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Special Invitation to Save $50 or More This December


Around this time of year, you may be thinking big:

  • Gratitude to friends
  • Christmas presents
  • What did I accomplish this year?
  • What are my goals for shiny new 2014?

This Special Invitation might help.

Send a first-time client to a 55-minute session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality some time this month, in December 2013. Then each of you can receive a $50 discount on one session. And your session can take place either this year or any time in 2014.

That means saving $100. Or, perhaps more. (Read on.)

How Name Alignment Research Helped me, a Guest Post by SOPHIE

Name Alignment

Name Alignment helps your name to line up with the rest of your soul’s expression.

Blog-Buddies, that SOPHIE just made my day. Right before stopping work tonight, I went over to the blog to check if there were new comments to allow. Guess what?

Here comes this sweet one, quite probably SOPHIE’s first one ever at this blog.

Of course I remember doing the Name Alignment Research for her as “GLADYS,” but never knew that her name had been legally changed. Now my ears are really perky, Ms. SOPHIE. 🙂

Changing My Name after Name Alignment Research, a Guest Post by KYLIE

Name Alignment for Kylie

Name Alignment for KYLIE

Name Alignment Research has been in the news lately. Okay, not the news outside of this blog but still some news for us, anyway. 🙂

Soul Thrill Research around names is one of my favorite types of Aura Reading Research. Every once in a while, some of you Blog-Buddies share your experiences with it. That got started recently, when Julie  shared at Name Alignment Research, a powerful new way to express your soul.

New NAME ALIGNMENT Aura Research

New NAME ALIGNMENT Aura Research

New NAME ALIGNMENT Aura Research — just born.

New NAME ALIGNMENT Aura Research. This emerging skill of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) might be really help you to evolve spiritually extra-fast.

Legally, it is no big deal to change your name. Making this shift can be one of the easiest things you ever do, and one of the cheapest investments you make in this lifetime.

Read people deeper by valuing heritage


My Jewish heritage — now that’s one of the last things you (or I) would expect me to blog about. Soon I will, however. And by the end of today’s blog post, you will receive an invitation to blog about YOUR heritage, too.

Here’s what got me thinking about this topic. A client, GLADYS, was discussing a Jewish man, JOE. As an aside she noted that “Of course, being Jewish, money was very important to him.”

Grace’s Name Change — A Guest Post


Once upon a time, Ann had a name that didn’t quite suit her. Two names, actually, both first and last. Recently we have been pursuing a thread about Name Change Research, the opportunity to find a name that produces great consequences in your life — not just because you like it better, or it seems to fit better in a vague way, but because the chosen name has real impact for realigning your auric field.

Soul Thrill Aura Research

Soul Thrill Aura Research

Soul Thrill® Aura Research — What is this and how can it help you?

Soul Thrill® Aura Research is one of the most popular types of session I offer. Yet this kind of aura reading can be really hard to describe. “Thrill Your Soul” Aura Reading Research, quickly defined?

It’s a practical kind of Aura Reading Research to help you make choices.

Detailed guidance comes from your own aura. Specifically, your chakra databanks. (These are important parts of your aura that anybody can read with solid skills of energetic literacy. Learn more about chakra databanks here.)