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Does New Age have an especially strong astral component?


A question reached me today that coincided with my day off. Irresistible!

LiLi Tinggal wrote:

Hi Rose, i enjoyed your talk on journeys With Rebecca about money issues and the Abraham / The Secret scams. Thank you for making this public, and revealing the astral entity behind Abraham.

It seems these beings have really krept into our mainstream world rapidly over the last decade or so. I get a sense they are “behind” most of the new age front people. Please do post if you have any other similar interview available. Thanks for your work!

Astral interactions with humans, three types to spot as a New Age consumer


Attention New Age consumers: Astral interactions with humans are too numerous to list in one blog post. But I’ll mention the main ones.

Please be aware that very few of them bear any resemblance to what is popularly known as “possession.” So do not read with fear, Blog-Buddies, but educate yourself instead.

If necessary, repeat after me, “Close relationships with astral beings do not happen without a person’s consent.”

Icky or important? Using Energetic Literacy on teachers.


Yoicks! A rather large lack of comment has resulted from our last post. From this usually active community of Blog-Buddies!

Do you realize? After five years, Deeper Perception Made Practical has included 952 posts and 8,544 comments. (10,208 if you counted all the spam, which I would rather not.) Some of my posts have been clunkers, and I’m glad to let them go. But not this one.

Discerning Enlightenment, Why It Matters

Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach

Rose Rosetree, using discernment as an Enlightenment Coach

Keeping an Enlightenment Life List! The nerve! For that I draw upon skills as an Enlightenment Coach to discern Enlightenment accurately.

Well, yes, I do believe that discerning Enlightenment is one of the appropriate things for me to do as an Enlightenment Coach. It’s more than Stage Three Energetic Literacy, although aura reading is part of it.

Psychic development vs. energetic literacy, empath skill, etc.

Rose Rosetree, Teaching Energy Spirituality, not everything

In a recent comment, ASHLEY S. wrote, “Elaine, you continue to impress me with your level of detail.If I practice 10 minutes a day I might be as good as Elaine someday? Really?? Sounds too good to be true.”

I agree that ELAINE is doing great. Loads of you Blog-Buddies are! For success with Skilled Empath Merge, or any Aura Reading technique or Face Reading technique, here is my short list of suggestions:

"You disgust me." But blessings to you, of course.


Blog-Buddies, an interesting thread has developed here related to the New Age custom of saying or writing “Blessings.”

Since many of us have been thinking about this lately, I’m going to add some new thoughts, then consolidate some of the exchanges so far and then cross-post various comments that would have been here… had this post already existed. (Hope this makes sense. I also hope I used the term “cross-post” correctly. If there’s a better word, please tell me. Most of my slang is stuck in the 1950’s and I am slowly crawling my way forward into current language.)

The New Age Litany


I’m proud to be part of the New Age community. You may know that I do a rather time-consuming job  as a columnist for a quarterly magazine, Pathways, in order to help the New Age community and bring attention to deserving authors, especially self-publishers, who need all the help they can get to spread messages that are worth reading.

But New Age also contains its share of problems. So it behooves you to develop New Age consumer smarts. Millions of Enlightenment seekers today follow a kind of litany, promulgated by the likes of Abraham-Hicks and others who preach New Age gospel over Hay House radio. It includes statements like these:

Ways Energetic Literacy can help you, the consumer

“Energetic Literacy” is what I’m calling it these days, the skills of Deeper Perception that include aura reading, face reading, really smart use of body language and, of course, Skilled Empath Merges. Any one of them can help you become a smarter New Age consumer.

This article continues the recent theme here at this blog about being practical about sessions –how to use intention to get your money’s worth as a consumer. Obviously, I’m writing about the specialties that I’ve developed, because that’s where I’m an expert.

Avoid Cord-Cutting Requests, Please

Avoid Cord-Cutting Requests

Avoid Cord-Cutting Requests. What will help you more to ask for instead?

Avoid Cord-Cutting Requests. Why not ask for a cord-cutting session? Gain clarity through inside info about cutting cords of attachment.

What will help you more… to ask for instead?