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Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Aura Reading Judi Bowker join our exploration of sex appeal.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker, we’re going to research the aspect of sex appeal. Learn about parts of an aura (not anatomical parts) that reveal sexiness.

Blog-Buddy DAVID nominated Judi Bowker after he won First Prize in our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal. He wrote, “Judi is gorgeous. I remember her from her role in ‘Brother Son, Sister Moon.’ About St. Francis and his first nun.”

Contest Winners Announced


Contest winners announced. Thanks to all who entered this contest for aura reading about sex appeal.

Contest news here! Who won our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal?

This latest contest delivers an aura reading of the public figure nominated by each of our two winners.

Face Reading Brian Williams for Integrity

Face reading celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams

Face reading celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams

Face reading for integrity? Sure.

Third Place Winner in our recent Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest is famed news anchor Brian Williams from “NBC Nightly News.” PAIGE provided this thought-provoking nomination, with plenty of face reading details she is curious about:

How much does he love the limelight?? What about integrity??

Also he has such an interesting face, his chin goes in one direction and his nose in the other. His crooked mouth. Way before I had knew anything about face reading I would notice his crooked face.

Face Reading Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City

Michael Bloomberg, ready for his face reading

Michael Bloomberg, ready for his face reading

Who isn’t fascinated by the New York Mayor? If you follow the news, you know that Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t just rest on his big pile of money, as one of the richest men in the world. This face reading is going to be fun.

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN won the #1 Face Reading at our recent Mystery Face Reading Contest for several reasons. Learn more about them toward the end of today’s post. (Pssst. This inside perspective could help YOU win future contests at this personal development blog using Deeper Perception.)

Now, quoting JILL ERIN, I’ll highlight in red all the practical points that I aim to address today with the face reading of Mayor Bloomberg:

New Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest


In honor of “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” let’s go for a new contest. Here is how to enter our latest, the Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest.

But what sort of mystery could face reading solve?

Fame Change Contest for Face Reading or Aura Reading, Your Choice

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Fame beyond 15 minutes, per person, per lifetime in this self-conscious age… that can be tough to handle. Enter our latest contest if you are curious about a celebrity or politician who seems to have been changed a lot, whether for good or ill.

Is there anyone really famous who remains untouched by all that notoriety? Sometimes a mouth glides all the way to the right, no matter how much cosmetic surgery has been done.

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest


Mysterious Aura Reading Contest

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest. What is It? And how can you win?

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest. Let’s replace the gossip with accurate info from Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Deeper perception made practical!

Hence our latest aura reading contest.

As usual, requirements to enter are simple. There is a closing date. Afterwards, up to three winning entries will be selected.

Each winning entry will receive a full aura reading post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Face Reading Rev. Joel Osteen

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Who is this charming guy, Joel Osteen? Dare I say it? I’d never heard of him until his name came up as the very most popular choice at an Aura Reading Contest where I offered to read major players from the Religious Right.

Googling around to find suitable photos, I learned that he’s a mega-popular author and, apparently a televangelist. Photos of him show an intensely likeable man who simply bowled me over with his wide open smile. Clearly, that Joel is a charmer.

Aura Reading Contest, Concluded


To all you who entered our Aura Reading Contest and didn’t yet receive an Aura Reading here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” I promised you a Consolation Prize, provided that your entry was complete and included a usable photo.  Did I forget you? No, no! Today’s the day. 🙂 Thrill Your Soul research, a popular type of Aura Reading, follows.

Yes, those of you who follow my work know that another term developed for aura reading, and used a great deal by 2011, is “Stage Three Energetic Literacy.” Here is a little edit from “the future” to this old post from 2009.

Aura Reading Contest — Enter Here Until March 31

Rose Rosetree, face reading John Lennon (at The Wax Museum)

You can read auras on just about any0ne, long as they’re not made out of wax like this John Lennon (at The Wax Museum)

Today could be your lucky day… with an Aura Reading to follow in early April. Sign up here to enter my contest to win a free Aura Reading.

You may know that I have developed techniques to do Aura Healing and Transformation sessions. In addition, there are ways I specialize in doing Aura Reading Research.

The prize for this contest is a special free session of Aura Reading Research. To enter, answer the following questions.