Deeper Perception Made Practical

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching. Words of realism… and hope

Coronavirus Enlightenment Coaching. Perspective from this Enlightenment Coach may bring inspiration. As you “Shelter in Place”:

  • While helping to keep yourself safe.
  • And also keeping other people safe.
  • And, also, progressing faster than usual in your spiritual evolution. Provided that you play this game right.

Bella Hadid Chakra Databanks. Just for Fun

Bella Hadid Chakra Databanks. Considered so extraordinarily beautiful on the outside. What’s she got on the inside?

Bella Hadid Chakra Databanks. Scientifically judged to be the most beautiful woman in the world! Yet here’s the mystery about Bella:

Why might her face creep you out?

Coronavirus Stories of Sweetness & Personal Growth

Coronavirus stories can open up your heart. Remind you to feel peace.

Coronavirus stories are welcome here.

  • Especially your teaching tales of growing.
  • Clever ways you are coping.
  • Perhaps even ways that Energy Spirituality is helping you. One sequestered day at a time.

May those of us in this informal, smart, caring community support one another. And feel connected to friends.

The Psychological Bypass. What Is It?

The Psychological Bypass. How can you stop taking the Psychological Bypass?

The Psychological Bypass. Ooh, let’s investigate, Seekers of Truth. What is the Psychological Bypass?

Spiritual Bypass Versus GET REAL

Spiritual Bypass. That could become your path, but only if you let it happen.

Spiritual Bypass — have you ever heard of “Taking the Spiritual Bypass”?

Even if you’ve already been warned, there’s plenty more joy and practical help for you.

HEALING Past Failures. Help from Energy Spirituality

HEALING Past Failures. One Energy Spirituality Skill that Can Help? Updating FACADE BODIES.

HEALING Past Failures. Help from Energy Spirituality.

Say that you’ve learned how to prevent failure. Nevertheless, sometimes life just happens. Delivering an unpleasant experience that you never expected. Uh-oh!

How can you recover faster? Let this article familiarize you with some power-packed resources.

Confidence Workshop Postponed until 2021

Confidence Workshop Postponed. Ethical! Mitch & Rose, the Dynamic Duo of Energy Spirituality make this choice officially today.

Confidence Workshop Postponed — Not Cancelled Forever, no-no! But it’s prudent to reschedule “7 Ways to Build More Confidence,” due to the coronavirus.

Confidence Language. Confidence Quiz ANSWERS.

Confidence Language. Learn to speak it and improve your confidence TODAY.

Confidence Language. Yes, you can learn to speak your own confidence language. (Important!)

This article aims to cut through some common confusions in mainstream society.

Confidence Quiz. How Will You Score?

Confidence Quiz. Assess how you’re doing… to start yourself improving.

Confidence Quiz. How will you score at answering this very practical set of questions?

Especially important because confidence ties in with your personal growth.

Good news is, you have the potential for superb confidence.

Jameela Jamil Empath Gifts. Delightful!

Jameela Jamil Empath Gifts. A rare opportunity to learn about Jamil’s personal empath gifts

Jameela Jamil Empath Gifts. Today let’s celebrate my favorite actress from “The Good Place.”