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Why I’m Grateful to Sexy Sadie



“It’s not a religion,” said Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. “Unlike other meditation techniques, it won’t make you withdraw from life. This will only make you more successful. Just 20 minutes twice a day and, in 5-8 years, you’ll be enlightened.”           

Maharishi lied. The Beatles, his most famous students, would eventually call him “Sexy Sadie,” lamenting that “You made a fool of everyone.”

Mathematical Maverick, a GUEST POST by Ryan


I recently encountered this article in
USA TODAY in which mathematics professor Dennis DeTurck claims that fractions are “as obsolete as Roman numerals.” 

The article later says “Not only does he favor the teaching of decimals over fractions to elementary school students, he’s also taking on long division, the calculation of square roots and by-hand multiplication of long numbers.”  Not surprisingly, this professor’s ideas have stirred up quite a bit of debate.

Republicans’ Auras before Super Tuesday


I’ll be voting for one of these guys tomorrow. To find out why, keep reading, as I compare and contrast the auras of the top two Republican candidates. First come some useful links:

  • For my two-part face reading of John McCain, click here and here.
  • For my pre-Iowa quick aura preview of all the candidates, click here.

  • Yesterday’s article about the Democratic front-runners is here. 
  • For an introduction to reading auras this way, click here.
  • And here is background on the uses, and limits, of deeper perception for responsible voting.

Democrats’ Auras before Super Tuesday


How quickly we’re here, the Tuesday that will likely decide who wins the presidential nominations. Today, Democrats, tomorrow Republicans – being read at the most vital level of all, the aura.

  • For an introduction to reading auras this way, click here:

  • And here’s background on the uses, and limits, of deeper perception for responsible voting.

  • In my reading of Romney and McCain, I do go into more explanation of the various databanks being read, so I would actually recommend that you read that article first.

Aura Reading Leaves the Parlour


If you Google on “aura” you’ll find that most websites still refer to auras as “beautiful, radiant colors, seen clairvoyantly.” Also, “these colors may even be linked to emotions or health.”

Wow! Seeing those colors really separates the spiritual elite from mere mortals, doesn’t it? Supposedly.

Often the outdated definition uses this spelling: “colour.” Which is just perfect. Because aura gazing is best done in your parlour. In England. Especially a century ago.

Funny Thing About Superbowl Superstars

“It’s a funny thing about those quarterbacks” my husband told me. I had just told him about my upcoming face reading profile for Link.

“The quarterbacks for the Superbowl couldn’t be more different. One dates a supermodel and lives in high society. The other is salt-of-the earth, more like Gomer Pyle.”

Face reading Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin


Blog-Buddies, here are excerpts from today’s interview in Link, a newspaper in Hampton Roads, Virginia. My comments are in the Friday issue, available locally through the weekend.

 This Superbowl season, don’t be an armchair quarterback. You could be a face reader instead! Physiognomy, or reading faces for character, is even more ancient than kicking around a pigskin.

How Skilled Are You as an Empath?


Many gifted people are wondering, “What kind of an empath am I?” These empaths are just starting out on the path of becoming skilled.

Being an empath is a common concern for aura readers. Often, you first realize that you’re an empath because you have been experimenting with a technique for reading auras. One minute you’re doing the technique, same as anyone else in your class. The next minute you are having personal experiences, whether physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.

50 Databanks


Blog-Buddies, we’ve been having a lot of conversation recently about reading auras. Specifically, you’ve been responding to my claim that you can learn to read 50 different databanks in every major chakra.

All (or most) of you have learned about this revolutionary discovery in the aura reading field from my last book, Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.

RAGE in the CouRAGE of John McCain


Here we continue our face reading of Senator John McCain. Use any favorite head shots you can find, and expand, through IMAGES at

very angled brows 

The Data: Check out the shape of each eyebrow, looking at the top edge. On each brow, you’ll see a hinge where the hair changes direction.

The Talent: Quizzical thinking, where McCain never accepts events as they are presented. He’s driven to interpret constantly. Call it extreme intellectual independence.

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