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Open Your Heart, with a guest post by Maxima May


How hearts are opening these days, Blog-Buddies. There it was in my morning newspaper, as it probably was in yours. Those sweet little young ones (and also those adorable unsuspecting grownups) with their lives suddenly ended; and so many in long-term mourning.

The Washington Post isn’t the only newspaper carrying stories that seek to make sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However one feels about gun control, who hasn’t wept for those children?

12-12-12, plus purpose and passion


Well, well, well. The world isn’t ending neatly on this 12-12-12. Nor have you spontaneously popped into Enlightenment, right?

If so, do send the memo, or comment, below!

What is Energetic Literacy?


Energetic Literacy, huh?

Maybe the term is new to you. Well, get used to it. Because Energetic Literacy is THE happening everyday skill in the Third Millennium.

Forgiveness Quiz. Completion. (At least in theory)


How far have we come since the original Forgiveness Quiz? Your point of view may be fresher on this new day.

You know how, waking up after a good night’s sleep, you can stretch and it’s glorious? It’s as though your whole body has been made new, ready to explore every good thing.

Aura Reading Interview with Rebecca Jernigan


All you wanted to know about energetic literacy, what aura reading is good for. We’ll have loads of questions from you Blog-Buddies, I hope, and a great chance to educate everyone about this great topic for being a smart consumer, receiving mind-body-spirit healing, and moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment.

It’s coming tomorrow!

Yes, come join us tomorrow night, Friday, November 16, 2012, on “Journeys with Rebecca”  Our topic is:

Forgiveness Quiz


Forgiveness is very much on the national mind, given an election that was so hard fought and polarized. But a need for forgiveness hardly waits to come up just every four years.

When you need it, you need it. Whenever.

But what is the best way to get forgiveness? Maybe today’s quiz can help clarify things for you, whether add zest to your current beliefs or open up new possibilities.

Does New Age have an especially strong astral component?


A question reached me today that coincided with my day off. Irresistible!

LiLi Tinggal wrote:

Hi Rose, i enjoyed your talk on journeys With Rebecca about money issues and the Abraham / The Secret scams. Thank you for making this public, and revealing the astral entity behind Abraham.

It seems these beings have really krept into our mainstream world rapidly over the last decade or so. I get a sense they are “behind” most of the new age front people. Please do post if you have any other similar interview available. Thanks for your work!

Astral interactions with humans, three types to spot as a New Age consumer


Attention New Age consumers: Astral interactions with humans are too numerous to list in one blog post. But I’ll mention the main ones.

Please be aware that very few of them bear any resemblance to what is popularly known as “possession.” So do not read with fear, Blog-Buddies, but educate yourself instead.

If necessary, repeat after me, “Close relationships with astral beings do not happen without a person’s consent.”

Smashing Illusions

Smashing Illusions

Smashing Illusions — do we dare? Oh yes, I think so!

Smashing Illusions? Oh yes. Let’s consider some very popular illusions. And, in the process, we just might improve our lives!

Blog-Buddies, recently we have considered different ways of withdrawing from life. Very understandable ways to phone in life, they are, too!

Sweet, even. Driven by sweet intentions. But leading to problems like these:



Phony — three ways to avoid seeming phony to others

Phony? That’s not exactly desirable. This blog post gives you three ways to avoid phoning in your life. “Busy” to you. “Phony” to others.

Many a smart teenager goes through a “phony” stage. Not trying to be phony or fake, but obsessively finding fakery in others.

Important, this search for the genuine self and authentic behavior! As teens, we need to figure out who we are and find ways to express it through words and actions, friends and clothing.

Phony? It Matters.

  • As voters, we had darned well better be able to discern authenticity vs. phoniness. (As recently noted in multiple comments related to The Mitt Romney Smile.)
  • As viewers of celebrity photos, we would be wise to spot phony pictures. (As recently noted in Comment 4 by M.)

Some of you Blog-Buddies may even have favorite literary characters who have inspired you in the quest to live authentically. For me, it was Holden Caulfield, hero of “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger.

The reclusive Salinger never could have imagined the bigger problem today, a huge social problem, an authenticity problem, and source of much interpersonal confusion.