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Aura Reading Vs. Empath-Merge — What’s the Big Difference?

Aura Reading Vs. Skilled Empath Merge

Aura Reading Vs. Skilled Empath Merge. Do YOU know what makes them different from each other?

This week, let’s continue to profile this November’s rivals for the Virginia senate. Besides doing an Aura Reading of several chakra databanks, I’ll let myself go into an Empath-Merge. But let’s clarify basics today.

What’s the difference between the two, a “Skilled Empath Merge” and an “Aura Reading”?

What an Empath Can Lose

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If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that being an empath can be bliss. As a skilled empath, you can gain wisdom and do service in a way that non-empaths simply can’t.

As a very skilled empath, you can learn techniques for what I call “empath-merge” and have an extremely vivid experience of being another person. Or a flower!

But skilled empaths are made, not born. Instead some of us — I estimate 1 in 20 Americans — are born as unskilled empaths, “merely” talented.

True Empath Empowerment Vs. Strong Boundaries


All kinds of empaths talk with me:

  • Skilled empaths
  • Questing empaths trying to find out “Who am I?”
  • Scared empaths, fleeing energy vampires and narcissists
  • Despairing empaths who believe they are damaged forever
  • Empaths who (mistakenly) think they know everything about how to be skilled because they now “pay attention to boundaries.”

Empath Empowerment Quiz

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A rare opportunity for empath empowerment is coming up this September 19-21. Could my upcoming Intensive workshop benefit you? Take this quiz. (Answer YES or NO.)

Why Must Empaths Do More than Spot Narcissists?





To solve the special problems that empaths have with spotting narcissists and protecting themselves from narcissists, let’s begin with some definitions. (If you already know these definitions, scroll down to our fun examples of enabling “Pat the Narcissist.”)

As an aura reader and empath empowerer, here’s my perspective. A narcissist is someone who is chronically self-absorbed to a significant degree. To spot narcissists every time, you’ve got to read auras.

Narcissist patterns show in the heart chakra. Many other databanks in auras can help you spot narcissists, which is why aura reading is so necessary for anyone who is really determined to never be tricked again by a narcissist in nice-person’s clothing.

Spotting Narcissists

Annette Bening Aura Reading


“I need to be able to spot narcissists” — this has to be one of the most heart-wrenching reasons why people come to me to learn empath skills, aura reading, or face reading.

One thing is for sure. When it comes to this type of detective work, time is of the essence. By the time you have divorced a narcissist who is your lover or spouse, that’s on the late side. Same thing if you have worked for a narcissist for a decade or had your career been sabotaged by narcissists.

Publishing Milestone and an Inside Scoop

We have something wonderful to celebrate here at Women’s Intuition Worldwide. I’ve recently toted up the number of books in print — that’s the number of copies published by us in America and also foreign editions.

Between aura reading, face reading, and books for empaths, we’re at 204,00 and counting!

Those 25 foreign contracts help….

Aura Readings and Empath-Merge of Roger Federer

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


As requested, here comes the latest in our series of aura readings of athletes. Bring on the energy field of sumptuous tennis star Roger Federer. (To find his recent face reading, click here.)

Modeling for you Blog-Buddies what it means to use skill as an empath, I will tell you the precise point in today’s reading when (and if) I decide that it is safe for me to also do an empath-merge on the man.

How Hard is it to Become a Skilled Empath?

Somewhere between too easy and too hard lies the truth. Yet consistently I find empaths who don’t understand what is involved in becoming a skilled empath.

Consequently, they try too hard, making life way more complicated than it needs to be. Or else they assume that the skills needed are way too easy.

The photo here shows me, Rose Rosetree, after doing an empath-merge as a skilled empath. My partner for this

Could your aura be TOO HARD TO READ?







Aura reading myths abound. I heard this one just last week from a new client. “Gabriela” wasn’t just amazed that I could read her aura over the phone. She was shocked I could do it at all.

“My psychic tells me that my aura is too difficult for her to read.”

Blog-Buddies, you know better. Please, please, please, you know what to do when you hear someone speak out this myth about auras.