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Face Reading Story Hits Salon


Talking with wry reporter Gabriel Winant, I was as close to intimidated as this often-interviewed face reader gets.

Alas, the feature writer from never used my line about “Tax-Cut-and-Spend- Republicans” but he has otherwise done a fair job of reporting our conversation about Face Reading.

Feel free to use this link to read (and share) this story:

Substitute Face Reading for Fear

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You can’t do Face Reading on the Fear Monster, but that may not be a problem at all. There still is plenty you can do to avoid falling into fear. Yesterday, Anabela wrote in a comment:

Given the economic worries throughout the world, do you have any spiritual tips or practices for your readers on how to handle the financial crisis?

Aura Reading and Face Reading in the Media

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Three upcoming media interviews will be happening all on the same day, this Sunday, Sept. 28. Just not at the same time, because trilocation is not my thing! That would be Face Reading and Aura Reading and how to Cut Cords of Attachment — none of them topics one hears every day on the radio.

If you have a computer (and I just have a hunch you do) you can tune in online. Maybe even ask your question by calling in. Now that would be fun! So many of you Blog-Buddies have never spoken with me directly, and I’d enjoy meeting you that way.

Aura Readings and Face Readings — Media Interviews






We have so much to cover, Blog-Buddies, reporting on the Democratic Convention and, soon, the Republican Convention, using the techniques that rescue voters from spin: reading faces, reading auras, discerning interesting body language, even doing empath-merges (when wise)!

Currently I’m finishing up in-depth articles about Senator Biden, the Vice-Presidential nominee, for the September issue of my monthly zine, “Reading Life Deeper.” To sign up for the free zine, click here. Then scroll over to the signup link.

Interview requests are beginning to come in from the media. Check these out:

Bulldog Radio Interview





Reading faces on the radio? “But this isn’t TV” protested that wacky talk show host from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Bulldog.

And, sure enough, he does NOT look like Robin Williams, pictured here with me years ago (at the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf).

Interview with Big Bob on April 6


Blog-Buddies, tune in tomorrow when I’m interviewed by the great, and big, Big Bob.

We’ll start talking at 11:30 a.m., EST, discussing face reading. You can listen online or at the radio stations featured at this link.

To listen on your computer, open your web browser and surf to

Call In and Laugh






Just how hard is it to call into the station when someone you know is on talk radio? Not hard at all, once you get used to it. So don’t be shy!

(In this old photo, I’m tuning my empathic “radio dial” to one of my favorite students, Tom. I empathically merged with him. The photo doesn’t exactly apply to this post but radio’s don’t thrill my soul like Tom’s gorgeous face. Hope you like it too!)

Face reading Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin


Blog-Buddies, here are excerpts from today’s interview in Link, a newspaper in Hampton Roads, Virginia. My comments are in the Friday issue, available locally through the weekend.

 This Superbowl season, don’t be an armchair quarterback. You could be a face reader instead! Physiognomy, or reading faces for character, is even more ancient than kicking around a pigskin.

Listen or Call in — Media Update


Blog-Buddies, lots of shows are coming up to listen to, live or archived. Here’s an update:

The latest is starting in about five minutes, 9 – 9:45 on Jan. 20.

Who Cares About Frankenburgers?





For the last few days, I’ve been sounding the alarm about the FDA’s legalization of cloned cows, pigs and goats. My paper, The Washington Post, carried this story on Wednesday, January 16, placing the article on page three, underneath the “way more important story” that the local Red Cross office would cut some staff.

Who cares about having cloned meat enter the food supply… unlabeled? Who is protesting?