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Thanks again, Mr. Colbert






I’m a huge fan of Stephen Colbert. Today, a friend called to let me know about the cover story about him today in “Parade Magazine.” Was I curious? You bet.Check out the article, if you can.

Foreign Editions, GUEST POST






Dear Rose,  I would like to know where I can place an order for a Chinese Edition of “Empowered by Empathy.”  



Media Interview #771



Listen up, Blog-Buddies. One of my favorite radio interviewers has invited me back to his show this Friday for two hours “in the bathtub together.” (We’ll be explaining this technical term, no doubt.) You can listen from dry land, and I recommend that you do, because Rob McConnell is a wild man. So listen in and if you’re feeling really brave, also call in. It won’t cost you a dime to dial this number: 877-528-8255.

Impersonation, GUEST POST


How does Will Ferrell pull it off?

The former Saturday Night Live comedian, has done one of the best Dubya impersonations I’ve ever seen. It had me in stitches.

Publication Day





Each of my books has a cool back story, but I’ve never told any of them in public. Until now. Blog-Buddies, are you interested in hearing the story behind the book being published today?

Grounding, Guest Post


Dear All:

I just started reading Rose’s  book “Empowered by Empathy”  and true to fashion am reading it in bits and pieces…needless to say,  the grounding section was fantastic and that’s where I began!   

Is it Hard to Read Babies? GUEST POST


Colleen asked this great question after listening to my recent radio interview where I empathically merged with four different babies.

Psychic Healer's GUEST POST

Rose, I met you a couple of years ago at a Mind Body & Spirit exhibition in London and you very kindly helped me with my daughter Lisa by explaining what an empath was.

I got your book and gave it to Lisa and after she had read it she understood why she had such problems growing up.  She said that everything fell into place and for once in her life she understood who she was.

Radio Interview Today, Empath Alert

Good morning, Blog-Buds:

Listen to an in-depth radio interview today as I speak with Big Bob, the huge-hearted and hugely funny host of the “E-Z Help Radio Show.” No wonder they call him “Big.”

Stage Fright, GUEST POST


Today I tried to do an empathic merge with my favorite pianist at a concert she gave. I didn’t think that she might be nervous, but as soon as I started to connect, I got moderately nervous, and she hadn’t even appeared on stage then. Luckily she calmed down quite quickly then and I had the opportunity to follow her every mood to the end. She is also an empath.Do you think it could alleviate her nervousness if somebody does an empathic merge when she is nervous?Posted by Tara