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Aura Reading Mysterious Morgan Freeman, Long-Term Pot Lover

Morgan Freeman, a pothead. And proud of it.

Morgan Freeman, a pothead. And proud of it.

Another gorgeous day, another winner of What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? A new contest. MADALENA LEMOS wrote:

I would like to nominate Morgan Freeman. First because he is a mysterious guy. I get a warm nice feeling about him, but there is something about him that he doesn’t share with everyone. He reminds me of my grandfather, who has a few physical similarities and makes me feel the same way. Like I would like to sit close to him and listen him telling all his stories….

I would prefer a aura reading!

Well here it is, a brand new aura reading of the Oscar-winning actor. Scroll to the end of this article for the photo link used, plus how you can develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Imagine, merrily reading auras from regular photos like this one. Sure you can! A special treat in his case, right?

According to a consumer survey done at the end of last year, Morgan Freeman is America’s most liked celebrity.

Enlightenment and Ascension in this Age of Aquarius

Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans

You are more than your aura. That human body matters.

How do you know that one person’s use of the word “ascension” doesn’t line up with another’s use of the word “enlightenment”?

That smart question was asked yesterday by SARAH, at our conversation around Longing for Ascension? Ascension is a highly charged word in this new Age of Aquarius. It is associated with having a higher state of consciousness. Yesterday’s post was all about “What is ascension?”

Let’s not confuse that with Enlightenment. Spiritual Enlightenment is a state of human self-actualization. You are functioning with your full potential as a human being. Not that you have learned everything. Instead there is an integrated awareness to your mind-body-spirit system. Not a mood and not a wish but a natural and efforless state of consciousness.

You can learn a lot about Enlightenment here at the blog. Most popular is our Enlightenment Life List. My personal fave is the list of people from this community who have moved into Enlightenment. And this Top 10 Post on Enlightenment can give you a quick education that can protect you.

Yes, protect you.

Ascension Alert. Ouch!

ascension alert

Ascension Alert. That sweet longing for ascension turns smart people into dummies.

Ascension Alert! Beware dreams of ascension.

Granted, ascension is a charged word in New Age spirituality. Having worked professionally in mind-body-spirit since 1970, I heard the ascension idea long before it became mainstream. How long ago did you first hear that highly-charged word, ascension?

Today I would like to share a perspective fresh from now, living in this new Age of Awakening. What is “ascension”? And how does energetic literacy bring a perspective that could spare you a lot of unnecessary anguish?

Ascension Alert. Let’s Get Real.

Of course, ascension has a sacred meaning in Christian theology. As in, “Jesus Christ rose on the third day.”

Many who believe in The Rapture are waiting to receive a contemporary type of ascension. As in, “The righteous will stay with God for eternity. As for the rest of you, well, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And you’d better practice now… how to hold your nose.”

How to protect yourself from the Age of Aquarius epidemic of spiritual addiction

Growth happens faster with down-to-earth living

Growth happens faster with down-to-earth living

Ground rules are the same, whether you wish to avoid regular spiritual addiction or the extreme spiritual addiction that involves virus-ey cords of attachment.

We all have free will. Well, use it. Choose the consciousness lifestyle of human-based spirituality.

Definitely, you can protect yourselves with a lifestyle where you do 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Where you use energy hygiene.

Also, it’s down-to-earth common sense to choose wisely as a New Age Consumer:

  • Before you study with a healer who promises you the moon.
  • Before go on an expert’s extreme diet.
  • Before experimenting with any techniques that you can learn on YouTube.
  • Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it is good.

Aura reading can protect you… only if you use it

It’s ridiculously easy — and accurate — to use skills of energetic literacy.

Aura Reading of Lena Dunham, Answering More of Your Questions

Lena Dunham, ready for MORE aura reading

Lena Dunham, ready for MORE aura reading

Today I’ll continue aura reading research on Lena Dunham, which was begun here: Answering 10 great questions about Lena Dunham with aura reading. (Answering the First Questions)

Again I caution you Blog-Buddies to avoid reading Lena Dunham’s aura. Why? Because of the extreme spiritual addiction from which she is suffering, now and for the forseeable future. I’ll be reading the photo of her that she sent out to promote exercising, as described in yesterday’s post.

Now, without further ado, on to reading Lena Dunham’s aura as it is now.

The Trap of Energy Pride in the Age of Awakening

Fascinated by reading energies? Or trapped by pride?

Fascinated by reading energies? Or maybe mostly trapped by pride?

Lately so many of my clients and Blog-Buddies have been loving their lives as never before. And the reason is simple. They are learning to commit to their human lives, relish the moment and savor the juicy details. They have become increasingly effective, playing in the realms of speech and action.

This is the glory of human life in the Age of Awakening. If we stay interested in human life, without trying to fancy it up with energies, we can make that human life GREAT.

In this new age, with its different vibrational patterns, it has become so easy for us to move our awareness away from the human…

into astral-level energies…

which correspond to the subconscious mind…

and doing this can make us feel oh-so-special.

Energy is our shiny new toy in the Age of Awakening (a.k.a The Age of Aquarius, The Shift Age, The Aquarian Age).

Being a Spiritual Person, Taking It Personally

Governor George Wallace, how spiritual was he at this time in America's Civil Rights Movement?

Governor George Wallace. Undoubtedly sure at the time that he was a wonderfully spiritual man

Photo credit comes to us via the Civil Rights Movement in America and, more specifically, Warren K. Leffler, U.S. News & World Report Magazine [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Definitely, this photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.

What does it mean to me, Rose Rosetree, calling someone “A spiritual person”?

After days of conversation here at the blog — and more comments on this topic to come, I hope — it strikes me as important to add my personal opinion. Just to set an example.

Having your own opinion is what matters most, of course, Blog-Buddies.

Why is it important, deciding for yourself what it means, being a spiritual person? So you can live up to your ideals.

Also, this can free you when behavior from others has been hurtful to you. Or confusing. Or (worst of all) the iffy behavior has gone unquestioned. Because that person did something horrible but other people chime in, “No matter. Her heart is in the right place. She is such a spiritual person.”

You see, old definitions and beliefs live within us subconsciously, causing expectations. Then we can get weirded out consciously by reality, entangled in our smelly old illusions like wine in the cellar that has turned to vinegar.

At least if you consciously examine what you believe now, that can protect you. You can recognize when somebody widely considered “A spiritual person” may clash horribly with your own deep standards. Clear and current standards, congruent with your present level of consciousness, can spare you a great deal of anguish.

From the Romance of the Astral into Self-Authority. A guest post from ISABELLE

Anyone can shift from loving The Romance of the Astral to a more human-based spirituality.

Anyone can shift from loving The Romance of the Astral… to living with a more human-based spirituality.

Each person’s human journey is so fascinating. Today Blog-Buddy ISABELLE shares the saga of her moving forward in human-based spirituality, celebrating her humanity and self-authority. I have added just headings, links, and the occasional edit for clarity.

Incidentally, you can learn about The Romance of the Astral from this earlier post.

For me, what was The Romance of the Astral?

Well, I had a very romantic relationship with the astral, and for a long time.

This lasted just until last year, when I felt so stuffed by all that astral-level “nutrition” (which I always had thought was healthy and important).

Protect Yourself Energetically from Narcissists, Part 6 of 7

Choose your Narcissist Candidate and  prepare for surprises

Choose your Narcissist Candidate and
prepare for surprises

Narcissists — have they been a problem for you in the past? Are they a problem for you now? The quiz in today’s blog post can help. And then tomorrow’s post… which will be based on how you do with today’s assignment.

You see, we are close to completing our series on protecting yourself from difficult people, a.k.a. narcissists, draining people, toxic personalities, energy vampires, psychic vampires, or just plain “somebody difficult.”

This series began here. It was designed to include six posts. All from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, a perspective that’s counter-culture in New Age; also quite distinct from the sort of help you might gain from psychotherapy.

Boldly moving forward, an experiment would be useful in advance of what I was planning to write on this topic. So let’s go for a series of seven posts, rather than six.

If you do the following experiment it may help you get a lot more out of my next post, which WILL conclude this series. And it WILL be about ways to protect yourself from narcissists — protect yourself energetically and in other ways as well.

Blog-Buddies, are you game for some empowerment?

Here’s the empowering experiment

The steps are simple.

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for Inspiration

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for inspiration

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for inspiration

Tom Hanks, bringing inspiration right in his aura.

Well I, for one, am so glad to be nearing completion of our 6-part series about how to deal with difficult people, with insight from reading people deeper. That series began here.

Important and practical? Sure. Yet the topic isn’t exactly pure joy.

And hey, today is our first day of spring (in this hemisphere) (that didn’t begin with an eclipse).

I could stand some inspiration, and maybe you can too. Besides, who doesn’t really, really like Tom Hanks? Beloved as the A-lister is, maybe he hasn’t always felt that comfortable being Tom. Not so comfortable as he clearly is now. Let’s find out.