure, my work with Energy Spirituality involves helping people to GROW. Both emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

    Every day we’re alive, we’re growing. Unless we’re not.

  39. 239

    I’m glad this blog post and series of comments is helping you Blog-Buddies to avoid trashing your sacred opportunity to evolve here at Earth School.

  40. 240

    At least Joe was able to come back to normal. Had he worn that brainwashing device for two years rather than two months, maybe that wouldn’t have been possible.

    (Not to scare you, Joe. Look at how fast you came back from this horrible learning experience!)

  41. 241
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies … Researching the Impact of the Teslar Watch

  42. 242
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Symbolic Size of this Third Eye Chakra Databank.
    Extremely large.
    Way over-functioning.

  43. 243
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    All that matters is living in the energies.

  44. 244

    As a point of interest, this chakra databank was more vivid as any others in this research set, as though the whole point of being alive….
    As though it had nothing to do with spiritual evolution or human learning or anything else that is human.

  45. 245

    Rather, as though the whole point of living as Joe was just to be one with the energies.

  46. 246

    Maybe some of you are thinking, “That sounds like a blissful drug trip.”

    Yeah, but people pay the price for their highs on drugs. Besides, human life is designed differently. This is Earth School!

  47. 247

    Besides, when this human incarnation is over, and you’re living in some sweet heaven somewhere…

    Once again, you’ll be in your natural state, feeling connected to God. And feeling God’s energies everywhere.

  48. 248
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Now that I’ve shared all these details I have something more to say.

    Rose as you know I spent many years in Spiritual Addiction before finding you about 10 years ago.

  49. 249
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    So this experience really reminded me not only of how I used to live, but how much I appreciate being in my body and living with my consciousness positioned in Human Vibrational Frequencies.

  50. 250
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    Not only is life more enjoyable being fully in my body, but believe me, I’m a MUCH more powerful and effective human being! And so much happier!!!

  51. 251
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    After I took off the watch, my voice came back as the strong voice that I have.

  52. 252
    Joe Back to Normal says:

    I also felt myself come back as the strong person that I am. It felt like coming back home, so relieved, so comfortable, so familiar, and exactly where I’m supposed to be.

    Whew!! Thank you Rose!!!!!

  53. 253

    Like icing on the Cake of Knowledge, Joe Back to Normal — thank you so much.

    (And you’re welcome, too.)

  54. 254
    Will says:

    Thanks for this, Joe and Rose. The impact sounds really bad, especially given your description of mild-moderate-severe Spiritual Addiction, Rose.

  55. 255
    Kathy says:

    Do you think we should have you research all our watches?

    How about our mobile phones?

  56. 256
    Kathy says:

    Joe bought the watch so he could feel more secure. Then it did just the opposite.

  57. 257

    No worries, KATHY. Just make choices as a smart consumer. Specifically:

  58. 258

    When somebody claims to heal your energies or protect your energies, take a good look at what they’re promising.

    If it doesn’t pass your sniff test, don’t make yourself a guinea pig in somebody else’s irresponsible experiment.

  59. 259
    Brooke says:

    Fascinating post, Rose and Joe!

    I wasn’t familiar with Teslar watches, but had purchased EMF blocking stickers for my computer and cell phone.

  60. 260
    Brooke says:

    Reading this post, it comes home to me and clicks into place that EMFs are ENERGIES.

    And focus on energies is never a strong way to live a human life.

  61. 261
    Brooke says:

    Especially welcome is this counterculture quote:

    “But these didn’t just happen suddenly. Like with no warning, human beings have electric lights. Televisions. Computers. Mobile phones.

  62. 262
    Brooke says:

    “In fact, these technologies developed over a couple hundreds of years. All along, we human beings have been adapting.”

  63. 263
    Brooke says:

    The research shared here on the impact of wearing the watch seems very helpful and important.

  64. 264
    Brooke says:

    Otherwise, someone looking to purchase this type of watch might assume that the very worst that could happen…is nothing.

  65. 265

    BROOKE, magnificent comments all. If I had to single out one fave, it would be:

    “Reading this post, it comes home to me and clicks into place that EMFs are ENERGIES. And focus on energies is never a strong way to live a human life.”

  66. 266

    Over the years, as you can imagine, I’ve had quite a few Energy Spirituality clients who used devices of one sort or another to (supposedly) protect them from EMFs.

  67. 267

    According to Soul Thrill Aura Research, and/or what I learned from sessions of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING, none of these devices had a constructive impact on my client.

  68. 268

    Furthermore, what did I notice about Energy Spirituality clients who believed they needed protection from EMFs? Eventually I referred some to psychiatrists for medication. Anti-anxiety medication made a big difference for them.

  69. 269

    As for the others? As I recall, they were in — or recovering from — the consciousness lifestyle of Spiritual Addiction. Exactly what you flagged, BROOKE, in your Comment #260.

  70. 270
    Brooke says:

    So interesting, Rose.

    Posts like these are helping to move out the last traces of things I was taught in the New Age years, things that I wondered about or believed.

  71. 271

    Another excellent point, BROOKE. Relevant to so many of us Blog-Buddies… and those who don’t yet read this blog!

  72. 272
    Edwin says:

    Has anybody mentioned this yet in the comments? I pay a lot of attention to intellectual property, like trademarks. Calling this product “Teslar” strikes me as a pretty devious naming.

  73. 273
    Edwin says:

    Who doesn’t associate this with the genius of Nikola Tesla? There’s also the mixed cleverness and nuttiness and wealth of Elon Musk.

  74. 274
    Edwin says:

    Legally I doubt that a company could get away with branding as “Tesla.” But “Teslar” is different enough for them to reap the benefit of positive associations, yet not be in legal jeopardy.

  75. 275
    Edwin says:

    To me, that’s one of a piece with the ethics of producing a product and website with such big claims, even though, as you’ve demonstrated Rose through your research here, to my satisfaction, these claims ring hollow.

  76. 276

    Nice catch there, EDWIN. Thank you.

  77. 277
    Anthony says:

    Amazing Post….who would have known a fancy watch could cause more problems!

  78. 278

    ANTHONY, how about that! Better to splurge on something low-tech, not some machine that’s supposed to give you energy healing. Maybe some loafers made of fine Italian leather?

  79. 279
    Lydia says:

    I can imagine an energy kind of consumer service in the Age of Awakening, something akin to Consumer Reports, but about the energetic consequences of various products. Wouldn’t that be great?

  80. 280

    Sweet idea, LYDIA, but I think that might become a version of what I call “Energy Hypochondria.” That means constantly inquiring into how one’s aura is doing, maybe trying on-the-fly energy healing all day long.

  81. 281

    Fortunately we don’t need to be vigilant about our auras. Despite how tempting it is to do just that, in the Age of Awakening. To understand why it’s so tempting, and also why that’s really better to avoid, read “The New Strong.”

  82. 282

    LYDIA, if I recall, you’re still pretty new to Energy Spirituality. Understandably then, you might think “The New Strong” is just another self-help book, or another version of an energy healing book about aura colours, etc.

  83. 283

    For any of you Blog-Buddies who haven’t read this book yet, at a minimum, you might invest two minutes in reading this Annotated Table of Contents for “The New Strong.” This is THE only book published yet, to my knowledge, about how to adjust well to the Age of Awakening.

  84. 284
    Lydia says:

    Good point, Rose. I’m still learning.

  85. 285

    You and me both, LYDIA.

  86. 286
    Coletta says:

    Thank you Rose and Joe for the article!

    I was curious about such devices and their effect.

  87. 287
    Coletta says:

    Not that I ever wanted to try them, quite the opposite.

    But was curious about them as there are more and more of such ideas on the market.

  88. 288

    That curiosity makes a lot of sense to me, COLETTA, as does your reluctance to make yourself a guinea pig and pay for the privilege.

  89. 289

    Why are there “more and more of such ideas on the market”? it just might have to do with how many people today are living in Spiritual Addiction. These folks are already paying a whole lot of attention to energies, unfortunately; therefore, devices related to energies might automatically seem helpful.

  90. 290
    Mo says:

    Hi Rose, I’ve definitely looked up EMF protection devices before, so this is quite interesting!

  91. 291
    Mo says:

    Would it be possible to elaborate on the effect (if there is any at all) that “EMF’s” have on humans?

  92. 292
    Mo says:

    Is there anything (positively or negatively) happening when we are holding cell phones, on our computers, etc.?

  93. 293
    Mo says:

    I almost feel like the fear of EMF’s could be worse for people than the actual EMF’s themselves.

  94. 294

    Welcome to my blog, MO. I appreciate your enthusiasm and questions. Starting with your Comment #290, I’m glad you’ve found this blog, in part because we cover a lot of topics here. 🙂

  95. 295

    Regarding Comment #291, of course not. I am not a psychic. I don’t take omniscience pills. And I’m not some kind of theorizer who takes advantage of the freedom of blogging to set forth whatever comes into my head.

  96. 296

    Energy Spirituality is new to you, I get that. Please know that rigor and responsibility are built into every article and post that I publish. You might understand this a bit more if you read this article about my standing to develop this field.

  97. 297

    Regarding Comment #292, that question doesn’t interest me. Sorry.

    Do you have all the time in the world for answering hypothetical questions? I don’t.

  98. 298

    Regarding your Comment #293, MO, I hear you loud and clear… and agree 100%.

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