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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Aura Reading. Pervy?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Aura Reading. If you think that “pervy” means cute and fun, you won’t love what I have to say about this woman.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Aura Reading. Meet the aura of a self-proclaimed “dirty, pervy, angry, messed-up woman.”

Recently a double Emmy winner, what’s Phoebe’s big contribution to society? Wow, she’s brought TV viewers “Fleabag“!

Hint: Might its popularity involve opening up viewer’s “Subconscious Garbage Cans”?

William Jackson Harper Aura Reading TV Review

William Jackson Harper Aura — He makes a star appearance in today’s Aura  Reading TV Review

William Jackson Harper Aura Reading TV Review. Especially fun if you’re a fan of one of my favorite TV shows, “The Good Place.”

I’ll be doing a comparison aura reading, one chakra databank at a time. Comparing the actor to his role on that show.

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review.

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review. This comparison aura reading includes a performance that’s both scary and hilarious

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review. You may know him from his Oscar-winning role in “The Artist.” But how about his role as a crazed chewer of raw rabbits? An actor gone gonzo after playing a role in a survivalist French film (akin to Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Revenant.”)

Just last night I was watching Dujardin on the incredibly entertaining Netflix show, “Call My Agent.” After the episode, my husband Mitch reminded me that the guy in the filthy, stinky, survivalist garb was Jean Dujardin.

Yes, THE Jean Dujardin. Also known as the French answer to George Clooney. Dujardin starred in “The Artist.” Remember that black-and-white movie from 2012? Creatively shot as a silent film. A movie loaded with Jean’s great dancing! A movie I enjoyed so much, I saw it twice, twice!!

As for this morning, my plan was to do my second Aura Reading TV Review. Preparing to select the star for today, such a delightful shock….

Zach Woods Aura Reading TV Review

Zach Woods Aura Reading TV Review

Zach Woods Aura Reading TV Review. My first research of this kind. What fun!

Zach Woods Aura Reading TV Review. First in a series of performance assessments, as I turn aura reading TV critic.

Does Zach change much in his role as as Jared Dunn in the HBO series, “Silicon Valley”? Or does he simply play himself?

Aura Reading TV Reviews, Rose Rosetree’s Specialty

Rose Rosetree's Aura Reading TV Reviews.

Aura Reading TV Reviews. Yes, this is the only role I’m interested in playing in public. No actor here!

Aura Reading TV Reviews. Here’s a listing of all the actors selected for this new kind of aura reading. If you like TV, you may love these articles!

Here’s an alphabetical listing of all the actors selected for this new kind of aura reading. Feel free to nominate your faves, too.

Aura Reading Performances on TV? Sure!

Back in the day, aura reading was taught as psychic development. Could you see the colours or not? And what if you didn’t have “the gift” of clairvoyance? Fat chance you’d ever be able to read auras.

And you know what else? Back 100 years ago, or more, who had time to watch TV? Ha, leisure time aside, who had a TV to watch. Or streaming anything. (Except, sometimes, streaming bodies of water. Such as streams.)

Today I teach aura reading in a completely different way. Nothing to do with getting messages from spirits. Or telling the future. If you’re curious to learn more, this link is as good as any by way of introduction.

Bottom line: If you can do word literacy — which I’ve noticed you can. Then you can gain super-practical, highly accurate energetic literacy as well. Meanwhile, I’m perfectly happy to do them for you.

How I Do Aura Reading TV Reviews

Maybe you’re wondering. How do I do these — for now,  unusual –articles as an Aura Reading TV Critic?

In case you’re curious, this article gives you the essentials.

And what if you’d like to submit a request, so that I can aura read your favorite TV star? Easy. Just know that I only do this research as time permits. There’s no guarantee that your request will be selected. But at least you can spread the word about a show that you really like.

Here’s a link to my top-recommended aura reading book. Just in case you’d like to learn.

Okay, let’s get started.

About Time! A-C Aura Reading TV Reviews

Alysse Hallali from “Alice in Paris” (Face Reading)

D’oh! D-F Amazing, the Fun of Researching Auras for TV Reviews!

Really, they’ll be arriving, fear not!

Golly! Really? G-I Television as You’ve Never Seen It Before. Thanks, Aura Reading

Who will these great stars be? Together we’ll find out, one blog post at a time.

Jean Dujardin from “Dix Pour Cent” — “Call Your Agent”

Joy Abounds! J-L Rose Rosetree’s Aura Reading TV Reviews

Granted, not always joy. Sometimes sobs. Depends on the show we’re watching. Plus how that actor does, review-wise.

Magnificent Performances, All. (I Hope.) M-O

Aura Reading Comparisons of TV Performances

But who knows in advance, how magnificent? Only the performer’s mother!

Perfect? Possibly. P-R Rose Rosetree Adds More Aura Reading TV Reviews

Could be, no matter how well the TV star does, you’ll enjoy my contribution as a different kind of TV Critic.

Sensational! Yeah, But What Kind of Sensation? S-V

 TV Aura Reading Reviews

Energetic literacy adds precision to the role of a TV critic. Read even one of these articles and you’ll understand why.

William Jackson Harper from “The Good Place”

Wow! Let’s Not Forget the Alphabetical Order Losers. They Might Be Top Rated! W-Z

These actors deserve to get their reviews, too.

Such as the very talented Zach Woods. My first Aura Reading TV Review.

Zach Woods playing Jared Dunn.

Updated June 23, 2019

Aura Reading TV Reviews. How I Do Them

Aura Reading TV Reviews

Rose Rosetree, inviting you to enjoy some Aura Reading TV Reviews.

Aura reading TV reviews — how does this Energy READING Coach do them?

Energetic literacy has many practical uses. This one may not be so practical. But it will fascinate anyone seriously interested in big acting. Over the small screen! Even the phone-small screen!

Aura Reading TV Reviews… Nominate Your Faves

Aura Reading TV Reviews

Aura Reading TV Reviews. Introducing another kind of free aura reading that begins today. Have a favorite TV performer?

Aura Reading TV Reviews. Fun!

It’s a very new idea. An idea I really, really needed to find. Because a certain problem was bothering me. 

Energy Spirituality Workshops 2019. Five Adventures at the Leading Edge of Energy Spirituality

RES Workshops 2019.

Energy Spirituality Workshops 2019. Be among the first to learn about five brand new Energy Spirituality workshops for this year.

Energy Spirituality Workshops 2019. Which brand new, in-person workshops will I be giving in 2019?

Here’s a workshop calendar summary, followed by brief introductions to all five workshops.

Aura Reading Constance Wu. “Crazy Rich Asians”

Aura Reading Constance Wu

Aura Reading Constance Wu. Here’s a fresh look at her superb performance in “Crazy Rich Asians.” Read this and be inspired.

Aura Reading Constance Wu is going to be a delight. Her performance sparkled in “Crazy Rich Asians,” naturally expressing a tremendous range of emotions. I was especially fascinated with the many degrees of vulnerability which never — not even once, to me — crossed the line into whiny victimhood.

That’s unusual in any American actress, isn’t it?

As with my comparison aura reading of Michelle Yeoh, here’s what I’ll be researching for us today, Blog-Buddies.

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh. “Crazy-Rich Asians”

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh’s performance in the hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians”

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh. Let’s compare the actress “playing herself” to her role in “Crazy Rich Asians.” My favorite movie that I’ve seen… ever!

Long before admiring Yeoh in the new hit with the all-Asian cast, I was stunned by her talent in another breakthrough movie which also had an all-Asian cast: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”