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What is SEXY? Aura reading to the rescue.


Sexiness, especially how sexy you, personally, feel — that’s negotiable, right? Energetic literacy can make a huge difference to your sexual performance, enjoyment, even your sexual self-image.

Most of us living now, as I’ll explain, we might benefit from a bit of rescuing.

How sexual self-confidence shows in your aura

Does she or doesn’t she? Have much sexual self-confidence, I mean. You regular readers

"U" is for Undisguised Admiration

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Sue Grafton, creator of the Kinsey Millhone series, just keeps getting better and better. I’ve read them all so far, starting with “A” is for Alibi. Having recently finished “U” is for Undertow, I’m a bigger fan than ever.

More lifelike than life, without being surreal, this extremely intricate story was a compelling read from start to end. What totally enthralled me, as a longtime fan, was that this book contained the author’s true-to-the-bone insights about what it means to write.

Divorced and hiding it


Got divorce in your past? How about shame in your present?

And how much of this goop shows in your aura?

Today, we begin with a Guest Post from Blog-Buddy David: 

Aura Reading Workshop March 19-21, Interview Tonight

aura workshop, clairvoyance workshop



The secret is out. During this Aura Reading Workshop, for the first time anywhere, I’ll include a special treat — teaching a sequence of steps to open up all seven chambers of your throat chakra.

Consequences of this technique? Amazing.

Use your own perception to find out what happens to your power as a communicator, how you wake up from inside. It’s a kind of co-created initiation in to verbal power. And you

Sense of Self with Energetic Literacy


Oh, how it rocked your world, even if you no longer remember.

When you began to have true literacy with regular old words on a page or a street sign, golly! As an adult, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a close encounter of the adorable kind with someone who is newly literate.

The kid will be reading constantly, picking out letters or words. Yelling and wiggling with glee! For that short, thrilling era, the kid’s sense of self is all about literacy.

Empath Merge Q&A

empath, rose rosetree






Many questions have come up recently about empath merge. Let’s give the topic a thorough wash and rinse. I mean Q&A. 😉

With thanks to all you Blog-Buddies who have been asking great questions over recent weeks.

Empath merges matter so much because, whether you know you’re doing them or not, they can hurt you. Not gobble up your life but nibble around the edges, as it were.

Guest Post on Pot and Sunscreen by Jim Curry


Jim Curry is a student in my Face Reading Correspondence Course, as well as a long-time student of energetic literacy. The timing of this blog post is amazing to me.

Some of you Blog-Buddies may know that close to a year ago, National Public Radio did a segment on “What If Pot Were Legal?” or a similar name. I emailed a comment that was read on the air.

Energetic Sub-Routines


Inquiring minds want to know. And when those minds belong to Blog-Buddies here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” how can I resist?

Since many of you have expressed interest in this discovery in the field of aura reading, here we go. Perhaps the first post anywhere explaining the concept I call “Energetic Sub-Routines.”

Let’s start with an example, the latest drama in the love life of Gladys. She has just broken up with Joe.

A Positive Puff, Guest Post by Catrien Ross


What if you could blow out your negativity in a puff of positive intention to shift your energy? Well, you can.

For several years I have been physically blowing out any feelings of negativity in a simple shift of energy I now call A Positive Puff.

I naturally learned this while fuming one day about a personal situation in Japan.



Do you have any idea how much releasing is going on right now? If you could physically see the karma burning up, your neighborhood would have visible fires.

Except mostly the drama stays hidden, unreported. In your case, maybe you haven’t even recognized it personally.

Think for a moment about the intensity of your life these days. Sure, there has been cumulative inner growth. Has or hasn’t this alternated with major release of STUFF, one way or another?