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Guidance with Thrill Your Soul Research

Rose Rosetree teaches guidance with Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research

Let’s consider our exploration of what it would mean to have Better Guidance in 2012. So far, we explored the methods you’ll find in mainstream society in general and New Age in particular:

  • God in the form of an angel.
  • God in the form of synchronicity.
  • God in the form of your guardian angel.
  • Jesus, as in having Jesus ask you, “What would YOU do?” (A riff on the movement called “What would Jesus do?”)
  • Asking your gut feelings to guide you.
  • Letting life be your teacher.

Guest Post on "Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage"

Rose Rosetree does Aura Reading Research

Blog-Buddy Jessica just emailed me about my upcoming workshop, Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage. This is a way to learn to do Thrill Your Soul Research for yourself. (No previous aura reading experience is required, incidentally.) Jessica wrote:

Here’s a blog post if you like, or just an update for you on how cool it has been since the goal workshop.

I saw in the [monthly “Reading Life Deeper”] newsletter that you’re holding another goal workshop and I started looking through everything I’ve researched this year and everything I have or haven’t done as a result and was totally shocked by how much has changed because of it.

So then I just kind of turned it into the third person, thinking it might be helpful for others to hear it from someone who was been there…. As usual, whatever you want to do or not do with this is totally fine….

Rose Rosetree’s Workshop Schedule for 2012

Rose Rosetree teaching workshops on Energy Spirituality

10 weekend workshops are planned for 2012, Blog-Buddies. That includes one that is new.

Plans are also nearly final for two workshops I will give in Texas (El Paso) and one in California (Los Angeles) and two in London, England (for the College of Psychic Studies). More on that will be announced later. 🙂

A workshop to end that mouth dribble problem



Alas, there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. Today that old proverb is still oh-so-true, especially in the Age of Starbucks.

So many pressures today! So many choices! So many ways, human and electronic, to chase a dream and have bits of it dribble down your shirt, as it were.

Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, outrageous interview

Energetic Literacy to Help You Magnetize Money

Blog-Buddies, here is the audiofile from an interview I did with Tracy Tobler about my how-to, “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.” This is the most in-depth interview done on this topic so far with anyone. Charming Tracy asked some great questions.

We discussed:

  • Myths and realities
  • How Law of Attraction doesn’t work as expected
  • How LOA does respond to auric modeling

YouTubes, Aura Reading Osama bin Laden, and Energetic Literacy Workshops


Rob McConnell is the top woo-woo broadcaster in Canada. He’s got it all, from the gorgeous kind of voice that belongs in radio broadcasting…  to the smooth way of directing a conversation so that most listeners don’t even notice how skillfully the conversation is being shaped.

It has been years since Rob McConnell interviewed me. Originally we were just going to discuss face reading and the wedding of Wills and Kate, which we did. But given current news, we also included an aura reading of Osama bin Laden.

Two new Face Reading Videos with Rose

Face Reading Secrets with Rose

The Power of Face Reading — now that’s an easy kind of power to get. All it takes is to learn some skills.

Besides being practical, just seeing regular old faces in this new-fangled, old-fangled way can make your mind sparkle a bit more in a new direction.

Here is a recent YouTube introduction to the ancient art of physiognomy, as updated in my trademarked system, Face Reading Secrets (R). If you click on this video link to  Rose Rosetree\’s books about how to read faces, there’s an introduction to my three different — very different — learn how  to do face reading-type books. 

Why Learn Face Reading?


Between gawking at face changes to Lady Gaga…

and preparing for my annual Face Reading Workshop, a month from today…

I thought, now is the perfect time to answer the simple question, “Why.”

The Latest News of Gray Slime



So, how are you doing these days? And the people in your life, how are they doing?

Today’s topic is gray slime — an ongoing theme you can search in previous posts. Current observations have been inspired by some of my clients for sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation, Energy Release Regression Therapy, and Aura Reading Research. But this gray slime report also come from reading The Washington Post and paying attention to life as it unfolds around me. 

First Talk on My Upcoming Book at the Pathways Natural Living Expo


If you’re local, you know all about the Pathways Natural Living Expo. For 33 years, it has been an annual tradition, the heart of the mind-body-spirit community here in the Washington D.C. area.

A new tweak to that Expo in 2010 is related to the book that I keep typesetting, tweaking, and editing.