Deeper Perception Made Practical

I Slept Through Thanksgiving


Why would I sleep through Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays? Blame it on the 14-hour time difference between home and Tokyo. But here I have so much to be thankful for:*Sessions like the six ones yesterday. Interpreter Kyoko Sakai, truly my co-creator with healing, helped me through regression therapy, an exorcism, and Energy Spirituality sessions that included one where we cut a cord of attachment that could be the funniest ever. Here is just a sample from the Cord Dialogue:

Osaka Surprises


En route to my Guest Event in Osaka, my interpreter and I fervently hope that our taxi driver will not get lost. “Jessica,” and I have arrived that afternoon. (In my e-zine for December, I describe the surprises encountered in my Osaka hotel, and the unique kind of homesickness that results; to subscribe to this free-of-charge and spam-free monthly zine with longer articles than our blog posts, click here and scroll to the zine signup link.)In America, we would call a “Guest Event” just “an intro,“ but here it is treated with greater dignity. Guests pay $10, reserve their seats in advance, and expect two full hours of something worthwhile.

Your Healing Book


Recent conversation via email informed me about the healing some books can bring. My correspondent supplied this interesting history fact: Most of the novels written by women in the 1840s or so were tear jerkers. In fact, in one of them the protagonist cries on average EVERY OTHER PAGE.”Being witty, he added, “ I found that pretty funny. Today the book would come with a warning label that says, ‘May cause dehydration‘.”

Riding into Deeper Perception


To this native New Yorker, trains mean gray slabs of grime, noise and speed. They mean boisterous crowds, rank smells and, these days, incessant cell phone chatter. But none of my Amtrak or subway experiences ever prepared me for this, my first train ride to Osaka.

Inferiority Complex


Blog-Buddies, a recent client had an experience that you might find interesting. “Jenny” first had the intention that her session would “tell me if I am on the right path in life.” If you’ve read the part in my Cords book about “The Cosmic Excuse,” you know that I wasn’t going to let that stand as the only intent for the session!Soon Jenny was talking about her life, her future, her personal growth. She began to consider some practical ways that her life could improve. One interesting term that Jenny used in passing was her “inferiority complex.”

Signs and Wonders


Well, Blog-Buddies, I’m back. You weren’t abandoned; I was merely saving up material. Had to! Where I stayed in Osaka, there was no Internet connection, and I was kept too busy teaching to seek out an Internet café. (Also to spend the requisite light-years learning how to use one. To date, I have never managed to go inside one and actually make a computer work. In Frankfurt, I came close. I found the Café. I entered. I purchased. I succeeded only my paying my user fee, never actually able to read the German log-on instructions that popped up onto my screen. Ach!)

Loss, a GUEST POST by Ron Scolastico


Ron is an enormously talented channeler whose readings have changed my life, starting with my first reading with him in 1986. Some of you Blog-Buddies might also remember him from the jacket review he did for “Empowered by Empathy.”  You can learn more about Ron’s work at his website. Would you discuss the experience of loss? As human beings, we experience the loss of something daily—from the simple fact of losing time, losing youth, losing health, leaving family behind after a holiday gathering, to the very painful loss of a loved one through death. It seems that it is the human way to experience loss. Focusing on the moment, “be here now,” seems to work temporarily, but it is hard to maintain that focus. Please discuss the feeling and experience of loss in general.

Blog Problem Solving


Yesterday, here in Tokyo, a man had a session that he enjoyed so much, at the end he said, “This is the best day of my life, better even than my wedding day or when my children were born.”

If he had been blog-posting that comment, it might never have reached me. Recently I have been receiving emails from Blog-Buddies whose blog comments seemed to drop into a black hole. I’m so sorry! But don’t give up on commenting. When I return to America, in December, I will make it a priority to complete the blog re-design that has been in progress for months. I’ll find some expert help to de-bug, too. Meanwhile, here’s a problem-solving idea.

Stealth Cutting of Cords, a GUEST POST by Ryan


I recently had an interesting dream involving cords of attachment.  I logged onto Rose Rosetree’s website and noticed a header that says “DO NOT CUT THIS CORD OF ATTACHMENT!”

I do not remember who or what this cord of attachment was to,but that shadow part of me that likes to laugh at the whole “love and light” modality decided to go ahead and cut this cord of attachment.  And it felt so good to do something so wrong!

Viewing Intimately


Funny little surveys sometimes spice up my teaching. Students like to participate. I like the occasional shock.Yes, shock. This happened recently with some 70 students after I asked these questions:

  • How many of you have tried to read auras?
  • How many of you have tried remote viewing?
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