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How NOT to Use Energy Reading

Let's shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Let’s shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Sunshine, they say, is the best disinfectant. In a way we’ve brought extra sunshine into this blog by inviting your questions of general interest at Ask Your Questions about RES.

Does that mean all you Blog-Buddies who comment there will look beautifully backlit, suffused with a kind of golden glow?

Aw, I’m fond of you’all. But that isn’t what I mean here.

It’s more about shining the light of knowledge to brighten things up. What’s the fun in polishing a table the room is so dark you can hardly see the gorgeous oak table in the first place, let alone how the wood seems to wake up and give you its loveliness more than ever?

Likewise sunlight might prove downright indispensible if the room has some cobwebs or grime. Until you see them, how can you clean it up?

Rose Rosetree's Workshops in 2016

Hear ye, hear ye, Rose Rosetree's workshops for 2016

Hear ye, hear ye, Rose Rosetree’s workshops for 2016

Blog-Buddies, are you planning big goals yet for 2016? (Which you may already be calling, “Your best year yet.”)

I’ve been planning too. Accordingly I have boldly redesigned all the following workshops. Each will be offered just once in 2016. In Sterling, Virginia (convenient to Dulles Airport, and with discounted hotel rooms available at the same hotel where the workshop will be offered).

Of course, I’ve developed new workshop descriptions to go along with the workshop redesigns.  Fresh details will be posted at my website as soon as we can manage it.  Meanwhile, can’t wait?  Email Mitch, Workshop Coordinator, with your questions.

Once that website listing is updated, you’ll see some additional RES workshops that aren’t being offered in 2016, like the Cut Cords of Attachment (Level 2) Workshop. These can be taken through personal mentoring.

Empath Empowerment® (Level 1) Workshop*

Make the Gentle Shift into Empath Empowerment®

What Are Energetic Frozen Blocks?

Frozen blocks can come in plenty of shapes besides bricks.

Frozen blocks can come in plenty of shapes besides bricks.

Time to learn about FROZEN BLOCKS. Here’s one reason why.

Surely you have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Would it surprise you to learn that PTSD is an extreme version of something that happens to you every day?

How Wise Is It to Speculate About Past Lives?

Curious about your past lives?

Curious about your past lives?

Past lives may intrigue you or not. Either way: Don’t speculate about your past lives. Get expert help or leave it alone. Learn more here.

  • “Maybe Caitlin Jenner is transgendered because most of her past lives were female.”
  • “I’m sure I haven’t lived on earth for a very, very long time.”
  • “Two different psychics have told me about my past lives. Because they both told me the same kind of thing, I’m positive that what they told me is true.”

What do these ideas about past lives have in common?

Feeling Disappointed in Your Life?

Rainbows mostly come AFTER the rain, right?

Rainbows mostly come AFTER the rain, right?

In winter, it’s not unheard of to feel The Blahs. Well known to some of us in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.

In summer, it’s not unusual to feel rageful, with tempers as short as the days are long. Well known to some of us in the Southern Hemisphere, too, at a different time of year.

This Northern Hemisphere person was very moved, today, by a question posed by RACHEL.

Over at Comment #3 at the aura reading of actress Marion Cotillard, who happens to be gorgeous, rich, and famous… Plaintively, RACHEL asked, “… you write that this is the life her soul planned and prepared for. Do you believe that souls always get what they planned and prepared for?” It didn’t take an empath merge for me to sense RACHEL’s pain.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, Past-Life Regression. Top 10 Articles

Bringing consumer perspective about consciousness... to hypnosis, meditation, and past-life regression

Bringing consumer perspective about consciousness… to hypnosis, meditation, and past-life regression

Are you are new to learning about hypnosis and past-life regression? These offer such promise, provided that you approach these fields as a smart consumer.

The following articles will give you a practical perspective based in decades of work with past-life regression.

Qualifications for this include serving as a hypnotism instructor certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a hypnotist, I specialize in the form of past-life regression called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

Michelle Auerbach turns pro at Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Michelle Auerbach, a Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Michelle Auerbach, now a Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Another apprentice has transformed into a Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Michelle Auerbach is now fully qualified to facilitate sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation and Aura Reading Research. You’ll see an update at our roster of Practitioners and Apprentices.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Michelle travels frequently. Although she does sessions in person only, guess what? If you contact her about availabity she can let you know about whether she might be in your locality.

Of course, her sessions can be convenient for you if you live in the Boulder area.

Superb Past-Life Regression is also available with Michelle Auerbach

Michelle also is an Apprentice at facilitating the kind of past-life regression known as Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R).

Contact her at !

What I have learned about dementia from facilitating past-life regression

A new perspective on dementia through past-life regression

A new perspective on dementia through past-life regression

Life expectancy today shines like a gold coin. It’s amazing really, how you might live to be 80 years old or more.

We are so fortunate, living at a time when sheer length of life makes enormous spiritual evolution possible. Today’s 60 is the new 40, for instance. In case you’re curious, here is a link for calculating your life expectancy right now.

Long lives help to make it possible for us to experience Virtual Reincarnation, a thrilling possibility which is not at all rare among today’s spiritual seekers. Many of you Blog-Buddies have been through this, and I have too.

Today’s long life expectancy contributes to the vision I have for this Age of Energy. Because I do believe that millions of people living today have the chance to move into Enlightenment, and do it as householders.

Unfortunately, that shiny coin of long life expectancy does have another side: Alzheimer’s and dementia and other terrifying illnesses that are linked to old age. You know and love people who have died that way, right? I sure do.

Recently a Blog-Buddy asked, “Can dementia and Alzheimer’s be healed?” My answer was no, at least in terms of the work that I do. Sadly, I can’t offer help for these problems. That’s more the job of my colleagues in mind-body-spirit who work in energy medicine. And those hardworking physicians and other professionals who work in allopathic medicine.

By contrast, Rosetree Energy Spirituality addresses emotional and spiritual growth, improving behavior. Skills for this type of aura healing do not include reversing senility or other cognitive problems. Yet I hope today’s article will ease your heart, because I can offer you …

How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014, a Guest Post by JESSICA GATES

Jessica Gates has found seven ways to use Deeper Perception

Jessica Gates has found seven ways to use Deeper Perception

Jessica Gates has a lot to say about different aspects of Deeper Perception. She knows so much about all the systems I teach. Her intellectual clarity combined with determination to evolve has resulted in an amazing summary of how much one person can benefit from the many applications of Deeper Perception in this system of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. 

Just look at all the topics included in Jessica’s guest post! She knows whereof she speaks (and writes). This is another wonderful entry in our latest contest, What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014? A joyful contest to enter.


Seven Ways I Have Grown in 2014

2014 has probably been the most difficult year of my life. But I have learned and grown so much this year! I have come so far!

1. Face Reading Secrets

I am not a graduate or apprentice of Rose’s Face Reading Secrets Mentoring Program.

I haven’t even been able to take the Face Reading Workshop, yet. But from what I’ve learned from Rose’s books and this blog, I’m noticing things like eye angles and nose length.

This information supplements what I learn about people from the things they say and do. It’s nice to understand people better.

Life Purpose and Past-Life Regression, Part One

I like fortune cookies as much as anyone, but is life really that simple?

I like fortune cookies as much as anyone, but is life really that simple?

Our recent posts about purpose… could be the whole purpose of my blog.

Just kidding.

Life purpose is a great concept when it expands your life. Not when it reduces something complex to a sweet little fortune cookie. Who says there has to be a Tweet-sized “Meaning of life”?

Over at What Is My Purpose?, I learned a lot about you’all from your comments. And then came that wonderful guest post by SARAH about Purpose, Redefined.

Today I thought I would add just a bit to the ongoing inquiry about the true meaning (and value) of life purpose.

Past-life regression gives unique perspective on life purpose

Past-life regression has been important in my personal life since I first experienced it as a client in 1985, thanks to the brilliant skills of Susan Kingsley-Rowe.