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Aura Readings of Sprinter/Amputee Oscar Pistorius



What, do aura readings of a double amputee? Of course, I’m game. The amputee is a South African runner who just set a historic precedent, having won permission to compete in the Olympics. Judges decided that the J-shaped feet on his prosthetics do not give him a significant advantage over other runners.

Advantage? Duh! I’ve known just one person who had this operation, his

Aura Readings of George Soros and Money


What sort of person would own those “spectacular” eyebrows we described when reading faces? Until you have done aura readings of George Soros, how can you bring full perspective to the great financier and humanitarian?

Let’s read the great man, one aura databank at a time. For background on how it is possible to read energy fields from regular photos like the one here, might I recommend…

Read People Deeper Arrived Today




Yes, “the baby” just arrived from the printer. In New Hampshire, at our fulfillment company, most of the first print run was delivered this morning, confirmed by email. Here in Sterling, Virginia, we were holding our breath.

Aura readings! Body language! Reading faces! All in one book, something I have been working on since 2001 and which was first published by Random House Germany, of all places, because I was so busy with other projects.

Why George $oros is a Financial Einstein


Success, wisdom, generosity — you don’t need aura readings to associate words like these with financier George Soros. Face readings, too, might seem superfluous. The man’s reputation precedes him, surrounds him… and he isn’t done yet.

At 77, he isn’t just in command of his faculties but continues to serve humanity as a visionary money manager and philanthropist, with an incisive new book, The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means. 

Enlightenment Made Practical


What do you, personally, believe about Enlightenment? Aura readings and empathic merges will show it quite clearly because, here at Earth School, Consequences R Us.

It makes no difference whether or not you are bold enough to write a Guest Post, as has been done here on previous days by our generous contributors Elise LeBeau, Ceci Miller, Rebecca of Magical Buffet Magazine, Dr. Ron Scolastico, and Dr. Char.

Why Crush on David Cook from American Idol?


Why crush on David Cook? Bexley emailed me:

I’ve been (too) obsessed with crushing on David Cook from American Idol…  There are some great discussions on just what it is about this sort of regular — until he gets on stage– guy that has women all in a tizzy. 

May Contest: Role Models for Empaths






Of all types of intuitive readings, my favorite has got to be empathic merges. It’s the ultimate way to sample an energy field, one step farther out/in from doing aura readings or other spiritual readings.

Contrary to 99% of the conversations I find in cyberspace, being an empath is NOT necessarily about weakness and suffering.  Instead it involves talent, and talent with you… from birth.

Enlightenment, a GUEST POST by Ceci Miller








Ceci Miller is a new writer to me, and already a cherished one. Her name is pronounced “See-see.”

To find out why I invited her to contribute to this blog series on Enlightenment, explore this photo with your own aura readings and empathic merges! Face readers, check out those eyebrows, etc.

And speaking of reading, I’ve been reading her book called Sacred Visitations.

Aura Readings of Enlightenment — JEFFREY CHAPPELL







Our group discussion of enlightenment is off to a promising start with Char’s heartfelt guest post and Rosamond’s lovely comment. Aura readings of people who are, actually, spiritually enlightened — aren’t these the perfect type of post to alternate with theoretical definitions?

Here spiritual readings trump theory; empathic merges or aura readings in particular are recommended to flesh out ideas about spirituality — or what is really going on with political figures beneath the spin, or the un-fakeable truth about any person in any walk of life. 

During Spiritual War, What’s Your Job?


Yesterday convinced me. When writing the articles for my monthly e-zine, I did four aura readings just because I thought they’d be interesting.

Well, they were more than interesting. Aura readings, like any kind of spiritual reading or intuitive reading, will always be interesting. But this set made my inner eyes bug out, my mouth round into an “Omigod,” and my heart beat to a slightly new rhythm.