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Better than ascension for 12-21-12, vertical integration spiritually


What is the meaning of 12-21-12? My understanding keeps evolving.

  • In general, this blog records my commitment to grow and explore. And help you’all do the same, with your full self-authority.
  • In particular, I want to keep exploring about the meaning of 12-21-12. Partly because it has been a charged topic for me for decades, ever since I was told something special would happen in 2012: Ascension. (a.k.a. New Age Ascension).

Open Your Heart, with a guest post by Maxima May


How hearts are opening these days, Blog-Buddies. There it was in my morning newspaper, as it probably was in yours. Those sweet little young ones (and also those adorable unsuspecting grownups) with their lives suddenly ended; and so many in long-term mourning.

The Washington Post isn’t the only newspaper carrying stories that seek to make sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However one feels about gun control, who hasn’t wept for those children?

Rick Archer interviews Rose Rosetree on Householder Enlightenment


What an honor, doing an interview for Rick Archer’s video collection of Enlightened people who can talk a lot. It was so different from the 995 media interviews I had done before. Click here to see it.

By comparison, it was way easier to be interviewed by Diane Rehm or Thom Hartmann or even Steve Doocy; reporters for the L.A. Times, The Seattle Times, The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The Catholic Standard.

12-21-12, a guest post and cosmic perspective from Cynthia Lane

Cynthia Lane shares a cosmic perspective on 12-21-12

Blog-Buddies, it is a special treat to share a guest post from the great teacher and healer, Cynthia Lane. To me, she is like royalty on my Enlightenment Life List, not just #7.

Cynthia and I first met in the 1970’s, both of us teaching Transcendental Meditation and both of us aspiring to go on Maharishi’s program for female renunciates, Mother Divine. Cynthia was accepted. I was not. (No repining. Turns out, I have been given my own little kind of work to do, related to Householder Enlightenment.)

Compassion and darshan with Enlightenment, a guest post by Anita

 And now another Guest Post for today. This came in yesterday as a couple of comments. As I emailed to ANITA, I was planning to take it live on Saturday.

Only today’s context seemed so perfect as a place to read this Guest Post. Because when did she write it? During 12-12, at a time of big spiritual lifting. Could “ascension” mean shifting into a higher state of consciousness, yet remaining extremely human?

And what would be the implications for someone who is a healer, whether an energy healer, a psychiatrist, an acupuncturist, any mind-body-spirit healer?

Joy deepening now, in Enlightenment, a guest post by Jill Erin


Formatting this into a guest post, I was planning to post it today. Then today became part of a larger conversation about rapidly changing vibrations on earth happening now. So here’s a new context as well.

Headings and light edits from Rose, the voice and consciousness from the one and only JILL ERIN. Blog-Buddies, notice. Living at this time of quickening vibrations, higher energy frequencies, even ascension — JILL still embraces her humanity. In fact, this helps her to evolve spiritually within householder Enlightenment.

Trying hard to be positive

I was so interested, Rose, in your reading of how Tom had, possibly through Scientology, suppressed all his pain and STUFF. And, just as you point out, the same suppression happens with all the “Engage in ONLY positive thinking”-type hooey.

Our emotions, not our brains, are the pipeline of communication with our subconscious and souls. By paying attention to our emotions and embracing them as the wealth of information they are, we can learn and grow and evolve into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment, from Boatman Path to King Path

Rose Rosetree, amazingly, now an Enlightenment Coach

Yes, the invitation came on July 12, 2012. I accepted and moved into this Enlightenment state of consciousness that I have written about for so long here at the blog.

The goal for Enlightenment, as a permanent shift in consciousness, has driven my life since 1968, when I first learned about the concept.

In this new kind of consciousness, I would describe my experience as an Orientation Phase. Still…

  • Yes, there is a connection with the Divine, always available to experience. Phew, now that’s a relief.
  • No, there is not STUFF to come out.

You know the “Dolly” Technique for STUFF removal in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy“? Personally I have been doing that technique daily for a long time.

Used to be, plenty of STUFF came out. Now, no STUFF comes out.

Moving into Enlightenment, a Guest Post by ADAM

Adam McIntosh, whose aura now shows him to be Enlightened

Funny thing about the times in which we live. Vibrations on the planet are speeding up, perhaps racing towards that new installment of the Mayan calendar purported to begin this December, 12-21-12.

Skilled Empath Merge with Tammy Duckworth

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


That’s Congresswoman Duckworth, thanks to the Nov. 2012 election.

According to Wikipedia, Duckworth became the first Asian American woman elected to Congress in Illinois, defeating incumbent Joe Walsh in the general election on November 6, 2012.

She speaks Thai and Indonesian, in addition to English. But these are not the only reasons she fascinates me. Also quoting Wikipedia for background:

Householder Enlightenment, a guest post by Jordan


As usual with a guest post, I am fascinated by the insights. Some minor edits, plus links and headings, are my contribution. JORDAN gets full credit for all the wisdom and compassion in the words that follow.

Ahhhh!!! Major aha!s happening for me, reading this post about Sense of Self Reveals: Are you a Renunciate or a Householder?

Recently I have had a lot of confusion and questions about this.

In the past few months, surfing around Enlightenment websites, I have encountered lots of people and teachers who are into Avaita or “neo-Advaita” teachings. I don’t know a lot about it, but now I understand that it is painfully, obviously, for renunciates, at least the way it is being taught and discussed today.