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If you’re an empath, be glad



What a mighty and marvellous group are attending this year’s Empath Empowerment Workshop. Beyond that, I won’t supply any details about amazing Joe and Gladyses. (After all, we’ve chosen to respect a Confidentiality Agreement.)

However, I know that many of you Blog-Buddies would have loved to come join us this year. But couldn’t, not this year. In honor of you, as well as the glorious Gladyses and Joe, here’s today’s post in praise of being born as an empath.

Japan, how to help — and what won’t help

Even after the most violent earthquake anyone could remember the crowds were orderly and calm.

That’s how the BBC reported it.


And that’s my Japan, home to some of the most evolved souls on this entire planet. After such a shock, shaken up earthquake survivors doing what? Not screaming. Not preparing how to tell Oprah’s audience about the depths of their drama. No, just millions of upset but profoundly civilized people acting with wisdom.

Your questions answered by Mr. Enlightenment

Ready for more emeralds, sapphires and opals of wisdom?  Here comes another sprinkling of gems, flung like confetti by Mr. Enlightenment.

This is a follow-up to our earlier blog posts with the author of Answers from Silence, part of the notion of helping all you who value deeper perception (energetic literacy) to move forward on your personal path to Enlightenment.

Here, Jeffrey Chappell is taking the remainder of the questions from you Blog-Buddies and answering them here in the order that they appeared. So here comes Jeffrey!

Healing YOUR part of the Loneliness Epidemic



In 1893, sociologist Emile Durkheim coined the term anomie to describe a new kind of loneliness. Unprecedented numbers of workers were leaving the cozy, comfy, ok — stifling comfort, of their small towns and villages.

You could think of these small towns like the bar depicted in TV classic “Cheers,” a gathering place where everybody knows you, including every single one of your quirks. Only, of course, “Cheers” wouldn’t happen for some hundred years after Durkheim’s discovery.

Longing for family and true friends?



The weirdest part of today’s Loneliness Epidemic could be this: Nobody talks about it.

Such irony! But that’s appropriate for the all-too common experience. Nobody you can gripe to about your loneliness….

Recently I read that a study showed 51% of Americans — yes, 51% —  have either nobody to talk to or only one friend or relative for confiding personal matters. Ouch! The population may be growing fatter, but not that little black book filled with prospects for dating… 

For a better new year, stop doing this



Everything happens for a reason.

You hear this saying it all the time, right? It’s one of the first things people say after they become interested in God or angels or taking a positive attitude. “Everything happens for a reason” is the anthem of New Age Litany.

A sweet sentiment, undoubtedly. But could New Age’s most popular sutra actually hold a person back?

Brave questions from you, Compassionate answers from Mr. Enlightenment

Mr. Enlightenment returns, never better

Mr. Enlightenment is back. His work is not yet complete, at least if you define it as helping all of us to join him in All-Time-Samadhi-Land.

In fact, by Mr. Enlightenment’s standard, his work isn’t complete even if he defines it merely as answering questions we Blog-Buddies posed to him during our Bloggy Enlightenment Contest, back in the last decade. (Okay, just a couple of months ago.)

Your Path to Enlightenment, Rose Rosetree’s Version

What would Rose Rosetree advocate as a Path to Enlightenment?

For years I have been following this path. It’s not everyone’s path, though it’s mine. By putting this path notion into words… I don’t want to inflict it upon you, even if I could.

As if I could inflict anything inappropriate onto someone with spiritual self-authority! Ha!

Your Path to Enlightenment, does it help to try living from your Higher Self?


Blog-Buddies, with today’s post I’ll make it official that Your Path to Enlightenment is a theme on this blog about Deeper Perception Made Practical. We have, after all, been dancing around this topic for months.

For starters, I’ll share a recent email exchange with Mr. Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell.

I had expressed concern to Jeffrey about one of my clients.  Joe had been trying to live from his Higher Self, as described below. And what set him off was what I considered to be a misunderstanding about Jeffrey’s book, Answers from Silence.

Rose Rosetree’s Ethics for Mind-Body-Spirit Healers


Ethics for are so important for any healer who is a practitioner of Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, or Energy Psychology.

Ethics are central for doing energetic literacy readings, or for going the different path called “psychic development.”