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Farewell, Anorexic Ideal

Farewell Anorexic Ideal

Farewell Anorexic Ideal — have you ever thought about the aura-level consequences of self-starvation to achieve “glamour”?

Farewell, Anorexic Ideal — as two different Blog-Buddies comment on extreme thinness as a job requirement for beauty. Or much of any value, really.

INFP Starflower began this guest post on our perennial topic of The Anorexic Ideal. Every so often, this topic springs up like a bold Earth-Flower. The topic springs up due to aura reading, and not necessarily on purpose.

How The Anorexic Ideal hurts women of my generation, a guest post by Jordan

Recently we’ve been exploring pressures on women and performers for extreme thinness, what I call “The Anorexic Ideal.”

Basically, I’ve had it with doing Skilled Empath Merges and aura readings on celebrities whose chakra databanks scream “Feed me.” For years, I’ve told myself, “When energetic literacy is widespread, social pressure will go the other way. People will be considered ‘attractive’ at a size compatible with comfort and health.”

Face Reading for "The Anorexic Ideal," Part Two

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


“Ce n’est pas un pipe.” These words created a minor revolution in the art world. Surrealist visionary/troublemaker Rene Magritte painted a pipe on a canvas, then added words beneath his image. Translated, those outrageous words said:

“This is not a pipe.”

Magritte was so very right. An image of a pipe is not the same thing as a real, three-D pipe. Similarly, an image of a woman who meets “The Anorexic Ideal” is neither inherently beautiful nor a great role model.

Face Reading Three Signs of The Anorexic Ideal. Part One

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Some people are naturally thin, as Ashley just observed in discussing our anorexia thread here at Deeper Perception Made Practical. (See her eloquent Comment 12 about what I’m now calling “The Anorexic Ideal.“)

Sure, some people are thin, while others work really hard at skinniness.

Beauty Ideals that Turn Ugly ENERGETICALLY

What don't you have to be in this life? A Barbie doll or a Ken doll.

What don’t you have to be in this life? A Barbie doll or a Ken doll.

Welcome, whether you have been reading this series all along or today you just stumbled upon today’s blog post.

To learn more about this nasty kind of energetic STUFF that can get lodged in your aura and subconscious mind, you might wish to check out the earlier articles in this series:

Now let’s continue to sort out the difference between psychic coercion, other problems that involve STUFF, and forms of fear-talk that are common since The Shift into The Age of Aquarius.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 8. Pressure about “Looking Good”

Directly and indirectly, many people give you messages about how to look. In our quiz, I gave this particular example:

This guy you have been dating, JOE, keeps asking you to dye your hair blond.

Weight Gossip. Guest Post by Adam McIntosh

Weight Gossip

Weight Gossip — Wrong! Because pursuit of The Anorexic Ideal could leave you feeling as fat as this cartoon guy. Protecting yourself is smarter.

Weight Gossip. And why acupuncturist ADAM MC INTOSH doesn’t believe in bullying patients about their weight.

As for society’s Anorexic Ideal? That’s awful.

What I Would Want from Aura Reading, If I Were Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Yesterday’s fabulous aura reading by JORDAN displayed the sophisticated art of aura reading movie reviews.

Jessica Chastain didn’t do terribly well with her Chakra Databank Change Points. Still, the aura reading research suggested that motivations for Jessica aren’t deeply artistic. Of course, it’s amazing to even make a living as an actor. She could have plenty of motivations in career — or in life — other than high art.

Face Reading Lady Gaga’s Cosmetic Surgery

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

Continuing to explore face reading on Lady Gaga, we have a great opportunity to include discussion of her cosmetic surgery. Three pictures will be used for this comparison reading about how the superstar’s face has changed.

  1. One reason to learn face reading skills is to get inside information about people without having to switch on an unskilled empath merge.
  2. Face reading is also a problem solver for all those who are recovering from spiritual addiction — millions of New Agers today, I believe, with the syndrome described in depth (along with solutions) in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.
  3. If you are decreasing your woo-woo time down to 30 or 60 minutes, total, per day, how can you safely satisfy your curiosity about reading people deeper? Face reading is a great solution. Any time spending face reading — with my system at least — will plant you firmly in objective reality.
  4. And if you wonder about the inner implications of cosmetic surgery, you’ll find special meaning in one particular system of physiognomy, Face Reading Secrets®.

Confident Shakira. Chakra Databanks

Confident Shakira. On the outside, anyway. See today’s aura reading for more insight….

Confident Shakira.

Chakra Databanks tell the story of what it’s really like to be the pop star. So rich and famous and thin. Also happy?

Today’s aura reading will tell the inside story. In detail.

Orthorexia Aura. Does An Eating Disorder Show?

Orthorexia Aura. Maybe not showing in most aura photos. This one — taken of somebody without orthorexia — was taken after a Skilled Empath Merge. But maybe it can get you thinking. (See Comments #1-2 below.)

Orthorexia Aura. Does this eating disorder show in a person’s aura? Or appearance?

Actually, does any eating disorder show, aurically?