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Communicator Chakra Databanks for Aura Reading

Communicator Chakra Databanks. To learn what makes a communicator sparkle.

Communicator Chakra Databanks. Announcing a new array for probing the auras of people who communicate. Note the name: communicaTOR. Not simply communiCATION.

Wait until you find out how useful this can be for you! Just keep reading.

Coronavirus Compassion Secrets. Energy Spirituality

Coronavirus Compassion Secrets about people in your life who’ve started acting so obnoxious!

Coronavirus Compassion Secrets. Definitely, these are Energy Spirituality-style compassion secrets. Gained through Energetic Literacy when in session with clients.

One client, JASMINE, has graciously given permission for me to share the juicy details. At least, share details that are applicable for a public blog post.  Quite possibly, what we learned could speak to many of you as well.

Spiritual SHUTDOWN Consciousness Lifestyle. 3 Facts.

Spiritual SHUTDOWN Consciousness Lifestyle? Spiritually it’s life limited to a self-inflicted jail.

Spiritual SHUTDOWN Consciousness Lifestyle — what is it? Spiritually lousy. Also, glad to say, totally avoidable!

Learn three surprising facts about this way of life.

Dee Hock Leadership Chakra Databanks

Dee Hock Leadership Chakra Databanks. The secrets to his success may surprise you.

Dee Hock Leadership Chakra Databanks will reveal one more aura story. Hooray!

Since the founder and former CEO of Visa is the final winner of our Leadership Contest. Let’s explore his way of being a leader.

Notably, I’ll be hunting for Hock’s personal secrets of success… at aura level.

George Floyd Chakra Databanks. GIFTS!

George Floyd Chakra Databanks. When it comes to Gifts of the Soul, Mr. Floyd was first rate. You are too.

George Floyd Chakra Databanks. Emphasizing his GIFTS of the SOUL, which is highly unusual.

Why do that? Because today’s aura reading is meant to uplift and inspire you. Thus, today’s research is such a rare treat… Maybe some of you did’t even know that aura reading can tell you about Gifts of the Soul.

Psychotherapy Is UNLIKE Energy Spirituality

Psychotherapy Is UNLIKE Energy Spirituality. But how and why?

Psychotherapy Is UNLIKE Energy Spirituality.

Probably you have a hunch that these two ways of helping people are very different. But are you clear why? Knowledge empowers!

Good Yoga Teacher Energetic Hologram

Good Yoga Teacher Energetic Hologram… captured for you on AUDIO recordings.

Good Yoga Teacher Energetic Hologram. Unquestionably there’s inspiration for you in today’s recorded session with Julie, where I’ll pull out some magnificent Energetic Holograms.

Yes, this is another rare treat at this blog. Or probably any other blog! Because really, who else do you know who goes on that kind of treasure hunt into people’s auras?

Trustworthy Guidance in the Age of Awakening

Trustworthy Guidance. Let’s separate the truth from sweet, vague illusions.

Trustworthy Guidance. How do I know what to do? That question is such a big deal. And it comes up often. Sometimes in countless everyday matters. Other times, with choices that are unexpected and super-important.

On one hand, animals seem to know just what to do. So we might be tempted to envy them.

Jacinda Ardern Chakra Databanks. Leadership!

Jacinda Ardern Chakra Databanks. Come learn about an inspiring leader.

Jacinda Ardern Chakra Databanks can inspire us.

Because she’s a saint or a superhero? Nope. Instead, due to how the aura of New Zealand’s Prime Minister shows very human strengths. (Along with some not-so-greats.) By all means, come find out which is which.

Social Distancing Fears about Auras

Social Distancing Fears, banish them today. Also educate yourself on something important: energetic real time.

Social Distancing Fears. Have you been worrying about what social distancing can do to your aura?

For example, maybe you’re wondering: Basically, is social contact what makes us healthy energetically?

Although psychologists and other mainstream experts are having their say right now, guess what! They’re not experts at reading auras.

But you’ve got a live one here. At your service!