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Riding into Deeper Perception


To this native New Yorker, trains mean gray slabs of grime, noise and speed. They mean boisterous crowds, rank smells and, these days, incessant cell phone chatter. But none of my Amtrak or subway experiences ever prepared me for this, my first train ride to Osaka.

Kyoko Rearranges Her Brain, Just for Me


Quick, what do these jobs have in common?

  • Dermatologist
  • Pet wardrobe consultant
  • Geographer
  • Road engineer

Naughty Flying


What better day to celebrate flying than today? I’m about to spend 14 hours United airlining, sandwiched between low-lying heavens, en route to Japan.

Besides the amazing convenience that so many frequent flyers take for granted, this form of travel is also a way to enjoy sacred time. Prayer is my favorite activity during liftoff, also during landing. In between, I love the sensation of traveling through sky and clouds.

The Real Deal


Even if you don’t know Timberly Whitfield, there’s something about her. Just looking at her picture, don’t you want to get to know her?

I did, when taping the “New Morning” TV show. I wanted to get to know her pronto. Admittedly that was partly desperation. Nothing like sitting beside a TV interviewer to make you want to get to know somebody fast, so you can stay on her good  side…

Walls in Auras, GUEST POST by Anabela


What are walls, really?

I’ve built many walls, that is, a complete shutdown towards a person or situation. A lot of it has to do with empathy — mainly, I think, I take on intellectual shape-shifting and emotional oneness with others



The huge international Frankfurt Book Fair, where I just spent five days—to wrap your mind around it, imagine a paper bag big enough to hold a Costco, or some other enormous warehouse store. Then expand that bag eightfold, to include all the active display halls at the German fair.

Make your paper bag very strong, because it must expand yet again. Each of the eight display halls contains two stories each, except for the occasional one that crams in three stories. Walking through all that space, in physical reality rather than imagination, you can wear through the soles of your shoes. I did.  

Animal Empathy, GUEST POST by Ryan


Rose says in her October 4, 2007 entry, “Inner Tennis and More from Massachusetts”, that she is not an animal empath. This post resulted in me thinking about my animal empathy.Before I explain how I perceive animal consciousness, I will summarize how I perceive human consciousness.In a generally healthy person, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, intuition, and other aspects of consciousness are rather divisible. Languaging what is occurring in our mind and body is easy; we do this all the time with statements such as “I think” and “I feel.”

Open Hearts






Are you ready for a dazzlingly new concept about relationships? I’m just the messenger here, still amazed at an insight from my new friend, nationally syndicated radio host Rebecca Jernigan.








Note from Rose: Recently, animal empaths and animal communicators have been “threatening” to write guest posts. Marilyn Cooley is the first to have actually done it. She is a pro in this field, the owner of Nova Holistic Animal Care; Marilyn has earned the credentials known as HTACP, ESMT.

Remember, all of you talented folks are welcome to comment (or send your own Guest Posts). Bark up!

Inner Tennis and More from Massachusetts






One more book tour complete: Autographs signed, classes ended, personal sessions crammed with all that I could bring forth. Here’s what sloshes around in my mind, as I prepare to fly back to Virginia after spending six glorious days at Circles of Wisdom.