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No Street Sign


Which intention for my sessions was most common in 2008?

“I want to open up spiritually.”

And what was my most common finding?

My client had a huge third eye but little energy presence elsewhere, especially at the root chakra.

Yes, that’s a problem.

How come my client couldn’t solve the puzzle alone?

Dr. Patricia Carrington, GUEST POST by Ryan


Perceptive Ryan Biggerstaff has done an empathic merge on the great Patricia Carrington.  Before you read on, go ahead and do your own empathic merge or aura reading from a photo in Google Images.  Post your insights as a comment even BEFORE you learn what Ryan has to say, although AFTER would be fine, too!If you have not been to the Emotional Freedom Techniques website, I highly recommend visiting it and reading the auras of the people you find featured on the site. The EFT Endorsements section on the main page is a great place to start. The people on Gary Craig’s site have some of the cleanest,

Liz in Woolf’s Clothing


If I must make an ultra-grisly horror movie about a marriage, at least let me add one grace note and turn the title into a sort of pun. Rather than “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf,” how about I bring in the name of that famous British novelist? What’s she called, Virginia? 

What on earth was Edward Albee thinking? When he wrote “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” was he purposely trying to make the great novelist twirl in her watery grave?

HSP or Empath? GUEST POST by Ann


Blog-Buddies, originally this was a comment to a prior post about Oprah, but Ann has raised so many interesting points here that I am turning this into a Guest Post in its own right. HSPs, what do you think of the ideas posted here?

I had a light bulb/aha/’duh’ moment tonight about the issue of Oprah being emotionally intelligent and sensitive, yet not empathic or highly sensitive. I’ve been mulling this and what came up for me tonight is how I think that I’ve been fooled at times by ’sensitivity’ and even the ‘highly sensitive person’ label.

Why Virginia’s Face Was More Than FLUFF


My fascination with her Woolf’s work began in high school, where I was a member of The Bloomsbury Group. (In my dreams.)

So much has been written about the author of Fluff and Orlando, my high school favorites. (Did you ever wonder, “Why all the fuss over Virginia Woolf?” These aforementioned lighthearted novels remain the best way to make her acquaintance if you’re both curious and in possession of a library card.) But who has read that beautiful face?

Being Virginia Woolf


If a woman could be a better writer, or more beautiful, than Virginia Woolf, who would she be?

Since high school, this writer has been my version of American Idol, only she won the singing contest in print and for real. No writer since has impressed me more, with her distinctive combination of human compassion and the liveliest senses that ever graced a page.

Encouraging Shape-Shifters, a GUEST POST from Holly


“Holly” is a teacher, a skilled empath, and very interested in applying what she learns to life situations. What do you think about her latest discovery?

I’m very excited about what’s been transpiring with a student I work with privately on accent reduction in connection to your teachings and our work together. There are a few threads here that I’ve been eager to share with the community at Deeper Perception Made Practical. Here goes… 

This Holiday Season, GUEST POST by Sharon






Sharon Greenspan is a life coach who specializes in “coaching you to balance the being and doing in all areas of your life with a sense of delight.” Here are three tips from her for having a happy holiday season.

And if you’re used to seeing cute tips and superficial ideas, unglaze your eyes. Remember, this blog is about Deeper Perception, and Sharon does an extraordinary job of bringing depth to the field of life coaching. I respect her work enormously.1. Act from inspiration.Whether you’ve made your list or not, there are myriad things to do and only so much time in which to do them. Rather than focus on doing and the uncertainty of where to begin, take a moment and think about how you’d like to feel.

"Cut All My Cords of Attachment"


Inquiring minds want to know, what will happen if you make an inquiry about scheduling a session with Rose Rosetree?

Two stories from yesterday show the range that is typical. Here at Women’s Intuition Worldwide, Mitch Weber makes the appointments so that I can be freed up to actually do the sessions, write the books, teach the workshops.

Deer in Headlights Can Talk


One Monday I’m sitting among the ultra-polite travelers at Narita airport. I’m eating lunch, serenely if clumsily using my new gift of monogrammed chopsticks.

Exactly one Monday later, I’m driving down a crazy stretch of suburban highway, headed toward a speaking engagement in Oakton, Virginia. White lights curve opposite me, one lane on either side of the yellow dividing line.