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Impersonation, GUEST POST


How does Will Ferrell pull it off?

The former Saturday Night Live comedian, has done one of the best Dubya impersonations I’ve ever seen. It had me in stitches.

O.J. Not O.K.


When read auras rather than faces? When would it be preferable to do an auric merge?

So many resources are available to those of us who use our built-in gifts for Deeper Perception. There is no one, most appropriate technique to use always. Either you will use the technique that you prefer or, if you’ve mastered them all, you can decide based on the situation.

O.J.’s Dent of Denial


O.J.’s latest arrest may seem beyond belief.

Isn’t it enough that he escaped conviction for murdering his wife and Ronald Goldman? That he managed to avoid paying millions of damages to Goldman’s family, after losing the civil suit? That he actually wrote a book entitled, “If I Did It”?

Reading Auras from Photos, GUEST POST


I have always been very interested in “metaphysical” things.  Just last week (at 51 years) that I discovered I can see auras – my own and of objects and plant.  It really surprised me as I never thought I could do anything like this – now I’m very hungry for more knowledge on this matter and very interested in learning to see more, such as how to see the chakras etc. 

Publication Day





Each of my books has a cool back story, but I’ve never told any of them in public. Until now. Blog-Buddies, are you interested in hearing the story behind the book being published today?

Got Spam?






Even a specialist in shallow perception could get fed up with spam. For no other type of reading have I hired someone else to serve as a bouncer. Okay, Mr. Microsoft Junk Mail isn’t exactly human but then maybe most of the spam senders aren’t either.

Bill Belichick’s Apology


Integrity vs. excuses—while Patriots fans are reconsidering their opinion of Bill Belichick, maybe it would help to read his aura. The human energy field is a storehouse of information, the ultimate insider taping.

More Posh Than Normal


Local blog-buddies, tonight I’ll be at the Posh Restaurant & Supper Club, reading faces. It’s a freebie for guests, as part of the monthly event they call “Girlfriends Night Out.”

Power Quiz


Got power? Here is a face reader’s quiz related to personal power. At this point, I am still learning how to safely create clickable links, so I will just invite you to cut and paste this part into your browser:

Yes, Rose has face power, but the tech-smarts are still definitely a growth area!

Paint Me Mainstream, GUEST POST

Is this a sign of metaphysical going mainstream? 🙂 

And their tagline is “What color is your aura?” 

Lisa Paradis