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Humility Seminar 501

Humility Seminar 501

Humility Seminar 501. School’s in session. Oboy!

Humility Seminar 501. Maybe we didn’t want to enroll, but here we are anyway.

How can we make the best of it? By learning something sweet every day, no matter what!

Aura Reading Success Story. Guest Post

Aura Reading Success Story

Aura Reading Success Story. Five big Aha!s for our guest poster Doug!!!!

Aura Reading Success Story. Today’s guest post comes from DOUG. He’ll share breakthroughs in understanding life. Breakthroughs inspired by energetic literacy skills. Because even when we’re not reading auras, gaining that skill can lead to powerful discoveries about truth.

Spiritual awakening that illuminates our human, everyday experience.

Productive Spiritual Growth NOW

Productive Spiritual Growth

Productive Spiritual Growth NOW, does that depend upon living like a trusting sheep, waiting to be guided by our all-wise shepherd?

Productive Spiritual Growth versus Age of Faith customs like praying for others. Yes, this article aims to bring clarity about sweet customs that we may have been taught as children.

Such as the idea that, to help other people spiritually, pray for them.

Christine Blasey Ford Aura Reading: Integrity Research

Christine Blasey Ford Aura Reading for Integrity

Christine Blasey Ford Aura Reading for Integrity. Is this the aura of a political zealot launching a “smear campaign”? Read this and decide for yourself.

Christine Blasey Ford Aura Reading for Integrity. Today’s the day of her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Will her testimony help Brett Kavanaugh win the prize he’s been seeking?

Holly’s Enlightenment Announcement

Holly's Enlightenment Announcement

Holly’s Enlightenment Announcement. Inside info about one RES client’s shift into Enlightenment

HOLLY’S Enlightenment Announcement can light up your day. Here’s some backstory behind the latest addition to our Enlightenment Life List.

“You’re getting close,” I told her at the beginning of our session on Sunday. Why do I say that sometimes?

Hurricane Preparation Empathy

Hurricane Preparation Empathy

Hurricane Preparation Empathy. What’s smart to do? And what’s really, really smart not to do?

Hurricane Preparation Empathy. Sending heartfelt best wishes to all of you Americans in the Carolinas… who are preparing for Hurricane Florence.

This Category 3 hurricane has been predicted well in advance of Day One, this Friday. What can you or I do about that? I’ve got some definite ideas to offer you for consideration. So away we go!

STUFF Removal. Gain More Clarity

STUFF Removal

STUFF Removal. What’s the difference between today’s delicious food and tomorrow’s leftovers? Hint: Without knowing the correct answer… you will have trouble getting authentic STUFF removal.

STUFF Removal. When seeking energy healing, let’s consider: Does it work differently now, since the Shift into The Age of Awakening?

Or could we be carrying into the present… obsolete ideas from the past? Leftover expectations that no longer work (if they ever really did).

Because the difference between delicious food and revolting leftovers is… TIME. More clarity about that, in the context of STUFF removal, to come!

Energetic Truth. Can It Heal You?

Energetic Truth

Energetic Truth. “Accept no substitute,” says Rose Rosetree. “Because you can experience powerful understanding and also permanent energy healing.”

Energetic Truth. How can powerful spiritual truth help you, exactly? For those of us living now (in The Age of Awakening)… is this traditional Age of Faith saying still true: Does the truth set you free?

Does it set you free spiritually? Or more intellectually? Or emotionally?

Sneaky Sales Tactics. A Bronze Opportunity.

Sneaky Sales Tactics.

Sneaky Sales Tactics. Erggg, did I fall for sneaky sales tactics AGAIN? Let’s hear it for discernment… and integrity!

Sneaky Sales Tactics. How can they become an opportunity to strengthen your power circuits?

Although none of these counts as a golden opportunity, maybe you can turn them into something semi-precious. Maybe bronze opportunities?

Consciousness Positioning Consults FAQ

Consciousness Positioning Consults

Consciousness Positioning Consults. Rose gets ready to drill down into the truth of what REALLY happens to your aura, not just promises (that may be inaccurate or false).

Consciousness Positioning Consults FAQ. Why this Enlightenment Coaching specialty can help you to evolve spiritually, as you are right now.

Unusual! This post includes a link to YouTube video, demonstrating Consciousness Positioning® Consults.

This depth exploration of an energy healer’s experiences, yielding shocking results. First, though…