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Making Yourself the Most Important Person in the Room, Part Two


Your trusty reporter returns for Part Two in this series, writing to you from the country of small chairs, low enough so that her feet are pretty much guaranteed to touch the floor. (Being 5 feet, one inch, plus change, that doesn’t always happen for me in America.)

Besides having small chairs, Japan is also a land of gigantic politeness, where degrees of deference are built right into the language. Yet even here, it is possible to make yourself the most important person in the room.

Aura Readings of My Sumo Wrestler


Okay, he may not know he belongs to me in any way. Nor that I read his aura. Here’s how it happened.

He was waiting for the airport bus, just like me, only he was significantly larger and wore a blue silk outfit you won’t see guys wear back home in suburban Virginia.

Packing Away


Blog-Buddies, have I lost interest in posting? No way. I’ve just been really busy typing (and tying) up loose ends before the month in Japan and the expo this weekend, plus doing the usual aura readings etc. for clients. I’ll be back soon as possible.

God and Me, a GUEST POST by Jim


Continuing our series about the search for God, and how aura readings can change it, here are fascinating comments from Jim:

I grew up in a very strict Roman Catholic household. My parents were both somewhat sticklers for every detail in every instance, although I make no pretense of having lived up to their expectations in any sort of consistently reasonable way. I fell short over and over again, although I was always trying to do better.

Expo Volunteers Sought for June 7 and 8





Join the fun and earn my gratitude at the upcoming Karmafest celebration at “The Rocks” in Maryland. Last night, some wise friends reminded me that I need helpers for my booth, and they’re so right.

For me to do aura readings, brief empathic merges — even for reading faces — I can’t pay full attention to my client and simultaneously do the head-jerk thing as hundreds of blithe spirits stop by my table.

Validating My Face Reading of Steven Colbert

Face reading Steven Colbert

Face reading Steven Colbert — validated!

Face reading Steven Colbert just got some cool validation. Probably this won’t make you laugh. But it might make you smile.

Steven “Zany Out-Angled Right Ear” Colbert has done it again. You might not think of “The Colbert Report” as a show about reading faces, with aura readings of important folk in the news. But think again. Not only has Steven spoofed me on his show but, indirectly, he has just validated that Steven Colbert Face Reading.

Aura Readings of Cameron Diaz and Charlie’s Other Angels


There’s something about Cameron, and aura readings can help us to figure out what!

As Blog-Buddy Brian put it in his comment here:

Boy, is Cameron absolutely amazing. There were so many scenes when she went from being normal to being lit up like a like bulb with this

Can Regressions Heal Fear of Death?

The girl was eight. I guessed it, which made each of us proud for different reasons. The scene was an upscale party, where I did face readings for four hours. But not on “Donna.” Physiognomists know it’s unethical, reading faces on anyone  under 18 years of age. For Donna I did aura readings.

She liked what I said. Since the main points were summarized on a souvenir sheet, her parents got to read about Donna’s aura too. Dad cried when reading it, I was told later. (Sweet family!)

Aura Readings at Upcoming Expo


Meet me at the Expo! I’ll be reading faces, doing aura readings, and auto-graphing books, including “the baby,” Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.

It’s unusual for me to participate in Expos. But this one came well recommended and had such great vibes attached, I couldn’t resist. So, on the last possible day to register, I signed up for a table at this year’s… Karmafest.

How to Tell an Empath, with Aura Readings of Natalie Portman


Beautiful Natalie! Is she really a skilled empath and great role model for other empaths, as suggested by Anita in our earlier thread? Let’s explore.

Reading aura databanks along with me, you might find it helpful to use the photo reading technique explained at length in Read People Deeper. Actually, many of the techniques in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses would be helpful as well. One click away, you can find FAQs about aura readings here.