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A Final Memory of the Trip to Japan


During one workshop in Japan, I gave each student a surprise envelope containing these items:

  • Three colorful paperclips
  • 10 shiny stars
  • Three round, blue stickers
  • A blank sheet of paper
  • A large, blue balloon

What would you have done with them and five minutes of time?

December Comment Contest


Ooh, my first year as a blogger ends with December, even if that “year” didn’t contain a full 12 months. To end the year in style, I have a challenge for all of you readers. Starting today, until the end of the year, I’ll be counting how many blog comments you post.

Are you spacey or grounded?


Grounding means taking reality checks. If you’re metaphysically minded, you might want to put “reality” in quotation marks. Okay, by “reality,” I  mean the shared reality that equates with being “sane” here at Earth School.

Grounding requires that each of us must be aware of what happens physically here: My body, my environment, plus any people who are near me.

Which Aura? Cast Your Vote


Yes, Blog-Buddies, I’m back. Not fully unpacked, nor caught up with the huge piles of mail on my desk, I’m still back. This means I can start reading people for the blog, again, whether auras or faces or, usually my fave, empathic merges.

Political ones will wait until the new year. Then, of course, I’ll be reading all the major presidential candidates.

Float Boat, Fly High


Flying back to America from Japan, I read the most surprising article in my flight magazine. Did you know that round-the-world tickets are available now, with as many stops as you choose, for as little as $3,000?

You can make from 3-15 stopovers. Just fly in one direction only from your point of origin. Information is available here. And this book is recommended for planning: Rough Guides’ First-Time Around the World. 

Three Tangerines


My friend Kaori has brought me a gift of tangerines. Her father-in-law grows them. Anything from Kaori would be a treat for me, but frankly I don’t have high hopes for these tangerines. Never had I tasted one that was anything special compared to my real wonder foods, like strawberries or artichokes.Still, I put them in a bowl and try to arrange them nicely.

Mystery Money


Ever collect coins when you were a kid? Not me. Being math averse, I was satisfied to tell pennies from dimes.Money handling has grown more complicated since I began to travel abroad. My first week in Tokyo, for instance, I realized that some of the coins I was carrying weren’t Japanese at all. Nor were they American. How was I to make sense of all those jangling round things? They should be taken seriously. Yet they were baffling.Yowza, could this be how singles today feel about dating?

Riding into Deeper Perception


To this native New Yorker, trains mean gray slabs of grime, noise and speed. They mean boisterous crowds, rank smells and, these days, incessant cell phone chatter. But none of my Amtrak or subway experiences ever prepared me for this, my first train ride to Osaka.

Signs and Wonders


Well, Blog-Buddies, I’m back. You weren’t abandoned; I was merely saving up material. Had to! Where I stayed in Osaka, there was no Internet connection, and I was kept too busy teaching to seek out an Internet café. (Also to spend the requisite light-years learning how to use one. To date, I have never managed to go inside one and actually make a computer work. In Frankfurt, I came close. I found the Café. I entered. I purchased. I succeeded only my paying my user fee, never actually able to read the German log-on instructions that popped up onto my screen. Ach!)

Viewing Intimately


Funny little surveys sometimes spice up my teaching. Students like to participate. I like the occasional shock.Yes, shock. This happened recently with some 70 students after I asked these questions:

  • How many of you have tried to read auras?
  • How many of you have tried remote viewing?