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Democrats’ Auras before Super Tuesday


How quickly we’re here, the Tuesday that will likely decide who wins the presidential nominations. Today, Democrats, tomorrow Republicans – being read at the most vital level of all, the aura.

  • For an introduction to reading auras this way, click here:

  • And here’s background on the uses, and limits, of deeper perception for responsible voting.

  • In my reading of Romney and McCain, I do go into more explanation of the various databanks being read, so I would actually recommend that you read that article first.

Funny Thing About Superbowl Superstars

“It’s a funny thing about those quarterbacks” my husband told me. I had just told him about my upcoming face reading profile for Link.

“The quarterbacks for the Superbowl couldn’t be more different. One dates a supermodel and lives in high society. The other is salt-of-the earth, more like Gomer Pyle.”

Face reading Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin


Blog-Buddies, here are excerpts from today’s interview in Link, a newspaper in Hampton Roads, Virginia. My comments are in the Friday issue, available locally through the weekend.

 This Superbowl season, don’t be an armchair quarterback. You could be a face reader instead! Physiognomy, or reading faces for character, is even more ancient than kicking around a pigskin.

RAGE in the CouRAGE of John McCain


Here we continue our face reading of Senator John McCain. Use any favorite head shots you can find, and expand, through IMAGES at

very angled brows 

The Data: Check out the shape of each eyebrow, looking at the top edge. On each brow, you’ll see a hinge where the hair changes direction.

The Talent: Quizzical thinking, where McCain never accepts events as they are presented. He’s driven to interpret constantly. Call it extreme intellectual independence.

The Unpredictable Cheeks of McCain + A Secret the Media Keep


Among leading Republican candidates, John McCain appears to be rock solid, the most dependable.

After all, on any given day, or speech, how outrageous will loveable Huckabee be? Adaptable Romney’s views, forcefully delivered, seem to shift with the polls. But McCain? He has won a reputation for staying power and dogged honesty.

Tribute to Heath Ledger with Aura Reading, Face Reading


Some actors are enormously evolved, spiritually. We watch them and enjoy their auric modeling. (That means the way people receive a contact high from another person’s aura.)

Heath Ledger, found dead yesterday, at 28, was such an actor. He was also one of the very gifted ones who would take a role, acting all the way down into changes to his aura.

A Rare View of Hillary Clinton


Senator Clinton’s face is unusually expressive for a politician of either gender. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for instance, seems wooden by comparison. (Or more dignified, depending upon your perspective.)

Even someone without Clinton’s mobility has something else going on facially. It’s far more revealing than expression or body language. Are you counter-culture enough to see it?

Power-Packed Hillary’s Face


My strategy for reading all the major campaigners is simple: Faces first, faces all around. By the time I’ve done with the majors, we’ll see who’s left. Then I’ll do aura readings and, if it feel safe, empathic merges. This is the usual order I’d recommend whenever you use deeper perception. Start with the most casual, simple, fun parts and go deeper only after you’ve decided that a person qualifies to receive more attention from you.

With Hillary Clinton, it’s a pleasure. After all these years in politics, her mouth still is positioned firmly in the middle of her face. Right off, that’s a rare sign of integrity as a communicator. This

Huckabee Will Never Look the Same


As you know from a previous profile (written before he won his first primary) Mike Huckabee’s aura suggests that he is the strongest contender among all of the Republican candidates. Yes, I know that right now McCain is winning, too. And Romney. We’ll read them another day. Fear not.

Huckabee is the strongest speaker. Observers know him as a natural campaigner with a straightforward appeal to the Religious Right. But to a face reader, he’s not straightforward at all. The deeper you look into his face the more surprises you’ll find.

How You Can Protest Cloned Beef




“I’m a vegetarian,” a friend emailed me rather smugly. “So this problem about cloned beef doesn’t affect me.” That was the gist of it, anyway. I’m not going to look up her email because I spent about six hours yesterday, emailing loads of people about this.

Actually, cloned beef does affect you. If you’re a vegetarian, and not a vegan, it matters that the milk and cheese and yogurt that you do eat may soon come from machines. And I don’t mean vending machines. Energetically, eating food from cloned animals is the equivalent of putting a black hole into your body. Do you really want to be part of a science experiment funded by greed?