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God in Disguise. A Guest Post with the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment by JEFFREY CHAPPELL

Jeffrey Chappell, with Enlightenment dancing in his auric modeling

Jeffrey Chappell, with Enlightenment dancing in his auric modeling

Thanks to my friend JEFFREY CHAPPELL for sharing this article here. You’ll see his blog,, on the short list of blogroll links always here… find it on the right side of your screen.

As I continue my journey as an Enlightenment Coach in the Age of Awakening, as some of you know, I make a distinction between a Householder Model of Enlightenment and a Simplicity Model of Enlightenment (also sometimes called a Renunciate Model of Enlightenment).

  • In the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment, consciousness is what matters most. Hence the suitability for a Renunciate  Lifestyle. Even if a householder lives this way, emphasizing consciousness, this is the traditional model of Enlightenment. And, to many, it is the only model that matters.
  • By contrast, in Householder Enlightenment, the human life matters most. With the sacred and stable Divine connection always available, yet it is usually kept in the background. More like the saying, “God is in the details.”
  • As millions of people move into Enlightenment in this Age of Awakening, it is time for a model of Enlightenment that speaks to our new role in this upgraded planet. Recognizing that is part of my unfolding work as an Enlightenment Coach.