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Who Is Torturing John McCain Now?

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Watching “The Daily Show” comparing clips of John McCain pre-2006 versus now, my husband and I were fascinated.

He said, “When McCain speaks now, his mouth looks as though he is tasting something bitter.”

Good point about that shift to McCain’s body language!

Why Must Empaths Do More than Spot Narcissists?





To solve the special problems that empaths have with spotting narcissists and protecting themselves from narcissists, let’s begin with some definitions. (If you already know these definitions, scroll down to our fun examples of enabling “Pat the Narcissist.”)

As an aura reader and empath empowerer, here’s my perspective. A narcissist is someone who is chronically self-absorbed to a significant degree. To spot narcissists every time, you’ve got to read auras.

Narcissist patterns show in the heart chakra. Many other databanks in auras can help you spot narcissists, which is why aura reading is so necessary for anyone who is really determined to never be tricked again by a narcissist in nice-person’s clothing.

How Hard is it to Become a Skilled Empath?

Somewhere between too easy and too hard lies the truth. Yet consistently I find empaths who don’t understand what is involved in becoming a skilled empath.

Consequently, they try too hard, making life way more complicated than it needs to be. Or else they assume that the skills needed are way too easy.

The photo here shows me, Rose Rosetree, after doing an empath-merge as a skilled empath. My partner for this

Baby Names, Grownup Improvements, and Aura Reading

Yesterday, I did aura readings to help my client change her middle name. “Calliope” already loved her first name, but that middle name, “Clytemnestra,” definitely stank.

Okay, I can divulge this much about our confidential session. “Ann” was that client’s real middle name. A perfectly fine name it was… and is … for some, but not for my client.

Cutting the Cord of Attachment to a Stalker


Yesterday I heard a discussion of stalking on “The Diane Rehm Show.” The guest, Kate Brennan, had written a memoir about her experiences with being the victim of a stalker, “In His Sights.”

Only last week, I facilitated a dramatic session of Energy Spirituality that involved cutting a cord of attachment between my client and a stalker.

Aura Readings of Senator Stevens

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


When the longest-serving Republican senator in history is indicted for corruption on seven charges, doesn’t it make you long to read at least seven of his chakra databanks?

Oh, that’s definitely what happens to me! And while we’re at it, let’s do compare-and-contrast aura readings of him when newly appointed, back in 1968.

When Can I Stop Suffering from Cords of Attachment?


When “Joyce” asked this question , it wasn’t just a matter of theory:

I have had several attachment cords removed, but I even got one after talking to somebody only 10 min, or NOT even talking to him, so my question here is how can I avoid getting new cords of attachment?



On a previous thread, Ryan raised a very interesting question:

Mainstream thinking claims that certain types of people such as narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths cannot be “cured”.

I am curious what you think about such people who are typically considered beyond help and how much you have worked with such people and what kind of results were obtained.

Making Yourself the Most Important Person in the Room, Part Two


Your trusty reporter returns for Part Two in this series, writing to you from the country of small chairs, low enough so that her feet are pretty much guaranteed to touch the floor. (Being 5 feet, one inch, plus change, that doesn’t always happen for me in America.)

Besides having small chairs, Japan is also a land of gigantic politeness, where degrees of deference are built right into the language. Yet even here, it is possible to make yourself the most important person in the room.

Can Regressions Heal Fear of Death?

The girl was eight. I guessed it, which made each of us proud for different reasons. The scene was an upscale party, where I did face readings for four hours. But not on “Donna.” Physiognomists know it’s unethical, reading faces on anyone  under 18 years of age. For Donna I did aura readings.

She liked what I said. Since the main points were summarized on a souvenir sheet, her parents got to read about Donna’s aura too. Dad cried when reading it, I was told later. (Sweet family!)