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Can You Cut a Cord of Attachment Belonging to Someone Else?


Spring is not in the air. Nor is blithesome romance.

Although the popular mood need not prevent you from feeling quite wonderful.

I have been receiving two unusual requests from clients. In my 39 years of work with clients, both requests are new. And both requests have been made urgently by significant numbers of clients.

Does Aura Reading Make Me a Snoop?

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Recently I received the sweetest question from an Aura Reading Blog-Buddy. Nandi’s question was so great, I want to write two blog posts about it. Today, let’s consider this part of what she wrote: As a newer intuitive, I’m curious [about] your perspective on reading people who have not given us permission to read them.

New 90-Minute Sessions Available Now

cut cords of attachment

Thanks to my smart clients for sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation, I have begun to make longer sessions available on request.

My usual session time to Cut a Cord of Attachment (or do other types of healing related to Energy Spirituality) is 55 minutes. And the fee, which I haven’t raised for many years, is $125.

However, you might prefer a longer session if:

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing — Do you know the differences?

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing: Learn the differences and instantly you’ll upgrade your knowledge as a consumer for anything mind-body-spirit.

Why, exactly, is an aura reading NOT the same thing as an aura healing?

Inspired by an anonymous Blog-Buddy, today’s post is dedicated to helping you sort out the roles of different forms of deeper perception.

Gratitude Technique + Aura Reading Perspective


Gratitude can be used as a technique for spiritual healing, chakra balancing, overall cleansing of your aura.

Certain DO’s and DON’Ts are needed in order to make Gratitude a powerful and transforming technique. The perspective of Aura Reading helps, too.

Want Better Results from Your Healing Session?

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Last night, I dreamt that I sat with a psychic. Something she said at the start of our session made me trust her. Quickly the most delightful kind of relaxation swept through me.

This psychic was someone I could trust. Once I realized that, I knew exactly what to expect. In my reading, she would tell me everything that I most needed to know. I could just sit back and listen and learn. She would tell me all about the meaning of my life, my past, my future, my life contract.

Such a great feeling! Who wouldn’t love that?

Why the Confusion about Cutting Cords of Attachment?


Cords of Attachment can be removed quickly and rather easily, in a permanent way. It takes about one hour to do the job properly, cutting one Cord of Attachment.

By contrast, clearing up confusion about Cords of Attachment is taking many hours, and posts in this series. I hope you Blog-Buddies are having as much fun with it as I am. Especially Suzanne, whose questions prompted this educational series.

Can You Accept Your Potential to Cut Cords of Attachment?


So many of us have agonized over relationships, it can seem too simple. Can you really, permanently, Cut Cords of Attachment? Blog-Buddy Suzanne asked:

I guess it is just seeming like I must have a million cords and even if I cut them all I would just keep right on creating them.

You don’t have a million major Cut Cords of Attachment. You merely have a few dozen, plus several dozen more minor Cords of Attachment And every one of them can be cut permanently, provided that a quality method is used.

Why Just One Cord of Attachment Per Person?

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Blog-Buddy Suzanne recently sent a great question about Cords of Attachment as comments to a previous post:

[Supposing I cut a Cord of Attachment], why would I not recreate it the very next day? And the one after that?

Each time I interact with that person, if it’s my energy creating that cord (and I’m guessing that it is) then does it really help to cut the cord?

What is a Session of Aura Reading Research?

Aura Reading






Aura Reading sessions — what really happens during them?

This email just came from “Jeanette,” and she asked such great questions, I thought I’d share our exchange with the rest of you Blog Buddies: